Patricia's Dilemma...

by Dag123

Copyright© 2008 by Dag123

Erotica Sex Story: Patricia Renton has wanted to become a Doctor since she was in Grade School! In the Second Year of Medical School, with her finances running low, she decides to become a Physician's Assistant. Upon graduation, she accepts a position with a handsome Surgeon, Jordan Mackenzie. Follow her life and loves as she enters the medical field. Will she be content to be second best? Is going back to Medical School now only an impossible dream?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Doctor/Nurse   .

Since early childhood, Patricia Sue Renton had always known that she wanted to become a Doctor. Highly focused, with a determined demeanor and a professional attitude to match—for a while she seemed well on her way to realizing that goal.

Although diminutive and quite petite, she weighed only 100 lbs—there was a quiet reserved way about her that people found quite pleasing. Her small stature never hindered her from being at the top of the class in whatever subject she was studying at the moment.

In her second year of Medical School, the college fund her parents had set up for her begins to run dangerously low. Determined to remain in the Medical Field, she had reluctantly readjusted her goals. Going on to earn her Masters degree she becomes a Physician's Assistant.

Quietly attractive, with her light brown hair, and petite figure—the type of glasses she wore gave her a decidedly studious look. She exuded a professional attitude that wasn't lost on anyone who knew her for very long. Deciding to remain unmarried for now, she made the decision to put her career first.

Upon Patricia's graduation, renowned Surgeon Jordan Mackenzie had offered her a Physician's Assistant (PA) position in his Surgery Clinic. She had been delighted and thrilled—and had gratefully accepted his offer.

Within a short time after accepting the PA position in the Surgery Clinic, she quickly set about proving herself to be a highly efficient and very capable Assistant to him.

As for Doctor Mackenzie, from the very first day Patricia Sue arrived, he found himself charmed by her petite little figure and that cute endearing little smile. He was amused at how the glasses she wore gave her such a studious look.

He came to appreciate her self-assured way of always remaining cool in any emergency. He realized that not only was he impressed by her attractive good looks; but by her professional abilities as well.

Then there was the physical attraction. With her standing so close to him during surgeries, he could sometimes feel her warmth. He never failed to find this a pleasant sensual distraction.

As for Patricia Sue, she realized almost from the start, that Jordan—as he insisted on her calling him—was attracted to her. Not having a steady boyfriend, she found it not at all unpleasant to think about him in ways other than Physician and Assistant.

Suffice it to say, both Jordan and Patricia became aware of their mutual attraction for each other early on.

Jordan found himself looking forward to the time he spent in the Operating room with her at his side during long surgeries. With both their faces covered by surgical masks, they found themselves silently talking to each other with their eyes. Eventually, each of them read the same confession in the other's eyes. The unspoken message was—they were mutually attracted to one another.

Privately, Jordan had taken to wondering if Miss Renton might be a bit of a little Ice Lady. More and more he had found himself thinking about what she would be like in bed. Would she be just as cool and calm as she was during business hours—or would she turn out to be a warm and passionate lover?

During those times, he would invariably start to make comparisons between her and another little Physician's Assistant he had met and had also grown quite fond of during the times when he had attended the Surgical Conference and Retreat on Penkor Island.

Thinking about the two of them provided him with some of his most sensual and wildest sexual fantasies.

When he had first started thinking about having Jane Qwan and Patricia Renton together, it almost blew his mind! If that fantasy should ever come true, he thought, the word Paradise would take on a whole new meaning. After all, wasn't having two women at once every man's dream?

It was during one of those beautiful moments, that his plan to turn fantasy into reality was born. He decided he was going to ask Miss Renton to accompany him to the Surgical Conference on Penkor Island that was now only two weeks away.

In return, as he had promised, he would offer her what he knew she would consider a very lucrative proposal to give her a small percent of the Clinic's future earnings.

Late Friday Afternoon...

"So, you're going to be a bachelor this weekend, huh?" Patricia said, as she was getting ready to leave for the day.

"Actually," Dr. Mackenzie said, "for the next two weeks. My wife is away visiting her friend in New York."

"So what are your plans for the weekend, Patricia?" he said, "I guess you've got a big date lined up, huh?"

"No... ," she laughed. "I'm going to stay home and practicing my cooking. In fact, since I've decided to stay in, I thought I would fix Beef Stroganoff tonight."

"Beef Stroganoff... ," he said, with a mischievous twinkle in his warm brown eyes. "I love Beef Stroganoff."

