Ben: Familia Eroticus

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Uncle, Aunt, Nephew, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ben is a member of another of those families that believes in loving togeither in order to stay together. The plot just deepens and thickens.

Two women, no, actually three women have been the focus of my life. First, last, and always has been my mother, Cathleen or just Cathy as she likes to be called. Then there was my sister, Irene. She was just a little younger than I. And the vers special woman in my life, cousin Stephanie. Later, I would have to add a fourth, my mother's sister, Lois, mother of cousin Stephanie.

The third woman, as I just mentioned, was said cousin Stephanie or Steph. I turned eighteen in February and Steph turned eighteen in May. I had graduated high school but Steph was a year behind me because of a protracted illness that kept her out of school a whole year in grade school.

Sis, or Reen as I liked to call her, would start her junior year at Central High in a week, while I would start my first year at State U. Steph would start her senior year at the same high school as Sis.

I didn't dislike females, it was just that I pretty much ignored them. Even in high school, I rarely dated. I only dated the little I did so people wouldn't get the wrong idea about me. Nor was I so ugly girls shunned me. In fact, an awfully lot of girls firted hard with me. I just didn't ask them out. I did work out and others had oft remarked on what a fine figure of manhood I was turning into. Elderly aunts made comments about how I must have the girls just clamoring after me.

Instead, my forte was academia and music. They consumed me to the near exclusion of all else. I graduated Valedictorian of my high school class. I was going to study music at the Juliard School of Music. I wasn't a geek, but I wasn't far from it either.

In my eighteen years, I had not kissed a girl in real passion more than a couple of times. My kisses had been confined to the loving family member kind. As far as the attempt to run the bases with a girl, I never even tried to get beyond first. That all changed in a thunderclap last week. Eighteen year old cousin Steph was the cause and why she became that very special woman to me.

Steph lived five miles out of town on a farm with her parents and three sisters. Her poor father, was still looking for a son to follow in his footsteps. I was a guest in their house from Friday night until Monday morning before leaving for school later the next week. It was a weekend I'll never forget.

My cousin was one lovely woman, albeit an eighteen year old woman. I may not have taken girls out much, but I wasn't blind. I knew a beautiful body when I saw one. Steph had one, a beautiful body that is. And, she darned well knew how to show it off as well as when and where.

Flaming red hair framed a face that was even more beautiful than that of Maureen O'Hara. Her torso, especially her chest, had males lusting after it. She had a butt that put Betty Grable to shame. Her legs were the long, lean, firmed kind of a runner. All in all, Steph was one delicious package of femininity.

I was invited for a family supper and a weekend visit. There was not much question that they heard me arrive in my Dodge Ram pick up truck. The Ram was a regular cab short bed with a 318 c.i. V-8, a five speed manual shift on the floor, AND duals with one glasspak muffler. There was no way I'd be sneaking in suprise like.

My aunt and uncle gave me a gracious greeting. The three younger girls, at ages six, eight, and ten, were all giggles and jitters in their pit-tails. They jumped up to be kissed and then fled. As her parents followed the youngsters back into the house, Steph gave me her greeting. And what a greeting it was!

"Hi Cous," she managed to get out before she stepped into me, literally, put her arms around me, and mashed her lips to mine. Her boobs mashed into my chest and her pussy ground into my nether region. Reflexively, my arms went around her. My cock sprang instantly and unbidden to life. Steph pushed herself hard against it, her hands dropping to my ass to keep me in place--firmly in place.

"You two coming in? Supper's about ready," Aunt Lois cried from the front porch door.

Steph broke our clinch and stepped back a pace. All I could do was groan in pain and pleasure.

"Take that, cous. It's fair warning. I've had a crush on you for years. I vowed to do something about it someday and now that I'm legal, I can. You're all mine this weekend, Ben. And, unless your unlucky, you're mine for the whole, long, beautiful summer."

"B, b, bu..."

"No butts about it, Ben, unless it's my butt. I'm gettin' you're cherry this weekend and I do know you have a cherry to pick. As a treat, you'll be getting mine. Think on that one, cous."

I did--all through supper. Think on it that is. I didn't have a choice. Steph kept reminding me in such subtle ways.

