Lost Innocence

by Thesandman

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Desc: Sex Story: Everyone has a story. This one is mine.

Each of us has our own stories. This one is mine.

I'd been dating the same girl since my early days in Junior High. Theresa was a sultry looking woman even then. As the years passed, through High School, on through graduation, we began to consider the possibilities of marriage. Unlike many of our peers, we'd actually both remained virgins during all this time. It was our intent to "save it" for the wedding night as Theresa had once told me during a particularly heated evening together when we had both gotten a little too close in "going all the way" as it was referred to back then.

Obviously we had graduated to various forms of intimacy prior to this point with Theresa over the course of time giving in to my promptings and urgings one small step at a time. Which was exciting in and of itself, as these were small little advances over a fairly long period.

Theresa had a beautiful olive complexion. Considered 'short' at just an inch under five feet, she had long dark beautiful hair that cascaded well past the round curvature of her ass. She also had large full breasts, having been full figured for about as long as I can remember, which had been one of the reasons admittedly I'd been attracted to her.

It was during our final year of high school just before graduation that Theresa's mother and father divorced. I'd always respectfully called Theresa's mother Mrs. Ortega prior to this time, but was frankly at a loss as to what to call her shortly after their divorce was final. As was most often the case I was over at Theresa's on a Friday night as we were wont to do, anxious for Anita, Theresa's mother to go to work so we could 'watch' TV, though we usually ended up fooling around on the couch, or in some rare instances, her bedroom. It was this particular night that my relationship became far less formal than it had been with her mother.

Since we were both already eighteen, each of us had a bit more leeway and freedom than even some of our other friends had, which included my being there even though we'd be left home alone together.

"Ricky, please call me Anita." She'd said. Anita was the only person who ever called me that. Even Theresa called me Rick, unless she was mad at me for one reason or another, calling me far worse names. But Anita's favorite show was 'I Love Lucy' and because of that, she always referred to me as "Ricky" though I was glad she didn't include "Little" when she said it.

Theresa was the spitting image of her mother, though Anita didn't have as long as hair as her daughter did, she still wore it just reaching the shoulders. It was obvious where Theresa got her incredible breasts from, as Anita's were just as large and full, though I had never seen them of course. Taller than Theresa by a few inches perhaps, she easily could have passed for her older sister rather than her mother, which she always seemed to get a kick out of doing whenever they'd gone out shopping together.

Anita was in a particularly interesting mood that night as she finished preparing to head off to work. "Your brother should be home in about an hour." She informed us. "Or possibly even sooner..." She added giving us a look that implied all sorts of things. "So I guess you two can't get into too much mischief before then." Heading off towards her bedroom to finish getting ready, Theresa and I looked at one another, surprise etched in her face as much as it must have appeared to be in mine.

"Do you think she suspects anything?" I asked.

"Well, a few month's ago mom asked me if I was still a virgin, I told her we both were."

"You're kidding!" I exclaimed somewhat alarmed.

"Actually I think it put her mind at ease a little about leaving us alone together as often has she has, though she still prefers it if someone else is here of course, but I told her we were saving it for when and if we decided to get married."

I sat there with mixed emotions. Nervous to some extent that Theresa and her mother had even had this conversation. But I was also a little surprised to find the fact she'd actually talked to her about it at all ... finding that to be more than just a little stimulating.

One thing Theresa enjoyed doing was taking chances. Not really big ones mind you, but things that were a little risky and slightly dangerous. She'd no sooner finished telling me about the conversation she'd had with her mother when she suddenly pulled the sweater she was wearing up and over her breast, pulling up the cup of her bra in the process flashing her boob at me. With her mother in the next room, the likelihood of her appearing at any moment, it made the quick simple flash naughty as well as exciting. Theresa loved teasing me anyway, especially when she knew I couldn't say or do anything about it. Seconds later her mother came out of the room preparing to leave for work. Theresa barely got her sweater back over her breast as Anita came walking back into the room. I wasn't even sure she'd managed to pull the cup back over her boob, but at least her breast was covered when her mother had entered.

"Ok, well ... I'm off to work, should be home around one or so," she said. Anita worked as a waitress at one of the local bars. One of the things I admittedly found exciting, though keeping it to myself was the low-cut blouses she wore as apart of her "uniform", along with a skirt though it wasn't actually short, was slit up fairly high on one side revealing a goodly amount of thigh encased in black fishnet stockings.

Anita gave Theresa a hug and a kiss before leaving, and for a moment I thought she was actually going to give me one though she didn't. She did wink at me however, and as Theresa had just shared the news with me that her mother knew "something" about our relationship, it made me more than just a little sensitive to that knowledge, especially when she included the wink just before leaving. Needless to say, I was very anxious to ask Theresa what else they had talked about the moment her mother had left.

Wanting to give Anita plenty of time in the event she forgot something, unexpectedly returning, I waited patiently for a few minutes before asking Theresa what else they'd discussed. Theresa had also taken that time to head into her bedroom where she removed the bra, though keeping her sweater on. I already knew beforehand that we'd be enjoying another session of "lick the titty's" which I always looked forward to anyway, as did she. But knowing her brother would be home before too long, it was about all we could look forward to doing in the short amount of time that we actually had.

"Theresa? What else did you tell your mother?" I asked curiously. She laughed, finding it funny that I appeared to be as nervous about what they'd talked about as I was.

"Just things," she said trying to beg off from telling me.

"What things?" I now pressed, more curious than ever. Which Theresa used as simply another tool to torture me with, as she simultaneously lifted her sweater giving me a good view of those marvelous full breasts of hers.

"Do you want to talk? Or play with these?" She asked, holding her sweater above her bare boobs.

As we both new her older brother Michael could be home anytime now, I opted for some breast fondling and nipple sucking instead.

Though Michael and I got along ok, he was particularly protective of his sister, watching us like a hawk whenever he was around. He had told me early on in our relationship when things started to finally 'look' serious, that if I ever "touched" his sister ... meaning intercourse with her, he'd punch my lights out. I found that to be quite ironic, as he had had quite the reputation himself back in high school. But then double standards seemed to be more in vogue back then than they are today.

As I've already mentioned, Theresa had large boobs. About the only way to describe them accurately is to say they had a 'tear-drop' shape to them with incredibly large dark areola's capping each one. I particularly loved the way they looked whenever I managed to convince her to lie down on her back, a position she personally hated. Her breasts were so large, they appeared to melt off of her chest like hot wax, and though she hated the way they looked when they did that, I for one loved it.

Theresa leaned back upon the firm cushions of the couch. She really must have been horny, her breasts spreading flatter against her chest as she did, knowing how much I enjoyed seeing that, though she still managed to cup them with her hands before they had completely flattened, which she did in offering them to me to come play with.

I put my questions for her aside and dove into the sea of tit flesh that awaited me. I still had several unanswered questions to ask, but at the moment, two hard pointed twin hills were beckoning to me.

As we'd both feared, twenty minutes later the sound of her brother's souped-up Chevy pulling into the drive alerted us that our sexual escapades were pretty much over for the evening. Especially when it became obvious that his buddies were with him, something Theresa hated as much as I did as they were always hitting on her, regardless if I was around or not. Immediately we retreated to the backyard where we'd at least have some measure of privacy, especially after the sun went down. The best part for me of course, was it allowed me to once again bring the 'subject' of what she and her mother had discussed together.

"So ... what exactly did you tell her about us?" I asked.

"Well, like I said, I told her we were both still virgins and that we were planning on staying that way." She said it looking at me with an assuring stare that said she meant to keep it that way too.

"What else?"

"She asked if I'd let you feel me up."

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