The Girl in the Red Coat

by eciad

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's past midnight, a Friday, and Alex is riding the train home from work. People are drunk and noisy and he has to get back to work the next day to finish his project. Suddenly a girl in a red coat sits opposite to him, and even though he just wants to be left alone, she has other plans...

It's past midnight; the rain is pouring down; the last train to Märsta creeps through the shunting yards somewhere just north of Stockholm Central. The number of drunken people, staggering about, are at its peak. They are screaming to each others while trying to have a conversation.

Alex stares out the window, somewhere in the twilight between being in a dull trance and starting to fall asleep for real. In a contrary to all the other people on the train, he hasn't been out drinking and partying, he's actually had an all-nighter trying to complete his latest project. As things stand now, he will have to get back in tomorrow.

He feels cold, controlled satisfaction. At least he will get a fat bonus for doing the extra hours. Sadly enough nothing extra for doing them in the middle of the night, he doesn't have penalty rates for night work. He gets angry again. If it had been his fault the project required this many extra hours in the middle of the night...

His line of thought is broken when someone sits opposite to him. At first he only notices something red before his mind returns to the unfairness of him working on a Friday night, but when a foot is lodged between his leg and the wall he looks up.

She is blond, has clear green eyes, a face somewhere between pretty and gorgeous, and she is wearing a red coat and pantyhose. Alex sighs inwardly. She is forcing him to place his feet and legs at an awkward angle. Her legs are crossed and the foot of the top leg are extended well past the line-in-the-middle.

Alex hates having his private space invaded by knees, elbows or feet, but he decides to keep his cool. He glances at her again. She is probably more gorgeous than just pretty. Her skin has a few blemishes that takes away from her beauty but part from that she's a hottie.

He decides to turn on the mp3-player on his mobile. The noise level in the train is reaching levels where he can't even hear himself think. As he fiddles with the mobile he notices the girl's chest is heaving quickly in and out. She is not taking deep breaths, but she is breathing quickly, almost panting. He looks up again. Did her eyes dart away from him? Probably not.

He puts the earplugs in place and starts the player, shutting the noise out. He sighs and reaches into his bag, hesitating between an old copy of Times Magazine and Digital Photography Magazine. He decides to have a look at the latter.

He starts reading an article about composing sunset pictures. His hips and knees are aching from the awkward position his legs are forced into. He looks down and notices just how far into his zone her foot is and he decides to put his foot down almost where he'd want it, centimeters from trapping her foot against the side of the train car.

He manages to read another paragraph when her foot moves. He looks up and she smiles at him with an apologetic expression on her face. He removes the earplugs.

"Sorry," she says.

"No problem."

But her foot remains. His mind is actually reeling at the audacity of this damned woman. He sighs and puts the earplugs back. Just as he is about to start on the article again his eyes fall beyond the magazine page and he realizes he cannot spot anything but her red coat and pantyhose. No skirt.

For a moment he has the wild idea that she is naked under the coat. Or, he thinks, the pantyhose ... perhaps it's thigh-high stockings ... held up by a garter and garter belt. He feels himself getting hard, a tingling sensation spreading through his body. And maybe a black lace bra too ... but no panties.

He has to readjust his clothing or his hard-on will show. He tells himself she probably has something under the coat, and keeps reading. Soon his member has gone soft again.

Just as he thinks he's safe her foot caress against his leg. This time it is an obvious caress. He decides to play it cool and removes his earplugs once more.


"Don't you hate these endless train trips?" she says, as if they had been on speaking terms the whole night.

He nods. "Uh, yeah." Not sure what to say, or actually void of any meaningful line of conversation, he's never had a girl, at least not one this sexy, speak to him on the train before.

"And you can't smoke either," she says.

He nods, but since he's no smoker he has little to offer on that subject as well.

"Not that anyone would care, this train is deserted after Rotebro anyway."

Rotebro is the halfway point between Stockholm and Märsta; even though it's only two stops between Rotebro and Märsta, half the trip is spent on that distance.

"Yeah, it gets pretty deserted," Alex says, "at least this late."

She nods.

The conversation dies out. Or at least Alex thinks it has. He shrugs, repeating the mantra he always use when things don't go his way; "You do as best as you can."

He keeps reading the magazine, still in the awkward position, waiting for, hoping for her to leave. That is, until he remembers her talk about the deserted train after Rotebro. He moans inwardly, she will be on the train for most of the trip. He sighs. So what? She's hot, and her foot is almost against his calf. If she would move it some 30-40 centimeters up and forwards she would have it placed against his crotch. He shivers and his cock starts getting hard again.

After a few deep breaths and the earplugs back in his ears, he calms down. Just as he has gotten into the magazine again her foot moves. He removes the earplugs, this time slightly annoyed.

She leans close to him. Whispering. "Wanna know a secret?"

"Uh? What?"