During supper, Steph and I were seated side by side. Her three sisters were all seated across the table with her parents on either end. All through the meal, Steph took surreptitious feels along my right leg. Several times she even managed to give my manhood a good grab. Needless to say, my cock was rigid the whole damned meal. Steph was enjoying my discomfort, immensely.

I was also scared to death the whole time. I knew nothing about what to do with a real live girl. Hell, I wasn't totally ignorant. I'd read my share of porno and seen my share of it on videos although that share had been pretty small. But a living, breathing, lust crazed girl? That was another whole matter.

After some play time post supper, Steph's Mom, Aunt Lois, said to me, "Sam and I are taking the three younger girls to Kiddyland at Centerville tomorrow. It's far enough away that we'll be there overnight. We'll get back sometime after lunch on Sunday. You and Stephanie are welcome to come along."

"Thanks, but no thanks, Mom," Steph was quick to reply, "I promised to show Ben some of the joys and sights of country living. We'll be fine here on our own."

"Well, I just thought I'd offer. I wasn't expecting you to babysit your sisters."

That scared hell out of me. That meant Steph and I would be alone that length of time. My parents apparently did not know of this little trip or they might not have been so agreeable to my staying for the weekend. I don't know why my aunt and uncle allowed me to come for the whole weekend when they knew they'd be gone. Steph must of worked on them pretty hard for that concession. Then again, my aunt and uncle were known to be quite liberal parents.

The three youngsters were trundled off to bed. Their parents weren't far behind. That left Steph sitting next to me on the couch in front of the TV. She didn't remain idle for long. Jeeze, she sure had a one track mind as far as I was concerned and I was right in the middle of the tracks or maybe I should say, bullseye.

With a sexy giggle, Steph whispered in my ear, "I see you've been anticipating me, Ben. I don't think your cock has been soft since I kissed you outside."

Steph partially stood enough so she could then plop herself down across my lap--right up tight against my rigid, aching dick. She rubbed her thigh and hip against my rod, turned her upper torso so her right tit pushed into me, and locked her lips to mine. I eventually caught on and opened my mouth to her probing tongue. Our tongues entwined. I groaned and shot off a load of cum in my pants. Steph felt the pulsing of my dick and knew what happened.

"Don't worry about it, Ben, you'll last a long time now."

Steph twisted around so that her back was against me and rubbed her ass against my still rigid cock. She grabbed my hands and put one on each of her tits.

"Play with them, Ben."

In moments, I was hooked. Damn but she felt so good! I never knew what I'd been missing until then.

"Shit. Wait just a minute Ben. I need something more."

She pulled my hands away and quickly unbuttoned her top. She pulled her bra cups up to her shoulders, freeing her more than ample bare boobs to the fresh air--and my hands. Steph sighed contentedly as she replaced my hands on the skin of her bared mammaries. God, she was so soft and yet so firm. Her velvety skin was warm, almost glowing. Tweaking on her nipples made her moan softly.

"Oh, God. That's ten times better. A hundred times better, Ben."

I silently agreed.

Her tits were so soft and yet so firm. I'd not touched such pleasure toys before. Almost by instinct, my fingers and thumbs rolled her nipples which quickly swelled into erection. My cock was throbbing and hurt like the devil in its restricted environment.

Without her hand to guide me, my newfound lust caused my one hand to drop instinctively to the junction of Steph's thighs. Her light cotton slacks offered little barrier to my invading hand as I felt all over her pussy and the soft mound at its top. Oh God, my head was swimming. I was nearly delerious in a sea of sexual sensations. Steph slowly struggled to her feet just as I was trying to get under the waistband of her slacks.

"Oh God, Steph, what're you doin' to me? Why are you stopping now?"

"That was just a sample of what you'll get later tonight. Don't you dare stroke off any 'til then. I want you hard and I want you to last for a long time. I've got to get upstairs. My folks'll be waiting to hear me go to bed. You go down to the basement bedroom as usual and I'll join you later."

