Hearts On Fire 2

by Gary Johns

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sam and Sally finally get to take that trip to Key West.

with Tim Clark

December 26

Samantha stumbled out of her front door and walked to the waiting airport limo. It was 5 am the day after Christmas, and it was dark and cold. Handing her suitcase to the driver, she waited for him to open the passenger door. When he opened it, she peered inside and saw two older couples and a businessman, none of whom she knew. Sitting in the back row, however, was the person she was looking for. She smiled to herself and made her way to the back where Sally sat waiting. Once they were on their way, she snuggled closer and squeezed Sally's hand and heaved a sigh of relief.

It had been a difficult two months sneaking around, meeting in secret, hoping nobody would suspect that they were lovers. Now they would have a whole week to themselves without worries. The farther from their college town they drove, the more relaxed they became, until they felt comfortable enough to talk and grumble about having to get up so early in the morning. They were off to Key West! Sam and her husband Larry owned a timeshare there, but Larry was too busy moving and shaking at the college where they both worked, to take advantage of it. Sam didn't have to work hard to convince Sally to go with her instead.

They checked in and flew to Miami where they were connecting for Key West. From 30 to 75 degrees in three hours, and the girls were ready to enjoy it! While Sally watched their bags, Sam went to the ladies room where she changed into a pair of tight white Capri pants that hugged her ass like a second skin, a light blouse, and low-heeled sandals. Then she took a deep breath, took off her wedding ring and placed it in a zippered compartment of her purse.

Sam looked at herself in the mirror and thought for the thousandth time, what am I doing? Her relationship with Sally, a student, was exceeding dangerous to her marriage and her career. She wasn't sure of where her relationship with Sally was going and she didn't want to lose her job because she was screwing with a student, yet she couldn't stop. Unfortunately there was no passion or joy in her marriage, and so unlike her affair with Sally where she felt so free and happy. She decided that if she was going to be unfaithful to Larry, then she was going to enjoy it.

When she returned to her seat, she slyly wiggled her ring finger at Sally and blew her a discrete kiss.

Sally then went off and returned wearing a short jean skirt, a tee shirt and flip-flops. As she sat back next to Sam, Sally leaned over and whispered in her ear that she was going commando.

"What does that mean?" asked Sam.

"You really don't know?" answered Sally.

"I have no idea of what you're talking about," replied Sam.

"Well my dear, innocent one" whispered Sally, "it means that I'm not wearing any panties. I thought that since it was warm here, I would dress to stay cooler." With that Sally looked around and saw that no one was close to them. Then she turned slightly toward Sam and spread her legs.

Sam's breath caught in her throat when she saw the glistening lips of Sally's wet pussy. "What are you doing to me?" she asked when she could speak again.

"Moi?" asked Sally, mimicking Miss Piggy. "I'm just trying to stay cool and keep you hot".

Their banter was cut short by the announcement that their flight was boarding for the short flight to the Keys. Once seating was complete and they were taking off, Sally, who was sitting next to the window, teasingly spread her legs again. Her skirt crept up her thighs and raised one of her eyebrows at Sam. Sam couldn't help but stare.

God, she thought, look at those smooth young thighs, without a blemish ... and that sweet pussy with the fat pulsing lips that she loved so much to suck. Stop! Sam screamed in her head. She knew that the crotch of her pants would get wet if she kept thinking like this.

Sally did resume her normal posture when the flight attendant walked by, but once in a while would whisper in Sam's ear "I'm going commando!" in a little singsong voice. "I wish you could feel how wet my pussy is right now."

Sam was going mad with desire for the young minx. And if they didn't land soon she was going to rape her right here.

Once landed, they picked up their luggage and got a cab for their condo complex. When Sally got in on the other side, she made sure that her skirt rode high on her thighs and provided Sam with an unobstructed look at her shaved pussy. Sam gasped, looked around to see if anyone else had seen the show, and then chuckled warily.

"Sally!!" she whispered. "You'll get caught by someone one day."

"Wouldn't that be fun" answered the unashamed coed. Sam rolled her eyes and made herself a little promise that Sally would pay for that display.

