Going to Michigan

by The Jester

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Light Bond, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Man and woman meet on the internet and he flies to Michigan to meet her for sex. After many months of getting to know each other they finally meet for an intense 24 hours of sex. Portions of the story are ghost written from the female perspective in the story.

I just cannot take it anymore. I have spent a year talking to this woman over the internet, getting horny, and having to go jerk off. I am sick of it. There is only one option left for me. Fly to Michigan and fuck the breath out of this woman and then fly back home again.

I don't care that I had to spend a few hundred on a plane ticket, or another hundred on a hotel room. I don't care that it's going to take 3 hours to fly each direction. I don't care, I have to do all the dirty things to this woman that I have pictured in my head or written down.

That's it. I'm going. I tell everyone I'm flying to Michigan for business and I'll be gone one day, and fly home the next. Book my flight for Thursday afternoon and my returning flight for Friday night. Hotel room for Thursday booked, check! Ok, that's it ... I'm flying out tomorrow.

The plane ride is unbearable. Being stuck in a huge tube with all these business travelers. Sucking down cheap booze and watching a shitty 5-month-old movie. All I can do is sit in this seat and think about your nipples in my mouth. Trying to keep myself from being hard the whole flight, I reside myself to trying to take a nap, I'll need the rest ... I'm sure.

I get to Michigan and take a cab from the airport to the hotel room. Call home, check in, and let everyone know that I got there safely. I settle in, make some coffee, and give you a call. Since we had never spoken before, you did not know my voice when I say, "Hello there boobie woman." However, you know the term and quickly the excitement steams over you. We chat for a minute and you agree to head on over to the hotel. I ask you to pick up some food (and fruit/whip cream) on your way.

When you get to the hotel, you call me and I come down to meet you in the lobby. After such a long time giving ehugs over the internet, we cannot help ourselves and you walk directly into my arms for a long embrace. We just stand there, as I swallow you up into my arms. I do not want to let go ... even though I'm there to fuck the life out of you, I do not want to let go of the tender moment we share.

After a while though we let go of each other, you look at me, and I smile back at you. It is time for the games to begin and we both know it. You smile back at me, knowing what my smile meant. I take your hand and lead you over to the elevator. We take it up to my floor and quickly move along the hallway to my room. I insert the key and let us in to the calm before the storm.

Once the door closes, I grab your arm and pull you to me. I cannot wait any longer and I plant my lips on your mouth. I slide one hand up your back into the nape of your hair and then I clench my hand into a fist, grabbing your hair with it as we tongue duel just inside the doorway. Since the bathroom is right next to us and I spent the day traveling I think (spur of the moment) that a shower would be nice.

I break off our kiss and lead you to the bathroom. You give me a 'What the fuck?' look and I tell you that I think we should take a shower together. You smile and I move around you to the stall. It's actually quite a large stand up shower stall, with easily enough room for three grown adults ... yep, that will work nicely. I turn on the water, get it running, and turn back around to look at you.

I want to undress you myself. I walk over to you and slowly lift your shirt up over your head. You offer no resistance and put up your arms to help me achieve the task. After I have your shirt off, I just stand there for a moment, taking in the site of your chest in just a bra, inches from my face ... and all mine for the next few hours at least.

I reach around and unhook the clasp ... slowly pulling it forward to release your aching nipples. Once I have them in view, I cannot stop myself and I start kneading and playing with them as if I was 13 again and had never played with tits before. I suck each nipple, giving little bites and then both at the same time. After what was easily five minutes of pure childish abandon spent on your chest, I move down and slowly undo your pants. I look you in the eyes as I pull down the zipper. Looking for any sense that you did not want me to go any further. When you eyes show me that you do not want me to stop, I look down and slowly work your jeans off your hips ... leaving you standing there with just your thong.

You look so good, standing there; my cock is straining my pants ... all ready to shoot that easy first load. I tell you right then that I will probably cum the first time you touch my cock, but it doesn't matter, I won't go soft anyway. You laugh at me a little bit, and we both smile ... I walk over and pull you into my arms again, holding you to my chest, while I look down your back at your ass in the thong. Then, leaving you with just a thong, I ask you to undress me.

ghost writer - female perspective

Standing there a little uncomfortable (in a good way) ... I look at you with all the anticipation flowing into my nipples, awkwardly I lean into you as to kiss your neck and fumbling because I don't know where to start...

Knowing you've just gotten of the plane and visibly seeing the strain your penis has put on your jeans, I slowly undo your belt while kissing your neck, and you pinching my nipples a little harder...

once the belt is undone, I undo your jeans and drop to my knees ... pulling off your jeans to find your penis right there in my face as you have worn no underwear, I can not control the urge and I open my mouth and begin to suck, lick and stroke your dick with my mouth...

You stumble back slightly but I follow never letting my lips leave your hard cock. I run my hands underneath your shirt to rub your belly and chest, as you slowly take your own shirt off as you can not bear the thought of me having to stand up and abandon sucking your dick to remove it ... when this is done you reach down and grasp a hold of my hair, pulling my head back and forth ... this only goes on for a matter of minutes b4 your first load is blown in my mouth and running down my chin onto my breasts...

still kneeling in my thong you slowly reach down, grab me by my breasts, and stand me up...

end ghost writer

You slowly stand up in front of me, a total mess, covered with my load. I think to myself, "Damn she looks fucking sexy like that, but I better get her cleaned up before I kiss her." I pull you over to the sink and we look at each other in the mirror over the sink. I smile at you, and you smile back at me. I pick up my toothbrush (its new, I always travel with a new one and then throw it out) and I grab a washcloth from the sink. You start to brush your teeth as I gently clean the residue off your neck, chest, and face.

It is amusing to see me trying to clean you up while you brush with me being very naked and you standing there still in your thong. I could have waited to clean you up when we got in the shower, but something just told me that any woman willing to do what you just did deserves to be cleaned up before we got into the shower.

You finish brushing your teeth and we both look at each other in the mirror again. My erection is still poking you in the hip as we stand there and you reach back, while looking at me in the mirror and grab onto it again. It is at this time that I think I need to get your panties onto the floor. I smile back at you in the mirror and turn you around so we are facing each other now in front of the sink. You are still holding onto my cock. I figure that instead of trying to remove your hand, I'll just start taking off your thong and see if I can get it down your legs and off without removing your hand.

I step closer to you and putting a hand on either side of your hips I swing a thumb inside the waist band on both sides and I lean forward and kiss you as I gently start pushing them down over your hips. Once I have gotten them down to level with your sex, I give a final little push and you help them with your free hand until they are on the floor between your feet. While we are, still kissing I have to see how horny you really are and I sneak a hand down to where your thong used to be and gently begin to slide two fingers between your legs. You move your legs a bit to give me a better angle at what I am going for as we stand there kissing. Since I turned on the shower about 10 minutes ago the bathroom has now began to fog up with the steam coming out of the shower, so it becomes harder and harder for me to see our images in the mirror as we stand there on the floor, still in front of the sink, totally naked.

We are so wrapped up in our kiss and my exploring fingers, which have now found your love button and I start alternating between sneaking my fingers inside of you and rubbing on your womanly nub. You break the kiss though, not being a huge fan of being teased, you grab me and pull my head up so that I have to look you in the eyes, and you say to me in a husky voice, "Lets get in that shower now."

I cannot argue with that logic so we get into the shower and start letting the warm blasts of water rain down over us in the afternoon, in a hotel, in downtown Michigan. I want to taste you and repay you for giving me head earlier so was going to sit you down on the seat, but then I thought about it and I smiled at you while soaping up your boobies.

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