Two Ass Obsession

by Flying-Circus

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Rape, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: It was a simple motivation. I lusted after two young women, so I kidnapped them, held them captive, and fucked them when I wanted. I hoped they would eventually look forward to when I came in to fuck them.

I patiently waited down the street. Her house was in plain sight from where I sat in my non-descript blue sedan. Yesterday, I snagged Justine, a cute brunette I had my eye on for a while. She was already safely secured in my home. Today I planned to snag Bailey, a cute blonde that I also had my eye on for a while.

It was kind of funny, not in a ha-ha way, but in a strange way. I always thought of Justine and Bailey as very different girls with their only similarity being that they were both twenty years old. Justine was a shoulder length wavy-haired brunette. Bailey was a down her back straight-haired blonde. Justine was lightly freckled while Bailey was very pale. Justine was a jeans and sweatshirt kind of girl. Bailey was fancy skirts and blouses. Justine was an everyday girl. Bailey was a privileged girl. When I thought about both girls and what I wanted to do with them, I realized that they both had small tits and a little too much ass not in a fat kind of way but in a pleasing and eye-catching way. It was a kind of way that caused my eyes to naturally drop down to gaze admiringly upon her ass.

Yesterday I lured Justine out with a lie about her sister. I drove her into the recesses of a parking garage, tied her up, covered her eyes, and brought her home. I put Justine on the bed, pushed her legs back so her knees were down by her head. She was like a pretzel and in that position I claimed her. I fucked her ass. After I came inside her, I had her blow me hard and I fucked her ass again. It was fantastic!

Bailey's mom stepped out of their house and got into her car. I slunk down into my seat even though I knew she drove the other direction on her way to work. Bailey's dad was already gone by the time I pulled up in the neighborhood. Claiming Bailey would be different than claiming Justine. I would claim Bailey in her very own home before bringing her back to my house.

I watched the dashboard clock as I forced myself to wait an extra five minutes in case Mom suddenly came back because she forgot something. She never did any of the previous times I watched but I couldn't be too careful since today my plan was going down. Today!

When the time was up, I started the car and slowly drove toward Bailey's house. I parked in the driveway. I exited my car with my duffel bag and walked confidently to the front door.

As expected from my previous observations, the front door was unlocked. I entered and carefully closed the door so as not to make any noise. The kitchen was on the left and I could see a fancy dining table beyond it. I softly walked on the tile entrance and reached the carpet. There was a living room and further back was what might be a den or a game room where the family likely hung out at in the evenings.

I was about to head toward the den when I heard a shower start up down the hallway on the right. Perfect! That was fortuitous. If she was in the shower then it eliminated the hassles involved with getting her naked. I walked stealthily toward the sound.

The bathroom door was cracked open and steam slipped out. The fan was not sufficiently capable of pulling up all the steam. I slowly pushed the door open. The shower was in a bathtub so there was a shower curtain. I smiled happily. I could come right up to the shower and surprise her, but I decided to wait until she was done even though I knew it could take a while since she just got in and she was a female. Bailey hummed indistinctly. I actively listened as the sound of the water stream changed as she moved. I was excited and my cock felt rock hard.

I had a sudden idea and I was mad at myself for not thinking of it right away. I exited the bathroom and looked into the bedrooms. There was her parents' bedroom, an office, a guest room, and Bailey's room. I stripped off my clothes and placed them into a neat pile on the floor at the end of her twin bed which was against the wall. I left my duffel bag next to my clothes. I slowly stroked my ready cock as I returned to the bathroom. Soon. Very soon.

Only a minute after I was back, the water shut off. I went into a pounce position to quickly grab her. I became keenly aware of every sound.

The shower curtain opened. I didn't immediately grab her. I was transfixed by the sight of her naked body. Bailey's wet hair looked great and her small tit globes were so beautiful. Down below was a bikini-trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair. She was a vision and my cock throbbed upward.

Bailey screamed. Damn, she was loud!

