Resort Massage

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One of the "Laura" series of stories where this one finds lovely Laura at a resort in Tofino, B.C. Her fiance has gone for the day but has arranged for lovely Laura to get a massage while he is out. You can still have sore muscles after a massage - especially after hers. Again written as if it was her first time.

It is a mid February evening in the small town of Tofino, B.C. where 27-year-old Laura B. is by herself in her suite. There was a note for her when she arrived, telling about the arrangements made for her birthday in a couple of days. Basically she would be pampered, well looked after — she should hopefully enjoy it, the note read. The suite has a wood-burning fireplace, which was currently burning wood, and there is a huge thick white fur rug on the floor in front of the fireplace.

The voluptuous 4'10" longhaired brunette was dressed in just her bathrobe when she heard a knock at the door. She looked through the eyehole, and opened the door to show a young blonde woman on the steps in the cold, dressed in a traditional black and white maid's outfit. She smiled very nicely and asked, "Are you Laura B?" to which the voluptuous brunette replied oddly, "Yes, why?"

The blonde's smile widened as she said, "I was sent here to give you the first part of your birthday present, which is a massage. My name is Andrea, by the way." As it is quite cool outside and Laura doesn't want to be rude she invited the young blonde inside, and told her that she didn't ask for any massage.

Andrea smiled some more and said, "This has already been taken care of, so why not just let me relax you for a bit; I mean who knows — you might just like this." Laura thought about it for a moment, thinking about how much she really could use a good massage, and then reluctantly accepted. Andrea looked around and asking, "Where can I put this bag of massage oils for now?" Laura directed the young blonde to place the stuff on the coffee table for now.

Andrea then chatted with Laura for a bit, and finding out eventually that she was there by herself for weekend. Laura told Andrea how nice she looked in her black and white outfit, and told her so; Andrea blushed fiercely and said, "Thank you." Andrea looked to be around maybe 20 years of age, about 5'4", a well proportioned 36C-26-34 body which is all contained somewhat in the low cut maid's dress. Her ensemble is completed with a set of black 3" stiletto pumps, light black hose, and a garter belt set under the dress.

There is a pregnant pause until Laura broke the silence by asking, "So where shall we do this massage?"

Andrea replied, "Why not right here on the rug in front of this nice warm fireplace — you should be able to feel comfortable there." Laura lay down on her stomach still dressed in the robe on the rug as directed; Andrea got her tray of oils and placed it down next to the voluptuous brunette. She then knelt next to lovely Laura and said, "You're going to have to remove your robe if I'm going to be able to give you a proper massage."

Laura consented somewhat reluctantly, but said, "All right" and then wriggled out of her robe while still lying down — trying not to expose her luscious young body. Andrea waited until the brunette was done, then removed the robe entirely from the voluptuous brunette. As she knelt next to the sexy brunette, Andrea couldn't help but admire Laura's nice curves as she reached for a bottle of scented massage oil. She poured some onto her hands, and rubbed them together to warm up the oil before application.

She started to concentrate on the shoulders first, along slowly to the neck, then the temples to totally relax the young brunette. Laura moaned periodically at good or sore spots being reached by the talented fingers. The fire was still burning quite well, throwing off a good amount of heat, and was now the only source of light in the entire room.

Laura had never received a massage from another woman before and was surprised at how good it felt. Andrea poured some more scented oil all over Laura's back; the aroma was quite appealing to the senses, and made things seem very sensual also. Laura giggled and told her that she had never had this done by a woman before. Andrea flashed a confident smile and told the brunette to just enjoy it. Andrea worked her way slowly down the brunette's back, then up the sides, with her fingertips gradually feeling more of the sides of Laura's full breasts.

So far Laura doesn't mind Andrea's touch — it felt quite nice to her senses. Her hands had certain strength but her touch was light and sensual; she had to admit she was beginning to get turned on. They were both silent. Laura could hear her breathing becoming slightly faster and noticed Andrea was also, in perfect unison with Andrea. Andrea commented on how nice and soft Laura's skin feels to her touch; Laura replied, "Your hands feel really good."

