Jackie And Jill'in It

by Thesandman

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest, Cousins, Aunt, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys, Squirting, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Brian goes to live with his Aunt and Cousin after a tragic event.

I was in my last year of high school when my parents were both tragically killed in a car accident. Being an only child, I went to live with my Aunt Jackie and my cousin Jill. My Uncle had passed away the year before due to illness, so it had been a very difficult period of time for all of us, but a natural normal fit when I went to live with them.

Jill and I had always been close cousins growing up, and the fact we didn't live very far from one another made it easier for us to see one another during those years. Jill was in fact just three month's older than I was, though she seemed to enjoy holding that silly fact over my head most of my life.

As for my Aunt, she looked a lot like my mother, and reminded me of her in many ways, though unlike my mother, my Aunt Jackie was a lot more liberal and open-minded about several things, including allowing my cousin and I to entertain having friends over provided nothing got seriously out of hand. That wasn't really an option for me however, as I had left most of my semi-close friends behind after graduation, and hadn't really been seeing or dating anyone.

After the accident, I continued going to the same school I'd been going to as I did have my own car, which I appreciated in not having, or wanting to transfer to the same school my cousin Jill was then attending. In time things seemed to finally settle down into some semblance of normalcy once again, though with the uncertainty of a future ahead of me as far as continuing my education, and needing/wanting to help my Aunt out financially, it soon appeared that I'd have to remain living with them for a while yet even after graduating from school.

Jill was in the same place as I was of course, working what was then a part-time job in order to help out, all the while trying to save up enough money to hopefully begin attending college the following year. And though my Aunt had a fairly decent job, she often worked long hours and often came home late in the evenings, requiring that Jill and I both help out around the house as well in order to keep things livable and pleasant for all of us under the circumstances.

It was funny in a way, I certainly didn't look on Jill as being like a sister, though that first year together that I lived there made it seem a little like that. But not having had any kind of sibling, growing up with, Jill was for me more friend than cousin even. And I know that Jill felt very much the same way. We could talk, share things with one another more like friends than even a brother or sister would certainly share, and sometimes those discussions could get pretty interesting.

Jill was fairly tall for a woman at just under five foot ten, another one of those things we teased one another about as I was exactly five foot ten, so there was but a hairs breath separating us height wise, though all she had to do was fashion her long dark hair just a little to make her appear taller than I was. We had the same color of hazel eyes to match the dark colored hair, and during that last year living together had actually passed as twins whenever we'd gone out as a family. Something that Jill and I often got a kick out of as passing off as the truth. And though she was indeed my cousin, I couldn't help but periodically notice the obvious differences, especially as we grew up. Jill had a knockout body with full breasts and the cutest tight ass I'd ever seen which she loved showing off during the summer when she wore those tight fitting cut-off jeans she was hardly ever out of.

But lets face it, looking and appreciating was one thing, imagining was something else entirely, which remained my personal never approached and never acted upon little secret.

Though we had both been seeing and dating other people on and off, nothing had been very serious, and as I was only then beginning to consider the possibility of eventually joining the service and seeing the world, I certainly wasn't looking to be getting involved in any long-term relationships. And ever since graduation when I found myself tied more to my Aunt's home rather than around my old stomping grounds, things had dried up for me considerably as far as having a girlfriend went.

I knew Jill had been seeing and dating one guy for several month's now, and had met him a couple of times whenever he'd come by the house to pick her up for a date, or spend some time hanging around the house. Personally, I didn't see what Jill saw in the guy as I thought he was a bit of a self-centered conceited jerk, but I kept those thoughts pretty much to myself.

As was usually the case for us on a Friday night, my Aunt Jackie was still at work and wouldn't be home until late. Jill had gone out with her boyfriend to a drive-in movie, leaving me home alone, dateless at the moment though I almost preferred it that way as I didn't have a lot of money to be throwing away on dates at the moment anyway. About the only thing I'd been dating was my right hand, and had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I'd be doing so again this night, though I was actually looking forward to some self-time alone, a good porn movie which I had a few secretly stashed away that no one knew anything about.

