Hearts On Fire 2

by Gary Johns

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sam and Sally finally get to take that trip to Key West.

with Tim Clark

December 26

Samantha stumbled out of her front door and walked to the waiting airport limo. It was 5 am the day after Christmas, and it was dark and cold. Handing her suitcase to the driver, she waited for him to open the passenger door. When he opened it, she peered inside and saw two older couples and a businessman, none of whom she knew. Sitting in the back row, however, was the person she was looking for. She smiled to herself and made her way to the back where Sally sat waiting. Once they were on their way, she snuggled closer and squeezed Sally's hand and heaved a sigh of relief.

It had been a difficult two months sneaking around, meeting in secret, hoping nobody would suspect that they were lovers. Now they would have a whole week to themselves without worries. The farther from their college town they drove, the more relaxed they became, until they felt comfortable enough to talk and grumble about having to get up so early in the morning. They were off to Key West! Sam and her husband Larry owned a timeshare there, but Larry was too busy moving and shaking at the college where they both worked, to take advantage of it. Sam didn't have to work hard to convince Sally to go with her instead.

They checked in and flew to Miami where they were connecting for Key West. From 30 to 75 degrees in three hours, and the girls were ready to enjoy it! While Sally watched their bags, Sam went to the ladies room where she changed into a pair of tight white Capri pants that hugged her ass like a second skin, a light blouse, and low-heeled sandals. Then she took a deep breath, took off her wedding ring and placed it in a zippered compartment of her purse.

Sam looked at herself in the mirror and thought for the thousandth time, what am I doing? Her relationship with Sally, a student, was exceeding dangerous to her marriage and her career. She wasn't sure of where her relationship with Sally was going and she didn't want to lose her job because she was screwing with a student, yet she couldn't stop. Unfortunately there was no passion or joy in her marriage, and so unlike her affair with Sally where she felt so free and happy. She decided that if she was going to be unfaithful to Larry, then she was going to enjoy it.

When she returned to her seat, she slyly wiggled her ring finger at Sally and blew her a discrete kiss.

Sally then went off and returned wearing a short jean skirt, a tee shirt and flip-flops. As she sat back next to Sam, Sally leaned over and whispered in her ear that she was going commando.

"What does that mean?" asked Sam.

"You really don't know?" answered Sally.

"I have no idea of what you're talking about," replied Sam.

"Well my dear, innocent one" whispered Sally, "it means that I'm not wearing any panties. I thought that since it was warm here, I would dress to stay cooler." With that Sally looked around and saw that no one was close to them. Then she turned slightly toward Sam and spread her legs.

Sam's breath caught in her throat when she saw the glistening lips of Sally's wet pussy. "What are you doing to me?" she asked when she could speak again.

"Moi?" asked Sally, mimicking Miss Piggy. "I'm just trying to stay cool and keep you hot".

Their banter was cut short by the announcement that their flight was boarding for the short flight to the Keys. Once seating was complete and they were taking off, Sally, who was sitting next to the window, teasingly spread her legs again. Her skirt crept up her thighs and raised one of her eyebrows at Sam. Sam couldn't help but stare.

God, she thought, look at those smooth young thighs, without a blemish ... and that sweet pussy with the fat pulsing lips that she loved so much to suck. Stop! Sam screamed in her head. She knew that the crotch of her pants would get wet if she kept thinking like this.

Sally did resume her normal posture when the flight attendant walked by, but once in a while would whisper in Sam's ear "I'm going commando!" in a little singsong voice. "I wish you could feel how wet my pussy is right now."

Sam was going mad with desire for the young minx. And if they didn't land soon she was going to rape her right here.

Once landed, they picked up their luggage and got a cab for their condo complex. When Sally got in on the other side, she made sure that her skirt rode high on her thighs and provided Sam with an unobstructed look at her shaved pussy. Sam gasped, looked around to see if anyone else had seen the show, and then chuckled warily.

"Sally!!" she whispered. "You'll get caught by someone one day."

"Wouldn't that be fun" answered the unashamed coed. Sam rolled her eyes and made herself a little promise that Sally would pay for that display.

