Suzy's Seminar

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He thought he would surprise her. He did!

I met her in a country-western bar.

I had just about gotten over my second divorce and I was out looking for some social contact; a few drinks, a little two-stepping, some line dances, I was not, repeat, not looking to get laid. As far as I was concerned at that point in my life a male/female relationship was anathema. My first marriage failed because I could not give my wife everything the greedy bitch wanted so she left me for someone who could. Going into my second marriage I was determined not to make the same mistake. I worked hard and gave my second wife a good home, a vacation cottage at the lake, and a Corvette (a convertible at that). She had a membership at the country club, and basically, everything she wanted. She ran off with the club's golf pro. She told me I was "too material" for her and that I didn't meet her 'inner needs' (however, it didn't keep her from trying to leave with all the "material"). I submerged myself in my job and for almost a year I avoided all feminine companionship. And then, one fateful night, I decided that it was time for me to get out and socialize.

She was sitting at a table by herself and for an hour I watched her turn away guy after guy when they asked her to dance. I couldn't figure it out; she was absolutely into the music, her body swayed and her fingers tapped the table to the beat. I had danced with a couple of different girls, but my attention kept being drawn back to her and that was something else I couldn't figure out. Taken as separate parts she wasn't much to look at; her face was OK, even pretty, but nothing special, and her body, at least what I could see from the bar, was nothing special either. So why did my eyes keep going back to her?

I had just started on another long-neck and was looking in her direction when her head turned and her eyes met mine. She smiled at me, and I swear to God that I'm not kidding when I say I tingled all the way down to my toes. I smiled back and asked the bartender to send her a drink. About fifteen minutes later she got up and came over to me.

"Something wrong with me or is something wrong with you?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I've been waiting for you to come over and ask me to dance. You keep looking my way, but you don't come over."

I gave her a smile and told her I had a great fear of rejection, "I've watched you turn every guy in the place away so I was too scared to try."

"Bullshit!" she said as she grabbed my hand and led me out to the dance floor.

As I took her in my arms and we started to waltz I realized what it was that kept me turning to look at her - sex appeal! She radiated sex appeal; in fact the aura was so strong you could almost smell it. The closest I can come to describing it would be to compare it to a bitch dog in heat - she gives off something that male dogs can detect from a block away. My dick got hard when I saw her walking towards me and I am certain that she knew it.

We stayed on the dance floor till the band took a break and then we went outside for a breath of fresh air and to complete the ritual - you know, the old "you come here often," "what is a pretty girl like you doing here alone," "what's your sign, etc., etc. Her name was Suzy, it was her first time at the Grizzly Rose, she was alone for the same reason I was - a first outing following a bad divorce, and she was a Libra, same as me. She was an Information Systems Manager at a local company, liked golf, bowling, long walks in the rain, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Back inside I joined her at her table and we danced every dance until last call. I offered her a ride home and she accepted. I walked her to her door and she gave my hand a squeeze and thanked me for a nice evening. I asked her if I could see her again and she said she would like that. Now, the whole time I was with her my dick stayed rock hard, but the moment the door closed and I could no longer see her, it wilted. I thought about her often over the next two days, trying to figure out what it was about her that kept pulling me back to her. I called her and asked her to have dinner with me on Friday and she accepted. When I arrived to pick her up and she opened her door - instant erection. Now I want to say again that she was really nothing special in the looks department. I spent eight to ten hours a day working with at least six women that would put Suzy to shame, but none of them gave me hardons where Suzy could produce them instantly.

For the next six months we dated off and on and it was always the same - get within five feet of Suzy and I'd get an erection, and I'm pretty sure she knew it, but I kept my hands to myself because I was leery of getting involved again. Suzy finally took matters into her own hands and decided to make me get off the dime. I was dropping her off at her apartment and I asked her if she wanted to go to a football game with me on Saturday.

"It depends" she said.

"On what?" I asked.

"On whether or not you fuck me tonight!"

I was taken aback by the bluntness of her statement and I stood there with a confused look on my face as she went on,


"I'm not interested in continuing this relationship if all we are going to be is buddies. It is time to either end it or take it to the next level."

She was a wild woman in bed; she was insatiable. She fucked me until I came, sucked me hard again, had me fuck her in the ass, sucked me hard again, pushed me on my back and rode me like bronc rider trying to hang on to make eight seconds and then she sucked me hard again. I felt lucky to get out of her apartment with my life. For the next three months it was more of the same - she just could not get enough. At first, I put it down to the fact that she had been without sex for so long after her divorce that she was just trying to play catch-up, but I eventually accepted the fact that she was simply a sex maniac.

For me, life was good. I was getting all the sex I could handle, we got along great, shared a lot of interests and we seemed to be very compatible. It was inevitable - we got married.

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