Lost Innocence

by Thesandman

Copyright© 2008 by Thesandman

Sex Story: Everyone has a story. This one is mine.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   .

Each of us has our own stories. This one is mine.

I'd been dating the same girl since my early days in Junior High. Theresa was a sultry looking woman even then. As the years passed, through High School, on through graduation, we began to consider the possibilities of marriage. Unlike many of our peers, we'd actually both remained virgins during all this time. It was our intent to "save it" for the wedding night as Theresa had once told me during a particularly heated evening together when we had both gotten a little too close in "going all the way" as it was referred to back then.

Obviously we had graduated to various forms of intimacy prior to this point with Theresa over the course of time giving in to my promptings and urgings one small step at a time. Which was exciting in and of itself, as these were small little advances over a fairly long period.

Theresa had a beautiful olive complexion. Considered 'short' at just an inch under five feet, she had long dark beautiful hair that cascaded well past the round curvature of her ass. She also had large full breasts, having been full figured for about as long as I can remember, which had been one of the reasons admittedly I'd been attracted to her.

It was during our final year of high school just before graduation that Theresa's mother and father divorced. I'd always respectfully called Theresa's mother Mrs. Ortega prior to this time, but was frankly at a loss as to what to call her shortly after their divorce was final. As was most often the case I was over at Theresa's on a Friday night as we were wont to do, anxious for Anita, Theresa's mother to go to work so we could 'watch' TV, though we usually ended up fooling around on the couch, or in some rare instances, her bedroom. It was this particular night that my relationship became far less formal than it had been with her mother.

Since we were both already eighteen, each of us had a bit more leeway and freedom than even some of our other friends had, which included my being there even though we'd be left home alone together.

"Ricky, please call me Anita." She'd said. Anita was the only person who ever called me that. Even Theresa called me Rick, unless she was mad at me for one reason or another, calling me far worse names. But Anita's favorite show was 'I Love Lucy' and because of that, she always referred to me as "Ricky" though I was glad she didn't include "Little" when she said it.

Theresa was the spitting image of her mother, though Anita didn't have as long as hair as her daughter did, she still wore it just reaching the shoulders. It was obvious where Theresa got her incredible breasts from, as Anita's were just as large and full, though I had never seen them of course. Taller than Theresa by a few inches perhaps, she easily could have passed for her older sister rather than her mother, which she always seemed to get a kick out of doing whenever they'd gone out shopping together.

Anita was in a particularly interesting mood that night as she finished preparing to head off to work. "Your brother should be home in about an hour." She informed us. "Or possibly even sooner..." She added giving us a look that implied all sorts of things. "So I guess you two can't get into too much mischief before then." Heading off towards her bedroom to finish getting ready, Theresa and I looked at one another, surprise etched in her face as much as it must have appeared to be in mine.

"Do you think she suspects anything?" I asked.

"Well, a few month's ago mom asked me if I was still a virgin, I told her we both were."

"You're kidding!" I exclaimed somewhat alarmed.

"Actually I think it put her mind at ease a little about leaving us alone together as often has she has, though she still prefers it if someone else is here of course, but I told her we were saving it for when and if we decided to get married."

I sat there with mixed emotions. Nervous to some extent that Theresa and her mother had even had this conversation. But I was also a little surprised to find the fact she'd actually talked to her about it at all ... finding that to be more than just a little stimulating.

One thing Theresa enjoyed doing was taking chances. Not really big ones mind you, but things that were a little risky and slightly dangerous. She'd no sooner finished telling me about the conversation she'd had with her mother when she suddenly pulled the sweater she was wearing up and over her breast, pulling up the cup of her bra in the process flashing her boob at me. With her mother in the next room, the likelihood of her appearing at any moment, it made the quick simple flash naughty as well as exciting. Theresa loved teasing me anyway, especially when she knew I couldn't say or do anything about it. Seconds later her mother came out of the room preparing to leave for work. Theresa barely got her sweater back over her breast as Anita came walking back into the room. I wasn't even sure she'd managed to pull the cup back over her boob, but at least her breast was covered when her mother had entered.

"Ok, well ... I'm off to work, should be home around one or so," she said. Anita worked as a waitress at one of the local bars. One of the things I admittedly found exciting, though keeping it to myself was the low-cut blouses she wore as apart of her "uniform", along with a skirt though it wasn't actually short, was slit up fairly high on one side revealing a goodly amount of thigh encased in black fishnet stockings.