At the condo, Sam got the keys to the apartment from the management office and they walked to their paradise for a week. As soon as the door shut behind them, they were in each other's arms and exchanged a deep kiss. Their hands traveled over their backs down to their ass and they pulled their crotches against each other. After a minute though, Sam pulled back and looked at Sally with a mock seriousness and said "You've been a bad girl Sally, teasing me on the way here. I think that I have to punish you somehow for that."

Sally giggled and said, "I'm sorry Sam. I'll do anything to make it up to you."

"Anything?" asked Sam as she twirled an imaginary mustache.

With that, Sam closed in again on Sally and started kissing her neck and earlobes. Her hands traveled to the back of Sally's skirt and started slowly lowering the zipper. When the skirt fell on the ground, Sam's hands captured both ass cheeks and started to fondle and palpate them. After she had gotten Sally thrusting back at her in desire, she then moved her hands up to the bottom of the tee shirt and pulled it over the younger woman's head.

"Now I've got you where I want you" Sam told Sally and then gently pushed her back until she fell into a big easy chair. Sam went to her knees and spread out the sexy legs so that they rested on the chair's stuffed arms. As Sally squirmed in anticipation wearing only her bra, Sam stared at the gorgeous site of her lover's swollen and very wet pussy lips. For a moment she wanted to just dive in and eat her like a madwoman. But then Sam got control of herself. She passed a finger over the exposed slit, licked her lips, and then stood up!

"Sam!!! Where are you going?" whined Sally.

"Two can play the teasing game, you know," smirked the professor as she stared down at her squirming lover. "I think that you have to pay for the way you teased and tortured me." Sam slowly began unbuttoning her blouse and dropped it behind her. "Do you want to see my breasts Sally?" she asked playfully as she toyed with the front catch? "Oh yes please!" moaned the girl. Sam flicked the catch and let the bra spring apart, exposing her now heaving chest.

"Oh, God," gasped Sally as she stared at Sam's gorgeous breasts and already hard nipples. She wanted to suck them so badly.

"Now would you think less of me if I took my pants and panties off? Only naughty girls go without panties, you know," she said.

Sally was getting delirious with pent up desire. "Please Sam," she said, "good girls go bare pussied too."

"Are you sure?" asked Sam.

"I swear," returned Sally.

"Oh all right then, I'll trust you with that." While saying this, Sam pushed her slacks and panties down and off her feet, exposing her totally bare crotch. She knew that her pussy was covered with her girl juice because she could feel it dripping down her thighs. She saw Sally lick her lips. "Want to suck me huh?" she asked.

Sally nodded without taking her eyes off Sam's pussy.

"Maybe later. But now I want your sweet juices. With that Sam went back down on her knees in front of Sally and started kissing the left knee, slowly working her way toward her pussy. She gave the outer lips a little peck and then to Sally's obvious disappointment, started working back down on the right side. Sally's hips and crotch were thrusting back and forth, as well as moving sideways to try to get the tongue where it would feel best.

"Please, Sam, lick me!!! Don't tease!" moaned the very aroused girl.

"Do you promise not to tease me in the future?" mumbled Sam as her lips and tongue hovered near the girl's crotch.

"Anything you want, sweetie! Please!" panted the girl.

They never had a lot of time to enjoy each other back home, but she would indulge herself on this trip. In answer to the plea, but not really believing the promise, Sam opened up Sally's pussy lips with two fingers and swiped the flat of her tongue from the anus to the clit, driving Sally's ass off the seat cushion.

"Ahhhh," screamed Sally. Her fingers reached for Sam's head, tangling in her hair.

Sam pushed her tongue in the vagina as far as it would go, tasting the juices she had longed for since she had seen Sally's pussy in the airport. She then moved up to tease the clit for a few moments and dipped her tongue back in the hole to lick up the juices that had built up. Sam loved Sally's pussy juice. It was thick but clear and had a slightly sweet taste. She wondered for a moment if hers tasted any different. A second later she felt Sally's fingers digging into her scalp.