She looks around. They have just passed Sollentuna, so the train is only half full, but what she does next is still a crazy bold move. She starts unbuttoning the coat at the neck, revealing a slender neck and a slightly bony chest. Once she unbuttons the third of the five buttons Alex can clearly see her full bust is held in place by nothing else than its own firmness. She has no T-shirt, blouse or bra.

His cock turns fully erect, but he hardly notices. Is she is naked under the coat? Fuck! She is almost flashing him.

She leans forward, her breasts threatening to spill out of the opening of the coat. "I get so fucking bored on these trips," she says.

"Uh!" he says, unable to form a single coherent thought.

She leans back, buttoning the coat back up, a Cheshire Cat grin on her lips. He drops his eyes. He intends to break the almost physical eye contact with her but when his eyes lock on the dark opening where the top of her thighs disappear under her coat she drops her hands to the hem of the coat and lifts it, offering him a clear line of sight all the way to her crotch. The short moment the glance lasts Alex is able to determine that she is, unfortunately, wearing pantyhose and not high stockings with garters.

She smiles. The train leaves Norrviken, the last stop before Rotebro. He looks around. There's only about ten or so people left in the car. Will everyone leave at Rotebro? His cock regains its hardness just by the thought. He licks his lips.

"I need some excitement before I start banging my head to the wall," she says.

He looks around once more. She grins.

"I see," he says. His voice is so steady it feels like someone else has spoken instead of him.

She scoots down on the seat, this time firmly lodging her leg between his leg and the car wall. She leans closer to him, takes his hands and places them on her thighs. The warm, smooth sensation makes his body hum with itching energy.

She leans even closer to him and for a moment he thinks she might kiss him, but she presses her lips to his ear instead: "slide your hands as high up as you dare..."

He digs his fingers into her thighs, almost wanting to pull her to him, or push his hands all the way up, but he controls himself.

The train stops in Rotebro and everybody but a couple leaves their car. The girl sighs and looks at Alex who licks his lips again.

She leans into the middle aisle peering along it through the door to the other car connected with this one. As she does she points her ass at him, revealing she is panty-less. He can clearly see the round swell of her sex through the sheer fabric of the pantyhose and before he stops and thinks he reaches out and caresses one of her buttocks.

She snaps around staring at him, a smile slowly forming. She straddles him, one knee at each side of his lap. "Perhaps..." she says, unbuttoning her coat at the bottom, leaving two buttons at the top. "Perhaps this could get really exciting."

She grinds into him, jolts of pleasure emanating from the point of contact. He is spellbound by the touch of her body, his hands almost action at their own volition as he squeezes her butt, slides his palms around to her front, strokes her firm belly until he can cup a breast in each hand. She shudders visibly, her gaze, behind heavy eyelids, locked into his.

He glances at the couple who are sitting face to face, holding hands, lovingly pecking at each other's lips.

"I need some fun," she says and starts working on his fly.

"Shit," he gasps, as she pulls his shaft free from his clothes. "Someone can see!"

"Then," she says, struggling to her feet, squatting over him, "let's make sure we hide him properly."

"What are you doing?" he says when she starts pushing her pantyhose down.


"They're gonna... !"

Once she has the pantyhose by the hollow of her knees she presses herself against him, and regardless of what he was about to say, he hitches his hips up towards her, their sexes meshing together in a way that neither can resist.

"Fuck it," she groans.

"This is bad," he says, with little conviction.

She grinds into him, her wet slit sliding along the back of his cock, caressing him, kissing him. He groans. Fortunately the sound is drowned by the noise from the train.

Her body is shivering from the exertion of not moving. If she does the couple in the other end of the car will understand what is going on. He holds her by her hips.

"I got to have you in me," she breathes into his ear.

"Oh God!" he moans again, glancing at the couple. They are still talking and kissing, seemingly oblivious to the other two people in the car.

"They're still there," he says.

"They won't see," she says, lifting her hips, grabbing his shaft, and poking the head around in her slit.

The couple suddenly looks at them suspiciously. Alex wants to cry when the girl on top of him sinks down again, his cock still lodged between her sex and his stomach.

"Perhaps this isn't such a good idea after all?" she says.

He groans and grabs her buttocks, pulling her to him, raising his hips and meshing the underside of his cock into her lubricated slit.

His burning member caresses right on top of her clit. She grinds back. The couple gives them disapproving glances, now clearly suspecting something is up.

Alex keeps grinding into her. It would be so easy to pull her up, grab his shaft and push it into her. She stares down at him, eyes wide, lips trembling. If they had not been a hair from fucking he might have thought she was terrified. Perhaps she still is. He glances at the couple again, but the backrest of the seat is between them and what they are doing, or at least he hopes so.

"Next stop, Upplands-Väsby," the automated announcer says over the trains speaker system.

Alex checks the couple again. They are standing only a few meters away from them by the doors, waiting for the train to stop.

He grabs her harder, pulling her down to him, while pushing up. He can feel her oozing opening pressing against his shaft, even hotter than the rest of her sex.

