by Miffy

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Desc: Flash Story: Saying sorry isn't that hard.

The smell of soil and fresh hay sifted through a musty atmosphere to tickle at Gabriel's nose, a calm smile on his lips as he made his way through the stables. His dark but gleaming indigo orbs caught the soft browns of the horse to his left. He paused his paces, leaning forward across the stable gate to pet its soft mane carefully.

"I remember when you used to be scared of horses."

Gabriel jerked back, the horse in return snorting before turning away and leaving the student alone; caught under a devil's blue gaze. Christoph stalked forward, his movement fluid and graceful despite his slightly disheveled appearance. His hunting stare followed Gabriel as the scholar paled noticeably and averted meeting his intent look.

"Not even a hello? Picking up on the bad manners of their kind, Gabriel. I wonder if that's all you've picked up, " Christoph snipped, his voice biting as he approached the shorter man. They appeared at opposite ends at the moment, Christoph's unruly chestnut hair cast over his eyes as his shirt fell unbuttoned at the collar and untucked from his matching black pants and boots. Gabriel on the other hand was the picture of perfection in his innocent detail. A soft lavender dress shirt was creased carefully under a simple black sweater vest, his darkly striped tie bringing out the color of his eyes while matching his carefully pressed slacks. Christoph licked his lips as he stared intently at Gabriel, his hair brushed back and held into a loose tail by some strip of ribbon. Primal and aggressive heat flushed through his muscled and long frame, his hands itching to shred the perfection before him so he might devour the student's innocent essence as he had long dreamed of since their first meeting. It made him sick to think Gabriel had been with the vampyres all this time, sharing his beauty with them, his attention, and maybe more. They were not worthy.

"Say something, won't you my love? Your silence offends me."

Gabriel flinched inwardly at the charming tone and rough accent of the man, more scared of it than his previous verbal stings.

"Good evening, Sire Denumount." He finally said stiffly, turning his head down in a respectful bow. He ached silently to run away, to flee into the protection of his friends or the comfort of Satoma's arms.

"That offends me even more." Christoph responded darkly, taking a sudden step forward and making Gabriel flinch visibly at the speedy approach. Christoph smiled, the sensual curve on his lips lifting at Gabriel's fear. It was too cute. "Apologize, won't you?"

" ... no..." Gabriel whispered back, wrapping his arms over his stomach to hug himself. What was he doing? It seemed he had taken enough from this man, and now he would take a stand.

"Excuse me?" Soft amusement trickled past the hunter's surprise.

"I am sick of apologizing to you, I've done nothing wrong so I won't." The scholar lifted his bowed head, staring fiercely at the hunter who stood only a few feet away now. The surge of heat ran through Christoph again, making the taller man's pulse rise and desires darken.

"Such bad manners, my love. Their kind really are such horrid influences." Christoph lunged forward before Gabriel could even blink, the student's body sent reeling to the floor from a violent shove. A surprised shout leapt from his lips as he landed on his backside with Christoph hovering overhead. Gabriel felt his bones rattle on impact as he tried to register the fact that Christoph had indeed shoved him to the ground. The scene all too familiar, Gabriel's heart ached painfully.

"Tell me what else they have taught you, Gabriel. The filth they have dared to spread on you as you no doubt accepted it like the obedient pup you are,"he hissed with a kick to glance off of the young man's hip. Gabriel's body turned from the hunters, a soft gasp of pain from his vocal cords again (enthralling Christoph) as he meant to flee. His cheeks flushed pink in thoughts of Satoma, a spiteful part wishing to tell Christoph all of the sordid little details of how he had not only made love to the vampyre, but dared to really 'love' him. Yet a forceful jerk on his shirt collar pulled him back to reality, forcing him to remain upright on his knees as Christoph held him tightly.

"Your face is so beautiful when you blush ... You little bloody whore. What did they do with you?"

"N-nothing, let me go, let me-!"

"Don't lie to me!" Christoph growled, enraged yet aroused to feel the trembling form pressed to his body as he leaned over. His arm around Gabriel's throat tightened as the student clutched it helplessly from crushing his windpipe. Meanwhile the hunter's other hand had worked it way through Gabriel's hair, tossing aside the ribbon to let the young man's raven locks hang free. He let his slender fingertips work their way around his skull, ghosting over the fair toned jaw line and petal soft, full lips that he so dreamed about over the years.

"Did they kiss you?" he whispered hotly, causing Gabriel to struggle harder in fear. He feared for Satoma, feared for his friends and what might happen if Christoph found out for sure. Or maybe he already knew and was tormenting the scholar to break. God, he would never break if it meant hurting any of them.

"No..." he choked out, turning his mouth from Christoph's seductive touch. It wandered down his neck, sliding over his collar and chest, further and further. Slinking down like some snake, Christoph took to his knees behind Gabriel, his hand now fingering at the edge of his sweater vest before tugging it up along with part of his dress shirt; just enough to graze the skin.

"Did they touch you? Spreading their cold dead hands over your body?" The hunter's tongue flickered out across the shell of Gabriel's ear and the sensitive nerves there.

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