She returned to the welcome task in front of her. Back and forth, her tongue went from clit to hole, sending Sally into orbit. Finally, Sally couldn't hold it in anymore, she screamed and thrust her crotch into Sam's waiting face.

"Oh, Jesus, I'm going to cum," screamed Sally. Her hips rose from the chair as her fingers pulled Sam's face deep between her legs. Her hips froze in mid air as a strong climax rushed through her. "Oh, oh, oh," she gasped as the pleasure rushed through her and resulted in more juice. It drained out of her pussy and into the older woman's sucking mouth.

Sam gently licked the juices from her lover's pussy as Sally came down from her excitement. She then brought Sally's legs off the easy chair's arms and climbed up and straddled the dazed girl's face. She started rubbing her pussy against Sally's nose and cheeks, smearing her own juices on her face. Where did I ever get this idea? she wondered for a moment. Her thought was quickly interrupted when she felt Sally's hands snaking up her thighs and between her legs, finding her labia. One set of fingers began teasing her clit, while two fingers of the other hand were working their way into her cunt and began seesawing in and out, slowly working their way in deeper.

Sam was overwhelmed! Sally fingers were pulling her toward her face as her tongue started lashing her clit. Sam felt so excited she could barely control her movements! She didn't know that she could feel so sexually free and uninhibited, and that excited her even more.

Sally would slow down the tempo for a few minutes and then speed up again, making Sam wild with anticipation.

It didn't take long for her to climax. She just grunted and pushed her crotch down on Sally's face and released a torrent of sex juice. Her hips worked back and forth, and up and down as her orgasm went on and on. When it finally began to slow, she then leaned forward onto the chair back, to catch her breath, teasing the girl under her by lightly rubbing her pussy on her nose and forehead.

"Let's go lie down for a minute," she said as she carefully crawled off Sally. She grabbed her hand to pull her up and led her into the bedroom. She pushed Sally onto the bed and leaned over her, pressing her mouth to hers as they shared their juices.

A few moments later she was lying next to Sally listening to her soft breathing. She wondered at the change from a sexually conservative wife, part of a university "power couple", to wild almost totally uninhibited lover of a female student. Never had she imagined something like this. She knew that it was incredible dangerous. If this became public, it would ruin her career and maybe her husband's. She'd worked hard to get her PhD and to get her research going, and yet she was risking it all for the love of a young woman. She knew that she would have to face this issue at some point, but for now she didn't want to spoil her vacation.

Sam dozed lying on her stomach. She awakened a while later by light kisses on her neck and cheek. One of Sally's hands was also tenderly stroking her hip and ass and teasing her thighs.

"Hi, sweetie," whispered Sally.

Sam twisted around to kiss back and to expose her breasts and pussy to the stroking hand. "Hmm, what a way to wake up," she murmured and she pulled Sally's face closer for a real kiss. Her hands started running up and down Sally's back, finally coming to rest on the beautiful ass and she started pulling Sally's crotch onto her thigh.

"Oh yes," sighed Sally, as she spread her legs to get more contact. She also adjusted her thigh so that it could rub on Sam's pussy lips and the two women started grinding against each other. Their hands roamed over each other's breasts and then they were pulling on each other ass, trying to intensify the feelings. After about five minutes of, both women groaned and came, spreading their juices on their lover's leg.

"This is going to be an interesting week," joked Sam after her breathing had recovered.

Sally just leant down and kissed her lover on the nose and cheeks and giggled. After a few moments, the girls got up and started unpacking and checking out the apartment. By this time it was 6 pm and their stomachs were starting to complain, so they quickly showered and went out for supper. After they returned to the apartment, they crawled into bed and went to sleep in each other's arms, too exhausted to make love again. It had been a long, exciting day.

December 27

The next day dawned sunny and warm, as it often does in the Keys. After breakfast, they decided to visit the Old Town district, get themselves some summer clothes and enjoy the local scene. Walking down sidewalks, they often saw boy/boy or girl/girl couples walking together and holding hands. Sam wished she had the nerve to do that in public with Sally.

Sally was thinking the same kind of thoughts. She wanted to show the world that she was with her girlfriend, but was afraid that she would spook Sam. She figured she had an entire week to work on that.

