Motorcycle Ride

by alebrewer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lust and limited privacy cause a young couple to take an intimate ride on a motorcycle. This is my first submission, feedback appreciated. A bit longer than a flash story, a bit more story than stroke.

Flying down the Freeway, Tom, loved the way Jenny pressed into his back as he leaned his VFR 250 into the turns. Taking the little Honda on dates meant that there wasn't a lot of conversation on the way to dinner or on the way home but the close riding position required of having a passenger on the little sport bike lent itself to more non-verbal communication. Even through his Jeans, he could feel the heat of her thighs almost wrapped around his hips from behind. The caress of her hands where she gripped his waist firmly to support herself comfortably and the weight of her chest when she pressed herself in tight to his back to stay out of the wind as much as possible all increased the intimacy of the kisses they had shared before leaving the beach after dinner.

Pulling off the freeway and turning into the quiet streets of San Marino, Tom noticed that Jenny still pressed in as close as possible even though the slower speeds didn't require it. At a stoplight by Caltech, rather than sitting up straight, stretching as she usually did, Tom felt nails run down the front of his Jeans. Checking that the bike was in neutral Tom leaned back and moaned, Causing Jenny to giggle over the low hum of the motor and run her nails back up the front of his legs. Just as the light changed, she brought her hands back up to his waist, fondling his crotch in the process. Unprepared for this sensation, Tom fumbled the shift into first and killed the engine. Glad that there was no one behind him, Tom mumbled a comment about brazen women and restarted the engine, pulling away from the signal he had the delightful sound of Jenny's lustful laugh ringing in his ears.

Making the turn on to Granada, Tom appreciated how quiet and dark Jenny's street was. Stopping in front of her house and killing the engine. Jenny slid off the back of the bike. Taking his helmet off and swinging his leg over, Tom was startled as he was spun around and pushed back up against his bike.

"Do you have any idea how hot being on your bike gets me?" Jenny purred, running her hands up his sides under his jacket.

"Well then, why don't we go inside and take care of that problem?"

"Can't Tommy, my mom's home."

"Then let's head back to my dorm room, I'll drop you off on my way into work."

"I already told her you'd drop me off after our date."

Looking around to see that no one was out on the street, Tom spun Jenny around and wrapped her in his arms. Sliding one hand up to cup her breast and gently stroking along the cup of her bra, he slid his other hand down to cup her mound through her jeans, He kissed her neck and whispered, "We could take care of that problem right here?"

Sighing she shivered and leaned back against him as he nibbled the nape of her neck. Bringing his hands back to her waist, he worked his hands under her shirt. Lightly grazing his hands up her ribs he gently cupped the underside of her breasts. Jenny shivered and purred as she wiggled back into him. After he had elicited more moans from her lips, Tom slid his right hand down, unbuttoning the button that was the main barrier between him and paradise, moving into her jeans, his wrist pushing the zipper down along the way, Tom slid his hand down into her sodden panties, his finger tips grazed through her sparse pubic hair, he cupped her Sex gently.

The shock of his touch skin to skin, pulled Jenny out of her reverie, "Tom, we're In the middle of the street," she whispered urgently.

"Yes, and can you tell me that doesn't turn you on at least a bit." Withdrawing his hand a little bit, he played with her curls causing her to squirm under his touch. "Besides, none of your neighbors have light on, I don't see anyone outside smoking and if a car turns onto the street, we were just making out a little."

"You're right; the idea that we could get caught does make me horny."

"That's my wanton sex goddess." Tom lightly nipped at Jenny's neck, resuming the dance of fingers and teeth, lips and tongue. Shifting his hand further into her pants, he stroked the crease where thigh meets crotch and gently ground the heel of his hand against her mons. He half withdrew his hand and looked whispered into her ear, "Of course if you want me to stop, I wouldn't want you to do anything your not comfortable with.

"Stop teasing me you bastard." Jenny moaned, with that she turned in his grasp, attacking his mouth with her lips and tongue. Tom knew that despite her protests she was close as she almost never frenched unless she was on edge. Holding her lower body slightly away from him to keep the right leverage for his hand trapped in her jeans, he gave her what she asked for stoking her lips from bottom to top. As her copious secretions were spread up around the hood covering the tight little nub of her clit, he started to work his thumb rhythmically in time with the involuntary jerks of her hips. Curling his middle finger into her, his left hand snaked down her back and began to massage her ass through the jeans that were stretched taught across her cheeks by hand down the front of her pants.

Pulling back from her kiss he went back to kissing her neck ducking down to kiss and nibble her collarbone. No longer occupied by his mouth, she began to vocalize more, her breathing coming in gasps, she moaned audibly. "Quiet love, we don't want to wake the neighbors."

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