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Desc: Sex Story: "If it bothers you I would suggest that you don't come home before five."

It was 1969 and I had been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the new era of sexual freedom. My wife had turned into a cock-loving slut and she had let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I could learn to live with it or leave, the choice was mine.

Most of you who remember the late sixties and early seventies can picture in your minds all of the young, nubile, long-haired young girls and their equally long-haired boyfriends who headed the free love movement. My Carly wasn't one of them. Carly was a thirty-eight year old housewife and mother who in no way resembled those sexy young girls. Her hair was short and she was what we called in those days pleasingly plump. She was also a very shy and introverted person so I suppose she was as surprised as I was when she turned into a round-heeled slut.

As I mentioned, Carly was a mother. Our only child, Christy, was a nineteen-year-old college freshman at the local university. Carly and Christy were not only mother and daughter, but were also each other's best friend. They had no secrets from each other and this tight bond allowed Christy to seek her mother's advice on everything. When in high school Christy began telling her mother about how boys were coming on to her and her feelings toward some of them, Carly promptly put Christy on the pill. She took her and had her fitted for a diaphragm and then gave her advice on how to handle the boys. When Christy gave up her virginity at sixteen she told Carly about it and when Carly didn't react the way other mothers responded to similar confessions Christy continued to keep her mother informed of all her subsequent sexual explorations. By nineteen Christy had been screwed by eleven different boys and Carly knew of each and every one of them.

Carly continued to preach safe sex and to give Christy advice on what she should and shouldn't allow. The other side of the coin was that Christy told her mother each and every intimate detail of her sexual liaisons. At the time I knew nothing of the mother/daughter conversations - I didn't learn of them until much later - but had I known I'm not sure I would have much cared because my sex life had improved dramatically. Carly and I had fallen into the old married rut of twice a week sex and all of a sudden Carly became aggressive and our lovemaking improved to four, five and even six times a week. Christy's tales of her sexual affairs were firing Carly up so much that one day she found herself on her knees with her lips wrapped around the cock of one of Christy's boyfriends. This, in turn, led Carly to trying other cocks and by the time I found out what was going on, two years later, Carly was a full fledged, cock hungry slut.

It was a spring day in late April and I had a very bad case of spring fever. I told my secretary that I was going to se a client and I headed home planning to grab my golf clubs and go out and chase the little white ball. I had no sooner walked in the front door when I heard Carly scream:

"God yes, that's it, fuck me baby, fuck me."

I hurried to the bedroom and got several surprises in quick succession. The first one was seeing my naked wife having sex with two guys while a third stood watching while stroking his dick. The second surprise was the sudden realization that the guys were young, much younger than Carly. The third surprise was that the boy plowing her cunt was Brian, Christy's current boyfriend and that the boy with his cock in Carly's mouth was the boy she'd broken up with the month before. The final surprise was that my cock was rock hard. I had watched porno films that hadn't turned me on as much as what I was watching.

I stood there, not knowing what to do, go in there and pull those boys off my wife or pull out my cock and start beating it. In the end I didn't do anything except stand there and watch. It took several minutes, but I was finally noticed. The boy standing next to the bed, obviously waiting his turn at an open hole, was the first to notice me and I suppressed a laugh when his dick wilted. He called to the others and I watched as several things happened almost at once; Carly open her eyes and looked at me, Brian started to pull out of Carly's cunt, but Carly hooked her legs behind his and held him in place. The boy in her mouth tried to pull away, but Carly grabbed his hips with both hands and pulled him back to her. Her eyes met mine and I could read what she was thinking as clear as if it had been engraved on her forehead, "Wait your turn," as she struggled to keep both of her lovers in her. I stood there watching and I finally realized that if I wasn't prepared to do anything I should leave.

I went downstairs and turned on the TV and waited for the boys to leave. You would think that after my showing up and catching them fucking my wife their dicks would go limp from fright and that within minutes there would be a mass exodus, but over a half hour passed and I continued to hear Carly cry out and moan. It was obvious that her hot pussy was overcoming any fear that those boys might have had of me. I finally got up off the couch, grabbed my clubs and headed for the municipal golf course. I did not shoot my best round ever that day, but my putting was awesome. On every green the cup appeared to me as Carly's cunt with a line of boys waiting to use it. I tapped my ball to follow the line of boys and the ball went in almost every time. I one putted fifteen greens that day, the best I have ever done.

When I got home five hours later Carly was in the kitchen fixing dinner and Christy was setting the table. It was a very quiet meal, neither Carly nor I said a word and finally Christy spoke up and said:

"Something going on that I don't know about?"

I said, "No baby, just a very hard day on my part and I suspect that your mother had plenty of hard parts to her day too."

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