Wife Gets Caught With Black Man

by biman4321

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Sex Story: My lovely sexy white wife is fucking my black boss and I catch her with him.

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First Black experience

I never really thought I would see my wife give in so eagerly and quickly to the first black man to make any real effort towards seducing her. I mean, we were very much in love and had a great sex life, I thought. I know that she has always been a hot woman loving sex ever since she was a very young girl but that was always with white guys. I guess I should start this story from the beginning so maybe you can tell me whether I should just move on or stay with her as she keeps on fucking black men. I still love her very much and she still gives me all I want, and it is still great for me. So here's the rest of the story.

I first met Joan when she was 11 and I was 16. We both went to the same church and we also played with many of the same friends in our local park. We typically didn't go to the same classes in church but I knew her. We also played with different groups until she came over to us one day while we were playing football and asked to play. I just laughed. "Oh come on, Joan, You're way too young and small to play with us and you're a girl on top of that. " I said. " I can play with you because I am better than most of you." She replied. " Ha," I said. "Okay. Throw me a pass and see if I can't catch it." So I did and she did. " Yeah, but that doesn't mean you can tackle any of us", I replied cautiously now. " Try Me," she stated cockily. So I ran at her and damned if she didn't manage to tackle me. I must admit that I didn't try too hard to avoid the tackle but she still did a good job. So I asked everyone if they wanted to allow her to play and all the guys said yes so she started playing with us. We didn't let her touch the ball much and we tried to ignore her mostly until she intercepted a pass and took off downfield. John was a little pissed since the pass was for him so he really hit her hard. That did not faze her in the least so we started playing a little bit more with her. I also saw several of the guys were getting a great feel of her little boobs and even grabbing her pussy sometimes. I told them that they shouldn't do that but they said, " If she is going to play with us, I am getting a good feel. Besides that little tart likes it" " What" I asked unbelievingly," How would you know that". " Cause she told me". " She told you that she liked you feeling her", asked I very doubtfully. " Yeah, right after I tackled her that last time."

Well, anyway, you get the picture. She could play with us and she was an excellent athlete even at 11 years old. She was strong, fast, and very smart. The guys kept on getting their hands full even as she started getting older and bigger. I found out she did like the guys doing that but warned all of them that they shouldn't do anymore than that. So John pipes up, " A little late to tell us now. She has already given me her cherry and she loved it" That was when Joan was 12 and John was 16. " John. You had better be very careful, She is still much too young for you and that will get you into much, much trouble." I told him. " Yeah, I know. But it was her idea. ". "Regardless, you had better not get caught."

That was the last game I played with her because I moved to another area and started playing with older kids so I didn't know how she managed after that. We did continue going to the same church and she was always very friendly but she was so young. I do have to comment that she did not look like the usual girl we played with. She was getting to be very, very pretty and really developing some nice boobs. The other girls that came out were nothing special but Joan was showing signs of being a very pretty girl. That was pretty much my knowledge of Joan for several years because I went on to high school, had many girlfriends there, and eventually graduated, and joined the Marines.

I finished my tour with the Marines and came back home to go to college. At church one Sunday, this gorgeous young woman came up and accused me of being stuck up now. I asked this beautiful, sexy young woman why she would say that since I didn't know her and she laughed out loud. " You mean that you don't know me anymore? Ron, you had better get your head in gear. I'm Joan." She said. " Oh my god, " I stated very surprisingly. " You can't be that little tomgirl that used to play football with us." " The one and only" she replied. " Wow, you have really grown up. How old are you now? It seems that you were about 6 or 7 years younger than me. Is that right?" I asked. " No, not quite. I am 16 and you are 21." " How do you know how old I am. " I asked. " I remember," She said. " Joan. You have grown up to be a beautiful young lady and I am sure that all the guys that used to play with us are all chasing you now in a different way. " I said. " Oh they want me to play like I used to with them, but they are crude and really are little boys still. I want to know how Marines do things. " She said. " This marine is going to college next semester and isn't going to be doing much of anything except studying, but I am sure you will be so busy in school anyway to try to see any Marines." I replied. " It's good to see you again and I do love how you have changed. But don't give your boyfriends too much grief." I stated. " Why don't you come out to our softball games some time. We play over at the park every Tuesday and Thursday nights. I'll treat you to a snow cone," Joan said. " I might do that. So take it easy. I'll see you out there. " I said as I walked off.