Steph fled upstairs. With now really aching balls, I stumbled to the basement and stripped. I've slept naked for years and saw no reason to do different now. I laid on my back on the bed and stroked with long, very slow motions on my ever rigid pole. I quit before I could expend my newly loaded balls. After a few minutes, I'd start all over

I know I nodded off at times for a bit, but I was wide awake in the dim glow of the night light when the rustle of cloth at the doorway caught my attention. A true vision of beauty slowly walked to my bed.

A diaphanous nighty concealed nothing. Her nipples proudly poked into the gown as if to burst free. Her shaved mound was proudly displayed in all its glory. Her lustful grin would stop a charging giant. She stopped at the edge of my bed. She could plainly see my nakedness and my jutting, straining cock.

"What a glorious piece of manhood you have, Ben. Is it for me? Are you ready to drain your balls now? I've not seen that gorious flesh pole since we were little kids in the swimmin' hole. God, what it's grown into!"

With a rustle that would have stirred the dead, Steph let her gown slide off her shoulders and down her body to pool at her feet on the floor. Slowly, erotically, she stepped out of it. She stood there a moment, allowing me to drink in her unadorned, naked beauty. I was still frozen dumb with amazement. Slowly, teasingly again, she moved. I thought it took her forever to climb onto the bed with me.

Steph straddled me on her knees, her gate of heaven right over my throbbing manhood. She grabbed hold of my pulsing dick and centered it where she wanted it. She sure didn't waste any time this go around.

"There'll be time for tenderness later. Right now, I'm so damned horny, I want a cock. I want your cock, Ben. I want to fuck you half to death."

She opened her pussy lips with her other hand and lowered herself slowly down onto my shaft. Her movement paused when we both felt the resistance as her maidenhead resting on my helmet. Grimacing slightly, Steph dropped hard, crashing my dick through the dam and into her depths. She didn't drop far; she wasn't wet enough yet. But the mushroom head of my cock was out of sight. Steph didn't move.

"Oh God," she cried out, a bit loudly.

"Not so loud, Steph," I moaned, "We don't want to wake your parents."

"See? I told you you'd get my cherry tonight, Ben. You got mine and I got yours."

Steph savored the moment for some time before she moved again. Slowly at first, then picking up the pace faster and faster as he adjusted to me and produced more fluid, she pumped up and down on my joy stick. I just thought I was in heaven earlier in the evening with my hands full of her boobs. This was utter ectstacy.

I may have been mostly ignorant with a live body to play with, but instinct must be a really powerful force. As Steph wound up tighter and tighter, I met her, thrust for thrust until our joined parts were a blur of motion. She was by then so slippery with sex fluid that she had a little trouble keeping me in if she rose to high in her frenzy.

With another cry, Steph came in a quivering climax of pleasure and in a deluge of pussy juice. I added my own man cream with a pounding climax of my own. Her eyes rolled back and she collapsed on my chest in a shivering daze. My big, long dick did not deflate much at all, so we stayed coupled. Slowly, Steph came to her senses and struggled to sit up. She was still deeply coupled to my dick that refused to deflate. She smiled down at me.

"That was mind blowing, Ben. You've confided in me for so many years about your frustrations and what not. I feel I know more about you than I do myself. Now it's my turn to do the confiding."

"What, confession's good for the soul?"
"Something like that, Ben."

"You don't really have to do that."

"Yes, I do. You see, I really have had crush on you for a very long time. More than a crush. I love you."


"You heard me. I've played around for a bit more than a year. I've stroked guys off, given them head even. Several guys have had their hands on me and their fingers in me. But none have had a cock in me. I wanted to save that for you. I'm so glad I did. I wanted you to take my cherry."

The next fuck followed quickly. It was slow and tender, at least at first. Lots of foreplay for both of us included her sucking me after I ate her pussy out. Then, at her request, I put her feet on my shoulders and my cock in her cunt. My God, did I ever plumb her depths that time.

She had to grab a pillow over her face to muffle her scream of pleasure as she climaxed. I shot string after string of cum into her core. Only later did I think of the potential consequences to our bareback ride. My inexperience again or the heat of the moment, or both, I suppose.

"It's getting on into the morning. I'd better get back to my room before my parents start their early day. Now you know what to look forward to tomorrow. We have all day and all night. God, I can't wait!"