The best thing about her scream was it kicked me out of my mindless reverie and I went into action. I grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward. I ran to the door dragging her along and forcing her to run to keep up. She tried to grab the door frame with her free hand, but it slipped from her grasp.

I ran us into her bedroom. I abruptly stopped in front of her bed. Bailey's momentum continued to carry her forward. I shoved her down on her bed. I went to my bag and scrambled to retrieve a plastic handcuff to fasten her wrists. It was stupid of me not to take it out of the bag earlier. Bailey turned and began to get up.

"Don't move!" I ordered. I finally found the plastic restraint.

She tried to make a dash for the door. I threw a shoulder-block into Bailey knocking her to the floor. I pulled Bailey to her feet and pushed her forcefully backwards onto the bed. She hit her head against the wall. I didn't mean to do that. I didn't want to hurt her but she had to do what I said. I grabbed her arms and she pliantly had her wrists bound together in front of her by my restraint.

"Turn over!" I barked. I was still mad that she tried to flee.

She slowly moved so she was on her belly with her hands underneath her. I pulled her up by the waist and adjusted her body so her head was toward her pillow and her body was aligned with the length of the bed. She was up on her knees with her head down on the comforter.

I smiled at the sight of her pink pussy lips and that sweet little brown asshole in the middle of her pale cheeks. Like Justine, Bailey looked so beautiful. I was happy.

Bailey's breathing was hard. It was to be expected. I went behind her and rose up on my knees. I pulled her ass backwards to slightly lower it into the right position. I gripped her hips and pressed my iron cock against her asshole. I pushed forward.

Bailey screamed out.

I continued with determination. I felt and watched her taut ass open which spurred my determination even more.

Bailey was loud. Justine was loud too.

Bailey's hole became wider. I applied a little extra effort and watched with great delight my cock head pop into her ass. I then jammed my cock fully in.

"That wasn't too bad," I said to a sobbing Bailey. It wasn't. I entered her fairly easily.

I fucked her fast with deep slams into her ass. I was like an out of control piston engine. It felt great inside her, but this first time would be quick. This was my time to lay my claim to her just like I did with Justine. The next fuck I would treasure Bailey just as I did with Justine. It was a special time with Justine yesterday and it would be the same with Bailey today.

I gasped and grunted as I fucked her ass hard. It was so tight and so good. With every thrust, I drove in fully deep with my balls slapping against her body. Bailey was already starting to quiet down. That was nice because the cries could really hurt my ears. There was no reason to cry out anyway because this was the way it was going to be for her and for Justine too.

"Oh, yes," I shouted out when my cock's internal pressure rapidly increased.

I rammed my cock in hard several times then stuck it in deep and stopped. In conjunction with my every strong jizz spurt flooding her ass, I released out a corresponding satisfied breath. When I was complete, I slipped my cock out of her. A drizzle of cum also came out and ran down toward her pussy.

"That was wonderful," I praised, caressing both ass cheeks. "You are so beautiful."

Bailey said nothing.

I pulled her body backward on the bed. She almost fell.

"You have to stay up on your knees," I said.

I moved to the head of the bed and sat up with my legs open on either side of her head. My cock was in front of her face. She glared up at me.

"Suck my cock and make it hard again," I instructed.

"Fuck you!" she snarled.

"Yes," I said casually. "My cock needs to be hard to fuck you. You better not bite."

I shook my cock and smiled happily. She looked away.

"Listen," I said sternly and impatiently. "I'm going to fuck your ass again. It's a basic fact. We can wait a little longer and I can fuck your ass dry again or you can suck my cock, making sure you don't bite it, and get it nice and slippery so it slides in your ass better."

"Alright," Bailey said quietly after a moment.

"I thought you would see if my way," I said gleefully. I shook my cock again. "Go ahead!"

Bailey bobbed on my cock, but she never closed her lips and seemed to try to keep her tongue away.

"Come on!" I said irritated. "You can do better than that."