Anita gave Theresa a hug and a kiss before leaving, and for a moment I thought she was actually going to give me one though she didn't. She did wink at me however, and as Theresa had just shared the news with me that her mother knew "something" about our relationship, it made me more than just a little sensitive to that knowledge, especially when she included the wink just before leaving. Needless to say, I was very anxious to ask Theresa what else they had talked about the moment her mother had left.

Wanting to give Anita plenty of time in the event she forgot something, unexpectedly returning, I waited patiently for a few minutes before asking Theresa what else they'd discussed. Theresa had also taken that time to head into her bedroom where she removed the bra, though keeping her sweater on. I already knew beforehand that we'd be enjoying another session of "lick the titty's" which I always looked forward to anyway, as did she. But knowing her brother would be home before too long, it was about all we could look forward to doing in the short amount of time that we actually had.

"Theresa? What else did you tell your mother?" I asked curiously. She laughed, finding it funny that I appeared to be as nervous about what they'd talked about as I was.

"Just things," she said trying to beg off from telling me.

"What things?" I now pressed, more curious than ever. Which Theresa used as simply another tool to torture me with, as she simultaneously lifted her sweater giving me a good view of those marvelous full breasts of hers.

"Do you want to talk? Or play with these?" She asked, holding her sweater above her bare boobs.

As we both new her older brother Michael could be home anytime now, I opted for some breast fondling and nipple sucking instead.

Though Michael and I got along ok, he was particularly protective of his sister, watching us like a hawk whenever he was around. He had told me early on in our relationship when things started to finally 'look' serious, that if I ever "touched" his sister ... meaning intercourse with her, he'd punch my lights out. I found that to be quite ironic, as he had had quite the reputation himself back in high school. But then double standards seemed to be more in vogue back then than they are today.

As I've already mentioned, Theresa had large boobs. About the only way to describe them accurately is to say they had a 'tear-drop' shape to them with incredibly large dark areola's capping each one. I particularly loved the way they looked whenever I managed to convince her to lie down on her back, a position she personally hated. Her breasts were so large, they appeared to melt off of her chest like hot wax, and though she hated the way they looked when they did that, I for one loved it.

Theresa leaned back upon the firm cushions of the couch. She really must have been horny, her breasts spreading flatter against her chest as she did, knowing how much I enjoyed seeing that, though she still managed to cup them with her hands before they had completely flattened, which she did in offering them to me to come play with.

I put my questions for her aside and dove into the sea of tit flesh that awaited me. I still had several unanswered questions to ask, but at the moment, two hard pointed twin hills were beckoning to me.

As we'd both feared, twenty minutes later the sound of her brother's souped-up Chevy pulling into the drive alerted us that our sexual escapades were pretty much over for the evening. Especially when it became obvious that his buddies were with him, something Theresa hated as much as I did as they were always hitting on her, regardless if I was around or not. Immediately we retreated to the backyard where we'd at least have some measure of privacy, especially after the sun went down. The best part for me of course, was it allowed me to once again bring the 'subject' of what she and her mother had discussed together.

"So ... what exactly did you tell her about us?" I asked.

"Well, like I said, I told her we were both still virgins and that we were planning on staying that way." She said it looking at me with an assuring stare that said she meant to keep it that way too.

"What else?"

"She asked if I'd let you feel me up."

"She did? What did you tell her?"

"That you had."

"You told her that?" I said incredulously. "Yeah," she said drawing the word out, immediately alerting me to the fact there was still more.

"What else did you tell her?"

Theresa knew this was just the sort of teasing chat she enjoyed torturing me with. "She asked if we'd done anything more than that."

"What did you say?"

"I told her the truth, that we'd touched one another intimately."

"You actually used the word intimately?"

"What'd you expect me to say? That I'd jerked you off while you finger-fucked me? So yeah, I said intimately, but she knew what I was telling her."

"Holy shit!" I whistled softly. "Did she freak out or anything?"

"No, all she said was that if I ever wanted to talk to her about it, or wasn't sure of anything, all I had to do was come to her. Mom made it very clear to me that she didn't want there to be anything uncomfortable between us in my asking, and that I was free to talk to her about it anytime."

"Wow," I said breathing only slightly easier. "I'm surprised she didn't want to have a chat with me too!"

Theresa laughed, "Actually ... she said that one day she just might do that. I think she was only kidding though, but you know mother, she could do it just to freak us both out."