After lunch at a café, the girls returned to their apartment where they crashed on the couch. In didn't take too long though for them to start smooching and feeling each other up. After all, they hadn't made love for a whole 18 hours! Sally put an end to the necking session when she untangled herself from Sam's arms and kneeled in front of her.

"Sweetie" she started, "I have a couple of Christmas presents that I wasn't able to give you back home."

"You didn't have to do that," said Sam, "this trip is our present".

Sally ignored Sam's comment and said, "I decided that I had to give one of them to you, and the other one I just found and I thought that we'd both have fun with it. Now I want you to wait here for a minute while I go to the bedroom. When I call you in, I want you naked and ready to love me. Think you can do that?"

Sam replied by leaning over, pulling Sally's face to her own, and sliding her tongue between the willing woman's lips. She then let Sally get to her feet and watched her sexy ass as she left the room. Then she stood and disrobed and waited with growing excitement. All her experiences making love with Sally had been fun and fulfilling. She was very curious to see what this was about.

"Okay, sweetie, come on in," yelled Sally.

Sam opened the door to see a naked Sally sitting on the bed, holding some kind of harness in one hand and a very long and round dildo in the other. It looked positively huge. She could see that Sally looked nervous and a bit embarrassed, but she also had a strange determined look on her face.

Sally took a deep breath and spoke in a rush of words. "Sam, you and I have made love in all sorts of ways, but I have only had anything up me once," she said and blushed. It was a long time ago and a big mistake. A boy ... we were just kids and it wasn't any fun. I consider myself a virgin still. And I really want to give you something that nobody else can ever get ... I want you to have me. Please, would you do that?"

Sam was speechless! When she could speak again she said, "Are you sure about that? I mean, someday you might find a boy..." Sam paused. That was the wrong thing to say, she knew.

Sally said firmly, "I'll never find a boy. I don't want a boy. I want you." There were tears in her eyes.

Again, Sam didn't know what to say. Even if she didn't want a boy, she might find another woman some day and she wasn't entirely certain that that woman should be her. After all, she was married and didn't currently have any plans to change that. "Are you sure?" she asked again.

Sally wiped a tear from her eye and said, "As sure as I have ever been about anything in my life."

Sam looked at the eight-inch dildo in Sally's hand. It was bigger than any penis she had ever seen. "Isn't that a little bit big? I mean, it's almost your first time. It might hurt," she said with concern.

Sally bit her lip and paused before she said, "This is going to sound crazy, but I ... I want it to hurt."

"Really?" asked Sam incredulously.

"You're going to think I'm nuts, but I want to feel it. I mean, since I already had a boy do it, I might be stretched."

Sam said, "I don't know much about that, but I think you will still be pretty tight ... I mean after only one time."

Sally returned, "If it does hurt, that is my gift to you. I want to feel it. I want you to make me scream and stretch my hole. It's part of taking my virginity. Does that sound crazy?"

Sam opened her mouth but paused thoughtfully. She remembered her first time and it had hurt, but she was not with someone she loved. Now, as she thought about it, the pain would have been so much more meaningful if she were doing it with someone she loved. It would have been a gift to a special person. She nodded her head without realizing it. Yes, she did understand. She looked into Sally's eyes and said, "Yes, I do understand and you're not crazy at all. I am incredibly honored that you have decided to give me this gift. It is the most precious gift a woman can offer her lover. And although I will never be able to really feel what a man feels when he is fucking a woman, your gasps and screams will be incredibly meaningful to me."

Sally face lit up with a big smile. "That is exactly what I meant. You said it so perfectly. I have wanted this since I first met you. In fact I bought these a few days after we met. I almost used it on myself many times, thinking of you doing it to me, but I waited, hoping that someday it would be you. You don't know how embarrassing it was to go buy these. But it was all worth it now." There were tears in Sally's eyes again.

Sam felt her own tears streaming down her cheeks. She went over to Sally and leaned down and kissed her lips gently. "I love you," she whispered as she wiped her eyes. "So, how does this thing work?" asked Sam as she picked up the strap-on device.

