The Principal's Punishment

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Blackmail, Spanking, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sam is the principal of Kennedy high school and the one teacher he really dislikes is Mrs. Grayville, a stuck up bitch. Then he found something so devastating that he realizes that she will do anything to keep her secret - a secret.

Sam Watson sat behind his huge desk and leaned back in his leather armchair and watched the 20" ViewSonic computer screen and the action that was taking place right in front of his eyes. He moved his mouse and left clicked and the screen went dark for a second then started up again at a different scene and Sam leaned back and smiled as he watched Eugenia Grayville being spanked by one of her students.

This is perfect he thought, just fucking perfect. As the woman on the screen begged not to be spanked any more the girl with the short cropped cane stopped swatting her butt then she moved in front of Eugenia and pushed her hips forward and Mrs. Grayville began to lick the girls' pussy. Sam was one horny SOB and he wanted nothing more than to take out his cock and stroke it as he watched the teacher eating her students' pussy but that wouldn't do, not now. He stopped the video and ran his fingers through his hair; well I've finally got that stuck-up bitch right where I want her he thought. He popped the DVD out of his computer and labeled it, 'Mrs. Grayville in the Gym Teachers' Office', then slipped it inside his top desk drawer.

He reached over and pulled her personnel file and opened it and once again read her employment history. Eugenia Grayville had started out working as a substitute teacher for the Tarrant County School District then transferred to Kennedy high school when there was an opening and she had been continuously employed in the district for over seventeen years. Still, she was the most unapproachable and unfriendly woman he had ever had to deal with and she insisted that everyone at school call her Mrs. Grayville, never Genie although that's what all of her rich high and mighty country-club friends called her. Her husband Robert was one of two senior vice presidents at the Wells Fargo bank and Sam figured that he must be doing pretty well if they could afford a house at the Tarrant County Country Club. Eugenia and Robert had one child, a daughter Elizabeth, who was a junior at Kennedy and from what he saw in the video she was just as much into eating pussy as her mother was.

Sam had been the principal of Kennedy for almost seven years and in all that time Eugenia was the only teacher, or staff member for that matter, that he truly disliked. She was stuck-up, arrogant and haughty but now he was in a position to teach her a lesson in good old fashioned Texas manners. He looked up at the clock and saw that it was almost the end of the last period of the day so he reached over and pressed his intercom and Beth, his secretary, answered immediately.

"Yes sir, Mr. Watson."

"Beth, would you please call down to Mrs. Grayville's classroom and have her see me after school is dismissed?"

"Yes sir."

Sam picked up the manila folder with the photographs inside and thumbed through them looking with appreciation at the nubile bodies of the young girls as they had sex with Eugenia. He set the photo's down and picked up the teachers' personnel file again and was thumbing through it when there was a knocking on his door and Eugenia Grayville walked into his office.

"Good afternoon Mr. Watson, you wanted to see me?"

Sam looked up from her personnel file and motioned her over to a chair beside his desk. As she sat down Sam walked over to the door, leaned out and asked Beth that they not be disturbed then he closed and locked the door and walked back to his desk and sat down. He stared at the older teacher. Today Eugenia was wearing a long grey skirt that came down almost to the top of her conservative shoes. She had on a white blouse with a pull-over sleeveless green sweater. As he stared at her he could almost see through her clothing at what lay beneath. "Well yes Mrs. Grayville, I did want to see you." No pun intended he thought.

Eugenia saw that he had her personnel file on his desk and she wondered what was going on. "Is there something wrong Mr. Watson?"

"Wrong? Well, that may depend on what transpires here this afternoon Mrs. Grayville."

"I'm not sure I follow you Mr. Watson."

"It's Sam, Mrs. Grayville and do you mind if I call you Genie?"

She bristled at the use of her husbands' nickname for her especially by someone she looked down on as just another low-level county employee, someone not really worthy of her time. "Uh, well Mr. Watson I don't think that nicknames are appropriate in the workplace and I would rather we keep this on a professional level."

Sam smile to himself knowing that shortly she would be begging him to call her Genie. "Certainly Mrs. Grayville ... now just let me review you file for a moment." He opened her personnel file and pretended to study it although he had most of it already memorized. "It says here that you've been with the county school system for just over seventeen years, is that correct?"

"Yes, seventeen years ... come September."

"And at Kennedy for ten years?"

"Yes, ten years at the end of this school year. Is there a point to this conversation Mr. Watson?"

"A point? Well, yes Mrs. Grayville there is a point and I'll get to that in a minute or two but please let me continue. Your file shows that your husband is a vice president at Wells Fargo and that you have one daughter, a sophomore I believe."

Genie wondered what in the hell this was all about. "My husband is a SENIOR vice president at Wells Fargo Mr. Watson and my daughter ELIZABETH is a junior at Kennedy as I think you are already aware of, now can you come to the point of this meeting I have a lot of things to attend to tonight." She was seething ... he knew damned well what her husband did, everyone in town knew!

He looked up and into her eyes. "To the point ... well, yes of course. Well you see Mrs. Grayville I've had a complaint from a parent ... a complaint it seems about you." That wasn't true of course but she couldn't possibly know that. For a couple of years he had heard the vague rumors about a Kennedy teacher and her students having sex in the girl's gym. He had tried to catch the mysterious teacher but nothing had ever come of it then three weeks ago he decided to put a video camera inside the office and see what happened. One Sunday morning when no one was around school he slipped into the girl's gym and planted the camera and now he had none other than Eugenia Grayville on a DVD ... shit hot!