We played a little touchy-feely after that for a while until her brother discovered where we were, then he and his friends came out back annoying us both until I finally figured it was time to leave.

Theresa also worked as a waitress, though she worked at a café-coffee shop. She worked the afternoon to early evening shift however, which still left us most of the evenings over the weekend. We'd both been looking forward to this particular Saturday evening for quite a while now. My parents had a dinner party they were planning on attending which would leave us free to enjoy a nice quiet evening together at my place ... undisturbed. Being an only child did have its advantages from time to time. The only minor concern we had, the place they were having dinner was only two doors down from where we lived. Still, it afforded us an opportunistic window that neither one of us was willing to pass up. Again, Theresa always got a little wilder if there was an element of danger or excitement involved. This particular situation certainly had enough of that with the possibility of their arriving home unexpectedly, catching us in the act.

I waited until they'd been gone for about a half an hour, then drove to her place and picked her up. Theresa lived less than two blocks away, so it was a quick five-minute drive there and back. We immediately headed into my bedroom, with the anticipation of this being a very special night for both of us. I had been hoarding candles, incense, even buying her a dozen roses just for the occasion. Within minutes of arriving, Theresa had gone into the bathroom, putting on a very sexy, very revealing nightgown she had purchased for this particular night as well. And although we would not be engaging in sexual intercourse, we had been discussing "oral" sex now for several weeks. Tonight was the night we'd decided to explore this particular little aspect together.

I was already in bed, naked, waiting for her when she came out of the bathroom. She was beautiful! The fact she was wearing the sexiest outfit I'd ever seen her wear before probably had a lot to do with it. But regardless of that, when she walked into my bedroom with that white "teddy" nightgown on, my cock immediately sprang to life with anticipation of things to come.

"Oh baby, you look beautiful!" I told her meaning it. And she did. The fabric was shear, just allowing a peek at the softness and curve of her flesh hiding beneath it, the darkness of her chocolate colored nipples really standing out in stark contrast to the white sheer fabric barely concealing them as she stood before me.

"I sorta had an idea you'd really like this one," she stated, and then came over lifting the covers and jumping into bed next to me.

Though we had on some few occasions played with one another, they had all been mostly under the cover of darkness, either in her back yard, at the drive-in, or just sitting in my car in front of her house. Neither one of us had actually up until this very moment, gotten a clear and unobstructed view of one another in real light before now. As Theresa lifted the cover, she saw the firmness of my erection, and I watched as her eyes actually widened before placing her hand, wrapping it around me, stroking it all the while laying there actually looking at me.

I immediately began touching her breasts as they were so conveniently available the way we were laying, even though I did so through the thin fine material of her nightgown.

"Nice," I moaned pleasurably, feeling her hard little nipples stiffening at my touch. "That feels good," I added as her soft hands continued to fondle and playfully stroke my cock without serious intention.

"Yes it does," she replied as I gingerly continued to trace the outline of her full breasts and nipples through the thin fabric, though at the moment I was in want and need of touching her elsewhere too.

We were both probably more excited than either of us had been before too, we'd already agreed that this night would be special enough, having decided to take things to the next level, as we'd indicated to one another with the dozen roses I'd given her, and the damn sexy nightgown she'd put on for me.


"Yeah?" I moaned almost dream-like.

"Just remember, we've promised each other not to take it any further than this," she stated, though the "this" hadn't quite happened yet.

"I know," I said simply, only half meaning it.

"I mean it," she said again, "promise me."

At the moment, with my hard stiff cock in her hand, I would have promised her anything. "O.K., promise!"

A moment after that, I pushed her down onto her back and began untying the dainty little bows that held her top together. Soon I had more fully exposed her breasts, and secretly sat there enjoying the way they looked as she lay on her back, running my finger over and round her nipples, then down and beneath the hard firm curvature of each.

"Are all men like you?" she asked somewhat teasingly.

"What do you mean?"

"Tits, what is it about tits that arouses you so much anyway?"

"Do you really have to ask that?" I questioned. "Hell, I don't know ... they just do! Especially yours!" She sat up in bed then forcing me back to some extent.

"What do you mean? Especially mine! Who else's boobs have you been looking at anyway?"

"No ones!" I said defensively, though I figured those in a few of the men's magazines my father had didn't count.

"Oh, so you haven't looked at any other woman's breasts and wondered what they looked like huh?"