Steph just didn't know how much I agreed with that.

She stepped out of my bed, donned her nighty, and was gone in a blink of my eyes. Boy did I discover what I had been missing the for the last three or more years. It was still some time yet to dawn. I went into the bathroom and cleaned up quickly. I'd been back in bed no more than ten minutes before I once again heard the rustle of clothes again. I looked up, wondering why Steph was back again, yet glad at the same time. I wanted some more of what I'd just had.

It wasn't Steph.

A bare ass naked Aunt Lois under a completely sheer peignoir slowly ambled through the door and over to my bed. If she had come to read me out about my tryst with Steph, she wouldn't have been nearly naked. Now I knew where Steph got her body. Aunt Lois was a mature version of a the goddess that was Steph. She also could see my nakedness and my ever rigid cock pointing straight up.

I waited. I couldn't believe how calm and unembarrased I was.

"Well, Ben, I see you've graduated from more than just high school. You also appear to have graduated into the world of sex. Stephanie sounded like she sure enjoyed that flesh pole of yours. What a glorious flesh pole it is, too, nephew!"

"What a glorious body you have, Aunt Lois."

"Ah, a flatterer. Flattery will get you everywhere, Ben. But don't you think, under the circumstances, you drop the "Aunt" bit? At least when we're naked?"

"Ok with me, uh, Lois. But what brought you to my bed tonight?"

"Your roll in the hay with Stephanie wasn't exactly the silent kind. She was noisy. But I probably wouln't have heard upstairs. I heard her get up and I followed her down here. I stood outside the door the whole time you two fucked. It was all I could do not to come in and join you. Now I'm so horny I could take six cocks. I hope you're up for it. Pun intendted."

"And Uncle Sam?"

"Once he's asleep, it's like he's been poleaxed. He's out 'til the bell--the alarm clock bell that is. He didn't touch me tonight and what I heard down here sounded so good that I wanted some of it too. In fact, I've wondered for some time what you carried for equipment between your legs."

"Oh. Now you know."

"Yes, now I know. I like what I see and I want to get much better acquainted with it. Now, may I climb into the bed there with you or are you going to keep me standing here all night just ogling me?"

"By all means, Lois, climb on, er, uh, in, or whatever."

She did exactly that. She climbed onto the bed, straddled me on her knees just like Steph had and dropped onto my waiting, throbbing cock. My God, if Steph felt really good, her mother felt heavenly and then some. She was more than wet. She just slid right down to my pubic bone whithout stopping. Slick, but a tight fit non-the-less.

"My God, Ben, you're half again as big as Sam," panted Lois as she pounded up and down on my fuck stick. "You're reaching places he's never been. Oh God."

If Steph's orgasm was volcanic, Lois' orgasm was cataclysmic. Her eyes rolled back, she shivered and quaked, and she squirted cum fluid galore. I'd shot my load several times already that evening, but that didn't keep me from blasting off another really good load into Lois.

When she came around a few moments later, Lois said, "It's getting late, but I think we have just time enough left. Eat me out and clean me up with your tongue. I'll return the favor when you're done."

She rose up slowly, popping off my still rigid boner as she did. My God, I wondered, won't that thing ever go back down?

"Jesus Ben, you're still hard as a rock. Let me do you first."

Lois slid down far enough to drop her head to my cock and laved away the mixed cum fluids clinging to it in a sticky coat. That stimulation was such that just as she finished, but with my helmet still in her mouth, I shot off another load, albeit this time, a quite small one.

"Fuck, what it would be like for me to be eighteen again, Ben, you studly hunk. I'll definitely be seeing more of that cock. God but I envy Stephanie tomorrow. No wonder she doesn't want to come along with us. I wouldn't either in her place. Now get busy and use your tongue on me."

Lois crawled up beside me and turned on her back. I slid down to her lower lips and dropped my mouth to her folds of pleasure. I had never done this before, but again, instinct seemed to guide me. I just did what looked good and brought satisfying responses from Lois.

I lapped her puffy outer labia with loving care, paying special attention to the folds between her thighs and mons. I skirted the little nubbin' I guessed was her clit. Again, I wasn't totally ignorant. I just had never had the pleasure of a breathing body before, just vicarious experience with porno tapes.

