Stephen Turns Over

by Joris K. Huysmans

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, FemaleDom, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, BBW, .

Desc: Sex Story: In "Sandra Turns Over" a sexy BBW wife was teased along into loving ass play from her husband. Now it's his turn to turn over and see what she has in mind.

A while back I wrote a story called "Sandra Turns Over," about my wife Sandra, or rather, about her big sexy ass. And how, after she put on some pounds after a few kids, she got into my playing with her ass, and finally, into my fucking her ass.

It usually starts like this. We start making out, my hands going all over her curvy body, feeling her heavy breasts, her soft belly, her love handles, then down to that gorgeous big ass. My hands slides between her legs and sometimes she's already dripping wet and her pussy seems to suck my fingers inside. That's when I really love to go down on her, when she's just pumping the juices out and I can smear them all over my face as I lick her and she moans and grinds against me.

I push her thick thighs up and grab that glorious ass with both hands, kneading its soft round globes. I lick my way down from her pussy to her asshole and start flicking around the little wrinkled edges with my tongue, then digging into it. It relaxes a little and I delve my tongue in further, she starts pushing back, like she wants something to push in further, to really force her asshole open and give it a good workout.

One night, I wetted one finger in her pussy and then began to trace the outline of her asshole with the intention of sliding it in. I felt sure she was in the mood for ass fun, but to my surprise she slid away from me and sat up. "Lie on your stomach," she said.

Aha, so this is what she has in mind, I thought. Once in a while she gets so into the idea of ass play that she wants to give it back to me, like she did after that first time I fucked her ass. She slid a pillow into place and I straightened my hard cock under me so it was comfortable.

Then she climbed on top of me and began kissing my neck. The full weight of her was on me, her big breasts pressing against my back, her body meeting mine all the way down, engulfing me ... then she slid down, her dangling breasts brushing their way down my back, then over my ass, where she pressed them against my buttocks, then slid between my legs.

She split my legs apart and I felt her face move between my cheeks, and her hot tongue flick against my asshole. She did that for a moment and then I felt a finger slide in, ripping its way inside me, pain and pleasure, shock and desire all at once. She began to slide the finger in and out as she moved up a bit, her big tits rolling against my back with each thrust.

She pulled the finger out. I looked up, assuming she wanted to fuck, but she pushed me back face down. I lay there for a few moments, listening to her rustle around, not sure what she was doing. Then she was behind me and I heard a pop, like a cap opening. A moment later I felt cold lube running down the crack of my ass and her finger spreading it inside me. What was she planning, two fingers? Something brushed against me, or bounced...

And I knew in an instant. She spread my ass open, poised between my legs. And then I felt silicone press against my asshole, and start to push my asshole open.

Really, properly speaking, one should be asked first if one wants a cock in one's ass, even an artificial one. But I hadn't asked before I shoved my cock in her ass, I had wooed her along in a state of pre-orgasmic delirium, her consent in the form of moans of pleasure. Now the dildo began to force its way in, opening me up wide. I had two choices, it seemed to me-- be a hypocrite and probably spoil ass play for good between us, or take it like a man and let her have her fun as I'd had mine.

I arched my butt up and prepared to get fucked.

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