Going to Michigan

by The Jester

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Man and woman meet on the internet and he flies to Michigan to meet her for sex. After many months of getting to know each other they finally meet for an intense 24 hours of sex. Portions of the story are ghost written from the female perspective in the story.

I just cannot take it anymore. I have spent a year talking to this woman over the internet, getting horny, and having to go jerk off. I am sick of it. There is only one option left for me. Fly to Michigan and fuck the breath out of this woman and then fly back home again.

I don't care that I had to spend a few hundred on a plane ticket, or another hundred on a hotel room. I don't care that it's going to take 3 hours to fly each direction. I don't care, I have to do all the dirty things to this woman that I have pictured in my head or written down.

That's it. I'm going. I tell everyone I'm flying to Michigan for business and I'll be gone one day, and fly home the next. Book my flight for Thursday afternoon and my returning flight for Friday night. Hotel room for Thursday booked, check! Ok, that's it ... I'm flying out tomorrow.

The plane ride is unbearable. Being stuck in a huge tube with all these business travelers. Sucking down cheap booze and watching a shitty 5-month-old movie. All I can do is sit in this seat and think about your nipples in my mouth. Trying to keep myself from being hard the whole flight, I reside myself to trying to take a nap, I'll need the rest ... I'm sure.

I get to Michigan and take a cab from the airport to the hotel room. Call home, check in, and let everyone know that I got there safely. I settle in, make some coffee, and give you a call. Since we had never spoken before, you did not know my voice when I say, "Hello there boobie woman." However, you know the term and quickly the excitement steams over you. We chat for a minute and you agree to head on over to the hotel. I ask you to pick up some food (and fruit/whip cream) on your way.

When you get to the hotel, you call me and I come down to meet you in the lobby. After such a long time giving ehugs over the internet, we cannot help ourselves and you walk directly into my arms for a long embrace. We just stand there, as I swallow you up into my arms. I do not want to let go ... even though I'm there to fuck the life out of you, I do not want to let go of the tender moment we share.

After a while though we let go of each other, you look at me, and I smile back at you. It is time for the games to begin and we both know it. You smile back at me, knowing what my smile meant. I take your hand and lead you over to the elevator. We take it up to my floor and quickly move along the hallway to my room. I insert the key and let us in to the calm before the storm.

Once the door closes, I grab your arm and pull you to me. I cannot wait any longer and I plant my lips on your mouth. I slide one hand up your back into the nape of your hair and then I clench my hand into a fist, grabbing your hair with it as we tongue duel just inside the doorway. Since the bathroom is right next to us and I spent the day traveling I think (spur of the moment) that a shower would be nice.

I break off our kiss and lead you to the bathroom. You give me a 'What the fuck?' look and I tell you that I think we should take a shower together. You smile and I move around you to the stall. It's actually quite a large stand up shower stall, with easily enough room for three grown adults ... yep, that will work nicely. I turn on the water, get it running, and turn back around to look at you.

I want to undress you myself. I walk over to you and slowly lift your shirt up over your head. You offer no resistance and put up your arms to help me achieve the task. After I have your shirt off, I just stand there for a moment, taking in the site of your chest in just a bra, inches from my face ... and all mine for the next few hours at least.

I reach around and unhook the clasp ... slowly pulling it forward to release your aching nipples. Once I have them in view, I cannot stop myself and I start kneading and playing with them as if I was 13 again and had never played with tits before. I suck each nipple, giving little bites and then both at the same time. After what was easily five minutes of pure childish abandon spent on your chest, I move down and slowly undo your pants. I look you in the eyes as I pull down the zipper. Looking for any sense that you did not want me to go any further. When you eyes show me that you do not want me to stop, I look down and slowly work your jeans off your hips ... leaving you standing there with just your thong.

You look so good, standing there; my cock is straining my pants ... all ready to shoot that easy first load. I tell you right then that I will probably cum the first time you touch my cock, but it doesn't matter, I won't go soft anyway. You laugh at me a little bit, and we both smile ... I walk over and pull you into my arms again, holding you to my chest, while I look down your back at your ass in the thong. Then, leaving you with just a thong, I ask you to undress me.

ghost writer - female perspective

Standing there a little uncomfortable (in a good way) ... I look at you with all the anticipation flowing into my nipples, awkwardly I lean into you as to kiss your neck and fumbling because I don't know where to start...