After a couple of minutes more of massaging, she asked if Laura would like for her to massage the rest of her. She said she loved to give a good massage and didn't mind at all. Laura was getting more turned on, so she agreed. Laura turned over, reluctantly exposing the front of her nice young voluptuous body to Andrea. She was turning red from being exposed like this — and the lusty thoughts running through her mind. Andrea told her softly, "Relax — I do massages like this all the time."

She poured more oil onto her hands and then started at the feet, and then massaged her way up one leg to the top of the crotch, and then did the other leg. She was using long, slow strokes as she moved her way up toward Laura's bare ass. As she rubbed the upper legs and ass she would occasionally let a hand slip down between the brunette's legs and brush against her crotch, which by now was getting moist from being turned on. Shivers would go up and down Laura's spine every time she traced with those loving fingers, each time getting a little closer to her aching pussy.

Laura's breathing was hard now and she was curious as to where this would lead. "Was Andrea getting as turned on as I was?" Laura was thinking to herself. About 10 or 15 minutes passed as she continued to tease the brunette. Laura hungered to have Andrea's fingers inside her, as she found those little secret places that drove her into a frenzy of passion and orgasm. Laura was moaning softly and was almost to the point of orgasm from Andrea's constant teasing when she stopped.

Next the blonde did one arm, then the other one — the whole time her touch was relaxing yet very sensual to Laura. She asked the brunette if she was uncomfortable being naked in front of her and to her surprise, she wasn't anymore. It felt wonderful. Laura told her she was a tiny bit nervous anyway, but didn't care because she gave a wonderful massage and she didn't want her to stop. Andrea poured some oil on Laura's stomach, and then massaged the stomach and the sides again, and made sure that she was staying away from the heavenly looking breasts.

Laura's eyes are closed until Andrea asks softly, "Does this feel okay so far?"

The voluptuous brunette replied dreamily, "Yes."

Keeping her eyes closed, Laura had a feeling that she knew what could be coming next; she heard Andrea ask softly, "Would you like me to massage your chest, or not?"

Laura waited a moment before she replied, "Sure, I guess." With that acknowledgement, Andrea slowly straddled the sexy young brunette, and sat so her own crotch didn't make contact with Laura. She then poured quite a bit of scented oil onto her hands, again warmed it up with her hands, and then applied her hands under the beautiful breasts, and then worked her way slowly up her chest. She made sure that her hands rubbed gently over the nipples, loving the soft gasp from Laura as she did, and enjoyed the sight of the nipples as they sprung to life under her touch. Her nipples got even harder, which she didn't think they could do.

Laura was emitting little moans of pleasure and avidly watched her every move. Her hair hung down over her shoulders, framed her lovely face as she bent forward, then back, as she made long slow strokes from belly to her shoulders, and gave the erect nipples a little attention in between. Laura noticed that as she stroked down toward her belly she would point her thumbs backward and rub them between her legs.

After only a minute of this delightful torture Laura was squirming a lot under Andrea's touch, and she moaned softly at how nice it felt. Andrea asked, "Do you mind my doing this, Laura?"

The naive brunette replied, "No, not really" as her nipples were starting to burn with desire. Andrea spent a few minutes gently squeezing the very erect nipples, and definitely enjoyed massaging the lovely full breasts. Her hands were making Laura's body feel so good, better than any man could make her feel. The thought crossed Laura's mind that she was thinking lesbian thoughts and she mentally said "To heck with it!" and tossed the idea out. She didn't care, Andrea's touch felt too good to be something wicked or evil. She was enjoying every second of her loving caresses.

Andrea started asking Laura suggestive questions while she continued her massage, "Have you ever thought about doing this with a woman before?"

Laura shyly replied, "Yes"

"So you have fantasized about being with another woman?"

"Yes" she gasped.

Andrea was getting a bit more aroused now at the start of these revelations from this sexy looking voluptuous brunette, so she asked further, "Have you ever wanted to make love to another woman?"

Laura hesitated, but was definitely aroused enough to speak her mind, "Yes" as she gasped again at the delightful hands massaging breasts. Laura squirmed again, but this time in passion.

Andrea was definitely interested now, "Whom did you fantasize about — was she someone you knew?"

"Mm Hum"

"So who was she?"

Laura paused, then said, "She was my neighbor"

"Ohhh my — was she nice looking?"