Though I had my own room across the hall and a few feet away from my Aunt's room, we only had the one TV set which was in the den downstairs from the upper bedrooms. This allowed for a certain amount of privacy with Jill's bedroom being the only other room downstairs besides the washroom and another full bath. I figured I easily had a couple of hours to amuse myself in as my Aunt never got home before nine on a Friday night anyway, and with Jill having gone to see a double feature at the drive-in putting her in well past midnight.

So it was that I eventually settled in to enjoy myself, watch a dirty movie, have a nice little cum, and then head off to bed in preparation for a days work of landscaping where I made a little extra money in helping out around the house.

Then all hell broke loose.

I had worn only a bathrobe, something I could slip in and out of easily if needs be on the one hand, and on the other, allowing me quick and comfortable access as I began pleasuring myself while watching the rather erotic movie I was currently enjoying.

I didn't hear the door open upstairs, as Jill had come in through the front door. So I was totally unaware of her even being there, and as I now know she thought me to be upstairs in my own room, she had headed directly downstairs towards her own.

With the layout being the way it was, Jill wouldn't have known I was even in the den until reaching the bottom of the steps and turning the corner to head down the hall towards her room. As she did however, she was able to look into the den and see me sitting there, though my back was towards her as I sat on the couch, but what she obviously could see was the dirty movie I had playing on the TV.

The next thing I know is that she's standing there in front of me, tears streaming down her face, this horrified expression glaring at me as I glance up only now realizing I'm no longer alone, cock in hand busily and happily stroking it.

"You're all alike aren't you?" Jill nearly screams at me, "All you can think about is sex!" Suddenly she turns and disappears from the den in a dead run towards her bedroom. I sit there stupidly for a moment trying to gather my wits about me, as well as the robe I was no longer wearing, stood up turning off the TV, and listened. I immediately walked down the hall towards her room, stood outside for a moment and could hear the sounds of her crying coming from inside.


"Go away."

"Jill please, I think we need to talk," I spoke through the door at her. "What's wrong? What happened?"

I knew there was a hell of a lot more to all this than her just coming home and finding me jerking off. She'd been crying for a lot longer than those few moments when she'd entered the den, though obviously crying fresh tears now as I stood hopelessly outside her door.

"Leave me alone!" she cried out once again. So I did. I quietly made my way up to my own room and went to bed, though I lay there in the dark for a considerable amount of time wondering at what the hell it was that had really happened before finally falling asleep.

The following morning I came downstairs to grab a cup of coffee and some toast prior to heading out and meeting up with the guys I worked with. As usual, my Aunt was already up having a cup herself and reading the paper out on the deck. Jill was nowhere to be seen, but it was early yet, and she was no doubt still in bed.

"Morning Aunt Jack," which is what I had always affectionately called her, leaning over to give her a quick kiss on the forehead as I also always usually did.

"Good morning Brian," she answered back lowering her eyeglasses as she peered over the tops of them towards me. "Anything interesting happen last night?" she asked inquisitively now staring at me.

I almost drowned on that first sip of coffee I had just barely poured into my mouth. "What?" I managed to say sitting down before I fell down into my seat. "What do you mean?"

"Jill," she said simply. "I barely caught her this morning before she was out the door for a run."

"Ah oh," I thought to myself. Though Jill had actually been active in school on the track team, and then later on in gymnastics, ever since graduating, the only time she ever ran in the morning was when something was bothering her. And usually, the earlier she got up to run, the more she seemed to be bothered by something. "When did she leave?" I asked.

"Five thirty," my Aunt said still staring at me. "So what happened last night? Do you have any idea? She wasn't about to talk to me about it," she added letting me know that she had at least tried.