My tongue went to her central crevice and lapped up and down from rosette to clit, going deeper on each pass. I lapped up all the fluid as I worked. I also lapped at her clit a time or two but she stopped me.

"If you do any more of that, I'll come again and you'll have to start all over. We don't have time for that now. I need to get back to my own bed; there's not much time left before the alarm goes off."

"I assume you'll be taking very good care of Steph the next thirty-six hours or so while we're gone. If she's to be sexually active, I'm glad it's you she chose. Enjoy, but treat her gently. She wears her emotions close to the top."

Lois stepped out of bed and to the door. She bent to pick up the robe she evidently had discarded earlier on her way into the room. When she bent over, she exposed her entire bottom and all its contents in the glow of the night light. Some moisture still glistened in her pussy slit. Either I had missed some or she was still aroused and producing more.

My God, what a night. I hadn't slept more than a total of twenty minutes or so. I shuddered to think that Steph likely planned to keep me more than occupied all the next day and much of the night. I hoped I was up to the challenge. I had found sex or rather, sex had found me and I liked it--liked it a whole damned lot
When I awoke on Saturday morning, it was already mid morning. What had awakened me was a most pleasurable feeling--a mouth around my cock and a laving tongue. God, what a way to wake up to a new day. I suddenly shot straight up to a sitting position, knocking the mouth off my cock.

"What the hell?"

"Not hell, lover, just me giving your beautiful cock its morning workout. It was already standing at attention when I came into the room."

"Oh, Steph, it's you."

"Of course it's me. Who else would it be?"

I evaded that answer by asking, "What time is it? Where's your parents?"

"It's nearly ten in the morning. Mom and Dad have left with the girls on their trip. They left hours ago. Mom said you looked beat and that I should let you sleep. She sure sported a glow and secret smile this morning. I wonder what that was all about? Anyway, I just couldn't wait any longer to get more of your cock."


"Yes, Oh. Now answer my question, who else did you think could be on your cock?

Shit! She didn't go for the evasion. Well, there's nothing for it now. "Your mother."

"Oh, really? and just what makes you think it could have been her, of all people?"

"She replaced you last night."

"She what? No, Ben, you're shittin' me. You just dreamed that."

"No, she really did. She heard us and decided she wanted some of the same thing you were getting."

"She knows about us?"

"Yes, and she gave me her blessings for taking care of you 'til they get back."

"Well, the old dear. I'm not entirely surprised."

"Now just what the hell do you mean by that crack?"

"Just this. I've known for quite some time my parents are swingers. I gather, from what I've put together, that they were heavily into swinging before we kids came along. They still do, but at a much reduced rate of turn over, so to speak."

"Well, now I'll be damned, Steph."
"And you really will be too, if you don't let me back at that cock of yours and then fuck my brains out again."

So I did and we did.

We came up for air about four hours later only because my stomach had rebelled, and mayve due to the fact that both of us were getting more than a little bit sore. I was starved. We got up and padded around the house bare assed naked to fix something to eat, something besides cock and cunt that is.

I liked the way her heavy boobs bounced and bobbled as Steph moved about. She said as much about my hard cock doing the same thing. We just couldn't get enough of each other's bodies, either touching physically in the act of loving or by just looking at each other. The whole time Steph ate her lunch, she couldn't take her eyes off me and my cock whenever it was in view.

"I wish it were you're cock I was slurping instead of this straw in a milkshake, but that wouldn't feed my belly."

"No more that it's your pussy I wish I were eating instead of this sandwich, but that wouldn't do anything for my stomach either."

We were constantly groping each other and grabbing ass or tit or cock while we cleaned up and then while we chased each other back into the bedroom for another long session in bed. Holy Shit, right then I didn't care if I saw another book or sheet of music. I was sinking in earthly pleasure.

Well, we sucked, fucked, and slept our way, in alternating order, all the way through to late Sunday morning when we realized we were going to have to get up and get dressed pending the arrival home of her parents and sisters. God, that sucked, pun intended.