"I didn't say that," I said honestly, then wondering if I should have admitted that after saying it.

"Oh? Whose?" She pressed.

"Well, your mothers for one."

"My mothers?"

"Well MY mother's too!" I added to that, making things even worse.

"Your mothers?"

"Boobs are boobs," I said defensively, adding to the hole I was digging myself into.

"I'll remember that," she said reaching down, closing her gown.

"Shit ... fuck!"

She laughed, allowing her gown to open again.

"So ... you've wondered what my mother's boobs look like huh? Not to mention your own mothers."

I didn't tell her I'd actually seen my own mother's breasts on several occasions, mostly by accident especially as I'd gotten older.

"Listen, its just a natural curiosity is all," I tried explaining to her. "Anita's got breasts nearly the same size as yours, so it's like wondering what yours will look like when you're her age is all."

"Bet you would like to see them if you could wouldn't you?"

I didn't answer that, I wasn't about to and leaned forward kissing her instead. That at least got us off the subject, especially when I slowly began making my way down to her breasts, kissing them, and sucking them for a considerable amount of time until her breathing told me she was becoming very, very aroused.

I made my way slowly downwards from there, kissing her tummy, gently flicking my tongue around in her naval. Theresa responded to that, realizing as I did that what I would soon be doing to her elsewhere.

But to be honest, I was sailing into uncharted waters here myself. All the information I'd been given had come from an older brother of a friend of mine. He had given me a few basic pointers is about all, telling me that doing this to a woman was a sure-fire way to get her to fuck. That really wasn't my primary objective here, but it had made me curious that if it was that good, or felt that good ... then hell maybe. And so much for the promise I'd made. But that still remained to be seen at the moment.

Theresa was also wearing a matching pair of panties too of course, nearly as sheer as the top so I could see the tiny little patch of fine dark pubic hair that lay beneath the surface as I moved down towards her there. Nervous as I was, and as she was, I simply kissed her there, trying to work out the details as I did that, but she moaned softly nevertheless, so I continued doing just that for a bit longer. They were in fact, simple kisses, kissing her pussy through her panties, but it seemed to be having some sort of an effect on her, so I continued, though I now began to actually lick her through the material with my tongue. In doing that, I made her crotch wet from the outside, but she was likewise making it wet from the inside, and I could literally taste her and smell her while doing so. I began to press my tongue into her more forcefully until she solved the dilemma I'd been struggling with for me. The next thing I knew, she had drawn her feet up towards herself, lifted her ass, and in one fluid motion had yanked down her own panties flinging them half-way across the room. Settling back once again, I now looked down directly at her, truly and honestly seeing her exposed pussy in all its splendid glory for really the very first time.

Even then, I wasn't sure where or how to begin, so I did the first thing I was a bit more comfortable with, and slipped one finger inside of her, though I'd actually never witnessed myself doing this before. She once again moaned, letting me know as she did so that she liked it, that it felt good, which is when I then snuggled back down between her legs and got serious about really licking her this time, which I proceeded to do.

"Ohh," she moaned loudly the moment my tongue actually touched her exposed flesh. Seeing it this close and personal, I was also fascinated by what I found there, her hard pink clit protruding so delicately from beneath the hooded little sheath that normally covered it, her tiny "clit-skin" I would later call it. I began to lap at it lightly, not sure what to expect or discover as I was doing this, but it had been the one remembered piece of information and instruction I'd been given.

"Just go slowly at first, she'll let you know when she's ready for you to speed things up."

I did that until my tongue got tired, then I gave it a rest by slowly moving it downwards through her wet moist slit, something she seemed to enjoy almost as well, stabbing it inside her a little, though to be honest, I thought she might consider that a 'no-no', but she didn't. I soon went back to twiddling her clitty with my tongue, and then heard her speak for the first time since I'd begun doing this to her.

"Faster ... harder," she breathed.

It was like music to my ears, and I did exactly that, listening to her as she began instructing me, telling me what she liked, how she liked it.

"Now ... slower, softer, just like that, oh yeah, right there! Right there! Just like that!"

For someone who had never eaten pussy before, she was stroking my ego big time, and soon I hoped would be stroking something else with her mouth, so I had every intention of doing this the best way I knew how to do, and if that meant doing it whichever, and however way she wanted me to do it, I was all for it!

"Oh Ricky! Baby!" she cried out suddenly, and then she was thrashing beneath me like a Banshee!