"I'm trying," she insisted.

"Like this!" I grabbed her head in two hands and forced her mouth deeply up and down on my cock pressing it on top of her tongue. It felt much better. "Now you do it."

I released her head and she was better. Sort of.

"Close your lips tighter around my cock," I instructed.

She didn't change what she was doing, but when I reached my hands out she quickly closed her lips around my shaft. I put my hands back down.

"_Much_ better," I praised.

My cock was growing.

"Keep going deep even though it's longer now," I said. "Good. Better."

She wordlessly bobbed on my cock. Her initial revulsion was gone. In time she would be very used to it. It would be a way of life.

'Let's have a look," I said. She lifted off. "What do you think? Is it slick enough?"

"I don't know," she said quietly.

"Let's find out!"

I eagerly moved away from her head and went back behind her. There was a cum bubble at her hole. I gripped her hips and set the tip of my cock in position. I pushed forward. Bailey groaned out. I only had to use half the exertion this time in contrast to the first time. I slipped my cock inside her ass.

"Your ass sure looks beautiful with my cock in it, princess" I said. When she said nothing, I said, "That's a compliment."

"Thank you," she mumbled.

"What was that?" I said.

"Thank you," she said louder. That was better.

I slowly stroked. After my fast cum, I could do a nice leisurely fuck of her ass. It was a wonderful feeling.

"Do you like getting your ass fucked?" I asked.

"No," she groaned out.

"No? I think you do. Don't worry. You'll love it very soon. I guarantee it. Remember that I said you will, because it is going to come true. One day you will hardly be able to wait for me to fuck your princess ass. You are a princess, aren't you?"

"No!" she angrily said.

"Yes, you are. It doesn't matter because princesses love to get their ass fucked as much as any girl."

I then shut up and took in the sensations. I chose wisely with Justine and Bailey. It felt as wonderful fucking their asses as I imagined it would feel.

"Mmmm," I said. "So deep."

Bailey was quiet. I didn't hear her until I began to feel internal forces in my cock which spurred me to push in even deeper which subsequently caused her to cry out frequently. I sped up and fast fucked her ass with a renewed need to cum.

"This is fucking great!" I yelled out to the walls.

Bailey yelled out words of protest. I heard her, yet I didn't hear her. I certainly didn't care. It was pointless. I rapidly drove into her ass and with every stroke I was brought closer and closer.

I was there.

"Unnhh! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

I flooded her anal passage with more jizz. Damn, it felt so good, so incredibly good.

I pulled my cock out of her. "Stay right there. Don't move," I said as I slipped off the bed.

I dressed.

"Stand up," I said.

She was submissive. I grabbed her bed comforter and wrapped her in it.

"This way," I said.

Bailey looked like she was in a state of shock. It was the exact same look Justine had after I fucked her ass the second time, though I didn't have to move her to my place since she was already there. I guided Bailey outside. I turned the lock to the front door and shut it. I opened the passenger door to my car. The seat was reclined and I placed Bailey face down on it.

I got in the driver's side and started the car. I drove home.

I lived in a three bedroom house. One bedroom was my room. A second room was where my computer and my monitoring equipment were located. My computer systems also controlled access to the reinforced door.

The reinforced door was on the third room. It was the master bedroom with an attached master bath and that was where Justine and Bailey were held. The room was empty except for a king-sized bed, a flat screen TV mounted on the wall where they could watch it from the bed, and a folding card table. I had four surveillance cameras up high in each corner of the room. I also had a camera in the bathroom. Two battery backups made sure that the bedroom door always stayed sealed, that the room's overhead lights always stayed on, and that the cameras always stayed operational in case there was a power outage.

The cooked vegetable dinner was ready. I carried a plate and fork then walked naked to the bedroom. I entered the access code then placed my thumb on the biometric scanner. The door's lock released and I opened the door. I entered and closed the door behind me. I would need to enter my access code and use my thumb to get out of the room also. I had a couple of emergency aides to get out if the mechanisms malfunctioned, so I wouldn't get trapped in the room. They were hid inside the legs of the bed.