"Yes, she's ... quite good looking"

"So what did you fantasize about?" Andrea was concentrating her skilled fingers on massaging just the breasts and nipples, keeping the voluptuous brunette very aroused.

Laura replied softly, "She seduced me in my fantasy ... ohhh ... and she made love to me."

"It sounds like it could be worth sharing — so what did she do?"

Laura proceeded to eventually tell Andrea about how she was seduced in the front hallway by her neighbor, then taken over to the dining room table and licked to an outstanding orgasm, but she trailed off there, leaving a lot unsaid. So Andrea asked further, "It sounds like there is more to this. What did she do next to you, Laura?" and deliberately slid one finger down to Laura's now wet pussy, and inserted a finger slowly.

The voluptuous young brunette shivered in delight and gasped as the finger entered her, but eventually replied, "She had me ... do things ... I'd never ... done before."

"Oh really? What sorts of things did she have you do? It sounds as if you enjoyed the experience."

The finger slid around inside Laura's pussy as the brunette slowly replied, "Ohhh ... things." Andrea then kissed and sucked on each nipple. Despite Laura's resistance, the blonde's actions on Laura's nipples have gotten her very aroused, even hotter than her boyfriend did the other night. The blonde stopped sucking but kept playing with her nipples.

Laura didn't answer any more immediately, so Andrea asked softly, "Like what?"

And again Laura replied throatily, "She ... had me ... doing things I never ... thought of doing ... ever."

So then Andrea tried a different approach; "What turned you on the most, Laura? I can tell you enjoyed the experience — it is obvious. What did you like the most?"

Again a pause, but Laura reluctantly replied, "She wanted me to put on some lingerie that she had bought ... for me."

"She bought you some lingerie? Nice. So what did she bring for you?"

"It was a sexy white teddy with garters, hose, and white heels; I felt quite nervous but I ... wanted to let her ... please me. She made love to me on my own couch."

Andrea purred in delight as she said, "Mmmm, sounds like a very sexy outfit. So what did she do to you there on the couch?"

Laura replied shakily, "She had me ... sit on her ... lap."

"What did she do while you were sitting on her?"

"She ... made love to me there."

Andrea was VERY aroused as she asked these questions, "Did you enjoy that, and I mean sitting on her lap like that?"

Laura paused and then answered softly, "Yes."

"So what did you like about it?"

The naive brunette replied, "She did things ... I'd never ... done before, and I ... liked them."

Now Andrea was very intrigued by the way Laura was obviously leaving some things out of her answers, and asked, "What did she do to you that you liked so much? There seems to be something that you really enjoyed."

Laura paused a long moment, and then replied, "I was enjoying her sucking my nipples ... while I was sitting ... on her."

"How did she make love to you — just with her mouth?"

The voluptuous brunette replied, "That was part of it. It was totally mind boggling what happened ... I was so turned on ... because she ... had a ... she had a ... cock above her ... pussy."

Andrea felt her heart racing in excitement at hearing this confession from this sexy brunette while she listened to what Laura was telling her. She delved further, "Oh my! Did you enjoy this woman?"

Laura paused again, but replied softly, "Yes, I enjoyed her ... a lot."

"So what was it that you liked about this experience Laura? Was it because she was an attractive woman who was attracted to you, and she had a cock?"

"Kind of ... Yes"

"Mmm, so how did you react when you discovered her ... secret?"

"I was extremely ... shocked by her ... surprise, and I was very turned on at the same time."

"Did she enter you?"

"Yes, definitely"

"How did you feel when she put her cock inside of you?"

Laura paused as she remembered vividly, and replied, "Very shocked and very aroused almost simultaneously."

"How did it happen?"

Laura told Andrea "When I was sat on her lap, she was pulling down the cups of the teddy, and then sucking on my nipples ... which was distracting me ... then I felt something hard and smooth ... and familiar slip inside of me. I was trying to ... get her to stop ... what she was doing — by then I could tell it was a real cock ... but it was too late ... ohh god ... and I came right away ... especially when she ... pushed me all the way ... down onto her hard cock. I just couldn't believe that I was so wet when she entered me."

Andrea was very excited now, and asked, "What else did the two of you do? I mean, you did say that she had you doing things you'd never done before."