I know that in all the time we had been together, she had only come twice. The first time we'd been out in her back yard lying on a blanket on the grass. It was one of those really rare times when we knew we'd be alone and totally undisturbed. She'd allowed me to get her down to nothing more than her panties, though no further than that. And I had rubbed her crotch with my hand, though never allowed to actually put it directly upon her let alone inside. Likewise, I too was in my shorts, and eventually ended up on top of her, which she'd also surprisingly allowed me to do. We had as it was then called, and maybe still is, "dry-humped" one another for what seemed like an eternity. She had indeed climaxed then too, though I think when she did, it surprised her that she had, no more than it had surprised me, triggering my own wet messy climax that I pumped off inside my own shorts. The second time she came had been at the drive-in, I'd been slow fingering her for most of the night, happy and content to do so, not realizing perhaps that the continued stimulation had really gotten her aroused to the boiling point. The next thing I knew she was grinding herself against my hand as I rubbed her there between her legs, not even sure then of what I was doing, but the next thing I know, she was cumming like crazy, bouncing around on the seat of my car much as she had on the blanket, and as she was beginning to do now as I continued licking her, then for lack of anything better to do, suddenly sucking her clit inside my mouth. It was when I did that, that she came.

"Oh my God!" she screamed, which she'd never done before, though perhaps she'd purposely been more cautious and refrained in both of the previous two places. And she sure as hell bounced around and thrashed a hell of a lot more too.

Shortly after that I peeled her like a banana, enjoying the delicious sensation of seeing so much flesh exposed at one time. We had never been, or seen one another entirely nude before now. I had of course been permitted to finger her on occasion, but it had always been with her panties on at least, the few glimpses of her pussy, the soft mat of pubic hair surrounding it had been more of a hand sensory sensation rather than a visual one.

My cock was so hard and stiff that I was finding it actually uncomfortable to be lying atop of the bed the way that I was. In addition to that, I was leaking like a sieve, leaving "pre-fuck" juice all over the sheets as I continued licking and sucking Theresa's wonderfully wet and extremely juicy pussy.

We'd perhaps been in my bedroom for a little under an hour when our worst nightmare actually happened. With my face buried deeply between her legs, I suddenly felt Theresa frantically scrambling beneath me. By the way she was acting, I considered briefly that maybe she was actually having an orgasm. Even the almost nonsensical sounds coming from her seemed to indicate that something was happening, and it was. I just hadn't discovered it for myself yet.

"What are you two doing?" I heard my father saying.

As fate would have it of course, the neighbors had brought up the idea of playing Pinochle after dinner was over. As there were a few minutes remaining before everything was ready to eat, my father decided to dash home and grab the Pinochle cards. We hadn't heard him enter the house, too busy and too absorbed in our pleasures to have heard even the slightest sound. Finding the door to my bedroom closed wasn't out of the norm, finding Theresa's clothing in the bathroom was. Upon discovering that, he knew immediately what the two of us were doing, though I doubted he expected to find his son with his face buried inside his girlfriend's pussy at the time.

I scrambled up from between her legs as quickly as I could, but by this time, dad had moved over to stand at the side of the bed looking down at both of us. Theresa had crossed her hands over her breasts trying to cover herself, but as I sat up revealing her pussy to his view, she immediately reached down struggling to pull up the sheet we were both still tangled in, which is when my father began laughing.

"It's probably a damn good thing it was me and not your mother that came home to get the cards," he stated. Theresa was staring at him with her mouth open; I was sitting on the edge of my bed, hands in my lap trying desperately to cover my rapidly dwindling erection.

Dad reached down taking Theresa's hand and indicated for her to stand up. I briefly thought he was going to personally escort her out of the bedroom, if not out of the house for that matter, but he simply stood her up, used his hand on hers to 'twirl' her around, patting her ass in the process.

"Very nice," he said, adding, " ... just make sure the two of you are done here by ten. Oh ... and make sure you don't leave anything behind to indicate to your mother what's been going on here either."

He left shortly after that heading back to the dinner party, leaving Theresa and I both speechless and somewhat in a state of shock. Theresa was too embarrassed to stay of course, which didn't surprise me. But she was also angry with me on top of that, primarily for what my father had done, which I thought was pretty fucking cool after I'd had time to think about it. She on the other hand didn't see it that way, remaining angry for several days afterwards.

