The Fat Lady

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: After helping a woman who falls at a shopping centre, he then helps her fulfill her greatest wish.

I recognised the fat woman as the one who lived in one of our adjoining streets, which is all I know about her. When I saw her fall, I rushed to her aid, for none of the dozen or so people watching, even attempted. There was no-one else around who was willing to assist me lift her up, but I did manage to stand her up. She had hurt her back and her ankle but nothing seemed to be broken.

"Look just wait here, I'll get my car and take you home, I know you live near me, but I'm not sure of the number."

"Don't worry dear, I'll get the bus."

"You will not, your not walking, just stay there for two minutes."

I ran and got my 4 x 4 and drove back to where I had left her, but I saw her hobbling to-wards the bus-stop which was about 200 yards away. I pulled up alongside her and got out.

"I told you to wait, I'll take you home."

"Why do you want to help an old fat woman like me, sonny?"

"Why not, no-one else was assisting."

"Exactly, people don't see people like me, only the young and attractive women get attention."

By this time I had her sitting in the passenger's seat with the seat-belt on. I jumped in my side and drove towards her home.

"Now what number is it?"

"Number six the one with the white fence round it."

It was easy to find, and I was glad the gates were open as I drove right in and stopped at the pathway that led to her front door. I got out then helped her out and up to her front door. She opened it and we entered, me helping her. The house was spotless and there was a smell of furniture polish in the air.

"Is any of your family at home or can I contact them?"

"I have no family, I live alone"

"Well a friend maybe?"

"No-one wants to have a fat friend."

"You must have someone, I can contact?"

"Not locally, I have a sister, but she is in England."

"Look someone has to look at that back of yours and rub in some liniment or something."

"I will just have to do without, won't I?"

"If you can trust me, I will have a look at it for you, at least I can look at your ankle and bandage that for you."

"Yes you can do that."

"Where is a bandage?"

"In the bathroom, in the cabinet."

I rose and made for the door she pointed out, but then she shouted something which I ignored. I opened the first drawer and lying on the top was a dildo I went to move it aside, and it was still sticky, I smelt it and it was definitely female smell and fresh. Anyway, I saw the bandage at the back and returned to the lounge where she was sitting.

"Come on give me your foot, and let's see if I can give you some support."

"You saw it didn't you, you had to, to get the bandage?"

"Saw what, oh by the way I'm Duncan, what do I call you?"

"I'm Grace, my dildo."

"Grace it's no concern of mine, but wouldn't the real thing be better?'

"Who will want to have sex with me, a fat slob, you've heard the remarks that are made, I would, but I'd need a 24-hour ration pack to find it, things like that, Oh I've heard themIt It hurts you know."

"I would, I look at the person not the body covering."

"You are only saying that to cheer me up."

"No I have troubles too; you see I have a 10 inch penis and the women run when I pull it out. The funny thing is if they don't see it the first time, they are hooked on big dick for life; I was ridiculed when I played sport in the change rooms, so I gave it up. So in some ways we are two of a kind. You're looking for a man to excuse the swearing fuck you, and I'm looking for a woman to fuck."

"Ten inches, and it goes all the way in, I thought my six and a half-inch dildo was big, but would you fuck me."

"Since your back is sore, you will have difficulty lifting your legs."

"Let's do it doggy fashion like in the movies Duncan, It has been 35 years, since I was last fucked by a human, I seem to be in a dream, and I'm frightened I'll wake up."

"There is only one condition, we have to be naked."

"Is there any other way?" She said with a laugh.

Then she added, "You won't be offended by my folds of fat?"

"Of course not, it's not the fat I'm fucking."

"Come on then we may as well make ourselves comfortable," as she waddled into another doorway, which led into a bedroom.

When I got in she was already undressing, and I followed suit, I was naked first for she had stopped when she saw my penis.

"Are you sure you've had all that in a woman?"

"Many times and they scream out for more, like I am sure you will before long."

She had huge breasts and they rested on rolls of fat on her stomach. Her thighs were also huge and pressed tightly on account of the fat, to get them to open wide enough to get between would be a task on its own. We haven't kissed or had any foreplay but when she got on her hands and knees and put her head on the ground I saw the lips of her vagina were shinning with moisture. From this perspective fucking her was the same as any other woman. Here was someone close at hand who was begging for it, and I could come round any time. I had to get her used to a big cock though.

I saw the bruise on her back, but it was no way as big as I expected.

"Grace your back has hardly any bruising and should be all right in a day or so."

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