Michael's Wife Goes Into Business

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She found out that she wasn't his one and only and she didn't much like the idea.

My husband turned me into a prostitute, I'm loving it, and best of all - he doesn't know.

Michael changed jobs about six months ago and while the new job pays considerably more than his old one he has to spend about three weeks out of the month on the road traveling. I am a very highly sexed lady and going without a steady diet of my husband's cock had been very difficult for me. I had several opportunities to scratch my itch, but I loved my husband and so I kept my legs firmly closed. That is I did until I found out that Michael hadn't been as true to me as I had been to him. I found out quite by accident. When Michael comes home the first thing he does is throw his dirty socks and underwear in the washer and wash them. He usually then takes them out of the washer, throws them in the dryer and when they are done he sticks them back in his suitcase. He was out in the backyard cutting the grass when the dryer stopped so I took his stuff out of the dryer and began to fold it. I came upon a pair of woman's underwear and I knew they weren't mine because I don't wear thongs. On a hunch I ran upstairs and checked Michael's suitcase and in one of the inside pockets I found several Trojan condoms. Michael and I had never used condoms. To me the thong and the condoms added up to a cheating husband and I made up my mind right then and there that the next time Michael went out of town some guy was going to get lucky.

I had gotten a job to fill some of the free time I had since Michael was away a lot and every afternoon when I got off work I would stop at the bar in the hotel across the street and have a cocktail or two before going home. I got to know the bartender and he was always joking with me about setting me up with this or that guy and telling me that a lovely lady like me shouldn't be sitting in a bar alone. I had always laughed and said, "Sorry Charley, I'm a good girl and I can't do things like that."

One night, soon after I had made my discovery about Michael I was in the bar and Charley said, "Why are you sitting here and drinking alone? There is a very nice man upstairs who would love to have some company."

I'd had a couple of drinks and remembering my vow to get even with Michael I surprised the hell out of Charley when I said, "Give me the room number."

He looked at me and said, "Are you serious?"

I grinned back at him and said, "Give me the room number and let's find out."

I took the elevator up to the sixth floor and knocked on the door of room 631. A man opened the door and I said, "Charley told me that a girl could get herself a drink up here."

He wasn't bad looking for an older man and we had several drinks and kissed for a bit and then I let him undress me. He ate my pussy, I sucked his cock and then he fucked me. I stayed the night with him and he fucked me five times and each time he slid his cock into me I was saying, "Take that Michael." I was surprised in the morning that I felt no remorse at cheating on my cheating husband. In fact, I had greatly enjoyed the evening and thought that I might just do it again.

The next day I stopped at the bar for a quick one on the way home and Charley handed me an envelope with two hundred dollars in it. I gave him a curious look and he said, "For taking care of the man in 631 last night."

Without knowing it I had been a call girl and to my surprise it didn't bother me at all to learn that I had let a man fuck me for money or that kindly old Uncle Charley was a pimp. I tucked the envelope in my purse and Charley asked me if I would like to take another trip upstairs. At first I told him no, that I hadn't made it home the previous night, but then I said, "On second thought, why not."

Charley smiled and said, "The man in room 403 would like some company."

The guy in 403 was young and vigorous and for five hours we did our best to wear each other out. He sucked my breasts, played with my pussy and then I gave him a nice leisurely blow job. He kept trying to pull me off of him so he could fuck me, but I wouldn't let him - I wanted the first load in my mouth. As I swallowed his hot juices I was saying to myself, "Thank you Michael, for giving me the chance to do this."

The man fucked me three times and then he asked me how much extra it would cost him for being able to have my ass. I had no idea what call girls charged for things and I didn't really want to show the man my ignorance so I said, "Why don't you just do it and then you can pay me what you think it was worth."

I really like anal sex and I'm very vocal when I have a cock up there, you might even say that I squeal like a pig. I was a sweating wreck when he finally came in my ass and then we took a shower together and the mutual body soaping and body scrubbing got us hot again and he fucked me one more time. Just before I left the man handed me a hundred and fifty bucks and asked me for my phone number so he could call me direct. I almost gave it to him, but at the last minute decided not to. I didn't even know if I would do it again, but if I did I figured it would be best (and safer) to deal through Charley.

The next afternoon Charley handed me another envelope with two hundred in it and asked me if I felt like giving room 513 some company. I was hesitant. I hadn't gotten home the previous night until two in the morning and I hadn't gone home the night before that at all. That meant that I had missed two of Michael's phone calls, but then I thought "To hell with it, I was doing this to get back at him. He would be home the next day and we could talk then.

When the door to 513 opened I got a bit of a shock. The man was a tall, well-built black man. As a girl born and raised in the South - the Deep South - I had never had much to do with blacks and I guess that it showed on my face. He smiled at me, "What's the matter? Never seen a black man before?"

I took a deep breath, smiled back at him and said, "Not the way I'm about to see you" and I stepped into the room.

He was another young, virile stud and for the next four hours he turned me every way but loose. When he was done I was completely satisfied. I had sucked his cock twice and he had fucked me four times and even though I was satisfied, I was disappointed. I'd always heard the black men had huge cocks, but this guys cock was no bigger than Michael's, or for that matter, any bigger than the other cocks I'd had that week. But the bottom line was that I had enjoyed it and I had disproved something that my momma and daddy had always told me - it did not rub off.

When I picked up my envelope from Charley the next day he asked me if I would like to visit room 318. I was about to tell him no, that my husband would be home by now, but then I thought "Why am I in such a hurry to go home to that cheating bastard?"

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