by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Cheating, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She was trouble with a capital "T" and for some reason she picked out me.

She had the tightest ass I'd ever slid my cock into and she loved anal sex. She had a cute, but sexy squeal as she took it up the dirt road and she had a way of making me feel like no other man in the world could fuck her ass as good as I could.

Her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner and her blow jobs were state of the art, but it was her cunt that damned near enslaved me. It felt like hot crushed velvet and she could make her muscles make you think that there was a hand inside her pussy jacking you off while you thought you were fucking her.

She had the face of an angel, the body of a sex goddess. There was only one thing wrong with her — she was another man's wife.

I remember the night I met Sammi. I had just returned home from spending three years as a member of Uncle Sam's Green Machine. That afternoon I'd taken my car out of storage and had gone to NAPA to get the parts I needed for a tune-up. The guy behind the counter was Charlie Biggens, a guy I had gone through high school with. We shot the bull for a bit and before I left with my parts we had made arrangements to meet that night at the Smokehouse, a bar on the outskirts of town.

When I got there I found that Charlie had rounded up several of my other old high school buds. We were sitting at the table sipping beer and catching up when there was a sudden hush and all eyes seemed to look to the front door. I looked that way and what I saw took my breath away. Tall, maybe 5'9" and absolutely drop dead gorgeous. Long red hair, green eyes and a body to die for.

The hush had been momentary, not much more than a fraction of a second, but still noticeable and then the noise level resumed. The woman looked around the room and I heard Charlie say, almost under his breath, "Not here damn it, not here."

It was almost as if she had heard him and her head turned in our direction and her eyes locked on to our table. She smiled and headed our way and Charlie muttered, "Oh fuck me."

The woman walked up to our table, pulled out a chair and sat down. She looked around the table and then in a low sultry voice she said, "Which one of you studs wants to buy a lady a drink?"

Charlie waived the waitress over and the woman ordered Tequila with salt and lime and then she looked around the table and her sparkling eyes settled on me.

"Charlie, introduce me to your friend."

"Sammi, this is Harry; Harry, meet Sammi."

"That's Sammi with an eye sweetie, not a wye."

Her gaze was cool and appraising and as I shook her hand I swear that touching her made me tingle all the way down to my toes. Her drink arrived and as she put the salt on her left hand I saw the wedding rings and all the thoughts I'd been having evaporated.

Sammi sat, drank and listened to the conversation as Charlie, Frank, Bud and Bill asked me about Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq and what had it been like to be in the Army. I asked them what they had been up to while I'd been gone and while the conversation had been going on a band had come in and set up. As soon as they started playing Sammi stood up, "Come on Charlie, dance with me."

I could see the reluctance on his face, but he got up and moved out onto the dance floor with her. "What's her story?" I asked when she and Charlie were away from the table. "Married woman in a bar at a table with a bunch of guys?"

"Her old man works swing shift and she doesn't like to sit at home and stare at the walls. She comes in, drinks and dances, and then he stops by and picks her up on the way home."

"Charlie didn't seem all that eager to dance with her."

"She used to be Charlie's girl before she got married."

"He let something like that get away? Was he on drugs?"

I saw all the guys glance at each other and then Frank said, "You would have to ask Charlie about that."

Over the next hour or so Sammi danced with all of the guys at our table except me and that was because I hadn't asked her. The fact that I wasn't in any hurry to get her out on the dance floor must have bugged her so she got up and came over to me. She took my arm and said, "Come on sweetie, your turn."

Once on the floor I tried to hold her away, but she moved in close — real close — and I tried to pull back. "Don't panic sweetie, I'm not going to rape you, I just like to be close. I can follow your lead better if I can feel how your body is moving."

She cocked her head to one side and I felt those cool green eyes boring into me. "Are you gay sweetie?"


"Just wondered. Most men fall all over themselves trying to get me to dance with them, but I got the definite impression that if I hadn't come to you, you weren't going to come to me."

"You read me right."

"Might a poor girl ask why?"

"You are married and I've learned from bitter experience not to have any thing to do with married woman. Even something as innocent as a dance can get a jealous husband fired up."

"You do know what an attitude like that can get you, don't you?"


"My interest sweetie. I like a challenge."

"Is that your way of saying that you fuck around on your husband?"

"You are blunt, aren't you?"

"Just don't believe in wasting a whole lot of time."

"To answer your question, I haven't yet, but I've not said no to the possibility. You never know about those things, all it takes is for the right man to come along."

"Well, I'm not him. I don't mess around with another man's woman."

"Oh shuckey darn. I was so looking forward to having you chase me and try to get me onto your back seat. You have destroyed my dreams. Oh cruel fate. So tell me, is that a roll of quarters pressing into my leg?"

Right then the music ended and I walked her back to the table. True to her word I had gotten her interest and when she wasn't dancing with whom ever asked she was trying to talk to me. But as desirable as she was I couldn't get past the rings on her fingers. I finally got so uncomfortable with her attention that I got up, made my excuses and left.

I got a call from Charlie the next day.

"What did you say to Sammi last night?"