We had barely heard the back door closing when Theresa was already dashing towards the bathroom to dress and head for home. Try as I might to comfort and console her, there was no use for it that night, nor would she allow me to take her home either. I was actually worried that because of what had happened, she would either break up with me, or at the very least, never again allow us to get even close to what we had been so wonderfully enjoying together before that damn door had opened.

Thankfully by Thursday Theresa had calmed down and we actually discussed everything that had happened. My father never mentioned another word to me other than to say well out of earshot of my mother, "Nice piece of ass there son ... just be careful. No sense getting her pregnant if you know what I mean."

It was interesting in a way, because of this little incident, my relationship with my father went to a whole new level after that. Suddenly he wasn't looking at me as some teenage kid anymore, though I am sure he thought we'd already been having sex for a long time. Little did he know, and I wasn't about to tell him either.

I arrived at her house later than normal in the evening. She had called to inform me she would be working a bit later than usual as they had lost one of their waitresses' so everyone was working longer shifts to compensate for it until they could hire someone. Her mother had already left for work long before I got there, with Michael out for the evening with his own girlfriend, which left Theresa and I along with her younger sister Carmen. The nice thing about Carmen was, she could be bribed or bargained with. In this case, she wanted the freedom to hang out with her friends well past her given curfew. I'm sure she knew why the two of us wanted to be alone, so giving into her simple demands was easy, provided she was home of course long before her mother got home from work.

It was that night that Theresa and I finally managed to complete what had been so rudely interrupted just a few short days ago.

Our relationship finally got back on track with everything seemingly headed towards the day we'd always dreamed of and discussed together. And though thing's had indeed finally settled down, Theresa informed me that she would never again go back to my place again unless it was with a hundred percent certainty that we wouldn't be caught. Not that I could blame her for that, but she never could understand that I'd thought my father had handled finding us together a whole lot better than I'd ever imagined he might.

It was several weeks later when as usual I headed over to her place to wait for her to get home from work. I arrived a bit early as I sometimes did, but as Anita and I were on far more friendly terms now, she immediately invited me in to wait for her.

I noticed Anita was wearing a long bathrobe and had just finished setting up the ironing board in the living room where she always ironed. The TV was on so I sat on the couch patiently waiting for Theresa to arrive home and watched it. Anita stood just off to my left, keeping one eye on the TV; I used my peripheral vision to watch her out of the corner of my eye. The reason for that being, the front of her robe wasn't tight, and as she occasionally bent or leaned over while she ironed, there was a good portion of the upper curvature of her breasts that peeked out. The fact that she was Theresa's mom didn't really come into play here, at least not in my mind at the time. The plain and simple truth was it was fun trying to peek at another woman's tits without getting caught. Nothing more than a game that's been played by men and women everywhere for years, all I was doing was following my own simple instincts.

"So ... what plans do the two of you have for the evening?" She asked.

Her question provided me with the opportunity to turn, facing her directly. Watching her eyes, I knew when to look, and when not too. "Oh, not much, watch TV for a while I guess, go out and get something to eat later maybe."

Anita continued ironing, keeping her head down concentrating on what she was doing while still talking to me. This of course gave me the most opportunistic position of calmly sitting there watching the front of her bathrobe come close to seriously revealing a lot more of her breast that I could have dared to imagine.

"Ah huh..." she said, looking up nearly catching me staring at her chest, though I had anticipated that possibility, looking off to one side as though interested in how she was ironing and not how precariously close one of her boobs was to spilling out of the front of her robe.

"I've noticed the two of you seem to be getting a little more serious about things," she said emphasizing the word. That caught me off guard a little but I took the best possible defense against her statement by remaining silent and not replying to what she'd said, waiting for her to continue her thought and see just exactly where this was headed.

Just then the phone rang.

"Whew ... saved by the bell!" I thought

Anita answered it, and within seconds I knew she was talking to Theresa. Moments later she hung up the phone and came back into the living room to finish her ironing.

"That was Theresa. She called to say she's still waiting for her replacement to come in. She told me to tell you to wait here for her and that she'll be home as soon as possible."

Anita quickly finished her ironing, folded the ironing board heading off into her bedroom without saying anything further to me about what she'd began saying. I will still curious as to what she'd meant of course, but also relieved that she'd decided not to press the question with me either. About the only thing I was actually disappointed about was no longer being able to play "peek-a-boob" with her, as I'd actually been enjoying that.