And arrive home her parents and siblings eventually did around one-thirty in the afternoon. I was somewhat anxious about how things would go, but I didn't have long to wait to find out. Aunt Lois, Steph, and I were momentarily alone outside at the car for a moment as Sam took the youngsters into the house.

"Well, my darling daughter, you have that glow of a well fucked woman. No, on second thought, I would say a very, very well fucked woman. And you my darling young nephew, aren't getting off the hook just yet, either."

"What, wha..."

"I mean, Mr. Studly Stud, I want some more of you, especially your cock, before you take off."

"But the k..."

"Sam will be taking the girls to a friend of theirs--for an overnight stay."

"But what about Uncle Sam?"

"Oh, I told him about what you and I did and he's really turned on about it. He'll likely join us."

"Oh my God," I croaked.

"And what about me," asked Steph.

"Well, honey, that's up to you. I believe you're aware of our swinging activity. How are you on doing Daddy and Mommy and vice-versa?"

Now it was Steph's turn to utter, "Oh my God."

Lois answered with, "Let's go in. Sam's coming out now with the girls to take them to their friend's house."

Steph muttered, "I'm going to my room for a while."

She didn't look exactly happy. Aunt Lois cracked a beer.

"Want one, Ben?"

"Yeah, I sure need something."

She handed me mine and promptly proceeded to divest me of my shirt and tee. Then she removed her own top and bra. She next removed her skirt, half slip, and panties to stand in front of me bare ass naked again.

"Now your shoes and pants, Ben."

She helped, grabbing a solid wank on my exposed and very hard cock as she did.

"My, you really are anxious for me again, aren't you, lover boy!"

We sipped on our beers, standing there naked, eye to eye, staring at each other. Moisture was oozing from my cock and from Lois' pussy. Her nipples had gone erect the moment they were exposed to the cool air.

Lois drained the last of her beer and came over to me to drop to her knees and place her mouth onto my cock. I drained the last of my beer as she did.

"Let's go to the bedroom, Lois. I'm nervous out here in the middle of the living room."

She stood, grabbed me by my cock and led me off to the master bedroom. Each of my hands grabbed ass and rubbed her tight round cheeks as we walked down the hall. Precum was dribbling all over my cock head and her hand. I could see a bead of moisture creeping down her thigh.

In the bedroom, Lois fell on the gigantic round bed, a bed big enough to hold six or more people. I would later discover that it sometimes did. She fell on her back and spread her legs wide.

"Eat me, lover boy, eat me real good."

After she shook with three mild orgasms in quick order, Lois asked, "Where in hell did you learn that so quickly and so well?"

"I had a lot of practice over the weekend."

"Oh yes, how could I forget Steph's glow!"

Lois flipped me over and straddled me again. One hand grabbed my engorged cock and the other spread her cunt to take it in. She sank straight down to my pubic bone. She slowly pumped up and down on me. I suddenly felt some cool air blow over me. Uncle Sam was relfected in the mirror Lois was facing. Her body and tits blocked my line of sight.

"Ah, Sam, just in time."

I blanched. I didn't know what to expect now.

"You folks started without me, Lois. Shame on you. Hello, nephew."

He got a nercous, squeaky, "Hi," from me in response.

"Well, don't just stand there naked as a Jaybird staring at us. Climb aboard. I have two empty holes."

I felt the bed give as Sam climbed aboard. He straddled my legs behind his wife.

"I hear you're hung like a stud horse, nephew, and that you know damned well how to use it. I see it's working pretty well at the moment. Let's see if we can work together here."

Sam used a hand to gather our sex fluids from between Lois' legs, tickling my shaft in the process. I almost blew my wad at that point. He smeared this on his cock and all around and in Lois' rosette.

"Bend forward, Lois, so I can put Peter where he wants to go."

The moment his cockhead penetrated her sphincter, I felt him. Sam slid his cock slowly deeper and deeper into her ass. I felt his cock on mine, separated only minimally, the whole distance it traveled. God, yet another new pleasurable experience.

The three of us got a synchronized movement going that wrapped all three of us up into high gear. The grunts and moans of pleasure grew in number and volume as we all approached our climax. One after the other, we all got off in lustful pleasure and a cascade of sex fluids.

Then I felt another blast of cold air.

A naked Steph stepped into the room.