She unbuttons the last two buttons in her red coat and it slides open exposing her completely. She grins at the couple lecherously while grinding at Alex. Even though she moves slowly, even cautiously, her grin tells them more than they want to know. Once the train stops they hurry out of the car.

"Please," Alex says as the couple walks by outside the window, their view unobstructed.

"I want you to throw me down and fuck me!" she hisses.

"Fuck!" he says, but just as he is about to grab her harder in order to lift her someone walks by outside the window.

"Don't stop," she says, pulling away from him. She stands in front of him, her body revealed through the opening in the coat; the firm swell of her breasts, her trim belly, and the widening round of her hips, but what he sees is the ash-blond triangle of pubes in level with his eyes. He reaches out and grabs her by her hips, pulling her to him.

"Wanna eat me?" she says, looking down at him, "you know we wont have time for both?"

He pulls back, desire making itself known. She smiles and sits on the edge of the opposite seat, opening her coat, neatly draping it over the seat, revealing all her charms fully. He grabs his cock, jacking slowly. She bites her lower lip, pulling both her legs up until her knees are resting against her chest just under her chin, and the pale, smooth rounds of her thighs are guiding his eyes to the puckered lips of her pussy.

"Oh shit!" he says.

"Come here," she says.

He gets up and stands over her, leaning on the back rest with one hand, holding his cock with the other, he slides the tip through her wet folds. She reaches down to assist him and he is soon aligned correctly.

He pushes.

They gasp.

She clamps down on him, a tight firm squeeze, almost keeping him from moving at all. It feels like steel covered with velvet and silk, and while he sinks into her he is unable to do anything but pushing deeper.

He moves his hips, pulling back out of her. Pushing back in. He buries to the root again. Her explosive pressure ripples on his cock. She gasps hoarsely. "Oh fuck!" she says, her voice dark and hissing. She twitches when he pushes into her again. "Push as deep as you can go!" she says, placing her legs against his chest on each side of his head. "I love your cock! Oh God!"

The seat is too high for him to kneel on the floor, and too low for him to stand, so he supports his whole weight on his arms. Keeping his crotch in perfect alignment with hers is straining so he starts pounding away at her with all intentions to make it come before he tires.

"Don't go to fast," she says, "just give me a minute."

He stops, holding back long enough to regain his control, effectively putting a lock on his mounting orgasm. When he continues her squeezing embrace along his length is far less enticing, yet just within his control.

"That's it," she says, "fuck me ... good!"

"God you're tight," he says, speeding up.

The higher pace makes wet sounds coming from her pussy. She sobs and grabs his buttocks. "That's it ... I'm soon..."

"Oh fuck!" he says increasing the speed even more.

"Soon! Soon!"

He stops, desperately trying to regain his control.

"Next stop, Rosersberg," the voice says over the speakers.

The fear of someone catching them takes the sharpest edge of his pleasure, that and her fingernails digging into his flesh. He starts moving again. They don't have much time before the train reaches its destination.

"Oh fuck!" she moans, "just fuck me! I wanna feel you come in me!"

"I'm gonna fuck you," he says, teeth clenched as he keeps pumping into her faster and harder.

She drops her legs from his shoulders, reaching up for him, pulling him down. He aims for her lips but she turns her head. He stops. Resting above her, towering. Their gazes meet. Searching. Pleading. Coercing. Their bodies interlocked. Buried deep. Fingers digging into buttocks. Breathing shallow.

She turns facing him. A low groan escaping her as she raises her head, closes her eyes and parts her lips. He leans into her even more. Pressing his lips against hers.

She wraps her legs and arms wrap around him, pulling him deep into her. He speeds up. Breathing noisily through his nose. She whines, deep in her throat, nails scratching skin, juices gushing, making a loud wet slurp as he shoves into her.

She bucks in orgasmic cramp. Her head is thrown back. Her mouth opens, an unending stream of short, shrill screams passing her lips. All the while she keeps grinding her crotch into him.

He stares at her display of furious ecstasy; her hips pounding into him fast and hard; she utters a feral groan, deep in her throat. He grabs her buttocks to support her and as he does she wraps her legs around his waist and pulls herself up until she is straddling him.

He staggers backwards until they land on the opposite seat. She squats over him, grinding into him in short, stabbing moves, almost like a belly dancer at her fastest. She exhales in a shivering whine, her hips going from furiously fast stabs to long sinuous movements. This time he can clearly feel her cramping on him. She gasps. Rolls her hips into him, then gasps again, and again, almost as if she's about to sneeze, then she throws her head back and wails while humping him frantically.

She knows she should control the flood of emotions threatening to drown her. She should put an end to this insanity before it goes too far, but he is already leaning over her, and when she feels him poking at her sex, burning hot she reaches down and helps him.

He pushes. His thick shaft fills her completely, forces a gasp out of her, and she feels herself getting even wetter.

"Oh fuck!" he says, staring at her in awe as he sinks deeper, finally meshing their pubes together. "Shit! I love your tight pussy!"

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