I heard her come out of her bedroom, heading down the hallway towards the bathroom. I knew she was about to take her shower as apart of her getting ready for work. Seconds later I heard the shower come on. I grinned inwardly, knowing that she was naked, enjoying that wicked little thought for a moment that she was just a short distance away, and then went back to watching TV, shutting those particular thoughts out of my mind. Until I heard the door open and the sudden increase of noise as the shower running became immediately louder.

"Ricky? Would you come here for a moment please?" I heard her call out to me.

I was surprised to hear her call me of course. But I immediately headed off down the hall towards the bathroom wondering what it was that she needed. I spotted her immediately; she stood behind the door with just her head poking out, hot mist already billowing through the crack in the door.

"Yes?" I asked her from several feet away. "You called me?" It was a rhetorical question obviously, but I was curious as to what she wanted or needed from me.

"I'm out of shampoo. Would you mind running back to the laundry room and getting me a fresh bottle?" She asked.

I turned in the hallway far short of ever reaching the door, heading back the other way. I quickly retrieved a new bottle of shampoo, heading back to the bathroom where I fully expected to find her standing there waiting for me to hand it to her. The door was closed however, so upon reaching it I knocked.

"Anita?" I called out. "Here's your shampoo."

"Would you bring it in to me please?" She answered through the closed door.

I hesitated. Beyond that door I knew that my girlfriend' mother was naked, most likely in the shower ... but still.

"Ricky?" She called out to me again. I turned the doorknob, walking into a room full of steam. I had noticed before that they had one of those tub enclosures that had the distorted foggy kind of glass in it. I figured that although the outline of her standing in the shower would be visible, she would also be aware that I couldn't possibly really see anything and used that as my excuse for entering.

"Here it is," I offered, expecting her to open the sliding door slightly, her arm snaking through taking the bottle of shampoo from me. And it did, but it opened considerably wider than I was expecting it to. I had walked over to the side; saw the outline of her nude form as she stepped to meet me, the door sliding open. But as it did, I saw her fully nude standing there in the tub. Shakily, I handed her the bottle, nearly dropping it as I did so. There was no way she couldn't have known I had seen her, even if it was for perhaps less than a full second or so.

"Thank you," she said closing the shower stall door.

I turned preparing to leave about as quickly as my feet would carry me outside the room when she stopped me mid-stride.



"Sit down for a minute would you? We need to talk ... and since I'm in a bit of a hurry maybe we can do that while I'm showering."

I was really confused, my heart beating wildly about a thousand times a minute, fearful of what she had to say, wanted to ask, bewildered to some degree that she wanted to do that with me sitting on the toilet, and her in the shower.

"I know Theresa's told you about our little conversation," she began. I remained silent however, my stomach still somewhere up around my throat nervously waiting to see where this was all heading. I glanced towards the shower stall; I could see only that she was continuing to wash herself, appearing to actually be shampooing her hair as she did so. And as she did, I was just barely able to make out the shape and outline of her breasts and body as she moved about inside the stall.

"She told me you were both still virgins," she paused waiting for an obvious response.

"Yes, we were," I said agreeing with her.

"Were?" Came her immediate response.

"Are! Are! We still are," I amended quickly, "We're saving it," I stumbled, everything suddenly sounding far worse than I had ever imagined. At that moment I heard Anita's soft sounding laugh.

"It's ok, relax Ricky. There really is a reason I'm asking you about it, and it's probably not the one you're worried or wondering about either."

Once again I remained silent, waiting for her to continue, nervously wringing my hands, once again looking towards the tub enclosure as Anita continued rinsing.

"Do you know why Theresa's father and I divorced?" She questioned.

"No. Theresa never mentioned the reason to me, only that you were really unhappy."

"That's true, but do you know why I was unhappy?"

"No." Though I had the feeling she was about to tell me.

"Well, it was for a variety of reasons, but mainly because we really didn't have much of a sex life."

"Anita? I'm not sure I should really be hearing this," I said standing up.

The shower stall slid halfway open, in shock I found myself staring at her completely nude form. "Sit down Rick," the affectionate "Ricky" having disappeared in the seriousness of her request and tone of voice.

I sat down, Anita partially closing the shower door as she continued speaking to me, though now I had periodic glimpses of her naked body as she began rinsing out her hair. And though I now knew I could actually chance a real look at her while she was doing this, I was still nervous as hell, even more so than what I had been.

"You need to hear this," she told me.

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