At the condo, Sam got the keys to the apartment from the management office and they walked to their paradise for a week. As soon as the door shut behind them, they were in each other's arms and exchanged a deep kiss. Their hands traveled over their backs down to their ass and they pulled their crotches against each other. After a minute though, Sam pulled back and looked at Sally with a mock seriousness and said "You've been a bad girl Sally, teasing me on the way here. I think that I have to punish you somehow for that."

Sally giggled and said, "I'm sorry Sam. I'll do anything to make it up to you."

"Anything?" asked Sam as she twirled an imaginary mustache.

With that, Sam closed in again on Sally and started kissing her neck and earlobes. Her hands traveled to the back of Sally's skirt and started slowly lowering the zipper. When the skirt fell on the ground, Sam's hands captured both ass cheeks and started to fondle and palpate them. After she had gotten Sally thrusting back at her in desire, she then moved her hands up to the bottom of the tee shirt and pulled it over the younger woman's head.

"Now I've got you where I want you" Sam told Sally and then gently pushed her back until she fell into a big easy chair. Sam went to her knees and spread out the sexy legs so that they rested on the chair's stuffed arms. As Sally squirmed in anticipation wearing only her bra, Sam stared at the gorgeous site of her lover's swollen and very wet pussy lips. For a moment she wanted to just dive in and eat her like a madwoman. But then Sam got control of herself. She passed a finger over the exposed slit, licked her lips, and then stood up!

"Sam!!! Where are you going?" whined Sally.

"Two can play the teasing game, you know," smirked the professor as she stared down at her squirming lover. "I think that you have to pay for the way you teased and tortured me." Sam slowly began unbuttoning her blouse and dropped it behind her. "Do you want to see my breasts Sally?" she asked playfully as she toyed with the front catch? "Oh yes please!" moaned the girl. Sam flicked the catch and let the bra spring apart, exposing her now heaving chest.

"Oh, God," gasped Sally as she stared at Sam's gorgeous breasts and already hard nipples. She wanted to suck them so badly.

"Now would you think less of me if I took my pants and panties off? Only naughty girls go without panties, you know," she said.

Sally was getting delirious with pent up desire. "Please Sam," she said, "good girls go bare pussied too."

"Are you sure?" asked Sam.

"I swear," returned Sally.

"Oh all right then, I'll trust you with that." While saying this, Sam pushed her slacks and panties down and off her feet, exposing her totally bare crotch. She knew that her pussy was covered with her girl juice because she could feel it dripping down her thighs. She saw Sally lick her lips. "Want to suck me huh?" she asked.

Sally nodded without taking her eyes off Sam's pussy.

"Maybe later. But now I want your sweet juices. With that Sam went back down on her knees in front of Sally and started kissing the left knee, slowly working her way toward her pussy. She gave the outer lips a little peck and then to Sally's obvious disappointment, started working back down on the right side. Sally's hips and crotch were thrusting back and forth, as well as moving sideways to try to get the tongue where it would feel best.

"Please, Sam, lick me!!! Don't tease!" moaned the very aroused girl.

"Do you promise not to tease me in the future?" mumbled Sam as her lips and tongue hovered near the girl's crotch.

"Anything you want, sweetie! Please!" panted the girl.

They never had a lot of time to enjoy each other back home, but she would indulge herself on this trip. In answer to the plea, but not really believing the promise, Sam opened up Sally's pussy lips with two fingers and swiped the flat of her tongue from the anus to the clit, driving Sally's ass off the seat cushion.

"Ahhhh," screamed Sally. Her fingers reached for Sam's head, tangling in her hair.

Sam pushed her tongue in the vagina as far as it would go, tasting the juices she had longed for since she had seen Sally's pussy in the airport. She then moved up to tease the clit for a few moments and dipped her tongue back in the hole to lick up the juices that had built up. Sam loved Sally's pussy juice. It was thick but clear and had a slightly sweet taste. She wondered for a moment if hers tasted any different. A second later she felt Sally's fingers digging into her scalp.

She returned to the welcome task in front of her. Back and forth, her tongue went from clit to hole, sending Sally into orbit. Finally, Sally couldn't hold it in anymore, she screamed and thrust her crotch into Sam's waiting face.

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