"Not really, no." I said honestly. "I was in the den watching TV when she came home, no more than about an hour or so after she'd left. She was already crying when she came downstairs but went immediately to her room. I tried to get her to come out and talk about it, but she asked me to go away, so I did."

It obviously wasn't exactly the whole truth, but enough of it to sound reasonable.

"Damn kid," Aunt Jackie spoke shaking her head. "Never did like the little shit," she added.

I knew exactly who she was talking about, I had already gathered that much information based on Jill's appearance and condition when she'd arrived home, not to mention what she'd seen and then commented on to me.

"Think they broke up?" I wondered.

"I certainly hope so, it would be for the best though I'm sure Jill wouldn't see it that way." My Aunt then smiled at me assuredly. "I really wouldn't worry about it, she'll come around and tell us what's going on as soon as she's ready to do so."

I didn't find a whole lot of comfort in that, though I couldn't imagine for the life of me that my cousin would tell my Aunt she'd caught me jerking off while watching some porn flick on the TV. Still...

"Yeah, I'm sure she will," was all I could offer. "Well, I'd best get going myself, we've got six yards to do today," I told my Aunt.

"Oh Brian? Just so you know, I've got a date myself this evening," she offered which was rare for her. I'd only known her to go out with someone a couple of times since coming to live here. "So I may or may not be home still by the time you get off. There's some leftovers in the fridge from the other night that you and Jill can heat up if you wish, or a coupon for Pizza if you'd prefer that's by the phone."

"O.k., thanks Aunt Jack," I said smiling sweetly, then standing and giving her yet another kiss good-bye. "Have fun tonight," I said unnecessarily, and caught a bit of a blush flush her cheeks upon saying that.

"Let's hope so," was all she said, then lowered her glasses and began reading the paper once again.

It was early evening by the time I had finished up and arrived back home. Jackie was gone as was evidenced by the fact her car wasn't in the drive way, and Jill was as I came around back and saw her sitting there on the patio drinking a beer.

"Want one?" she asked holding up a second one towards me as I approached her. At least she was speaking to me again, and hopefully we could now discuss everything that had happened.

"Sure ... thanks!" I said taking the beer from her, sitting down across from her at the patio table though I took a sip without saying anything, waiting for her to do so if she was going to.

"I'm sorry about last night," she began, "it wasn't your fault." I remained silent waiting for her to continue, I knew there was more, and my responding wouldn't have been very helpful at the moment. Jill took a breath, then another sip of her beer. "It's just that it was a really awkward night, all the way around," she continued. "First the fight with Jim over wanting to fuck me in the backseat at the drive in of all places!" she stated indignantly. "Not that we haven't before," she added surprising me to some degree as we'd never really talked about it. "But when I refused to do it with him, he got all pissy and told me that maybe it was time for us to take a break. So I told him I thought it was probably a good idea, so I got out of the car, called a cab, and came home."

"To find me..." I left off without filling in the blanks though I tried to smile at her knowingly for the sight that had obviously greeted her eyes upon entering. "Yeah, I'm sorry about that too," I finished for her. "I obviously didn't expect you to come home that early," I said by way of explanation, though that really didn't justify or explain what it was that I'd been doing either.

"I still shouldn't have taken it out on you," she told me. "You just sort of surprised me is all," she said blushing. "When I saw that you were home in the den watching TV, I first thought we could sit and talk about what I was feeling, then when I saw what it was you were actually watching, and then doing, I just sort of lost it."

"Perfectly understandable Jill, not exactly something you were expecting to see was it?"

She finally laughed. "No ... not hardly, I didn't even know you had any of those kinds of movies."

Now it was my turn to laugh. "It wasn't my intention that you ever discover that I did either! Or see me doing what I was doing for that matter." Jill really was blushing now.

"No, like I said, it wasn't your fault, it really didn't have anything to do with you, and I know guys do that ... a lot, at least that's what I hear anyway, it was just actually seeing you doing it when I was all upset over everything that had happened. It just hit me funny."