"Got room for another body up there?"

"Steph, honey, welcome to the party," chirped Lois.

Steph climbed aboard.

"Steph honey, I want you to eat your Mommy. Clean me up. Ben, you see to her needs from behind. Sam You stand by to take care of her mouth when she gets done with me."

Steph never blanched. She climbed between her mother's thighs and dropped her mouth right down into the source of her birth.

I got straddle of Lois' legs behind Steph and ran my ever rigid tool up and down her central crevice which was fully moist and dripping. I found her core opening and pushed in clear to my balls in one soft, easy stroke. I gently pumped away.

I used my right hand to reach under us and get it coated. She flinched just a bit as I lathered her rosette with her own moisture and pushed in the first finger. Then two. Then three. Steph was moaning hard in her mother's pussy.

As I slowly backed out of Steph's pussy channel, she came up for air long enough to say, "If you're going to do what I think you are, go easy. I'm a virgin in that hole too, Ben."

I completed the withdrawal of my cock from her pussy with a squishy "pop" and positioned it at her rear entrance. With a gentle, slow effort, my helmet popped in through her sphincter and then slowly into the depth of her back channel as far as my balls again.

Steph suddenly pushed hard and flipped me onto my back, my cock still deeply embedded in her ass.

"Sorry, Mommy, but I wand Daddy in my pussy. Now, please. Hurry."

"You're sure, honey?"

"Yes, just do it, NOW!"

Steph howled with pleasure as her double penetration was completed and both cocks moved insider her in unison. The orgasms, when they came, were again astounding in the pleasure and ecstasy they caused. This was aided and abetted by Lois as she nipped in and out around our two cocks getting in a lick here and there as we pumped away inside her daughter.

God, what a turn on. I never wanted to leave this house, but leave it I knew I must. I also, belatedly once again, realized that all this latest fucking had also been bareback. Well, too late to think about that now.

The good-byes an hour or so later were tearful for the women.

Steph said, "You'd better come see me first thing after your parents when you get home on your first school break--or else!"

"I'll second that motion," chimed in Lois.

"Or else what?" I asked.

"Just do it, Stud," the two women chorused together.

It was Christmas break before I barely managed only three days at home. And that only after Christmas day. That's a very busy time for music students and we were expected to take part in much, if not most, of the season's musical activities around the campus and town.

I walked into an almost empty house just after one in the afternoon. My now eighteen year old sister, Irene, was the only one home. She yelled for joy and rushed into my arms at the sight of me and gave me something more than a sisterly kiss of welcome. She also had a very interesting look on her face as she finally stepped back.

"Welcome home, big brother. I've sure been waiting to see you again."

"Oh, why is that Reen? Usually, you can't get rid of me fast enough."

"You'll find out. Let's go and sit in the living room and catch up. Mom and Dad are gone 'til way late tonight or the wee hours of the morning.

"Oh, where are they."

"They're at another of those post Christmas parties. There were so many parties around they couldn't get to them all before Christmas."

"And they left you here at home all by your lonesome?"

"Yup. I'm not unhappy about it. You go on in, I'll be right back."

Minutes later, I heard the toilet flush followed quickly by Reen walking in to sit beside me--right beside me, thigh to thigh. Hmmmm. That's unusual. Should I read anything into that? God, now I'm even thinking of my own sister in sexual terms. That's a hell of a long way from the near Geek that I'd been before.

I also noticed that she had far too many buttons undone on her blouse. It was also evident from a quick look I had, that she was sans bra under that blouse. Damn. Her short skirt had hiked up awfully darned high when she sat down and Reen made no effort whatever to correct the condition. Double damn. By that time, no one had to tell me that my cock was reacting to all this. It had already achieved full hardness. It was as hard as it'd ever been.

Reen filled me in on all the latest high school gossip and about the ones from my class who had stayed around town to work or commute to a junior college. As she got more and more into the sexual gossip, she dropped a hand onto my thigh.

Oh oh, now just where is this going?

She kept her hand slowly massaging as she talked. It dipped onto my inner thigh and worked slowly up towards my bulge. She had to of noticed it. When she got to that bulge, she grabbed a tight hold on my shaft and dropped her bombshell before I could react to her hand position.

