Sales Reward

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Sally's husband is in the Navy and is gone to sea for nine months and she is forced to take a job. When she finds out he is running around with girls in foreign ports she stunned and doesn't know what to do. Two months later she is the saleswoman of the month and her reward is a lunch with the boss. Lunch goes well then things take a turn and Sally's boss take her to another level.

For Sally the weekend had been a disaster and she still wasn't sure what to think about what she had learned much less what she should do about it. Mike, her husband of two years was in the Navy, an enlisted man who hardly made enough money for the two of them to pay their bills even though they were living for free in Navy housing. When his ship had deployed for nine months she had taken a job to make their car payment and to pay their credit card bills. Things weren't going perfect in their marriage but she loved Mike and knew that somehow they would find a way to make it all work; at least she had thought that until Mary, her next door neighbor had shown her the pictures her husband had e-mailed her from the Philippines. Mary and Jim were Sally's and Mike's best friends and both the guys worked in the engine room on the ship and were hardly ever very far apart. Over coffee and rolls Mary had shown Sally pictures of Mike, Jim and several other sailors in some Filipino bar surrounded by half naked, bare breasts natives and everyone had their beers in their hands. Sally looked at the pictures and was shocked ... what in the hell was Mike doing with women like ... like these? "Jesus Christ Mary, what in the hell is going on?" She asked her friend.

"Oh God Sally, will you calm the fuck down. I mean it's just a bunch of sailors in a port, that's all. They're just having a little fun after being out at sea for months."

"Fun? Fun, Christ Mary they're drinking with ... with ... a bunch of whores!"

Mary laughed. "Of course there with whores, who did you think would be in Filipino bars, a group of nuns?"

Sally couldn't believe her friend wasn't shocked or at least disturbed by her husbands behavior and she had left and gone back to her apartment and sat their in the dark and contemplated what she should do about Mike's involvement with those girls. Confront him? Ask him for a divorce? She didn't have a solution and decided it was best to just sleep on it. That night, lying in her martial bed, alone and horny, she envisioned Mike between the legs of some brown-skinned native fucking her brains out. With tears pouring down her cheeks she finally fell asleep.

Monday morning rolled around and Sally cleaned-up and dressed for work. She had taken a minimum wage job in a high pressure sales company that specialized in getting seniors into affordable housing. Although Sally had no sales experience she found herself to be very good at the job and her current goal was to make 'Saleswoman' of the month. The company was owned by Tim Conner, a thirty-something entrepreneur with more ideas for new business than Sally had ever thought possible. When she had interviewed for the open position she had immediately liked Tim and it didn't hurt that he was handsome as hell ... and that he had money. In fact if she had been single she would be working on getting him into her bed ... but she wasn't single, she was married and happily so, at least she had thought so until Sunday when she had seen 'the' pictures.

That week had gone pretty good for Sally although the other girls in the office constantly teased her about 'not getting any' and how horny she must be with her husband gone and one even asked if she used a dildo to keep herself happy. Over the past two months her sex life had actually become the office joke, with everyone teasing her about her marriage and lack of a sex life. It was all good natured and Sally really didn't mind because she was strong and would wait for Mike to come home from his deployment and make passionate love to her. Maybe when he got back they would try and have a baby although with their salaries it would be a real hardship and if she did have a baby she would have to quit her job. Well she had six more months to wait for Mike and think about their future.

That Friday was the last Friday of the month and that was when Tim would announce the saleswoman of the month. Tim always made a big production of announcing the winner, talking about how good everyone was but not giving them a clue as to who had won. Sally knew she was close to the tops in sales but the statistics were pretty much kept under wraps until after the announcement. Tim came out of his office at 12:00 and whistled and got everyone's attention.

"Ladies! Ladies listen up, here are the results of this months sales contest. In a very close race this month Sally just barely edged out Beth by a mere two sales." He turned and looked at Sally. "Well Sally I guess you and I have a lunch date at the Monte Carlo. Are you excited?"

God was she ever excited! Each month the winner got taken to lunch at the expensive restaurant and Sally knew that the lunch would cost Tim at least $200. "Oh God yes Tim, Jesus I've never been to such an expensive restaurant!"

The lunch reservations were for 1:00 and Tim let the rest of the office crew off for the afternoon and he and Sally drove to the restaurant in his new BMW. They had a wonderful lunch and even split two bottles of wine and by the time they were ready to leave Sally was more than just a little bit tipsy. She wasn't a big drinker anyway and without a lot of money to live on she never wasted it on alcohol.

When they arrived back at the office Tim helped Sally out of the car and carefully noticed her long legs when her skirt slipped up her legs. He took her by the arm and guided her into the office. "Let me make a pot of coffee Sally, I don't want you driving home drunk."

She nodded her agreement. She knew she shouldn't have had so much wine but it was just so damned tasty. "Okay thanks Tim, I appreciate that."

"Come on into my office and I'll brew some of my special Gevalia coffee." She followed him and as he made the coffee she took a seat in the large armchair that was beside his desk. He poured the water into the coffee machine turned it on then turned and looked at Sally. "I guess the staff teases you pretty hard ... I mean about you're husband being gone and all that. I should probably put a stop to it."

She smiled crookedly. "Oh it's alright Tim; they don't mean anything by it."

"Look Sally can I ask you something?"

She looked up at him. "Sure, go ahead."

"Well I know it's none of my business but this whole week you've really looked stressed out. I mean you just haven't been yourself. Is there anything wrong ... anything I can help with?"

She didn't know what to say but she knew he was right after all she still didn't have an answer to her dilemma with her husband. "Oh it's nothing Tim; it's just being separation from Mike, that's all."

Tim walked across the room and stood behind Sally. He gently put his hands on her shoulder and began to knead the muscles in her shoulders. "Sally you just need to relax. I mean I think that Mike's absence for so long has got you upset and you need to just let your hair down, so to speak."

She stiffened at his touch. "Uh look Tim, I appreciate what your saying but I'm not sure that we should be alone ... doing this."

"His fingers continued their gently assault on her shoulders. "Doing what Sally? I'm just trying to loosen up your muscles. Go ahead and relax and just enjoy it."

His fingers did feel nice and she sat back in the chair and let Tim massage her shoulders and in no time she was relaxed and she closed her eyes and imagined that it was Mike massaging her then she felt fingers unbuttoning her blouse. Her eyes opened and she looked down and saw that he had two buttons already opened. "Uh Tim, please ... no, I'm married."

"Oh it's alright Sally I'm just loosening your blouse so I can massage your shoulders a little better ... besides your wearing a bra and it's just like wearing a bathing suit ... I mean people have seen you in a bikini haven't they?"

For some reason, maybe it was the wine or maybe it was thinking about Mike with the brown-skinned natives what Tim said just seemed to make sense to her. Besides letting Tim get a glimpse of her lacy bra was kind of ... what naughty? Anyway where was the harm? She said nothing and closed her eyes and felt the blouse slip off of her shoulders and down around her waist. As the material slipped down her body she wondered when the rest of her buttons had come undone.

Tim looked down at Sally and knew he could do pretty much anything he wanted and today he all he wanted was to fuck her. He saw her dark areolas through the thin material and as he massaged her shoulders, neck and arms he watched her nipples stiffen. Smiling he let his hand wander down until he cupped her bra-covered breast and began thumbing her nipple through the thin material. He heard her sigh and then felt her relax.

As the hand continued to cup her breast and his thumb began teasing her nipple and Sally felt herself getting wet. This was so wrong, she though, so dead wrong. She was married and she shouldn't be in her bosses office half naked ... and yet, what was the difference between this and what Mike was doing with those girls in the Philippines?

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