"I'm not really sure," answered Sally as she went to her knees in front of Sam. "I read the instructions and I think this little thing should touch your clit," said Sally as she positioned a small rubber protrusion on Sam's clitoris. She helped Sam pull the strap up her thighs and then tighten it. It took several tries before they got it right.

"Mmmm," said Sam when she felt a little knob under the strap touching her clit. She and Sally then inserted the eight-inch dildo into place and Sam turned to see her reflection in the closet door mirror. It felt weird, yet so erotic to see a cock sticking out from her crotch. There was a strange power that seemed to come with the fake cock. Suddenly she thought she knew what a man felt like as when he was about to take a lover's virginity. It was quite a rush of power.

Sally was still sitting on the bed and had a look desire mixed with a little fear. Sam pulled her up to hug her and they both looked in the mirror at the lustful picture they made.

"Are you sure you want this baby?" Sam breathed into Sally's ear, as her hand stroked Sally's ass. Although she knew Sally was determined to have her do this, she said, "It's not too late to change your mind, you know. But once you say yes, I am not going to stop until I have your virginity." She was getting very turned on by the scene.

"Jesus, yes!" answered Sally. "I've wanted you to fuck me forever."

Sam could feel her trembling in her arms. "All right," she whispered. "I'm going to fuck you and take your virginity. It will be mine forever you know."

"Yes, I want that, I want you to fuck me hard, fuck me until I scream," Sally gasped. "I want that so bad."

Sam was no longer surprised or shocked by Sally's sexual vocabulary. She liked it and said, "Yes, I will fuck you hard. You will scream and scream but I'm not going to stop until you have passed out with pleasure."

After gazing at the sight in the mirror for a moment more, she told Sally to get on the bed.

Sally climbed on the bed on her knees.

"No. I want you on your back," said Sam a little harshly. The commanding sound of her voice almost surprised her. It must be the cock, she thought. The power rush was incredible. She could feel her pussy juice dripping down her legs. "I want to look into your eyes as I take your virginity. I want to see the excitement and love in your eyes as I fuck you hard. I want to see your eyes as my big cock goes all the way into that sweet and tight pussy of yours." Sam was breathing hard as she finished her words. Her heart was thumping in her chest and her legs felt weak.

Sally stared back at Sam in wonder. It appeared that Sam was at least as excited as she was. She turned over and lay on her back, her legs spread wide.

Sam climbed onto the bed and between Sally's legs. She leaned down and kissed her lips before moving down to her hard nipples. She sucked one and then the other, bringing moans of pleasure from her lover. She bit her nipple rather hard.

"Ohhhhh, yes," Sally gasped and squirmed under Sam.

Sam laughed and bit the other nipple and heard another moan. "You like it when I bite your nipples, don't you?" she said.

Sally just moaned.

"I'll have to remember that," she added before bending her head to kiss down Sally's stomach. When she reached her swollen pussy she wasted no time and dove in. Sally screamed as Sam sucked and lavishly kissed her swollen lips. It wasn't just that she wanted her juices. No, she wanted to make sure her pussy was good and wet. Sam moved lower and took one long swipe at the crack of her ass and her cute little anus with her tongue. She just loved the tactile feeling of her puckered rosebud.

Sam knew, though, that this wasn't what she was supposed to be doing. She began to stroke Sally's pussy with her fingers and lick her at the same time. "God, I love the taste of your pussy," she whispered.

When Sam thought Sally was ready, she pulled away. She looked down at Sally's almost hysterical face and smiled.

"Come on!" pleaded Sally. "Please fuck me."

Sam crawled between her lover's already spread legs. She wrapped her hand around the large dildo and brought the head to Sally's pulsing hole. The head of the shaft looked far too big to fit into the young girl's small hole. She hesitated.

"Please, Sam, fuck me. Take my virginity and make me yours forever."

With a determined look, Sam pressed the head of the dildo to Sally's hole. She watched as her hole stretched until the head popped inside. She looked up and saw that Sally's eyes were closed and a look of concentration on her pretty face. Slowly she began to push forward, feeling her hole resists the intrusion.