"Are you hinting you would like to come home with me for dinner?" she said. "Aren't you afraid I might poison you with my cooking?" she teased.

"Even if you wanted to poison me, it wouldn't work. Are you forgetting—I'm a doctor?" he said, teasing her.

"Seriously, Jordan, if you're not busy—why not." she said. "It might be nice for us to spend some time together away from work. Besides," she said, "Beef Stroganoff for one is no fun at all," she laughed.

Patricia's place...

When Jordan arrived at Patricia's apartment later that evening, she greeted him at the door. She had changed out of her work clothes and now had on a lovely pleated skirt and a simple white blouse. For the first time ever, he saw her out of her scrubs. Wow, she has beautiful legs, he thought. And out of those medical scrubs, she is just exquisite.

Looking around her small apartment he wasn't surprised to find it homey, with a sort of organized neatness that defined Patricia's personality.

"I've already started fixing dinner. Would you like a drink, while you wait?" she said.

"Could I keep you company in the kitchen, while you cook? I have always loved spending time in the kitchen. I think it must be a throwback to my childhood," he said.

"Our cook used to let me hang out with her in our kitchen," he said, laughing as he explained. "She used to feed me all kinds of goodies," he said, laughing in remembrance. "Am I weird?" he said, with a little self-deprecating laugh.

"No... , you're not weird at all," she assured him. "Come on ... I'd love some company," Patricia said, smiling warmly at his unexpected request.

Dinner with Jordan...

For Jordan, dinner floated by like a rose-colored dream. Patricia had charmed him at the office, but it was nothing compared to the attraction he felt for her now that he had seen her in her home element. I'm actually alone with her at last, he thought. Who says hope doesn't spring eternal.

An hour later, they sat at the kitchen table talking quietly as they lingered over a second glass of red wine. Both could sense a growing tension that was confirmed each time they glanced shyly at each other and their eyes met.

"Shouldn't we be doing the dishes or something," he said, grinning across the table at her.

"Are you going to help me... ?" she said, teasing him.

"Sure... ! You wash and I'll dry," he laughed.

"Okay... ," she said, with a little laugh. "It's not every day a girl gets a chance to have a world renowned Surgeon dry her dishes."

"Come on, Patricia," he said, "Let's not overdo that surgeon bit," he laughed.

Filling her kitchen sink with soapy water as they continued talking, Patricia began washing the dinner dishes. She finished the last dish and watched as he wiped it dry.

"Here... , let me dry your fingers for you," he said, tenderly. Once finished, he put the towel down on the counter. Lacing his strong masculine fingers through her dainty fingers, looking intently into her eyes, he brought her fingers up to his mouth.

Patricia went weak in the knees when she felt him starting to softly sensuously kiss and lick her fingers. Oh God! That feels sooo good, she thought. I can't believe this is happening. But what did I expect? We've been circling each other sexually for months.

"Oh... , Jordan," Patricia said in a poignant whisper. "You're such a sweet gentle guy. Thank you for drying my dishes. And tell me—how did you know I love having my fingers kissed?"

"Patricia, don't you know, I have been dying to kiss you for months."

"I know... , "she said. "Me too."

Then, trying to keep it light, she laughed. "Let's see, what am I supposed to do now—is this where I offer to give you a tour of my bedroom?"

"I'd rather have a tour of you," he said, with a wicked look of mischief in his eyes.

Patricia giggled. "Did anyone ever tell you that you're a naughty boy?"

"Yeah... , that's usually most women's opinion," he said, with a mischievous grin.

"Oh, all right... ! Come on... ," she said, pretending to be exasperated. Taking his hand she said, "The bedroom is this way."

A Bedroom fantasy comes true...

Taking Jordan's hand in hers, she led him quietly into her bedroom. Once there she turned toward him. Reaching up, she put her arms around his neck. Tilting her head up, she closed her eyes. Bending down Jordan found her warm sweet lips. He felt her breath instantly hot against his face. She's already aroused, he realized.

"Want to watch... ?" Patricia said, teasing him as she undid the top button on her blouse.

"Just try to stop me... ," he said, grinning back at her.

Unbuttoning her pleated skirt, Patricia let it float down to the floor where it settled around her slender ankles. She heard Jordan catch his breath sharply. Looking at him she could see his face was flushed, his eyes feverish with desire.

Quickly Jordan joined her by slipping out of his shirt and slacks. Looking down, Patricia could see his cock growing thicker right through his briefs.

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