Knowing you've just gotten of the plane and visibly seeing the strain your penis has put on your jeans, I slowly undo your belt while kissing your neck, and you pinching my nipples a little harder...

once the belt is undone, I undo your jeans and drop to my knees ... pulling off your jeans to find your penis right there in my face as you have worn no underwear, I can not control the urge and I open my mouth and begin to suck, lick and stroke your dick with my mouth...

You stumble back slightly but I follow never letting my lips leave your hard cock. I run my hands underneath your shirt to rub your belly and chest, as you slowly take your own shirt off as you can not bear the thought of me having to stand up and abandon sucking your dick to remove it ... when this is done you reach down and grasp a hold of my hair, pulling my head back and forth ... this only goes on for a matter of minutes b4 your first load is blown in my mouth and running down my chin onto my breasts...

still kneeling in my thong you slowly reach down, grab me by my breasts, and stand me up...

end ghost writer

You slowly stand up in front of me, a total mess, covered with my load. I think to myself, "Damn she looks fucking sexy like that, but I better get her cleaned up before I kiss her." I pull you over to the sink and we look at each other in the mirror over the sink. I smile at you, and you smile back at me. I pick up my toothbrush (its new, I always travel with a new one and then throw it out) and I grab a washcloth from the sink. You start to brush your teeth as I gently clean the residue off your neck, chest, and face.

It is amusing to see me trying to clean you up while you brush with me being very naked and you standing there still in your thong. I could have waited to clean you up when we got in the shower, but something just told me that any woman willing to do what you just did deserves to be cleaned up before we got into the shower.

You finish brushing your teeth and we both look at each other in the mirror again. My erection is still poking you in the hip as we stand there and you reach back, while looking at me in the mirror and grab onto it again. It is at this time that I think I need to get your panties onto the floor. I smile back at you in the mirror and turn you around so we are facing each other now in front of the sink. You are still holding onto my cock. I figure that instead of trying to remove your hand, I'll just start taking off your thong and see if I can get it down your legs and off without removing your hand.

I step closer to you and putting a hand on either side of your hips I swing a thumb inside the waist band on both sides and I lean forward and kiss you as I gently start pushing them down over your hips. Once I have gotten them down to level with your sex, I give a final little push and you help them with your free hand until they are on the floor between your feet. While we are, still kissing I have to see how horny you really are and I sneak a hand down to where your thong used to be and gently begin to slide two fingers between your legs. You move your legs a bit to give me a better angle at what I am going for as we stand there kissing. Since I turned on the shower about 10 minutes ago the bathroom has now began to fog up with the steam coming out of the shower, so it becomes harder and harder for me to see our images in the mirror as we stand there on the floor, still in front of the sink, totally naked.

We are so wrapped up in our kiss and my exploring fingers, which have now found your love button and I start alternating between sneaking my fingers inside of you and rubbing on your womanly nub. You break the kiss though, not being a huge fan of being teased, you grab me and pull my head up so that I have to look you in the eyes, and you say to me in a husky voice, "Lets get in that shower now."

I cannot argue with that logic so we get into the shower and start letting the warm blasts of water rain down over us in the afternoon, in a hotel, in downtown Michigan. I want to taste you and repay you for giving me head earlier so was going to sit you down on the seat, but then I thought about it and I smiled at you while soaping up your boobies.

You look at me a bit strange when I smile at you ... realizing that I was up to something in my head, but not sure what I was going to do to you. I pull you forward and rinse off the soap from me playing with your chest again and I tell you to bend over so that your hands are placed on the "seat" and so that I have total access to eat you from behind. I lean forward with the shower water beating down all around my head and I stuff my tongue as far as it will go into your pussy. Then I pull it out and start giving you little nips on your clit as I alternate between literally tongue fucking you and licking/biting your clit until you cum in my mouth. I'm so turned on having your juices in my mouth I lick up you until my tongue reaches your ass and I start slowly tonguing your back door while you slowly start to relax it. Soon I have half my tongue in your ass and a finger in your pussy with my thumb rubbing your clit. It is not long before you are juicing my fingers with my tongue still in your ass.