"Ahhh," moaned Sally, half in pleasure and half in pain. But in spite of the pain she screamed, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me."

"All right," Sam said as much to herself as Sally. With that she pushed harder.

"Ahhhheeeee!!!" screamed Sally.

Sam felt chills racing up and down her spin. She pushed harder.

"Oh God, oh God," Sally moaned, throwing her head back and forth.

Sam felt Sally's hips lifting up toward her and knew that she wanted more. With a grunt she pushed hard, forcing the large dildo all the way into her lover's hole. When it could go no deeper she paused, leaning down onto her lover. "It's all the way inside you. I have your virginity now," she whispered. "It is mine forever."

Sally moaned and grabbed Sam's head, pulling her lips to her own. Both women were gasping for breath when they parted.

Sam lifted her hips, pulling the dildo out of Sally before plunging back inside.

"Ahhh, it's stretching me," screamed Sally. "Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes."

"That's it, that's it, take all of my cock," Sam gasped as the knob on the harness began to stimulate her clit. "God I love fucking you," she said. Her hips began to move up and down rapidly, thrusting all the way into Sally each time.

Soon the room was filled with the slapping sound of their two bodies and their mutual grunts of pleasure. Within a few minutes the knob on the harness began to push Sam toward a climax. "Oh yes," she moaned as a strong climax suddenly took her. She plunged in deeply and shuddered in pleasure.

Sally was right behind her. Her legs were now wrapped around Sam's waist and her arms around her neck. She held on as Sam pounded into her. "I'm cummmmmiiiinnnng," she screamed as her orgasm rushed over her. She lifted her hips and froze in mid-air. She had never experienced a climax quite like this one. It was different then when she was eaten or when she used her fingers. The long dildo was touching places she had never had touched before. Her pussy throbbed around the dildo as if trying to pull it into her body. But what excited her most was knowing that it was her lover, Sam, who was at the other end.

Sam continued to plunge the long cock into Sally until her climax began to wane. When she finally slowed, she realized that Sally was not moving. When she looked down, she found that Sally had passed out.

Sam got up and hurried to the bathroom and got a cold cloth and placed it on Sally's head.

It took a few moments for Sally to open her eyes. When she did, her lips curled into a smile.

Sam almost sighed in relief. "You passed out and I was worried about you," she whispered as she leaned over and gently kissed Sally's lips.

"That was the most amazing thing that I have ever experienced," said Sally. She reached up and gently touched Sam's face. There were tears in Sally's eyes as she said, "I love you."

Sam smiled and said, "I love you too, sweetheart." She pulled Sally into her arms.

After a while, the girls separated and lay back, cooling down. "I've got us another present," said Sally.

"After the first present, I'm afraid to ask what it is," replied Sam.

Sally giggled, got up and went to her suitcase. There she pulled out a flat package, which Sam guessed to be a book, and brought it back to her reclined lover.

"You can only have my virginity once," she said, "but you can have fun lots of times with this."

Sam carefully unwrapped the parcel and flipped it over to reveal a book called, "Illustrated Lesbian Sex Positions". There it was, staring her in the face: the "L" word. She didn't want to think about it too much. She looked at what she did as loving Sally, but she didn't like the other label as it suggested a more important change in status within her world. Despite that quick thought however, Sam opened the book and with Sally looking over her shoulder and fondling her breast, started looking at the pictures.

"Wow!! Some of these look like a lot of fun," exclaimed Sally as she gently pinched Sam's nipple, "we'll have to spend a lot of time trying some of these."

Sam was also finding the pictures inspiring. Despite everything, she was enjoying looking at the women in the poses and was mentally checking off some of the more interesting positions that she thought she'd like to try later.

Sam leaned her head back and kissed Sally's cheek. "You are a really bad influence on me," she whispered. Sally's hand and the hot pictures were warming up her pussy, but she decided that she needed a shower and some supper. "Let's go clean up and go eat. I'm starving after all this energy we just used up," she said as she twisted around. Sally let go of the nipple and pouted, but had to agree that it was time for a break.

