Ben: Familia Eroticus

by Dapper Dan

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Uncle, Aunt, Nephew, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ben is a member of another of those families that believes in loving togeither in order to stay together. The plot just deepens and thickens.

Two women, no, actually three women have been the focus of my life. First, last, and always has been my mother, Cathleen or just Cathy as she likes to be called. Then there was my sister, Irene. She was just a little younger than I. And the vers special woman in my life, cousin Stephanie. Later, I would have to add a fourth, my mother's sister, Lois, mother of cousin Stephanie.

The third woman, as I just mentioned, was said cousin Stephanie or Steph. I turned eighteen in February and Steph turned eighteen in May. I had graduated high school but Steph was a year behind me because of a protracted illness that kept her out of school a whole year in grade school.

Sis, or Reen as I liked to call her, would start her junior year at Central High in a week, while I would start my first year at State U. Steph would start her senior year at the same high school as Sis.

I didn't dislike females, it was just that I pretty much ignored them. Even in high school, I rarely dated. I only dated the little I did so people wouldn't get the wrong idea about me. Nor was I so ugly girls shunned me. In fact, an awfully lot of girls firted hard with me. I just didn't ask them out. I did work out and others had oft remarked on what a fine figure of manhood I was turning into. Elderly aunts made comments about how I must have the girls just clamoring after me.

Instead, my forte was academia and music. They consumed me to the near exclusion of all else. I graduated Valedictorian of my high school class. I was going to study music at the Juliard School of Music. I wasn't a geek, but I wasn't far from it either.

In my eighteen years, I had not kissed a girl in real passion more than a couple of times. My kisses had been confined to the loving family member kind. As far as the attempt to run the bases with a girl, I never even tried to get beyond first. That all changed in a thunderclap last week. Eighteen year old cousin Steph was the cause and why she became that very special woman to me.

Steph lived five miles out of town on a farm with her parents and three sisters. Her poor father, was still looking for a son to follow in his footsteps. I was a guest in their house from Friday night until Monday morning before leaving for school later the next week. It was a weekend I'll never forget.

My cousin was one lovely woman, albeit an eighteen year old woman. I may not have taken girls out much, but I wasn't blind. I knew a beautiful body when I saw one. Steph had one, a beautiful body that is. And, she darned well knew how to show it off as well as when and where.

Flaming red hair framed a face that was even more beautiful than that of Maureen O'Hara. Her torso, especially her chest, had males lusting after it. She had a butt that put Betty Grable to shame. Her legs were the long, lean, firmed kind of a runner. All in all, Steph was one delicious package of femininity.

I was invited for a family supper and a weekend visit. There was not much question that they heard me arrive in my Dodge Ram pick up truck. The Ram was a regular cab short bed with a 318 c.i. V-8, a five speed manual shift on the floor, AND duals with one glasspak muffler. There was no way I'd be sneaking in suprise like.

My aunt and uncle gave me a gracious greeting. The three younger girls, at ages six, eight, and ten, were all giggles and jitters in their pit-tails. They jumped up to be kissed and then fled. As her parents followed the youngsters back into the house, Steph gave me her greeting. And what a greeting it was!

"Hi Cous," she managed to get out before she stepped into me, literally, put her arms around me, and mashed her lips to mine. Her boobs mashed into my chest and her pussy ground into my nether region. Reflexively, my arms went around her. My cock sprang instantly and unbidden to life. Steph pushed herself hard against it, her hands dropping to my ass to keep me in place--firmly in place.

"You two coming in? Supper's about ready," Aunt Lois cried from the front porch door.

Steph broke our clinch and stepped back a pace. All I could do was groan in pain and pleasure.

"Take that, cous. It's fair warning. I've had a crush on you for years. I vowed to do something about it someday and now that I'm legal, I can. You're all mine this weekend, Ben. And, unless your unlucky, you're mine for the whole, long, beautiful summer."

"B, b, bu..."

"No butts about it, Ben, unless it's my butt. I'm gettin' you're cherry this weekend and I do know you have a cherry to pick. As a treat, you'll be getting mine. Think on that one, cous."

I did--all through supper. Think on it that is. I didn't have a choice. Steph kept reminding me in such subtle ways.