After your second orgasm subsides, I stand up and stuff my cock right into your pussy with you still bent over the sitting area. We are both so horny that at this point we both just want to fuck. We go at it for 5 or 10 minutes like that but your legs are getting tired. We decide to finish washing and head into the bedroom where we'll have more room and comfort. We spend the next five minutes lathering each other up and making sure everything was clean. We shut off the water and get out and I grab a towel and start drying off your body. I start with your back, and shoulders. Your hair is damp so I take the towel, wrap your hair up in it, and leave it up on top of your head. I grab another towel and start drying off your front. I cannot help myself and of course, I end up sucking your nipples while I am supposed to be drying them. Finally, I finish drying off your body and I grab another towel and start drying myself off, but you quickly grab it from me. You dry off my shoulders and back and then the rest of me and we head into the bead room completely naked with you still having a towel in your hair.

I think you look incredibly sexy and tell you so... "You know how sexy you look right now? I've been hard for close to 30 minutes straight already ... look at what you do to me."

You smile at me and say, "What, this?" and do a little shimmy on the floor in front of the bed such that your chest wobbles in front of me.

"Hmmmm, I like what I see very much! Now, I'm going to make you my personal slut for the next few hours until you have to go home. What do you think of that?" I say to you as you're still doing your shimmy in front of me.

"I like it." You reply and start over towards me on the bed.

ghost writer - female perspective

as I walk slowly to you I loosen my towel from my hair and just as I get to the edge of the bed I let it hit the floor...

as you sit there staring at my heaving breasts you begin to reach up and lean into me wanting caress and nibble on my breasts, but I quickly push you backwards onto the bed and undo your towel, straddling you I pin down your wrists with my knees and lower my pussy on to your hard cock.

Watching the surprise and glimmer of confusion in your eyes and face at me taking control, I smile and begin to rub my own nipples and lifting my breasts and lowering my chin, I begin licking them as to tease you because your wrists are pinned and you can't touch...

Overcome by emotion you strain to undo your wrists, but quickly give up as you have become harder than you've been in years and you can't stop what is happening...

You have become submissive, and watching me slide up and down you dick, while rubbing myself makes you explode your second load of the day inside me, as this happens the sensation of your load blowing inside me cause me to tighten my pussy and quickly release my own orgasm onto to you.

Falling off you from the exhaustion of the unexpected intensity of each explosion, we lie next to one another holding hands.

However, this only lasts for about 5 minutes; because we both know we have come to be with each other for pure fucking sex not the niceties of "love making."

As your dick has quickly become hard again watching my chest rise and fall as I take in the moment; you decide to take control, flipping me onto my stomach and spanking my ass as hard as you think I can take, only for me to laugh and tell you to give me more; I am your slave, beat me.

You reach to the nightstand and grab a pair of handcuffs, (you had researched the area hotels, ensuring the bed would allow the use of handcuffs). With your knee placed on the back of my head, forcing me into the bed you take my wrists, cuff me to the bed on my stomach, and again spank me harder leaving a handprint. I scream and this makes you harder, now not wanting to wait you bring me to my knees and pull my head back by my hair and shove your dick inside my pussy so hard my knees collapse; but you pull me back up, making me take it.

You continue to savagely spank and fuck me, making me scream out, you reach around and rip at my right nipple. As you feel my legs begin to shake, again you stop and lie on you back with your face underneath my vagina, wrapping your hands around my waist forcing me down onto your face, and shoving your tongue into me, and your finger into my ass I explode again into your mouth.

Knowing that my pussy is dripping you sit back up and shove your dick back inside me. with all the juices now dripping off your dick you pull out and shove my head into the pillows and stuff your cock into my ass, slowly as you truly do not want to cause me physical pain, but once I loosen up you go a little faster and deeper into my ass.

end ghost writer

With your muscles now relaxed and ready to accept me, I plunge myself balls deep into your waiting upturned ass. Seeing how red your ass cheeks are after my slaps causes something inside of me to just snap. You are no longer a woman I desire but rather something to be conquered and put into its place. We stop being human and are suddenly animalistic on the messy bed sheets.

Your hands still fastened to the bed with the hand cuffs, your face buried between the pillows on the bed and you on your knees with your ass and pussy up in the air for me to assault. I no longer think about anything but taking over all of your holes. My pounding of your ass continues for a while before I decide that I want to stick it back inside your spread glistening lips. I slide out, enjoying the view of your stretched hole as I ease myself back into you, gently sliding past your extended clit. Not wanting you to close up, quickly I stuff two fingers back into your ass while I start fucking you again. Then I pull out my fingers and begin to spank you again. You've been a bad girl and need to be punished.