This was starting to sound a little bit too much like an interrogation to Genie. "A complaint? From a parent? What parent? What is this all about Mr. Watson? Do I need to have my union representative present?"

"It's Sam, Genie and the complaint is very serious, very serious indeed. As to your union rep, that's up to you but you may want to hear me out first."

Genie grimaced when he called her by her nickname but chose to ignore it — this time. "Serious? What is this all about, I demand to know right this minute!"

"Certainly Genie. It seems that there has been an accusation made that you might be having a sexual relationship with a female student or perhaps students ... is there any truth to that charge?"

Genie felt a chill go through her body; she stiffened then carefully chose her words. "A sexual relationship? Certainly you're joking. Who made such a preposterous accusation?"

"Well I can't really reveal the source Genie, confidentiality and all that legal stuff ... still there seems to be some truth to the accusation." He was leading her down the Primrose path of course but she was totally unaware of his evidence so she chose to lie to him.

She bristled at the accusation, even knowing that it was true. "I can assure you Mr. Watson that nothing of the sort has ever happened between myself and any of my students. Now if you'll please excuse me I need to be going." She stood up and turned towards the door.

"MRS. GRAYVILLE! Sit down this minute or you'll regret the decision for the rest of your life!"

Genie turned and looked at the principal. He had risen from his chair and was standing with his palms flat on his desk and from the look on his face he meant business. She turned and walked back to the chair and sat down. "Very well Mr. Watson but this had better be good, very good."

Sam picked up the manila folder and thumbed through it until he found the picture he wanted. It showed a totally naked Genie Grayville sitting in the gym teachers' swivel chair with her legs up on the arms and an unknown girl between her legs obviously sucking on her pussy. He took the picture and slid it face down across the desk. "Take a look at this Genie and tell me one more time that you haven't been having sex with your students."

Genie just stared at the back of the photograph for a long time before she had the courage to pick it up and turn it over so she could see who or what was on the other side and when she did she gasped and her hand flew up and covered her mouth. "Wha ... who ... where did this come from?"

"Well Genie I believe it was taken in the women's coach's office inside the girl's gym. You are the girl's volleyball coach aren't you?"

Genie was aghast as she looked at a picture of her and Beth Meyers, her best setter on the volleyball team. She had tears in the corners of her eyes and she looked up at the principal. "Yes Sam, I do coach the girl's team and that's obviously that's me in the picture but where did this come from?"

He noted with irony her use of his first name. "Sorry Genie but I can't reveal to you how I came by this picture but if I'm going to help you I need to know the whole story and it had better be the truth." He watched her as she seemed to shrink down into the arm chair, then she took a deep breath and started talking. Thirty minutes later she had confessed everything, well almost everything, she had conveniently left out the part about her daughters' participation in the sexual shenanigans going on in the gym. "One more question Genie, and think carefully before you answer this time, has your daughter ever participated in this with you and the other girls?"

Genie wiped her eyes with a Kleenex Sam had handed to her earlier. "Yes, Elizabeth has participated. She ... she and I have been intimate since her freshman year at Kennedy."

"And your husband doesn't know anything about this?"

"Robert know about... ? No ... no Robert is too ... well he is more concerned about his banking business than about paying any attention to me ... or Elizabeth for that matter."

"I see. Well what do you expect me to do now Genie?"

"Do? What do you mean do? I thought that you said that you would keep this between the two of us, you know, keep it quiet and no one would know the difference."

"Genie I never said that! You've been a teacher for almost twenty years and you have to realize that if I protected you and this ever gets out into the public eye I would be sitting in the cell next to yours ... no I think that my only choice is to report this to the proper authorities."

She could hardly breathe when he told her he was going to call the police. "Oh my God Sam, you can't! I mean my life would be ruined; Robert would divorce me and what would happen to Elizabeth? There has to be some way to keep this quiet."

He sat back in his chair and pretended to be thinking about it. Finally he leaned forward and put his elbows on the desk he said, "Look Genie if I'm going to help you then there has to be something in it for me, a quid-pro-quo so to speak. I mean if I agree not to call the cops then I'm as guilty as you are so there has to be a payoff for me, a big payoff."

She looked up at him, a glint of hope in her eyes. "You could do that? Keep it quiet I mean, get me off the hook?"

"Well yes I could and I'm even considering it. I'll tell you what Genie; maybe I have a solution for your problems. Stand up and let me look at you."

"Stand up?" She looked bewildered but she rose out of the chair and stood in front of his desk.

"That's good, now please take off you sweater and try to do it as sexy as possible."

That's when it dawned on her what he meant by their being something in it for him. Well she wouldn't do it, she wouldn't let this ... this animal touch her. She leaned on his desk and protested. "I can't believe what you're asking me to do Sam Watson, this is blatant blackmail!"

He leaned forward on his desk and was face-to-face with her then he said in a slow sarcastic manner with a grin on his face. "No, this is not blackmail Genie, it's simply doing a favor for a favor, a favor that means you won't have your ass thrown in jail, a favor that means that you're daughter won't be exposed as a lesbian and a favor that means that your husband won't be embarrassed by having everyone in town know that his whole family is made up of sexual perverts ... now take off your fucking sweater."

She stood there thinking about her options then she realized she didn't have any. With no other choice she took a deep breath then reached down and took a hold of the bottom of her sweater and slowly pulled it up and over her head then dropped it into the chair.

He looked at her and smiled. "That was good Genie, but try and be a bit sexier when you take off your blouse and bra."

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