The Hard Man

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, NonConsensual, Incest, Mother, Sister, DomSub, MaleDom, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Released from prison, he finds his family have become drunkards and goes about his own detoxification.

I had just completed three years in prison and my parole conditions were that I had to stay at my mothers address for the term of my parole. I wasn't allowed to mix with known criminals and visit public bars. Had the parole board seen my mother's home, she and her friend hazel and my older sister were drunkards. They hardly ever washed and if a dish was ever washed, it must have been left out in the rain.

The three of them were silent drinkers doing all their drinking at my mother's home. God knows where the money came from to buy all the booze, for they only drew Social Security. Granted the house was paid for by my father before he was killed doing a bank robbery. Half the money was never found, and I have my suspicions that my mother knew where it was stashed. However, having to stay fifteen months in this hole was going to test my endurance to the limit.

The Parole board said they would help me get a job, but whenever the potential employer knew I had been imprisoned for GBH (Grievous Bodily Harm), I dropped off their list. They were afraid I would set on them.

When in prison, I was left alone after the first day. Some old-timers tried to get fresh and tried to get me into a bum boy, but a few crushed balls and broken fingers, to their minders settled that score. Yes, I was a hard man as they called us, not afraid to stomp someone to death if necessary. I never needed weapons other than those the good Lord provided. There are many brave men in prison when they have a weapon in their hand, but go to jelly when they have to rely just on their hands, feet and head. Which is the difference, there were two or three of us, and we were all left alone. We ate at the same table and when we went in to watch TV or something we were always given a seat. No, prison wasn't that a hard place for the me. What I didn't agree with, was the inmates who tattooed themselves, what were they trying to prove.

As I said my mothers house was a bloody mess, and since I had nothing else to do I started cleaning it up. If she dropped a dirty plate I gave her a smack across the mouth, or bottom the same went for my sister and Hazel if she gave me lip. They soon got the message, and the same went with them bathing. Now at least they washed, or showered every day. Mum even started to use the washing machine to wash clothes in, rather than a place to stow her empties.

God knows where Hazel appeared from, she was or used to be a blonde. A great chest on her, but now getting a bit on the thin side, aged about thirty, but looked older. I used her as an example to my mother and sister, for Hazel at least washed herself, but I wish she would wash her hair.

As a result, within a month the house was looking a bit respectable and the three women looked clean, but they still looked and acted like drunks.

I followed my mother around and never caught her going for the money. I even took all the money out of her handbag, but the next day she had notes back in it. There was never a large amount to draw attention to her, but enough to buy her booze.

I doubted if my sister knew about where it was hidden, for she was bombed out. She started on grass, and managed to break the habit of that. She then started drinking with mum and Hazel and the three of them were drinking buddies. Jenny my sister, was only twenty five but looked like she was in her forties, the same with my mother, she was in her forties, but looked like she was nearing seventy, well in her sixties anyway.

My family, they were pathetic.

One night I came down from my room and Hazel was sprawled out over the kitchen table, lying on top of it with her legs hanging down. She must have had a glass in her hand, and now it was lying on its side near her hand but empty.

Now three years with only Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters was the only relief I had, and seeing this round female arse over the table, gave me a boner. I was going to walk past her to put on the kettle, but I stopped and felt her buttocks. Christ they were soft and pliable, wonderful cushions to bang against if you were fucking her, I thought.

I switched on the kettle and went back to Hazel and lifted up her skirt, at least her panties were clean looking and not stained or anything, like mums were before I got her to wash them. The temptation was too great. I took the elastic at the top and just drew them off her. Exposed was her glorious soft bottom, granted a bit red and a few pimples where she had been sitting and her twat just beneath, begging to be fucked.

The kettle boiled and I made myself a coffee and sat in a chair looking at Hazels arse and twat. Do I just leave it alone, this was too good a chance to pass up? To hell with it I thought and undone my zipper and pulled out my raging cock.

I stook behind her and opened her cheeks and slid my dick down her crack until I was outside of her cunt and just drove it in. I am a big bloke, 78 inches tall, 112 lbs and a great sized prick. I have never measured it, but I can fold a towel in two lengthwise and hang it over it and the knob shows. So I am some size.

God she felt fantastic a bit tight, but I soon made space as she stretched to accept me. She was as smooth as silk, but then anything would be after thrashing myself with my hand all that time. It was nice having that soft bottom of hers against my stomach and I even felt contractions as her vagina grasped my cock. This was heaven, but I was getting no reaction from Hazel which was a bit of a disappointment. At least I was getting satisfaction. I felt my orgasm rising and I looked around and got a paper kitchen towel drew out at the last minute and shot my load into that, not spilling a drop inside of her. I got her panties and slipped them on her and put her skirt down then sauntered back to my room. I heard the TV blaring as I passed where Mum and Jenny were.

That was nice; I wonder if she will know, she was that drunk I doubt it. I was right the next morning at breakfast; this was another thing I made them have now.

"You look like shit Hazel, anything wrong?"

"I really hung one on last night, I fell asleep leaning over the table. I must have strained myself for I feel sore, must have been the edge of the table."

Tell you, once they are drunk they have no idea what is being done to them. This planted the seed in my mind. I have three drunkards in this house who become that blotto at times they are easy pickings for a good fuck. I have no hang-ups of boning my mother, or even my sister. In fact my sister and I did fuck each other when we were younger, just to see what it was like, she said. Randy bitch, I was only thirteen and just getting my first hard-ons.

The opportunity came again just a couple of days later and it was Hazel again I found flat on her back in her bedroom naked on the bed. Her legs were wide apart and she was snoring like a pig.