"Well, I don't do it a lot," I told her as though that again rectified anything. "Just every once in a while when ... well you know," I left off saying. "I mean ... don't you?"

Obviously my question caught her off guard and by surprise, she stammered as though about to deny that she ever had, or ever did, then thought about it and realized that we'd never really lied to one another about anything before. "Yeah, sometimes I do admittedly, especially in the beginning when Jim and I were just starting to sort of fool around a little. I would find myself getting excited by all the newness and wonder of it, then yes ... later on that night I would before going to sleep, so I can certainly understand why you would now, and were last night," she admitted to me. "Just never considered the fact that you probably did ... or do."

"So ... we're good then?" I asked.

"Of course we are silly!" She said standing up, and then came over and sat down in my lap giving me a kiss on the mouth. This wasn't out of character for her, or even for us, as I said we'd always been close in a friendly sort of way. Always joking around and teasing one another, perhaps a little more intimately than brother's or sister's might do perhaps, but it had always been harmless innocent fun, even though I had been very acutely aware of my cousins full well-rounded breasts whenever they'd been in close proximity to me.

"Now, just one more question I want to ask you about," she said sitting there with her arms wrapped around my neck.

"O.k., what?" I asked curiously.

"Why do you enjoy watching those movies anyway?"

"What?" I stammered surprised by the question.

But she went on without really waiting for any further explanation. "I mean I've certainly seen a few fairly suggestive "R-rated" movies, but I've never, ever seen a hard-core movie like that one before," she said simply. "And the little of it that I did see, didn't look like it would be all that exciting. So why do you?" she asked again.

"I don't know, maybe it's just one of those guy things," I said lamely trying to beg off. "You certainly see a hell of a lot more than what you see in most of those "R-rated" movies you just mentioned."

"Oh? Well, then let me see one," she said standing up off my lap.


"Yes! Now!" she said enthusiastically. "Go get it so we can watch it."


Jill laughed at me. "What? You shy about watching some dirty movie with your own cousin?"

"Something like that," I told her.

"Oh come on Brian, I don't want to watch something like that by myself, I would feel weird then. And I'd rather be able to ask you about it while we are, find out what you find interesting, or why it appeals to you, stuff like that."

"I don't know Jill," I wasn't feeling all that easy about this for a number of reasons, most of which I wasn't about to tell her.

She wasn't about to take no for an answer however. "You go get the movie, I'll order the pizza, then we'll just sit and watch it like we would any other movie we've sat down and watched together."

"This isn't like any other movie," I said once again.

"Exactly, but maybe after this, I'll understand a little better as to why."

Reluctantly I agreed, though perhaps with the help of the pizza and both of us being fully clothed, we'd get through the experience without too much difficulty.

Though I had inserted the movie, we waited until after the Pizza had arrived before heading down stairs with the Pizza and more beer to wash it down with.

"What's the name of it anyway?" she asked.

"It's called, The Girl Next Door."

"That figures," she laughed. "O.k. lets see it."

I turned on the movie, and then purposely sat down in the chair with an end table between us, using that as an excuse to place my pizza and beer with Jill sitting on the couch next to me. She laughed at that, I wasn't fooling anybody, but her attention was soon diverted to the movie as it began. Initially, it really did feel a little awkward as things quickly began to unfold, a lot more so than they actually did in real life, which of course Jill commented on.

"I would never do something like that, not in a million years, no matter how good looking the pool-guy really was," she stated somewhat indignantly.

"I know that you wouldn't," I offered her. "But that's not really the point of the movie now is it?" I told her. "This girl is obviously flirting, showing off her body by the fact that she's actually sun-tanning on the diving board in the nude, then acting like she had no idea that the pool guy was going to show up today, and even though he has, she's not about to go running back into the house either. And yes, in fact, it's obvious that she is now enjoying teasing the guy whose simply there to clean her pool, and who is trying very hard not to stare at her the whole time he's doing it."

