by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Size, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A recent divorcee meets a woman as he is returning from a holiday. After asking her to stay with him his ex turns up.

After my divorce I decided to take a long holiday, so I packed my camper and headed into the interior of this vast land. I had ten weeks holiday due to me, so I intended to spend every minute of it doing what I wanted without worrying about anyone.

My divorce wasn't a severe breakdown it was just that Helen my wife was a health freak, but said she didn't like sex. Other than that we were happy living together. We both had our own houses so the split up was mutual, and we were still the best of friends. We were well-matched for both of us were tall well above the average height Helen was just over six feet, and I was six and a half feet and weighed 250 lbs. I believe what put Helen off sex with me was that I was well-endowed, and she always said I was too big for her. I can't see why, for she took the whole length of my cock without any bother. That was the excuse she gave, and I accepted it.

I had covered nearly 4000 kilometres during my holiday and was on the way back home but still well over 1500 yet to go. The land I was travelling through was as deserted as you could find the endless road, the Spinifex and low bushes. In the distance I saw a lonely figure sitting at the side of the road, as I drew closer I saw it was a small woman under 5 feet tall and three suitcases. Behind her was an old model car with the bonnet up showing she had broken down. I pulled up alongside her.

"What is the problem?" I asked.

"Bloody engine blown, the piston has come through the casing, the motor is stuffed," she replied with her strong Australian accent.

"Well no-one will come out this far to tow you," I replied "Can I give you a lift?"

"No bugger it, not worth the effort repairing it, I'll just leave it there it will soon get stripped. Yes I would like a lift, are you going as far as Perth?" She replied.

"Yes, all the way, but I'm on holiday, and I have no plan of getting there before next week, so maybe I had better drop you off at the next town."

"See how it goes, shall we," she replied.

As I helped her put her bags in the camper trailer which I had attached to the back I couldn't help thinking how small she was her head was below my chest. She climbed into the passenger's seat and immediately but her feet up on the dash exposing her thighs even more than the mini dress done previously.

"Why are you moving to Perth?" I asked just to start a conversation.

"I've just left my husband; he hit me once too often, the drunken bum." She said with venom in her voice.

"I'm sorry; I can't see why some men like beating up women," I said for I meant it. She looked right at me, and I believe she realised that I had meant what I had said and not just uttering the words.

"You've never hit a woman?" She asked.

"No never, I was married for five years and I never so much as raised a hand to Helen," I answered back.

"Why did you get a divorce, another man or woman?" She queried.

"No incompatible that's all. We are still the best of friends though."

"There must have been a reason. Why were you incompatible?"

"Sexually actually," I replied, why I said that I have no idea for I've never mentioned it to another soul.

"You not giving her enough, was that it?"

"No, she considered I was too big for her," I shot back.

"Rubbish nobody is too big for a woman that was a lot of crap. Sure she wasn't gay?"

"Don't know, never thought about it," I said now thinking, but I was sure she wasn't.

"Oh! Names Emma, sorry I didn't mention it earlier," she said.

"Tom Wilson," I said giving her my right hand which engulfed her tiny hand.

"I feel like a giant alongside you Emma," I said looking down at her.

"Yes 26 and only 4-10 I won't get any bigger, but I'm happy as I am. Can I make you a cup of tea or something?" She asked.

"Yes why not, I'll pull into the next rest area; I've been driving now for five hours."

She got into the rear and had the kettle boiling as I pulled into a truck lay-by which was just a loop in the road, but partially hidden by the low bush.

"You have a nice comfy camper here; you have all the essentials I see." Emma said as I sat at the table, and she made the tea.

"Yes its been my home for the past nine weeks, I've criss-crossed the state in that time. Now I have to get back to work, I'm going to miss the freedom."

"Yes I would like a holiday before I have to start work," Emma sighed.

"I would invite you to spend it with me, but I have only the one bed," I said.

"Do you mean it, or is that just you wanting to get into my knickers?" She said smiling.

"I believe you are a bit too small for me Emma," I came back, but I would have liked to get into her knickers for she was a pretty and well-built woman.

"Bloody rubbish, whoever told you that, was talking through her arse. Too small for you! I bet I'm not. I'll take you up on that invitation too, I don't mind sharing the bed with you, you seem a decent enough bloke to me."

Therefore, that was how Emma joined me on the remaining days of my holiday. We headed for the coast and reached a good camping spot just before dark and when I had the annexe up it was dark enough to start the small generator I carry.

"God electric power as well, you do believe in all the comforts of home! Emma said when the lights came on.

"I even have a small TV, so I can keep up with the news." I replied smiling.

While I was erecting the annexe, Emma was cooking our meal. I was surprised how dextrous she was preparing a meal with the ingredients I had in my small cupboards and refrigerator. As a result, instead of a prepared microwave meal she produced a freshly cooked dinner. It was such an occasion I opened my last bottle of wine to go with the meal.

"Thank you Emma that was a lovely meal you made of almost nothing," I said looking straight into her blue eyes.

"My! You are easy to please; maybe I should just start looking after you if that is what makes you happy."

With that she came round the table and sat on my lap, put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the lips. It was such a surprise and her mouth tasted so sweet and her lips so soft that I just wrapped my arms around her and kissed her back. This was nothing like the pecks I received from Helen, this was full commitment, and it shook me a bit at first.

She then got off my knee and took me by the hand and led me to the bed which I had laid down prior. She sat over my hips and undone my trousers and pulled them down exposing to the air my now hard cock standing all stiff and proud.

"Wow, you are a big lad aren't you, but I'm sure I can handle this," she said smiling down at me.

She got off the bed hitched up her skirt and removed her knickers and once again sat astride me lowering herself on to my pride and joy. I could do nothing but watch as her small body seemed to swallow my cock. She was that light she was no weight at all as she now sat on my thighs totally engulfing my cock.

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