Your moans below me spur me on in my quest to make you cum again all over me. I lean forward over you, grab your hair, and pull your head back so that you are forced onto your hands and knees. You are begging me not to stop my assault on your body. I pull all the way out, put it back into your ass, and begin pumping as fast as I can. Sweat dripping off me; I can feel myself getting ready to explode. Finally, I just can't take it anymore and unload into your ass. The feeling of my orgasm hits you and you explode yourself. We buck against each other for a minute or so until, exhausted, we both just drop our bodies onto the bed. I undo your arms from the handcuffs so that you can lay back and relax.

Spent, we just lie there for a few minutes, catching our breath. I am lying on my back and you scoot over so that your head is on my chest and you wrap your left leg over mine and I gently run my hand through your hair (almost absent mindedly, not even really thinking that I am doing it). I look down and say to you, "That was fucking incredible."

You look up at me from my shoulder and instead of saying anything; you reach a hand up and smack me in the face, jokingly. "What the hell did you expect? Dickhead!" You say back to me, and smile up at me. I cannot help but to chuckle, and think, goddamn is she a spunky slut ... then, I decide to tell you what I just thought, so I say, "You know, you sure are a spunky little slut."

"You know it," you say chuckling at me. We've now been together for 2 hours doing nothing but fucking. Even though I had napped on the plane for a bit, I had gotten very little sleep the night before and the relentless pace has made me a bit sleepy. Having your naked body next to mine makes me want to take a short nap. I am gently stroking your chest as we are soaking up the afterglow. Using my nails to gently trace circles around each of your nipples and all over your chest. My light tough has given you goose bumps, which makes me smile just a little bit.

I start nodding off on you there in the bed and you shake me, "Are you falling asleep?" you ask me.

"I'm sorry, I didn't sleep much and honestly, I'm not used to 2 hour fuck sessions anymore. Are you mad at me?" I answer you.

"Actually, its ok, I think it would be nice to sleep together for a bit." You say.

Therefore, we end up falling asleep together there on the bed. With you curled up on my left side, head on my chest ... and me with a handful of boob in one hand and a handful of your ass in the other.

A few hours later, I am wake up to the feeling of your mouth on my cock. I look down at you working me over and I cannot help but to smile. I reach down and grab your hair by the hair scrunchy you have holding it up out of you eyes. Not aware that I had woken up, you feel my hand on your head and you shift your gaze up my body until our eyes lock.

What a sight to wake up to ... I must say. There are not many better sights in this world than looking down at the woman who is sucking your cock and she enjoys it so much she won't even let it out of her mouth to smile back at you. After a moment or two of us looking at each other, I say, "Good evening, it is nice to see you are still here and my stuff isn't gone."

You do not think that I am very funny and give me a little bite on the head, just to let me know that you disapproved of my bad joke. I quickly say, "I'm sorry. You know I didn't really mean that, come on."

Instead of answering me, you simply swallow my cock again and go back to the blowjob you had already started. After a bit though, you let me slide out of your mouth and still holding me in your hand, slide up so that your head is on my shoulder again.

"That was a nice way to wake up, thank you." I say as I lean down and kiss you there on my shoulder. Leaning your head up, your lips meet mine, and I reach down for your chest as we lock into an intense kiss out of nowhere.

"Wow where the hell did that come from?" I say after we break our kiss.

"No fucking clue, but I liked it," you respond. "Are you hungry? I could eat something."

"Yes, I'm starving. All this fucking has made me hungry as hell." I respond.

"Let's go get something eat then." You say.

"How about we jump into the shower first though. I would like to clean up a little bit before we go eat." I say to you as I walk across the room to the bathroom.

As I am disappearing around the corner into the bathroom, I hear you say behind me, "That sounds good too."

Not waiting for you, I turn on the water in the shower, climb in, and begin to wash myself off. Shortly thereafter, you saunter into the bathroom with me and climb into the shower. Since our time has been so short together, I cannot resist seeing your nakedness again. I pull you to me and start kissing you as soon as the door closes behind you.

My hands running up and down your body, desperately trying to memorize every curve and piece of flesh they can touch. Breaking the kiss off I turn you around and enter you from behind, as I was still hoisting an erection from my wake up blowjob. This time though I am not trying to speed through anything. I want to enjoy the feeling of each thrust as I slowly fuck your glistening body. It would not be right to say that this was making love but it definitely is not animalistic sex. It falls more along the lines of I just like the feeling of my cock inside this woman and I am not sure I want to take it out or even worry about blowing a load ... just to be inside you.

