An Afternoon Shopping

by Ghostrider

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sarah finds evidence that her husband is cheating on her and, naturally, she is angry. That afternoon during a shopping trip to the local mall she gets a "free" massage - and more!

Sarah stood in the kitchen tapping her foot on the floor and trying not to scream. The target of her anger was her loving, faithful (well that's probably out the window now) husband of seventeen years who was in the garage getting the car ready while she thumbed through the day's mail. The envelope that had caught her attention was one that was about the size of a greeting card and had no return address and her name, and only her name, scribbled on the front. Curious, she had opened it and when she pulled out a hand written note card a photograph slipped out too and fluttered down onto the kitchen floor. Sarah bent down and picked it up and almost had a hear attack — the picture, a primitive black and white photo that showed her husband, naked and in the arms of a younger naked woman in what looked like some type of seedy hotel room ... then she read the card and it was simple as it was bittersweet. 'This is my wife and your husband. Either he stops fucking her or I deliver this picture to their boss!' Sarah read the card again and the phrase... 'their' boss stood out, so the fucking bitch works with Michael, how fucking nice! She stepped into the hallway, stuffed the card inside her purse then slung the purse over her shoulder and stomped out into the garage.

Michael smiled and looked up as his wife came into the garage. "You ready honey?"

Without looking at him she responded with a short, simple and angry... "Yes!"

He noted her simple answer and a flash of something being wrong went through his mind but nothing that bothered him all that much, although it should have. After seventeen years of marriage Michael should have been acutely aware that Sarah was angry and he should have wondered why she was angry but he didn't, he simply got in the drivers side and drove down to the mall. For the entire twenty minute ride Sarah stared straight ahead and didn't say a word, nothing, nada! Finally his curiosity got the better of him and he asked, "Is something wrong honey?"

Nothing that a fucking loaded gun wouldn't fix right now, she thought! "No everything is just ducky!"

He parked in the third level parking garage at the mall and once they were inside they started walking the hallways window shopping. After an hour of shopping she had stopped in a shoe store and purchased two pair of new shoes, one with nicely pointed toes that she imagined denting Michael's balls when she kick his ass. She had also stopped at the Victoria's Secret and bought two new bras and several pairs of sexy panties ... for her new lover that she hadn't found yet but was contemplating having soon. They walked to the end of the mall and entered Macy's, the huge department store that anchored the malls south corner. "Honey," he said, "I'm going over to the men's department ... I'll meet you back here in what ... say twenty minutes?"

"Fine!" She said it harshly on purpose and still he didn't react.

Michael walked off through the aisles and the one-word snotty answer didn't send any shockwaves through his body as he casually strolled away from his angry wife.

A while later Sarah was browsing through the perfume counter near women's furnishings when a young girl handed her a coupon. She thanked the girl and looked down at the coupon and saw it was for a free ten minute therapeutic massage. She turned back to the girl, "Excuse me ... where are they doing these massages?" She asked waiving the coupon in the air.

The girl turned, smiled and pointed to her right. "Right over there behind the cash register in women's suits."

Sarah had just turned down the aisle towards women's suits when she saw Michael walking up to her.

"Hi honey, what's up?" He asked.

She was so angry that she could have she would have murdered him on the spot and probably gotten away with it ... after all if she showed the card and the photograph to any sane jury they would certainly acquit her in minutes. "Well dear," she said sarcastically, as she showed him the coupon "I'm going to get a free massage." She pointed to the back of the store.

Michael, still dumb as a box of rocks, smiled at his wife. "Wow that sounds great, I'll just wait out here and browse around until you're finished.

Sarah simply nodded her head and walked back to the receptionist by the sign reading, free massages. She handed the girl her coupon and waited.

"It'll be just a minute ma'am we already have three people in the booths right now."

As Sarah waited she looked and saw that the department store, or at least someone, had set up three semi-private booths with massage chairs inside each one. Basically they were three-sided, curtained off areas with a massage chair in the middle. All three faced away from eyes of the shoppers and back toward the changing area of the women's department. She was thinking about her husband's whore when she heard the receptionist calling.

"Excuse me ma'am, the therapist is ready for you."

Sarah looked up and smiled. "Oh ... sorry, my mind was somewhere else." The receptionist led her around the cordoned off area and into the first booth. Standing inside the booth was a young man, maybe twenty-five or so; tanned fit and not bad looking. He was wearing a pair of tight fitting khaki shorts and a white tee shirt with the name of the therapy company on the front. He held out his hand and Sarah took it.

"Good morning ma'am, my name is Jim ... are you ready for a nice relaxing massage?"

Sarah shook his hand. "Sarah, and am I ever ready!"

"Good then just grab a seat and lay back and relax." He said through glimmering teeth.

She sat down and lifted her legs up onto the chair and leaned back. She watched him pick up some type of a remote control, touch a button then she felt a small vibration throughout the chair.

"How's that feel?"

Jesus it felt wonderful. "Oh that's nice." She moved just a bit to adjust her body then tried to relax as Jim stood behind her and began to gently massage her neck and shoulders.

He felt the tension in her shoulders and was curious. "Sarah you seem to be unusually tight this afternoon, are you okay?"

"Oh I guess so, just some ... uh ... well upsetting news this morning, that's all." His fingers felt so good that even with her anger she began to relax. His fingers moved all around her shoulders and neck then he began massaging her ear lobes and she reacted. Jesus, no one but that fuck of a husband of hers knew how sensitive her ear lobes were and now...

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