"Nothing. She got pissed because I didn't ask her to dance and then didn't seem to like it when I told he that I didn't have anything to do with married women. Why?"

"After you left she pumped everyone at the table for information about you."

We arranged to meet for a beer that evening and he started right out by warning me about Sammi.

"She's no good Harry. She looks like an angel, but she's rotten to the core. Don't let her get her hooks into you."

"No fear old buddy, I meant it when I said that I don't have anything to do with married women. I heard that she was your girl before she got married. She must have fucked over you pretty bad for you to feel that way about her."

"It wasn't what she did to me, it was what she tried to do to me."

"What was that?"

"Her big turn on is to have guys fight over her. That's how I ended up with her in the first place."

"How's that?"

"She came in here one night with a guy and about an hour later he came over to me and told me that his girl didn't like the way I was looking at her. I told him that I hadn't been looking at her at all let alone in any particular way, but if it would make her feel better I would move so I was looking in the opposite direction. I got up, moved my chair and sat back down with my back to her. He went back to their table and she said something to him and he got up and left her sitting there and never came back.

"May be an hour later she got up and came over to me, told me that she had a problem and that it was all my fault. She told me that whatever I had said to her boyfriend had scared him so bad that he had taken off and that she didn't have a ride home. I said no problem, gave her a ride home and she asked me to give her a call. I called and we started dating. After we had been going together for about two months she felt that she had me wrapped around her finger — she was great pussy Harry, the best ever — and she thought that I would do anything to keep her.

"One night we were Hank's Bar and Grill and she tells me that she doesn't like the way this guy was looking at her. She said he kept smiling at her and licking his lips. I got up and went over to his table and he said, "Bug off fuck face" and I drug him outside and stomped the shit out of him. Sammi was insatiable that night and for the next week she couldn't keep her hands off me. Two weeks later it happened again. Same results and she tried to destroy me sexually.

"Three weeks late it happened again only by that time I had figured it out. The two times with me and the night I had supposedly run off her boyfriend showed a pattern. Anyway, I told her if she didn't like being looked at to start wearing a sack dress, stuff her hair under a hat and stop wearing makeup. Then I got the "What kind of a man are you that you'll let another man do something like that to me" speech. I told her that I was the kind of man who wasn't stupid and that I knew what she was doing and I wasn't going to play that game.

"That ended it for us. She went through four more boyfriends and a dozen fights before she met the guy she married. He likes to fight and all she has to do is point him in the direction she wants him to go. She has changed her game a bit in the last year. Now she comes in here, comes onto a guy, gets him out into the parking lot to neck and waits for hubby to come in, see what's going on and go into a jealous rage and then the fight is on.

"She's evil Harry, a great looker and a fantastic piece of ass, but pure fucking evil and from what I saw last night she has set her sights on you."

"I told you Charlie, I don't have anything to do with married women."

"Best keep it that way Harry. Best thing would be to find another bar to have your drinks at.

Two days later I was at the Smokehouse sitting at the bar and drinking beer when Sammi came in. She looked around, saw me, and then came over and took the stool next to me.

"Hey sailor, buy a thirsty girl a drink?"

I waved the barmaid over and Sammi ordered Tequila. The band was just starting to play and she said, "Come on Harry, dance with me."

"No thanks."

"Oh that's right, I forgot. You are afraid of married women."

"Not afraid, I just don't need the trouble they bring."

"What possible kind of trouble could come out of your dancing with me?"

"A jealous husband coming in and seeing us together comes to mind."

"Oh come on. Fred doesn't get off work for another three hours. The soonest he can be here is eleven forty-five so you can dance with me until eleven-forty and then go and hide."

"Sammi, just go away and play your sick little games with some one else."

She gave me a nasty look, got off the barstool and stormed away. The barmaid came over, "You are kind of cute, but I'm curious, are you gay?"

"That's the second time some one has asked me that in this bar."

"Just naturally curious honey. I've never seen any man turn her down and I've never, ever seen her get up and storm away from a man like she just did."

"No secret. I don't mess with another man's woman and she's married. If I didn't already know that and she hadn't had her rings on I'd have been after her in a flash."

"Oh my, a man with principals. Girls like that in a guy."

"They do?"

"Most definitely honey."

"Well then, I guess that brings up the question, do you like a man with principals?"

"Yes I do."

"Maybe we could get together and talk about it."

"Maybe we could."

"What time do you get off work?"

"My shift ends in an hour, but I'm telling you ahead of time that all you are going to get is talk."

"A man has to start somewhere. I'm Harry."

"Hi Harry, I'm Lisa."

When Lisa and I left together I happened to look Sammi's way and the look she gave me was not at all nice.

Lisa and I started dating and I got in the habit of stopping by the Smokehouse just before the end of her shift and then we would leave together. It was a Saturday night and when I walked in I saw Charlie and Frank sitting at a table so I joined them. I hadn't been there ten minutes when Sammi came in with some mean looking dude. His nose was bent from where it had been broken a couple of times and he had some scars around his eyes. I looked at Charlie, "The husband?"

"Yeah, that's him."

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