"By the way, my studly big brother, I talked to Steph at school a week ago. She told me what happened at her house the weekend before you left for school."

Dead silence. A lengthy one.

I sat there, rigid with trepidation. Reen never said a word. She just squeezed my cock harder, holding on tight, waiting for me to say something. She had also turned and was looking straight at me the whole time.

Finally, I broke the silence. "Ju, just ho, how much d, did she tell you?"



"Yes, absolutely everything from the whole time you were there."

"Oh God."

"I won't tell anybody, anything."

"You said that like there's a condition attached. What is it?"

"I want the same thing they got."

"You what?"

"You heard every word I said. I don't need to repeat myself."

"Oh Dear God. Do you know what incest is, what its consequences can be if anyone finds out about it?"

"Yes, I do. Just as you were all consenting adults over there at Uncle Sam's, you and I are consenting adults right now. What harm is there in that if it's just between the two of us? No one else need ever know."

Reen tightened her grip even more on my now fully hard and aching cock.

"Reen, if you don't let up the pressure on my uh, my..."

"Your big stud cock?"

"Yeah. If you don't, you're going to twist it off. you really are hurting the hell out of me."

"Sorry, I didn't meant to squeeze so hard. Take it out. I want to see it."

She let go of me. While I paused to contemplate following her request, she shrugged out of her blouse.

Oh God, now I was lost. She had the most perfect pair of tits I'd ever yet seen. Big, without being monstrous; tight, no pencil would stay put under that pair; and they had perfectly sized aureola and nipples color accenting her pale, alabaster skin.

"Come on, Ben, quit stalling and get it out."

I could resist no longer. I slipped off my loafers, yanked off my socks and then dropped my jeans and boxers, stepping out of both. My full boner bounced and throbbed its anticipation in front of my gorgeous sister.

"Jesus, Steph and Aunt Lois didn't lie. You really are hung like a Goddamn horse.

Reen dropped to her knees in front of me and engulfed my cock between her ample boobs, smothered it, in fact. I was rapidly expelling precum to slick things up for her.

"Oh shit. Oh fuck. What a damned incredible cock my big brother has. Oh my God but it feels so, so, damned good."

"So do your tits, Reen."

"I don't think you ever tumbled to the fact, Ben, that I've had a heavy crush on you just like Steph had. Ever since I went through puberty. She and I talked about it often. It's more than a crush. Like her, I too love you deeply, more than in just a sisterly way. And, like Steph was until you changed that, I'm still a virgin. Still a virgin in all three places, I might add."

"No, I never realized, Reen."

I turned beet red. "I mean I never realized your feelings."

"Of course not. You're a man."

"She and I made a pact. you'd be our first fuck. In fact, you are my first anything beyond a good night kiss from my dates. No male has touched my body other than that. Nor have I seen or touched a cock until just now, unlike Steph."

Her explicit confession got to me.

Without warning, my cock throbbed with a vengeance and I shot string after string of ropey cum onto the underside of her chin. It dropped back onto her tits, my cock, and her hands. I don't think I ever shot such a large load of cum in my life. Maybe the fact that this was my blood sister had something to do with that.

Reen used her fingers to scoop up my discharge and lovingly swallow it. With her last mouthful, she raised up and kissed me, sharing my own cum with me in a loving embrace. Damn, talk about a sexy turn on. My cock was still bobbing at full mast.

I stood and removed both my shirt and my tee. I was in full lust then, sister or no sister. I reached for Reen's skirt zipper, zipped it down, and let her skirt fall to the floor in a pool at her feet. Her miniscule thong I simply and easily ripped off her body and flung it away. She moaned loudly.

I pushed my face into her beautiful, shaved pussy. Reen opened her legs and squatted some to give me free access to her womanly delights. And what a delight those folds and crevices were. I had gained just enough experience with my aunt and my cousin that I was sure I could pleasure my sister near to death. I sure was going to give it the old college try.

My work on Reen's pussy had her legs so weak and trembling that she just folded down onto the floor. I followed her down. I lifted her legs so her knees went up against her luscious boobs and told her to hold them there with her arms.

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