We meld together there in the shower for 20 minutes, slowly fucking in the hot drops cascading over us. Finally, the friction becomes too much for me and I pull out and shoot almost a blank load onto the small of your back. I pick up the soap and being to wash your body. Your naked form engrosses me, I feel as though I could spend the rest of my life trying to please it, and you in the process.

We finish washing each other and walk back out into the hotel room together. Standing there naked, I cannot help but to smile at you while you dry yourself off in the middle of the floor. "Hey, what did you bring to wear? I want to show you off when we go to eat." I say to you as you gently dry your hair in front of me.

"Well, I really didn't bring much to 'show myself off.' But let me see what I can do." You say back to me.

Smiling I turn around and begin to gather my things so that I can get dressed myself. You take your bag and head off to the bathroom to get yourself ready without me knowing what you would put together for me.

ghost writer - female perspective

Because I am a simple girl, it does not take me, long to dress, however I do want to dry my hair and put on a little make-up for you too.

Knowing I did not bring anything "fancy" ... I pull out my favorite black lace thongs, and matching bra, getting dressed seems so hard, as I just want to come back into the room and continue to allow you to stroke your dick in and out of me. After a few dirty thoughts, I shake off the tingling feeling and continue on my quest for appeasing your eyes with what I put on...

With my thong and bra on, I now begin to dry my hair, as I am brushing it, and I plugging in the dryer, I feel your eyes on me, and turn to the door to see you standing there in only your boxers with a clear hard cock. I just smile at you and go about drying my hair, when this task is accomplished I begin with what little makeup I wear. Just enough to make my features stand out even more, while you are still standing there and I begin to laugh.

"Are you going to just stand there?" I ask.

"I'm not sure, I just don't want you out of my sight..." you respond softly.

I giggle and blush as I walk towards you to kiss you, this leads to more than a kiss, as your hands begin to glide over my smooth skin touching me so softly I get chills and my nipples become hard. You gently reach into my bra, pull my right breast out of the top, and begin to suck, but just as I begin to feel myself give into you, I push your head back and say to you, "Stop, we have to eat."

With a dirty little smile, you say, "I have desert right in front of me, and I want it first tonight." I again laugh and push you out of the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind you. I yell to you, "Hurry up, I'll be done in less then 5 minutes." I hear you chuckle and say, "Doubtful most women take hours."

Three minutes later, I emerge from the bathroom and say to you, "Maybe next time you'll remember, I'm not most women," of course, with a playful smile written across my face as I talk to you.

You just stand there, not sure what to say or do, you are in awe that I can get ready so quickly and simply and still look like I do.

My jeans are tight around the hips and ass giving them great definition, my shoes are simple black sandals with a small heal, and my shirt is a black low cut lace t-shirt, and at the right angle you can see my bra beneath it.

My hair is down and flowing around my shoulders and back, I look towards the door, grab my purse, and say to you, "Well if you're not going to say shit I guess we should be on our way."

The only catch is your still in your boxers, as you had turned on the TV and set on the edge of the bed thinking it would be at least 30 minutes before I came out of the bathroom.

end ghost writing

Watching you walk out the door caused me to quickly grab my jeans and shirt and put them on as quickly as possible. Not wanting to let you walk away without me, I skip my socks and just slip on my shoes, desperately trying to catch up to you. I run out the door, looking quite haphazardly, only to find you standing just outside the door laughing hysterically at my appearance. I cannot help but to smile at you and I reach out and give you left ass cheek a little smack, jokingly. I then grab you hand, pull you to me, and plant a big kiss on you. We stay like that for a while before we break the kiss and head off to the restaurant. I wrap my arm around your shoulder and you place yours across my hips as we walk. I cannot resist but to keep glancing down your blouse at the amazing cleavage, you are showing off ... and I smile to myself, knowing that others can look tonight but when push comes to shove, you will be naked with me when I go to bed.

Since we are in your town, you take me to a nice steak house for us to eat. The host seats us at a table in the back of the restaurant, away from the major traffic areas. I hold your chair for you as you sit down and I help tuck in the chair for you, making sure to enjoy the view down your shirt the entire time. I cannot help but to smile from ear to ear at the thought of our server looking down to take your order and seeing the endless valley showing in front of your shirt.

