Mickey Takes The Dare

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Would she? He wondered.

Mickey and I got married, but we had a problem. We both worked for the same company and the company policy was that a married couple could not work together in the same department. What made things worse is that I was her supervisor and that was a definite no no. As a result we kept our marriage a secret and neither Mickey nor I wore our wedding rings. We figured we could get away with it for however long it took Mickey to get her promotion and transfer to a different department.

Mickey and I have pretty decent senses of humor and our situation gave us a lot to laugh about. For one thing, Mickey is a fine looking woman working in a department with about twenty guys. There were two other women in the group, but one was a grandmotherly type and the other was a married woman who was a religious fanatic. The result was that Mickey got all the male attention. She was constantly asked out on dates and occasionally she would let someone take her to lunch just to tweak my nose. Every so often I would have to go out of town for a day or two and Mickey would always make sure that she went out on a date while I was gone. When I'd call her on the phone she would tell me about how she had to fight the guy off when he brought her home and then coyly ask me:

"You do still want me to fight them off, don't you?"

We also usually stop at a local bar after work with the people from our group. We do some social drinking, shoot some pool and dance to the music on the jukebox. A few times Mickey has taken on board enough alcohol to get really loose and she has been felt up, propositioned and even dry humped on the dance floor. When she gets in that condition she loses her inhibitions and on those nights I have to keep a close eye on her. More than once I've had to step in as she was being escorted out to the parking lot. I've been able to do this without raising any questions because we ride to work under the guise of car-pooling. I simply say that I'm ready to go and we leave. We would go home and have a big laugh over whoever it was that had to go home with a case of blue balls. Mickey laughingly told me:

"You better stay on your toes. Relax your vigil and let one of those guys maneuver me outside and I may have to put out for him."

She shouldn't have said that - it got me to wondering what she would do if it happened.

I got a partial answer the following week. We had stopped at the bar and I was shooting pool while Mickey was dancing with anyone who would ask her. I made sure that I kept her glass full and after about two hours of drinking and dancing, I saw Mel, the guy she was dancing with start to work her toward the side door. I kept my eye on them and when they reached the door I turned my back on them and watched them in the mirror behind the bar. I saw Mickey take a quick look around for me, but of course my back was to her and I watched as she and Mel went out the door. I deliberately scratched on the eight ball so I could get out of the game and then I went out the front door and then went around behind the bar and started looking for them. I saw a dome light come on and then go off and I got myself in a position where I could see what was going on with out being noticed and then settled in to watch.

Mel and Mickey were sitting in the front seat of our car. At first they were just talking and then Mel put his arm on the seat back behind Mickey and slowly moved closer to her. Suddenly he pulled her to him and kissed her and she pushed him away. About a minute or so later he did it again and again she pushed him away. The third time she didn't push him away, but she didn't respond either. Mel held the kiss for twenty or thirty seconds and then Mickey's arms came up and they started doing some pretty heavy necking. I stayed were I was and watched, wondering just how far she was going to let this go. I knew she was still in control of herself - her looking around for me when Mel had walked her out proved that. I decided to wait and see. Since it was our car I could always go up and say:

"Break it up guys, I've got to get going."

They necked for a good five minutes before Mel's hands went to Mickey's tits. She'll stop him now, I thought, but she didn't. I saw Mel open her blouse, push down her bra cups and let her tits fall loose. He bent and took one in his mouth while he caressed the other one and I began to wonder about my assessment of Mickey's control. After several minutes working on Mickey's tits, Mel started to ease her back against the car door. I ran around to the front of the bar, went through the front door, out the side door and headed to the car. When I got there Mel and Mickey were sitting there talking and the only sign that something had been going on was that Mickey's blouse was not buttoned properly - it was one hole off.

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