Both Justine and Bailey looked over but when they saw my hard-on, they looked away.

"Dinner time!" I cheerfully called out.

For now, I had eliminated the use of the girls' hands. I covered their hands in soft extra thick mittens and they wouldn't be able to take them off. While they wore the mittens, they wouldn't be able to grip anything and the softness would lessen any blow a girl might happen to place on me. On their feet, I secured socks. The bedroom floor was vinyl and it was _very_ slippery in socks. I didn't want the girls to get any ideas about escaping or attacking me. Ideally those thoughts would eventually be the furthest things from their minds.

I got on the bed and walked on my knees between them.

"Sit up," I instructed.

I stabbed a veggie with the fork and held it close to Bailey's mouth. She turned her head away.

"Come, come," I chastised. "You must be hungry. You probably haven't eaten since breakfast. Did you have breakfast Bailey? I know Justine did. I fed her myself."

I turned to Justine and said, "Show her how. Open wide. It's smart to cooperate."

Justine opened her mouth and I fed her.

I fed a second bite to Justine then looked at Bailey. "You want a bite yet?"

She still didn't face me.

I was taking this week off of work. I would get the girls used to being fed in the morning and in the evenings. Along with eating in the morning and evening, I wanted them to get used to getting fucked during those times. Justine's position would be on her back with her legs pulled back toward her head as I fucked her ass. I would fuck Bailey's ass with her up on her knees and her head down. They would learn what was expected of them. This evening was dinner only. No fucking. Tomorrow morning I would begin the day by fucking them and then I would feed them.

"Just one bite?" I teased Bailey.

Bailey glanced over. I waved the veggie and her eyes followed it.

"It's just a veggie," I said. "You'll feed yourself one day. I promise."

I turned and fed the veggie to Justine.

"Why don't you say something to encourage her?" I suggested "You two are going to be best friends."

"When are you going to let us go?" Bailey asked.

I ignored her.

"Justine?" I prompted.

"It tastes good," she said. "You need to keep your strength up."

"It's a good point," I said. "You've only been here a few hours, but it's a bad start for you. If you are hungry then you won't be able to think about anything else." I knew Bailey would take it as thinking about escape, but intended it to mean I wanted Bailey to have her full attention on her sexual sensations when I fucked her ass.

"Okay," Bailey softly said and turned toward me.

I stabbed a veggie and put it in her open mouth.

The girls ate everything.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" asked Justine.

"Sure. Go ahead."

There was no door to the bathroom. I took the door off its hinges and it was stored in the garage. The bathroom was bare. There was no reason to have anything dangerous in it.

As I looked over at Justine heading to the bathroom, Bailey abruptly pushed me. I fell to my back. She got off the bed and made a dash for the door, but the socks on her feet eliminated traction so she ended up falling and sliding forward. She hit her forehead against the bottom of the door.

"That was stupid!" I yelled at her. I yanked her up and roughly dragged her to the bed.

I expected one of the girls to do something like this and I thought it was more likely to be Bailey to try it, but I was still completely ticked that she tried to escape. I already had a planned response for this occurrence.

"There must be punishment!" I angrily shouted.

When Justine came out of the bathroom, I roughly grabbed her and threw her to the bed. I forced her legs back to her head. She was limber but it still made her cry out. I climbed on top of Justine.

"For your disobedience," I snarled at Bailey. "Justine will receive the punishment."

I slammed my cock into Justine's ass. She screamed out. I aggressively fucked her ass. I pounded Justine non-stop. I never slowed down. Justine's face was in tears. I hated to see her like this, but it was Bailey's fault.

"Watch your punishment!" I taunted Bailey. "Watch it!"

"Please! I'm sorry! No! Fuck me!" Bailey pleaded with tears streaming down. "Fuck me instead. I deserve it."