Key West has lots of great restaurants and a festive atmosphere year-round, so the girls had no problem walking from their condo and finding somewhere to eat. After supper, they walked around some of the streets to get a bit of exercise and as they were walking towards the waterfront, Sally stopped and pointed at a big house that had been converted to a hotel.

"Hey, that's Jewell's Place! Let's go to their night club!" she stated.

"What's Jewell's Place?" asked Sam. "Anyway, you're still too young to go to night clubs."

"Boy, are you ever naïve," answered Sally. "Every college student worth her salt has a good fake ID. Anyway, Jewell's is a hotel that caters only to women. I checked them out on the web before we left. Their nightclub seems to have a fun atmosphere and you and I can dance together there. Come on, don't be a spoilsport!"

Sally could be very persuasive, and despite her serious reservations about Sally's age and being in a lesbian hangout, Sam allowed herself to be pulled over to the door. Sally pushed the buzzer and after both their ID's given a quick check, the girls were welcomed into the club. They looked around at what seemed to be just a normal bar, except that there were about thirty women there and no men, not even a bouncer.

The girls got themselves a glass of wine and found a table. Women were dancing with each other in the middle of the room, some were hugging and others were sitting very close to each other in intimate conversations. Once in a while, they'd see women kissing ... even a little groping, all sorts of behaviors that you might see in a straight bar. Except that it was just women! Sally instantly felt at home, though Sam was a bit nervous.

After taking it all in for a few minutes, Sally asked Sam to dance. Because of her straight-laced upbringing and her conservative lifestyle, Sam never was comfortable dancing, especially not with another woman. Tonight she decided that if she was going to be in a club with her lover, and since women dancing together were natural here, she would go ahead and take a chance. She pulled Sally to her feet and moved to dance floor. After a couple of fast songs, the music changed to something slower, and without hesitating, Sam and Sally moved into each other's arms. They held each other close, pressing their breasts together. Sam quickly looked around and saw that they weren't the only ones in a clutch and decided that it was "in for a penny, in for a pound." She held Sally close and began nuzzling her lover's neck.

"Oh, sweetie," murmured Sally "I love the way you hold me so much." She started running her hands up and down Sam's back, sometimes reaching to her ass and pulling her in for a moment.

Sam was a bit worried about that, but saw others doing the same thing and decided to relax and enjoy. She looked into Sally's eyes and saw the love that they young girl had for her. A chill ran up and down her spine. Without thinking she pressed her lips to Sally's. A moan escaped both of their lips. When Sam realized what they were doing she pulled away and looked around. She was relieved to see that no one seemed to be watching them. As they walked back to their table holding hands, someone from behind asked a question which chilled Sam to her very core.

"Sam, is that you?"

She turned around to see a tall woman with long red hair, wearing a very elegant blouse giving her a strange look. It was Marie, a friend from graduate school! She and Marie had done their PhD's at the same university and had worked together on a few projects. Though they were friendly, they were never close friends because they moved in different social circles. Sam knew that Marie was an acknowledged lesbian.

Marie saw the look of panic on Sam's face and gave her a quick little hug and told her she was glad to see her again. Sam calmed down and realized that there wasn't much she could do right now. Here she was, in a lesbian club, dancing with a young woman, meeting a friend who obviously was there for similar reasons.

Sam regained her wits and introduced Sally to Marie who then invited them to join her and a friend at a booth in the corner of the bar. Sam looked at Sally who shrugged and nodded ok, so they got their wine and joined the others. Marie introduced her partner Deborah, a short dark-haired woman and then a few other friends. After a moment of discomfort, Marie leaned close to Sam and jokingly whispered, "Ok, spill the beans. What's going on here? I thought that you had married that Larry guy and that you were going to live happily ever after in a small college town?"

Sam had always liked Marie despite the differences in social groups. Marie had always seemed friendly and non-judgmental. She had been good company when they were working together. For quite some time Sam had felt the need to talk to someone else about what was going on with her life. She decided to share a bit of her life with Marie.