Laura thought for a moment, and then replied, "Before that ... she'd made love to me ... out on my balcony ... ohhh ... from behind ... and when we were done that ... I ... returned the favor."

"Oh my, how did you return the favor?"

Andrea had a pretty good idea as to how the favor was done, but she just wanted to hear the sexy brunette tell it. "She sat on the rail of the balcony ... and she asked ... me ... she asked me to ... and I ... used my mouth ... on her cock, and fingered her pussy."

"Did you like doing that, Laura?"

"Yes, I did"

"Did she cum?"

"Yes, she most definitely did."

"Did you let her cum in your mouth?"

The brunette willingly told her, "Yes, I wanted to know if it tasted any different, or what."

"Mmm, I would love to have seen that sight on the balcony. I think you would look very sexy dressed in some white lingerie, especially if I could see how you looked on her lap." Andrea stopped massaging the gorgeous young brunette, sat back and started to remove her maid's outfit. Laura rolled over onto her stomach so she was facing away from Andrea, who removed the entire outfit except for the garters, hose, and high heels. She then poured more oil all over Laura's back, and her own ample cleavage, and then laid down on top of Laura. She rubbed her full breasts all over the brunette's back, and slowly slid one hand down and under to the wet pussy, enjoying the feel of how moist the pussy was.

Laura commented, "I don't know why you were wanting to know so much about Kelly and I. I mean - I really could use the rest of the massage."

With that, Andrea purred in the brunette's ear, "Oh, I plan on it" and knelt behind Laura, and lifted the cute ass up a bit. "Spread your legs" she said behind Laura as she heard her move around a bit. The brunette did as she asked, still shaking yet feeling and getting excited again at what she had no control over. She heard the blonde move some more before finally she moved in between her legs to where Laura could feel her hips resting on either side.

Next, to Laura's amazement she felt something huge and round being pushed near her pussy. She moved to look back but before she could Andrea stopped her with two words. "Trust me" Laura lay back down with the knowledge that she could trust her and rested, waiting, aroused, breathing still hard. Again she felt her push something up her pussy making her moan as it slid into her, stretching her to the fullest. She takes her cock in her hand while she told Laura, "I hope you don't mind, but I am really attracted to you" and then rubbed the tip of her cock up and down the wet slit.

Laura felt something smooth and familiar, quite hard, slowly spreading open her wet pussy lips, as she realized too late that it is a hard cock entering her pussy! She gasped in alarm, "Oh noooo..." and trailed off as the cock filled her very wet pussy nicely. Laura was so wet that there was no resistance. She had never been filled so completely and again didn't care where she was or what could happen.

Andrea placed her hands on Laura's hips, and made sure that her cock was all the way inside the warm wet pussy, and flexed her cock inside. The brunette's boyfriend had fucked her a few times but his cock had never filled Laura the way this intruding tool was filling the brunette now. Laura gasped and groaned in pleasure; Andrea asked, "How does that feel?"

Laura groaned in reply "Ohh ... good."

Andrea then told her, "You are making me one very happy lady"

Laura replied "How — because you get to seduce a woman again?"

Andrea replied softly, "No, I've never done this before, and I just got carried away, because I find you to be very sensual and I like you." She slowly started to move it in and out making Laura groan with pleasure. The brunette was completely stretched to her limit. Andrea pushed in. out ... in. out ... in.

"Oh my goodness" Laura cried out as she allowed her body accept this. Laura was starting to really enjoy the feel of Andrea's cock as it slid in and out of her wet pussy slowly, and she was strangely aroused to hear that Andrea was a virgin — especially one as pretty as she was. Laura had to know one thing before she let this go further, so she asked, "Was this by some chance arranged for my birthday?"

A surprised Andrea replied, "No, I just happened to replace the normal masseuse today as she had called in sick." Andrea pulled the brunette up so that she was resting on her hands and knees, while she watched the sexy voluptuous brunette squirm while impaled on the cock. She rocked Laura back and forth onto her cock, enjoying the sounds of delight coming from Laura. She was really enjoying being with this voluptuous sexy young brunette woman; she reached up and started fondling one oil-coated breast while she thrust into the tight pussy. Andrea groaned aloud, "God Laura, you feel really good and tight" as she made love to the young brunette.

