Trisha's Dirty Hole

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: He had to know for sure

Trisha and I had been together for almost twenty years - sixteen of them married. At thirty-eight she had put on an extra pound or two, but then three kids can do that to you. Those extra pounds didn't matter to me because as far as I was concerned those pounds were in all the right places and Trish was still the sexiest woman I'd ever seen. Besides, who was I to say anything about extra weight? I was fifteen pounds heavier than I was on the day we were married. I blame most of it Trish being a great cook. And I did fight it. I worked out at the gym three days a week and I ran four miles a day on the days I didn't go to the gym. Even if I have to say so myself I wasn't in bad shape for a forty year old who spent his days sitting at a desk.

Trisha and I had a good marriage and enjoyed a comfortable life style. My job paid enough that we were able to own a decent house, have two cars and save enough for the three weeks of vacation that I received every year.

Trisha Marie Thomas and I met in high school. I was a senior and she was a sophomore. I was the photographer for the school newspaper and I was in the office the day Trisha came in to apply for one of the reporter vacancies. Each class had a representative who reported on class activities and the sophomore class rep had moved out of state.

I do have to say that I was smitten as soon as Trish walked into the student newspaper office. I was never one for being reticent so I started talking to her and before she left the office I had a date with her for the next night. Our first date was an evening of roller skating at Skate City and we had a good time. I asked her out again, she said yes, and our second date was burgers and a movie. We seemed to click and we started keeping steady company.

I'd been going with Trish for about three months before I found out she had a wild side. There was a party that she wanted to go to and she asked me to take her. I said okay before I found out that it was at a frat house at the local college. I felt a tad out of place since I was almost two years younger than any of the other guys there, but Trish wasn't bothered by the age difference. In fact, before the evening was over I found out that it wasn't the first party that she had attended at that house.

Both of my parents were alcoholics and with them as examples I swore that I would never drink so I spent the evening sipping Coke and trying to keep up with Trish. She loved to dance and pretty much stayed out on the improvised dance floor. I guess I managed to get maybe one dance with her out of every five. I noticed that she took a lot of 'potty breaks' which I thought odd since she wasn't drinking all that much. It was about three hours into the party that I found out about those 'potty' breaks.

Trish left the dance floor and headed for the bathroom and I had to go too so I was right behind her. She walked right by the bathroom and went to a door just the other side of it, opened the door and went in. I hit the bathroom, took my whiz, and when I came out I went to the door she had gone to and opened it. The smell that hit you when you opened the door told you everything you needed to know even before you saw anything. Trish was sitting on the arm of a couch sucking on a fat reefer. She took a hit and passed it to the guy sitting next to her. Somebody said:

"Hey man, be cool. Close the fucking door."

Trish looked my way, giggled and said, "It's only my boyfriend. Come on Rob; suck some smoke with us."

"No thanks" I said and I turned and left the room. I wasn't a "goody goody two shoes" by any means. I'd tried pot and I hadn't liked it. To me it tasted like shit and it gave me a headache. I was told I must have gotten some bad shit and a guy gave me some stuff that he said was "primo" and I tried it again. It still tasted like shit and it still gave me a headache so that was the end of pot smoking for me.

As I walked away from that room I realized that I was between a rock and a hard place. If I went into that room and pulled Trish out of it it could be the end of our relationship, but if I left her in there she would be stoned out of her gourd when I took her home and her parents would kill me. I'd just made up my mind to go back in and get her when she came out of the room, grabbed my arm and said:

"Come on Robbie. Dance with me."

As we danced she asked me why I hadn't come in and taken part and I told her. Then I asked her why she did dope and she said:

"Because I like the way it makes me feel."

There wasn't anything that I could say to that so I just danced. One of the frat boys cut in so I moved off to the side and just watched. I had my back to three guys and I overheard them talking.

"Looks like we won't get a chance at her tonight. Her boyfriend is staying too close."

"Shame. We almost had her last time. Half an hour more and one more joint and we could have nailed her. Could have had her pulling a train."

"Well there is always the next time."

Either they didn't recognize my back or it wasn't Trish that they were talking about, but I had a bad feeling about that frat house. I went back out on the floor and cut in on Trish and the guy she was dancing with and told her that it was time to go.

"Let me make one more trip back to the room and then we can leave."

"No more trips to the room Trish. It is time to go."

"You think that just because you're my date that you own me? I'm going back to the room one more time."

"Okay Trish; have it your way. I guess someone will see to it that you get home. Goodnight."

I walked away from her and headed for the front door. I was almost to my car when Trish came running up behind me. She fell into step beside me and gasped out:

"You were going to leave me there? You were just going to walk away and leave me there?"

"I wasn't going to stand there and argue with you and I wasn't going to physically drag you out. You basically said, "Screw you; I'm going back to the room and smoke some dope" so I left.

We got into the car and as we pulled away from the curb Trish said, "Did you even think about what I would have had to tell my parents when some other guy brought me home?"

"No I didn't. I was too busy thinking about what they would say and do to me when I brought you home stoned."

"I don't ever get that bad."

"You sure looked like you were working on it to me."

When I got her home I walked her to her door and then turned to leave.

"Don't I even get a kiss?"

"I'm not in the mood Trish."

"Oh come on Robbie; don't be that way. Don't be mad at me because I like to have a little fun and I like to feel good."

"Oh yeah? Well let me tell you something about going to that frat house to have fun and feel good."

I told her about the conversation that I'd overheard and I lied to her and said that they had mentioned her by name.

"If I hadn't of been there or if I'd paid a little less attention your trip to that room would have ended up with you on your back on a mattress pulling a train. Think about how much fun that would have been. Good night Trisha."

I left her standing there on the porch, got in my car and drove home.

The next day was Saturday and I called Trish about noon and her mother told me:

"Sorry Robbie, but Trisha says she doesn't want to talk to you."

I tried again on Sunday and got the same answer. In my mind I had done nothing wrong so I just shrugged and got on with my life. I graduated two weeks later and took a job working on my uncle's farm for the summer and in the fall I started college. The college was local and I was living at home.

One Saturday morning I was in my room working on a paper I had to turn in when my mother called up to me.

"Robert? There is someone here to see you."

I went downstairs and found Trish waiting in the living room.

"Hi Robbie."

"Hello Trisha."

"How have you been?"


"I wondered. I haven't heard from you."

"That's not true Trisha. You heard from me; you just wouldn't take the calls.

"I'm sorry Robbie. I was being a bitch because I was upset with the way you dropped me off on our last date. I had the bright idea that I wouldn't talk to you for a couple of days to show you how pissed I was, but then you never called again. I came looking for you but your mother told me that you were gone for the summer."

"So what do you want Trisha?"

"I'm here; doesn't that tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"You are my boyfriend Robbie; I miss you."

Bottom line was that Trish and I ended up a couple again and we stayed a couple most of the time. We did argue and break up a few times, usually over her use of pot. Trish did like to party, especially with friends who liked to smoke dope as much as she did. I really think that some of those break ups were deliberately instigated by her to free her up to go to some party or other where she could do what she liked to do without my disapproving stare always being on her.

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