I was very impressed with that young girl now even more than before, and she sounded somewhat interested in me although I still thought she was too young for me. I have to admit however, that she certainly turned me on. That Tuesday night I finally decided to wander down to the park to see what was going on. The whole place was buzzing when I got there but I found an old buddy of mine and sat with him as he filled me in on what was happening. I looked at the teams playing and immediately spotted Joan playing shortstop in the field. That uniform was stuck to her and she looked fabulous. No wonder the stands were packed. Suddenly the batter hit a hot grounder to her and she fielded it very cleanly and threw the runner out at first in a very nice play. So she was as good as she looked. The game was very interesting because it showed just how good an athlete Joan is. She hit two homeruns and the announcer said that she was the only girl who had ever hit one out of the field. She was very, very good and looked that way too. Her team won easily. After the game, I started to wander back to my car but Joan spotted me and called me over. " Hey, I owe you a snow cone" she said. " Oh forget about that. You were great out there. I was very impressed", I replied. " Thanks. I love to play softball but it does get pretty hot and I am very smelly right now. I need a shower badly but my ride wants to go to a late movie. I think I will just walk home," she said. " I could give you a ride home if that 's what you need." I uttered. " Are you sure you're not too busy? " she asked. " Not tonight. Classes don't start until next week, so I am free this week to get ready." " Well, that would be great if you could take me home cause I am a little tired. So where's your car? ", she asked.

We walked over to the car talking casually about everything and I was really enjoying her company. She gave me directions although I knew exactly where she lived and we were there very quickly. " Listen, Ron, why don't you come in and I will shower real quick and fix you something to drink and we can talk some more." She asked. " You know, I think I will if you really mean that", I stated. " " Oh yes, I'll be very quick" as she let me into their living room and told me to sit down. She was very quick and she had very little on when she came back out where I was. She had a pair of loose shorts, a tight tee shirt underneath of which seemed to be no bra, and sandals. She looked every bit as good as before. She suggested that we go the corner store and get that snow cone which we did.

She then suggested that we go back up to the park but park the car in the back of the play area where it would be quiet and nice to talk. I did that and there we were in a very secluded parking place sitting in my car talking quietly. I was having a great time because we were so much in tune with other. I absolutely forgot that I thought she was too young. We walked in the park a ways and sat on a bench holding hands as we walked. I was getting extremely turned on but had to hold my emotions in check because she was very young. When we got up to go back to the car she sort of fell into me and I had to catch her. We were actually right up against each other and kissing her seemed to be the most natural thing in the world for me to do. I did and she kissed back. Our age differences were out the window all of a sudden and I loved those kisses. We didn't stop except after a long while. I had a monstrous hard on which I know she felt but didn't know what to do. I was still afraid that she was too young to go further but wanted to very badly. I definitely pushed hard into her and she did not back down. I finally put my hand on her breasts and rubbed them through her blouse. Wow I was hot and so was she. We went back to the car and got into the back seat. I unbuttoned her top and saw a beautiful pair of breasts just aching to be kissed which I did. It wasn't long before her pants were off as were mine and we became one. Oh she was tight as I pushed my rock hard penis into her and she was moaning and kissing me harder. That was one hell of a passionate night and we repeated it all that summer. I was madly in love with her and she seemed to be with me.

We dated all fall and into the spring when she discovered she was pregnant. We decided we would get married and tell everybody later. So we were married but not living together. When she graduated from High school, we told everyone and were finally able to live together. We fucked everyday practically until late in her pregnancy. She was by far the best and tightest pussy I had ever encountered. After the baby came we were both so busy that we didn't screw as much but we both loved that child. She was a beautiful little girl that looked just like a little Joan. She was also very healthy and smiled all the time except when she cried. We seemed like the perfect couple and I guess we were. We just didn't realize how easy Joan could get real excited about fucking. I thought it was just me but she was just very horny most of the time. During our whirlwind courtship and marriage we didn't have time for anyone else so that problem never came up.

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