"Well that part is sort of stupid," she said once again still watching it. "I mean look at him," she then giggled. "He's not doing a very good job of hiding the fact that he has a hard-on poking out of his swim trunks now is he?"

Trying to watch an X-rated movie and be logical about it was like trying to teach a Cat to bark. Trying to explain that to Jill in reasonable terms wasn't happening either. Yeah, it was sort of idiotic to see this guy hauling a hose around the pool while trying to clean it with this enormous erection pressing against the front of his swimming trunks, and even more so with this girl (now actually sitting up on the diving board, flaunting her breasts while he's trying to do so). But that's not the real point of the movie either, it doesn't necessarily have to be logical when we all know we're about to see them get together and fuck, strangers and all supposedly.

"Do you think she has nice tits?" Jill suddenly asked me staring at the girl sitting on the end of the diving board.

I couldn't help but look of course, especially being directed to. "Yeah, I suppose they are," I told her. "Probably not real though."

"You don't think those are real?" Jill asked curiously.

I looked carefully once again. "Nope, I don't think so, just a little too perky if you ask me."

"Mine are perky!" Jill said in defiance. "Don't you think so?"

Now I was looking at hers of course, even though she had on a tee-shirt covering them. "Well sure ... yes, but not like I've actually seen them either," I said in my own defense. "But I'm sure they don't look anything like hers do."

"Oh? So whose do you think looks better?" she asked once again. I was about to reiterate that I really couldn't fairly compare the two, when to my surprise Jill lifted up her tee-shirt actually baring her breasts. "Well?"

I had on some few occasions managed to catch a glimpse here or there of my cousin's tits, usually when she leaned over wearing one of her more loosely fitting tank tops. I'd even spied a bare nipple once, but only for the briefest of seconds, and never anything like this. Now, here she sat, tee-shirt fully pulled up and over her boobs, both of them staring at me with those perfect little twin, tan colored nipples sitting atop two of the most perfectly shaped orbs I had ever seen before. And I can honestly say, I've seen a few.

"Ah ... wow," was all I could really say.

"Well?" she pressed once more. "Are they or aren't they as pretty as hers are?"

"Much more ... beautiful," I stammered. "And besides, like I said, hers probably aren't even real anyway," I added, though that didn't seem to impress Jill a whole lot.

Jill looked at the TV once again just as the pool guy had finished putting some sun-tan oil on the girls back which she'd obviously coaxed him into doing for her, and then had turned so that he'd apply some of it to her breasts as well. His hands were still fixed on the girl's tits and he was now obviously playing with them, not just rubbing on the suntan oil.

"See how they hardly even move while he's touching them?" I pointed out. "That's one for sure way you can tell."

I didn't catch the movement at first, but then suddenly Jill had stood and had stepped in front of me blocking the TV.

"Go ahead, touch them," she stated. "Tell me if you like the way these feel better than the way those would."

"Jill, I don't need to touch them to know that," I said simply. "I'm sure I would."

"Then do it," she said once again. "I would really like to know what you think."

"Why?" I asked, but had placed both hands on my cousin's breasts even as I said that.

"Because Jim once told me he thought I should get a boob-job someday and get even bigger breasts than I have already, but I couldn't understand why he'd want me to do that, unless they aren't attractive enough or feel the way they should feel," she told me seriously. "So? What do you think?"

"I think that Jim's an asshole for starters," I said removing my hands from my cousin's breasts. "And secondly, you have nice boobs, and they feel just right, just the way they are."

Satisfied, she pulled her shirt down covering them once again and took her seat back on the couch. I was thankful for that, as at least the armrest concealed the fact that I now had an erection, which I'd been struggling with in the first place after the movie had begun. But now, actually having seen and then touched Jill's tits, there was no hiding it or willing it to go away after that either.

And of course, to make matters worse, the two were now fucking on top of the diving board.