I continued to plow Justine. This punishment was much more effective than if I applied it directly to Bailey. A girl could learn to take punishment for her own disobedience, but it was a lot harder to see the other girl get punished for her own disobedience.

"Ahhhhhh!" I shouted and began to release. I was glad I was getting my rocks off tonight after all. It was hard to wait until tomorrow morning.

I left the room. Since the lights were always on, I would always be able to see them on the monitors. It would also disorient the girls which likely would have a favorable mental benefit. They would get used to my schedule soon enough.

I listened in from my control room. In the center of two flower stickers on the headboard, I had embedded two sensitive microphones. Even if they discovered the microphones, it wasn't something they could easily remove or damage. There was a third microphone in the bathroom

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," Bailey constantly said to Justine.

Justine softly sobbed. I didn't want to be so rough on her, but I had to demonstrate what the result of disobedience to my expectations would be.

I entered the girls' room. I was naked as usual. I would always be naked when I entered the room.

"Good morning!" I cheerfully said.

I made pancakes for breakfast with very light syrup. I didn't want to make things sticky. I placed the plate on the folding table.

The girls stirred. They had been asleep.

"Good morning!" I called out again.

They were both on their bellies. They turned over to look at me.

"When I come in, you are to greet me," I said.

"Good morning," they both said unenthusiastically.

"You greet me with your bodies," I clarified. "Justine, you will lie on your back and pull your legs back toward your head. Bailey, you will get up on your knees with your head down on the bed. As soon as I enter, you are to move into your position."

They just looked at me.

"Move!" I said annoyed.

Bailey turned over and rose up on her knees. Justine pulled her legs back. Both asses were presented for my easy access and for my enjoyment.

I got on the bed near Bailey's head and turned her face to me.

"Do you want to suck on my cock first to make it slicker for entry?"

Bailey weakly shook her head.

"Are you sure? It makes things easier for you. I'm going to stick my cock in your ass no matter what. Do you want to suck my cock?"

Bailey nodded now. She was being reasonable.

I sat against the headboard. Bailey took my cock into her mouth. She was very active with her tongue trying to get my cock as wet as possible. Often when she would pop up there was all this saliva attaching her mouth to my cock. It looked so awesome.

"Good job!" I said grabbing her head and holding it up. I slid away and moved behind her.

I rose up high on my knees, lined up my cock, and began to push in.

"Ahh!" Bailey sharply cried out.

With a little extended pressure on her ring, she opened up and I slid into her.

"That was much easier," I commented. "Your ass is getting used to getting fucked already. That's excellent." It wasn't the words she wanted to hear, but it was the truth.

I stroked at a swift pace. I was very horny after the night and felt the need to get off fairly quickly. It would be a slower fuck with Justine. I would alternate who I fucked first, so each girl got to experience the different pleasures of harder fucks and of slower fucks.

"Oh, Bailey! What a great ass!" I groaned as the build up started.

I grabbed her hips and started to slam into her. I needed to cum.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck!" I mindlessly said. "YES!"

I spurted into Bailey's ass. Damn, it felt good! I built up quite the jizz load overnight and it felt excellent to release it.

"Ooooh, that felt good," I said. I looked down as my limp cock popped out. "I gave you a lot, didn't I?"

She said nothing, but only breathed hard.

"I'm getting tired of both of you not answering my questions," I said perturbed.

"Yes," Bailey said.

"Tell me what it felt like when I came."

"It ... it felt like a lot."

It was a good enough answer.

"It felt good, didn't it?" I asked.

"Yes," she said.

It was the answer I wanted to hear. It likely wasn't the truth. Not yet at least. It did show me that she was being compliant. That was favorable for her.

I straddled Justine's neck and presented my cock.

"Your turn," I said. "Get me hard and slick."

Justine looked frightened and disgusted.

"Open your mouth," I said impatiently.

She did and I crammed my cock into her mouth. It wasn't like the girls hadn't sucked me before. They both sucked me for the first time on the days I claimed them. What was the big deal?

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