Laura was still a bit shocked at what had happened to her — again — but for some reason she was willing to let this pretty blonde please her. Laura found herself losing control of her pussy muscles as she enjoyed the cock thrusting deep into her tight pussy. This girl, fucking Laura with her cock, was going to make her orgasm better than her boyfriend had. She could feel the onset of an orgasm approaching rapidly, and started moaning out loud "Oh yes, don't stop."

Andrea started pumping a bit faster in and out; she loved the feel of how silky smooth the pussy walls felt around her cock. This thrusting started driving Laura over the edge, and then Andrea reached around the front of the brunette and started fingering her clit at the same time. This sent Laura crazy: she was bucking under Andrea's touch while orgasm after orgasm wracked her voluptuous young body. Her pussy muscles were spasming and squeezing around Andrea's hard cock, milking it deliciously, and her full breasts were swaying and wobbling from the pleasure being given to her.

Laura couldn't handle it. She was totally filled and stretched to her limit, which was making her body go into convulsions of pleasure, making her mind lose any sense. All she could do was accept what Andrea was giving to her. The large cock in her pussy was hitting her G-Spot and moving over that tight barrier making Laura lose herself. Laura fell forward, separating them, and saying, "Oh stop, please! I'm way too sensitive right now."

But Andrea wasn't going to listen; she was still very horny for this voluptuous young brunette, and definitely wanted more of her luscious body. She rolled Laura onto her back, spread her legs gently, and then placed her still hard cock at the entrance to Laura's wet sensitive pussy. Carefully she guided her still hard cock into the pussy she sought, her hips jerked forward and buried most of the thick cock into her pussy. Laura groaned as the blonde entered her pussy again, and then arched her back as Andrea pushed her cock all the way deep inside Laura's pussy.

Still lost in the waves of pleasure that swirled through her body, the sudden plunging entrance of the cock jolted Laura. Her body twitched and her eyes jerked open with surprise. A startled "Ahhhhhh!" was wrenched from her lips. Then she relaxed and gazed lovingly up to the younger girl standing above her. Laura doesn't care anymore that this is a beautiful hermaphrodite making love to her; all she wants is the pleasure of the cock filling her nicely. She placed her hands around Andrea's hips and pulled them close together, so that she could feel the tip of the large cock in her pussy.

Leaning over the black-haired girl, Andrea stretched her arms out and planted them to either side of Laura's head so that they supported the weight of her body. She lowered herself once, so that their lips met briefly. Laura's hands reached up and once more busied themselves with the elongated cones of breast that now dangled sleekly from the young blondes chest. The younger girl moaned and her pelvis hunched forward slamming about an inch of the cock into her companion's pussy. Raising her legs and then resting her feet on the side of the bed, Laura opened the angle of entry into her body. She moaned as the thickness slid deeper into her.

After a few minutes, Andrea then hooked her legs under Laura and told her, "Roll with me" so that Laura is then straddled on the blonde hermaphrodite. She pulled the voluptuous brunette down so she could kiss those adorable looking soft lips, and proceeded to put her tongue in between Laura's lips. Laura was panting when she finds herself responding to the passionate kissing from Andrea, with her body still quite sensitive from having the hard cock inside of her.

In the past Laura had wondered about sex with another woman. Now she knew. She knew that if the chance presented itself, she would enter the arms of another woman with the aroused feelings that were now flooding her body. She felt no shame at the self-admission. Her body was too laden with the lust the girl had flamed within her. After a few minutes of intense French kissing they break apart, with Laura resting her hands above the pretty blonde, and feeling Andrea thrusting up into her pussy.

The blonde said, "That story about you and Kelly really has me turned on — I don't suppose you would mind telling more of it?"

Laura replies slowly, "What would you like to know?"

Andrea says, "How were you dressed when Kelly started seducing you?"

Laura thought for a moment, and then replied, "I was wearing my summer housecoat when she kissed me just as she was supposed to leave."

"Did you like it?"

Laura responded with, "I guess so — I found that when she kissed me I couldn't move, but it felt nice. So she then started seducing me right ... there ... in the entrance way."

Andrea was still thrusting slowly up into Laura's sweet pussy while she asked, "Was she as turned on as you were?"

"I would have to say yes, she was."

"What was it about you that Kelly loved the most, do you think?"

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