Jill started laughing. "They get that thing bouncing too much more, they're going to bounce themselves right off of it!" Then Jill quit laughing as the camera zoomed in for some pretty explicit close-ups. "Damn, is that what it really looks like?" she asked seriously.

I had no idea what to say, so I didn't. I just sat there in my chair with an enormous erection watching two people fucking, thinking about my cousins bare tits, and trying very hard not to do so.

"Don't laugh," Jill began, which was the last thing I wanted to do under the circumstances anyway, "but though we only had sex a couple of times, I've never really even seen a guys dick before, I mean not a hard one anyway."

What she just told me didn't make any sense, and I as much told her so.

"We never really did anything except in the dark," she explained. And though I certainly touched him a couple of times, you know ... played with it, I never actually saw what it was I was playing with, or what it looked like," she said seriously. "That..." she then added pointing at the TV, is actually the first hard dick I've ever really seen before now."

"You're serious?" I said disbelievingly. "You mean to tell me you and Jim have done it, and you've actually never even seen him when you did?"

"Nope ... not even once. Most of the time he was in such a hurry to get it in me, that I never did see what he even looked like, or especially afterwards when he was always in such a hurry to put it away."

"Good hell, no wonder..." I heard myself saying before I could stop the words from coming out.

"No wonder what? No wonder that I was always coming home and masturbating afterwards?" she finished the thought for me. "Now you know why."

"So you never did with him?" I questioned.

"No," she actually admitted softly. "I figured that after a while things would sort of improve, but they really never did. If anything, it just got worse, at least for me it did."

"Damn, I'm sorry Jill, it shouldn't actually be that way at all. Trust me, it can be a hell of a lot better than that," I assured her. "And I'm sure with someone else ... it will be."

We both sat staring at the TV for a few moments after that, the action if anything a lot wilder and more erotic than anything we'd even seen up until now. I also knew the inevitable cum-shot was only moments away as the pool guy was now sitting on the edge of the pool, the girl in the water now sucking and jacking him off which was a sure indication that's where this one was going to finish up.

"Seen enough?" I finally had to ask, hoping that she had as I was even more uncomfortable now than I had been.

"Never seen that either," she said indicating that she was fully aware of what we were only moments away from actually seeing.

"Yeah well," I spoke not sure what else to comment or say about that.



"Would you do me a big favor?" she asked.

"Name it," I told her hoping that whatever it was, that it would involve turning off the TV before the inevitable happened on screen.

"Would you let me see yours?"

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me," she said softly. "I'm willing to bet you have one right now, and I'd like to actually see one, and not just on the TV, but actually see and feel one, she added while being able to look at it for myself."

"Holy shit Jill, do you hear what you're asking me? What you're saying?"

"Of course I do, don't be an idiot. We've known each other for a long time now, and I wouldn't have asked you if I was uncomfortable about asking it, or didn't feel like I could trust you. So ... will you or won't you?"

Dumb-founded, I just sat there for a moment not sure of what I should or shouldn't do. "Maybe this will help," Jill said standing up, and once again lifted her tee-shirt, only this time she didn't just pull it up, she pulled it up and over her head so that both of her bare breasts were clearly visible to me once again. "Is that better?"

It was ... and it wasn't.

Jill really was a beautiful young woman, and sure, I had had several naughty delicious thoughts about my own cousin in the privacy of my own mind, but that wasn't something I was about to confess having either. But now ... being confronted with actually looking at her, let alone her wanting to look at, and possibly even touch me was something else entirely.


I couldn't believe I was actually doing this, but I then stood and began undoing my belt.

"Come sit over here beside me," she said patting the couch. "That way I can see you better," she said simply.

I was self-conscious as hell, without really having a reason to be. But she was after all my own cousin. And she was staring at my hard erect prick with an intensity I had never seen before, not from any woman I'd ever met at least.

Sitting beside her, she tentatively reached out placing her hand around it and began feeling it. She giggled. "Wow, it's so hard, and so warm to the touch," she stated as though she were hypnotized.