During supper, Steph and I were seated side by side. Her three sisters were all seated across the table with her parents on either end. All through the meal, Steph took surreptitious feels along my right leg. Several times she even managed to give my manhood a good grab. Needless to say, my cock was rigid the whole damned meal. Steph was enjoying my discomfort, immensely.

I was also scared to death the whole time. I knew nothing about what to do with a real live girl. Hell, I wasn't totally ignorant. I'd read my share of porno and seen my share of it on videos although that share had been pretty small. But a living, breathing, lust crazed girl? That was another whole matter.

After some play time post supper, Steph's Mom, Aunt Lois, said to me, "Sam and I are taking the three younger girls to Kiddyland at Centerville tomorrow. It's far enough away that we'll be there overnight. We'll get back sometime after lunch on Sunday. You and Stephanie are welcome to come along."

"Thanks, but no thanks, Mom," Steph was quick to reply, "I promised to show Ben some of the joys and sights of country living. We'll be fine here on our own."

"Well, I just thought I'd offer. I wasn't expecting you to babysit your sisters."

That scared hell out of me. That meant Steph and I would be alone that length of time. My parents apparently did not know of this little trip or they might not have been so agreeable to my staying for the weekend. I don't know why my aunt and uncle allowed me to come for the whole weekend when they knew they'd be gone. Steph must of worked on them pretty hard for that concession. Then again, my aunt and uncle were known to be quite liberal parents.

The three youngsters were trundled off to bed. Their parents weren't far behind. That left Steph sitting next to me on the couch in front of the TV. She didn't remain idle for long. Jeeze, she sure had a one track mind as far as I was concerned and I was right in the middle of the tracks or maybe I should say, bullseye.

With a sexy giggle, Steph whispered in my ear, "I see you've been anticipating me, Ben. I don't think your cock has been soft since I kissed you outside."

Steph partially stood enough so she could then plop herself down across my lap--right up tight against my rigid, aching dick. She rubbed her thigh and hip against my rod, turned her upper torso so her right tit pushed into me, and locked her lips to mine. I eventually caught on and opened my mouth to her probing tongue. Our tongues entwined. I groaned and shot off a load of cum in my pants. Steph felt the pulsing of my dick and knew what happened.

"Don't worry about it, Ben, you'll last a long time now."

Steph twisted around so that her back was against me and rubbed her ass against my still rigid cock. She grabbed my hands and put one on each of her tits.

"Play with them, Ben."

In moments, I was hooked. Damn but she felt so good! I never knew what I'd been missing until then.

"Shit. Wait just a minute Ben. I need something more."

She pulled my hands away and quickly unbuttoned her top. She pulled her bra cups up to her shoulders, freeing her more than ample bare boobs to the fresh air--and my hands. Steph sighed contentedly as she replaced my hands on the skin of her bared mammaries. God, she was so soft and yet so firm. Her velvety skin was warm, almost glowing. Tweaking on her nipples made her moan softly.

"Oh, God. That's ten times better. A hundred times better, Ben."

I silently agreed.

Her tits were so soft and yet so firm. I'd not touched such pleasure toys before. Almost by instinct, my fingers and thumbs rolled her nipples which quickly swelled into erection. My cock was throbbing and hurt like the devil in its restricted environment.

Without her hand to guide me, my newfound lust caused my one hand to drop instinctively to the junction of Steph's thighs. Her light cotton slacks offered little barrier to my invading hand as I felt all over her pussy and the soft mound at its top. Oh God, my head was swimming. I was nearly delerious in a sea of sexual sensations. Steph slowly struggled to her feet just as I was trying to get under the waistband of her slacks.

"Oh God, Steph, what're you doin' to me? Why are you stopping now?"

"That was just a sample of what you'll get later tonight. Don't you dare stroke off any 'til then. I want you hard and I want you to last for a long time. I've got to get upstairs. My folks'll be waiting to hear me go to bed. You go down to the basement bedroom as usual and I'll join you later."

Steph fled upstairs. With now really aching balls, I stumbled to the basement and stripped. I've slept naked for years and saw no reason to do different now. I laid on my back on the bed and stroked with long, very slow motions on my ever rigid pole. I quit before I could expend my newly loaded balls. After a few minutes, I'd start all over

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