Sure enough, as soon as the server is taking your drink order, I catch him glancing down your shirt, and I start laughing to myself. We finish our orders and proceed to mess around with each other over our drinks and appetizers. After I have downed two beers and you have gotten one drink down our food comes and we proceed to eat a leisurely meal. With no real rush to be anywhere we take a good hour to finish our entrees and have another drink or two before we get the check and after I pay for the meal we head out for a little walk in the warm air. I am enjoying the looks that your outfit is getting from the random men walking by us we saunter nowhere in particular. Eventually we end up walking back towards the hotel.

Once we make it back to the hotel, we decide to stop into the hotel bar for a drink before we head back up to the room. We sit enjoying our drinks at the bar when a bunch of people come down to the bar and start ordering everyone shots. We sit and do a few shots with them there in the bar. The next thing I know one of the guys has asked you to dance. You look over at me to see what I think. I lean into you and say, "If you wish to dance with him, feel free to dance, I don't mind. You'll be naked in my room tonight anyway, so what's the big deal?"

Smiling, you slap my arm, give me a kiss and walk out and begin dancing with him while I sit at the bar and watch. I cannot help myself but to smile at you out there dirty dancing with the guy and generally having a good time. It makes me happy that you can let loose and not be worried about me being jealous of you. We end up spending another two hours in the hotel bar with the group until we finally decide that we want to head back upstairs to the room. We say our goodnights and leave the bar to go back up to the room.

In the elevator, I start joking around with you about the guy you were dancing with at the bar.

"So, did you get him hard out there on the dance floor? You were working him over pretty good, I wanted to fuck you right there on the floor, just from watching."

"Shut up!" You say, smacking me in the arm again and laughing. "Yes, he got hard out there, why jealous?"

"No, not at all. I am glad you were able to have some fun out there. I knew you were coming back with me when you were done, which made it even sweeter to sit there watching you out there on the floor." I say to you as the doors open for our floor and we exit the elevator.

We exit the elevator and head back to our room, both feeling a little buzzed from the drinks at the bar, and very horny as well. We walk arm in arm down the hallway until we finally reach the door, upon which time I push up against the wall and start kissing you right there in the hallway. I run my left hand up your shirt (your right side is facing down the hallway, and the left towards the end of the hallway, which our room is the second to last one) and start squeezing your nipple through your bra. Caught up in the moment I pull down your bra cup, exposing your nipple and start sucking it right there in the hallway, not caring that we haven't made it into the room yet.

You take your right hand and grab the back of my head as I suck on you and lick you and gently bite down on your hard nipple. I bring my head back up and we start kissing again as my hand kneads your breast there in the hallway. After a few minutes, I reach into my pocket and pull out the room key and we stumble into the room together. I am not sure if it's the booze or not but I get the desire to dominate you once we get into the room.

After the room door closes behind us, securing us in the room, I grab you and push you up against the wall, and grabbing your hair, start kissing you again. Finally, pulling back, I say to you, "I am going to make you my slave tonight."

"Oh yes," you respond.

"Now, strip for me slave." I command you as I lead you into the main part of the room. I sit down on the bed and open the dresser next to it, pulling out four sets of constraints. You look at me strangely and I command you again, "Strip for me."

Slowly you begin to shed your clothes in front of me, I lean over to my laptop (which is booted up and sitting on the dresser next to the bed) and put on some music for you. Slowly you undo each button on your shirt until it is completely undone but instead of taking it off you slide off your shoes and undo your belt and pants, sliding them off, while keeping on your shirt. You stand back up in your bra and panties with your unbuttoned shirt still open in front of you.

You slide off your shirt, reach behind you, and undo your bra; you have now found a rhythm with the music and are swaying a bit in time with the beat as you undress for me. As you are now standing with just your panties on and start to walk over to me. My erection is clearly visible to you in my pants as I sit on the bed with my back against the headboard and my legs on the bed. You stop next to the bed in front of me and I reach up, grab one of your nipples in my fingers, and give it a little squeeze.

I slide to the edge of the bed and swing my legs around so that my feet are now on the floor and I am facing you in front of me. I reach out and pull your thong down, you step out of it, and I toss it over onto the chair across the room. I stand up and push you down onto the bed. I grab the constraints I had taken out of the draw and proceed to fasten your wrists to the headboard of the bed, and then I take the other two constraints and fasten your ankles to each of the bed supports at the end of the bed. So that you are spread eagle on the bed with all of your limbs secured. I stand over you smiling at your helplessness there on the bed, with you looking up at me longing to have me take you.