Just as I almost found myself to be as she kept fondling my erection, exploring it with both her eyes as well as her hands. "That's even better than I imagined it should be," she stated finally.

Thankfully, we had missed the cum-shot on the TV, though why I thought that I really don't know. But what we both looked up to discover at that very moment was another woman, a different one who was lying in a bed with another guy who was currently going down on her, licking her pussy with several very intimately revealing close-ups showing what he was doing to her while all this was going on.

"Fuck," Jill actually moaned out loud. "Have you ever done that?" she asked me point blank, "to a girl?"

Once again I was near speechless, "Ah ... sure, several times," I actually found myself saying.

"Really? What's it like?" she asked me.

"What do you mean what's it like? For you? For me?" I didn't know what she was asking me really, and once again felt foolish like having just been turned inside out tongue wise. "I take it ... you've never experienced that before."

Jill didn't immediately answer me though, her face was glued to the TV watching the guy's tongue rapidly flicking the woman's hard exposed clit back and forth as he now likewise wormed a finger inside her juicy wet passage.

"Oh fuck," Jill moaned even more deeply, and then actually slipped a hand down to her shorts, unzipping them as she did so. Sitting there next to her on the couch, my prick hard and as straight as it had ever been, became even more so as Jill quickly kicked off her jeans, removed her tiny black thong, and spread her legs, slipping a finger delicately into herself just as the guy on the TV was doing.

Things were obviously out of control at this point, and I didn't know what I should do about it, if anything one way or the other. But sitting there watching her as she actually began playing with herself wasn't something I suddenly wanted her to not finish doing either.

"Jerk it off for me," she said then. "I want to see it," she added as she turned slightly towards me, her own fingers now rubbing against her clit as she exposed her most intimate parts towards me.

Somehow I managed to convince myself this was all normal exploratory kind of stuff and that Jill was merely full-filling her curiosity with someone she felt safe and comfortable in being with. But whatever reservations or guilt I might have entertained in the beginning, soon flew right out the window as I sat there watching my cousin as she fingered herself so openly before me, and especially when the woman on the TV began climaxing as the guy continued going down on her. That seemed to trigger everything at once, and I knew I was only seconds away from shooting a load.

"Please ... Brian? Let me."

The next thing I knew, Jill had once again wrapped her hand around my hard stiff cock and was gently, expertly milking it. A second or two after that, I was in heaven.

"Wow," she breathed lustily for what seemed like an eternity afterwards. "You came a lot!"

"Tell me about it," I said sheepishly, now feeling a bit guilty after all. I had cum running all over my chest and legs, and she sat staring at her hands and fingers that were still covered in my spunk, though she seemed quite curious about it as she sat there playing with it. "Someone at school once told me it's good for the skin," she said matter-of-factly, and then I watched as she began rubbing it onto, and into her breasts. "Who knows? Maybe they're right?"

"Maybe..." was all I could think of to say. But then I thought of something else, and wondered if I really dare.

"Jill? Would you let me do something for you?" I asked her.


I didn't really want to tell her, so I just knelt down on the floor between her legs and leaned forward. She immediately got the hint. Wordlessly, she leaned back even deeper against the cushions of the couch, spreading her legs even more openly than they already were as my tongue darted out, spearing that hard little pink nubbin between her lips.

"Holy shit!" she cried out a second after that. "Holy fucking shit!"

Jill's ear-piercing little scream actually startled me, I hadn't expected that. But then again, I don't think she'd expected it either. I had never seen a woman thrash back and forth as wildly beneath me as she did. Her fingers all but digging into my scalp as she pressed herself against me as she came, and as she mashed my head so deeply into her that I could barely even breathe. But somehow I managed to, all the while continuing to gently flick the tip of my tongue back and forth over the surface of her tiny little clit, gradually slowing as the ebb of her intense climax slowly eased with it.