"My life with Larry is okay. Unfortunately, while we are married to each other, we are even more married to our work. When I met Sally, I realized that something was missing. She and I have been together for three months now and are having a great time together. We're only here for a week and then we have to go back home. Unfortunately I don't know how we're going to deal with it then."

Marie wanted to ask all sorts of questions but didn't think that it was the time or place, so she started telling Sam about her current lover Deborah who was a librarian at the school. "You could describe us as a monogamous lesbian couple, with a little kinkiness buried inside," she joked, looking at her friend warmly.

Sam didn't say so, but thought that sounded pretty good right now, considering the turmoil she was going through. The conversation moved on to other topics about work and where they lived with Sally and Deborah joining in. Then someone suggested that they dance. This time Sam didn't hesitate. SHE grabbed Sally's hand and pulled her to the dance floor. They had danced and were laughing when Sam suddenly realized that she was really having a good time.

They went back to the table and ordered another drink. Deborah and Marie were sitting close to one another holding hands. Sam reached for Sally's hand and stared into her pretty eyes. When she turned back to her friend, Marie, she was surprised to see her kissing Deborah. Then as she watched with wide eyes Marie reached under Deborah's top and grasped her breast. Again Sam looked around and realized that they were pretty isolated in the booth.

Sam was fascinated as she watched the two women kiss. She had never seen that and it was strangely exciting. She was lost in that thought when she suddenly felt Sally's hand on her thigh. When she turned she saw that Sally was watching Marie and Deborah and appeared to be just as fascinated as she had been. When Sally's hand moved up her thigh Sam reached down and grasped her hand to prevent it from going higher. In spite of her public situation she felt her pussy begin to moisten. "Behave," she whispered to Sally.

"Do I have to," Sally said with a pout. "Look at them," she said.

Sam was already looking.

Finally, it was time to go. As they stepped out onto the street, Marie asked Sam and Sally if they would like to go sailing the next day. "A group of us charter a catamaran every year and we go off to the reef and so some snorkeling or just lie in the sun. We have extra room and Deborah and I were wondering if you'd like to come. We can always use someone else to share the costs."

Considering that sailing was on the girls' to-do list on this holiday, Sally and Sam looked at each other, both nodded at the same time and got the time and location information from Marie. Walking the few blocks home in the night, with the small crowds on the sidewalk, the girls felt safe holding hands. They didn't talk much, but Sam realized that someone else knew of her love for Sally. She felt a strange form of relief.

When they were lying in bed naked and kissing and stroking each other lightly, Sally asked Sam if she was worried about being seen with her. "You are best thing that's happened to me for a long time" Sam replied evasively. "I only wish that our lives at home were as simple as they are here. I worry so much about losing you and my job if people found out that we were lovers. But I don't want to think of that right now."

Sally just stroked Sam's neck, pulled her close and said that she thought it would work out for them.

Sam sighed and hoped that Sally was right. She nuzzled into her girlfriend and dozed off to a restless sleep.

December 28

The next morning after breakfast, the girls walked down to where the catamaran was docked carrying a bag with their towels and bikinis. Marie and Deborah were already there along with ten other women. In the group were Jan and Marilyn who they had met last night at the club, and two college students about Sally's age named Laurie and Cathy. Marie made the introductions and after a few minutes, the two women who crewed the boat called aboard the passengers, and they cast off.

Once they were out of sight of the harbor, most of the women started undressing. Sam was shocked to see that they were casually stripping naked and then lying on their towels. Several had their partner's sunscreen on them, massaging it sensuously onto their backs, legs, and even their bare breasts. She wasn't entirely surprised to see that all of the women were shaved.

"Oh cool!!" exclaimed Sally, "a nude cruise!" Sally jumped up and began to strip off her bathing suit.

"Sally," exclaimed Sam as she watched her lover get naked. Sam was flabbergasted. She was raised with the idea that bodies should be hidden or at least modestly covered and didn't know what to do. Sally looked at her and quickly realized that there was a problem. A few seconds later, a naked Marie also came over, realizing that Sam wasn't comfortable.

"Oh Sam," Marie said, "I never thought to tell you about this. I just took it for granted that you were comfortable with nudity."

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