I have other ideas as to where this is going to go though and I put on some different music on my laptop, and take a walk into the bathroom where the ice container is stored. I grab it off the counter and start towards the door to the room. "Where are you going?" You ask me from the bed.

"Don't worry, I'll be right back." I respond over my shoulder as I head out the door to the ice machine down the hall.

I close the door securely once I am out side the room and head down to the ice machine to fill up my bucket. I am bounding as I walk in anticipation of controlling you for the next few hours. It takes seconds for me to fill the bucket up and I am walking back down the hallway to our room. The thought of you in the room alone tied to the bed has me hard already. I get to the door before I know it and let myself back into the room. Closing the door and fastening the safety locks in place, I walk around the corner to where you can see me again.

I walk over to the side of the bed where you are lying, place the bucket on the dresser, and take out one ice cube and begin to rub it over your chest. Starting first with your left nipple, I run it in a small circle around the outside of the areola, slowly getting closer and closer to your nipple. The cold has already started to stiffen the skin and the closer I bring the cube to it, the harder it becomes. Finally, I slide the cube over your areola and up to your stiff nipple. Slowly I run it over your stiffened flesh and you begin to squirm under the sensation of the cold on your nipple.

I reach into the bucket, put in the cube I had been holding, and grab two new ice cubes. Taking a cube into each hand, I begin at just below your navel and start running them in circles up your torso towards your extended nipples. I run them in circles around your ample chest flesh, enjoying the goose bumps that are rapidly spreading across your body. With one cube on each breast, I slowly work my way up until I am tracing each nipple in the cold wetness of the ice. You have started to squirm under your constraints as the sensation travels through your body. I stand up, walk over to the fridge in the room, and get out the whip cream that you had brought with you this afternoon. I walk back over to the bed and top of each breast with a thick layer of cream. I take the can and starting on the left breast, I cover the areola and nipple in a little mountain of white creaminess for me to devour. Then I do the same to the other side.

Placing the can back down on the dresser, I lean down and take a mouthful of your left breast, smearing cream all over my face. I finish cleaning of the left breast, making sure to bite down on your extended nipple more than a few times. I then stand up and begin to undress in front of you, leaving your right breast still covered in cream. I remove my shirt and pants in rapid-fire succession, such that I am naked next to the bed in a matter of seconds.

I stand up on the bed and walk around to your right side; kneeling down next to you, I place the head of my dick into the cream on your breast, covering the head, and bring it up to your mouth. Your tongue darts out of your mouth towards creamy substance as I reach down, grab the back of your head with my right hand, and pull you up by your hair. After you have cleaned off the whipped cream off me, I jam my cock into your mouth. Using my right hand to push your head forward, I begin to fuck your face.

I pull out of your mouth and straddle your chest with my knees on your shoulders, and reach back down with both hands and grab your head with both hands, pulling it back up. I lean forward and stuff my cock back into your mouth causing you to gag a bit. I pull back out and let you catch your breath, and then ram it back in there, and start fucking again. Then abruptly I stop and stand up over your tied up body. I take two steps back while standing with a foot on either side of you on the bed, until I am standing above your hips, and I slowly lower myself down to the bed on top of you.

I position myself so that I am face level with your heavy breasts and begin to push them together and take both nipples into my mouth. I suck hard on both nipples, giving each a little nip in the process. Then I take out your right breast, push the nipple up towards your mouth, and command you to suck it. You lift your head up and take your nipple into your mouth while I go back to your left nipple, alternating between biting and sucking on it. We continue to do this for a few moments before I release your breasts and slowly travel down your body, in the process, grabbing the can of whip cream from the dresser quickly.

I spray a little heart that ends just on your clitoris, and slowly begin to clean the mess off you. When my tongue reaches the top of your clitoris, I take it into my mouth and suck on it, using my tongue to roll it around and stimulate it in my mouth. I let it slide out of my mouth and begin to run my tongue up and down along the sensitive area, causing you to being to moan softly, as I continue my manipulations. I take my right thumb and begin to rub along your extended clitoris while I slide my body over such that I can reach the ice bucket on the dresser next to the bed. Once I reach it, the while time rubbing you with my thumb, I pull it over and place it on the bed, next to your hip. I reach in, take out a cube, and bring it down to where my thumb used to be, and slowly begin to rub it along your steaming nub.

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