In Lust With My Mother, The Sequel

by motherlover

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Mother, Son, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: my son is determined to marry me!

A sequel to my other story on here, "In lust with my mother"

It was when my mother died that I finally made my mind up, yes I would marry my son!

The funeral service was well attended by mum's friends and a scattering of our relations, there was no one close though, only cousins and second cousins with a smattering of ancient aunts and uncles thrown in, back at the hotel where we held the reception Terry took me to one side in a quiet corner and asked me again,

"I want to marry you mum"

With a furtive look round to check if anyone was looking, I touched my lips to his and whispered softly,



"I said yes you pudding, as in yes, I'll marry you"

"Oh wow" he grinned, "Oh yes fucking wow"

"Talking about fucking" I smiled, "There's something about funerals that turns me on"

"It's probably something to do with black stockings, black g-strings and sweet wet pussies"

"Could be darling" I grinned, "But who says I've got a g-string on?"

I helped you to put it on"

"But what if I took it off before we went into the church? What if I happened to love the way my pussy lips rubbed together?"

"Oh fuck mum"

"I've booked us a room here, so all we have to do is to say goodbye to everyone, then go to the bar for a bottle or two of champagne for a solemn toast to the departed and only then can you take me upstairs and fuck my brains out"

The first thing we had to do for obvious reasons was to find another house in a different part of the country, but with the money that mum had left me along with the cash we could expect from the sale of her house, things were looking good for us.

We went down to the south east coast of England and booked into a hotel while we looked round for a suitable property.

Over dinner that evening in the hotel, we discussed our plans for the future, I was wearing a little white mini skirt that showed a lot of leg when I sat down, Terry told me I looked good and I certainly felt it, he laid a hand on my thigh and toyed with the hem of my skirt while we talked, we decided to visit the registry office in the town where we were just to check for any pitfalls, if it went wrong, we would end up in jail, of that there was no doubt.

I leaned into him as his fingers moved higher beneath my skirt lightly tickling my skin,

"You're making me wet" I whispered, but moved forward slightly, his fingers crept higher over the top of my hold up stockings and I shuddered,

"I think we should go upstairs, don't you darling?"

"Go to the ladies room and take your panties off"

A thrill ran through me at the thought of sitting in a hotel without panties,

"What if anyone sees?"

"In that case mum" he grinned, "They'll probably get an erection at the sight of your sweet little pussy, just like I always do"

"You get a hard on because of what you know we'll be doing" I laughed and then I gasped as his finger tips brushed lightly over the front of my panties, several couples entered the dining room, so I got up and went into the ladies room. I felt so utterly salacious as I stood in front of the bowl and slipped my panties off, it took a big effort to avoid touching my aching clitoris but I managed it, I couldn't resist peeing though whilst standing up and used the panties to wipe myself afterwards.

He grinned as he saw me coming back towards him with the tiny garment in one clenched fist,

"I got us another drink" he said and then laughed as I dropped the panties onto his lap beneath the table,

"Hahaha, you did it" and unobtrusively, he held them up to his nose, I saw his tongue flick out to kiss them and his eyes lit up,

"Oh yeah, you should bottle that mum, you'd make millions"

I told him what I'd done and he groaned, "Oh God mum, that's so fucking sexy"

"I'll tell you what else is sexy" I whispered, "I've never been fucked anally-- yet"

My anal virginity didn't last a lot longer though, as we went up to our room, the thought of having his lovely big prick sliding into my anus practically had my juices dripping down my legs.

Once back in our room, I lay on the bed and lifted my skirt up,

"Come and kiss mummy's hot little cunt" I smiled and he was on me like a flash, his tongue traced a path from my clitoris down to my anus, he wormed it inside my rectum whilst I squirmed and gripped his hair,

"God, you're such a dirty little bastard" I hissed, "Do it, shove your tongue up my fucking bum hole"

I was so horny that I came whilst he rimmed me, but it wasn't nearly enough, I wanted his prick in my ass, pushing him away, I turned over and stuck by bottom out,

"Get your pants off Terry" I gasped, "And stick your fucking prick up here"

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