It was now late, and we were very much running the risk of her mother, and my Aunt returning home. Straightening up the mess, and ensuring we didn't leave one, I snatched the movie from the TV before I forgot about it and headed upstairs to my room, as Jill likewise did to her own. We both had a lot to think about, at least I know I did. We had crossed a pretty thin line tonight, and it worried me about what that might mean for the future, for our own relationship and the closeness we'd always shared together. Had we actually damaged it? Or would it survive?

I had been in my room for only a few minutes when I heard the front door opening. Aunt Jackie had finally gotten home, just after midnight, and for Jill and I, not a moment too soon. I lay in the darkness listening to the sound of her footsteps on the stairs, going into her bedroom for a bit, then out again down the hallway to the restroom that we both shared. I found myself needing to pee, the nervous tension and strain finally catching up to me, though I waited for a while even after hearing her return to her bedroom. I soon got up and quietly went to the door, peeking out and noticed that the light beneath her bedroom door was out. Why I felt the need to be quiet, sneaky perhaps was some sort of hold-over I imagined from what Jill and I had been doing earlier, as though she would see it in my face and suddenly know were she to look at me, at least before morning anyway when I had a chance to gather myself together a bit more than I was now.

As I passed by her bedroom door, I stopped hearing a faint noise as I did. It certainly wasn't her snoring, she hadn't been inside the room long enough to fall deeply asleep that fast. Then the familiar sound came to me, I wasn't so naive that I hadn't heard it before, nor knew what was going on inside. My Aunt had a vibrator, and she was using it! She had either had a lousy night after all, and was trying to get some relief from it, or ... she had had a wonderful night, short of being really wonderful, and was trying to make it even more so. Either way, after what I'd experienced myself tonight, getting caught standing outside my Aunt's door listening to her masturbating suddenly didn't seem like such a very good idea, so I hurried on down the hallway to the bathroom, and returned to my own room without stopping to listen on the way back.

Sunday was my only real day off. And I usually slept in whenever it was. Though for me sleeping in wasn't much past 8:00 either. I woke, feeling nervous and edgy. Jill and I hadn't really had any time to discuss what had happened between us, and I couldn't help but wonder what she might be feeling about now, if she might even be mad, or disgusted with me. Having just gone through such an ordeal as breaking up with her boyfriend, then feeling vulnerable and ending up doing what she'd done with me, and what I'd then done to her ... I was imagining all sorts of horrible things by the time I got downstairs and found my Aunt and Cousin out on the deck sharing a morning cup of coffee.

Jill smiled brightly towards me as I came out carrying an empty cup. "Morning sleepy head, sleep well?" she asked grinning like the cat that had eaten the canary.

"Ah yeah, you?" I asked back trying not to look in my Aunt's direction initially in the event I might give something away. She didn't seem to notice however, just smiling herself.

"Well I'm glad to see everyone's in a much better mood than yesterday," she once again said still smiling. "I certainly am!"

Obviously I'd been correct. Aunt Jackie had had a pretty good evening as well, probably reliving it to some extent just before going to sleep.

"Well, I'm off," Jill announced. "Need to get showered and get my butt off to work, see you two later," she grinned, then bent giving her mother a quick kiss, then danced over to me doing the same before disappearing back inside the house.

I watched as Aunt Jackie placed the newspaper she was reading down on the table, lowering her glasses as she looked over the rim of them towards me.

"Jill said that you helped her get over that idiot she's been seeing," she told me.

"Yeah, well we talked," I said a little uneasily. "I think there were just a few things she needed to get off her chest, but hopefully it helped."

"Oh I'm sure it did," she said still continuing to sit there and smile. "Nothing like a good orgasm to get you through the rough times hey?"

Every hair on my neck was standing straight up. I wondered briefly if there was a butcher knife hidden away beneath the newspaper on the table and that any moment now she'd pick it up and plunge it into me. I didn't know how to respond, so I didn't, continuing to play stupid, hoping against hope that she had meant something else entirely.

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