I just walked up to the bed and removed my trousers and pulled her to me by her legs and sank right in. She opened her eyes, but they were the eyes of a drunk, which sees, but doesn't see. God this woman is good and so nice a fuck, again I took a tissue and shot my fat into it and threw her body back onto the bed. Anyway that was all she was good for.

It was the next day I caught my mother; she wasn't out cold, but staggering about in the kitchen obviously shattered on whatever she was drinking that particular day.

"What would you fancy son." she asked.

"You bitch I think I'll have you, come on," I said grabbing her arm and pulling her along to my room at least I knew my room was clean.

"On your knees I have something for you to suck," I said to her pushing her down, which was easy.

"I don't want to suck your cock," she said almost unable to keep her head still.

"But I want you to, it is about time you started looking after me."

"Really; put it in my hand though please."

God I thought, so I took it out and pushed it in her face, she soon grabbed it and plunged her mouth over the end and started rolling her tongue like an expert. This was the first time I have even approached my mother and without much bother here she was playing the one-eyed piccolo like an expert. My, she was good; her hands were working the shaft and her mouth and tongue working the head.

Now her head was moving back and forth pushing herself further onto the shaft all the time. She put Linda Lovelace to shame the way she was working my shaft. Now I have found something my mother is good at and she seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was. Then I exploded, but she slid my cock almost all the way out and she never lost a bit as she swallowed the lot, she removed her head and started licking my dick all over.

"I'm not so drunk that I didn't know what I was doing, God I loved that son, can we do it again."

"You stay sober and you can have it wherever you want."

"You won't beat me, promise you won't beat me."

"If you keep yourself clean and the house as well, I won't beat you I promise."

"Deal, what about Jenny and Hazel?"

"What about them?"

"Going to fuck them too?"

"Yes, why not, they are available."

"That's right son fuck us all."

"Mother, you go and wash, I want you here in my bed tonight sober, no drinking for you tonight. Now go."

I knew she would do as I told her with the exception of the drink, but maybe she would. If I could only get these women off the drink I could have a great time. Funny though, I had just spent a load in my mother and I was still hard maybe I was even fancying her.

As I passed the toilet Jenny had her head down the bowl being sick. Why do they do it I often wondered, women somehow seemed to get in a worse state than men. All she had on was a bra and pants; no doubt she had been sick over the dress and taken it off.

I went into the bathroom next door and switched the shower on and stripped, walked next door just hooked my arm under Jenny and carried her into the shower. I was sick and tired of seeing her oily hair and I was going to wash it. The weird thing was she wasn't even complaining, then I looked at her and she was stoned out of her mind. I just tore her bra and panties off and held her in front of me. I sat on the shower stool, sat her on my knee and washed her hair with shampoo; it took three applications before I had a good lather. Her hair was long too, down to almost her waist. Then I started on her body, giving it a good lather all over with a lavender shower gel, at least she now smelt good.

When I was washing between her legs she just opened up and let me soap her, again no resistance at all. All down her legs I cleaned, she was my sister after all. Oh I was going to fuck her, there was no doubt about that but I wanted her clean and sober before I did. I was just starting my own detoxification routine on all three of them.

"I wish you would wash me like that," Hazel's said, from the shower cubicle door.

"Hazel just sit down and I'll do the same to you. I know you're a bit drunk and I'm going to get you lot sober if it kills me."

"Oh I'm willing to get a wash, any time big boy."

I dried Jenny and she opened her eyes and smiled at me. I carried her to her bedroom and noticed her sheets were filthy. I sat her on the chair where she just flopped and I stripped and remade her bed with clean sheets and put her in. I kissed her on the forehead looked around the room to make sure there was no bottle there and turned to leave and bumped into Hazel.

I just took her by the elbow and wheeled her also into the shower. I never took off her clothing she took hers off herself, and sat on my knee.

"You fucked me when I was asleep, I know you did, oh I'm not objecting, just stating a fact. I want you to fuck me again when I get sober, because what I remember was great."

"Bend your head I'm going to wash this mop of hair."

She too took quite a while to get a lather, but her hair now shone. Washing her body somehow was more sexual than washing my sisters, yet both were well built women, and sexually attractive. Maybe it was because she wasn't kin that made the difference. I washed her thoroughly and then rubbed her dry, now I had seen and felt every part of her. I knew that I must have more of this woman, but never again while she was in a drunken state.

"Now Hazel, I want you sober; you are too good looking a woman, to ruin your life with alcohol. If you want more cock then stay sober. Now get to bed."

To make sure I led her to her room at least hers was tidier than my sisters, but would never win a good housekeeping award that was for sure.

I now went through the house and confiscated every bottle I could find. I had had enough of seeing these three women letting their lives sliding away under them. I wanted a woman to fuck and not some drunken slob.

I also wanted to know if my father had actually hid half the bank money he stole. Maybe the insurance companies just boosted the amount that was stolen. These bastards do that to impress others and push up their fees, using the robbery as an excuse. Oh I learnt a lot about these whilst in the nick, how they exaggerated the amount of money stolen. Banks and insurance companies went hand in hand. I have no compunction ripping these bastards off as much as I can.

I hunted every cupboard and drawer, pulled furniture away from walls, hunting for any alcohol. I had already gone through each of their rooms and found quite a few secret hiding places. Now I felt I had rid the house of any remaining bottles. I poured every drop down the sink then flushing every drop out of the system.

By this time it was well past midnight and I went back to my room where my mother was sitting up in my bed. I had completely forgotten about what I had said to her.

"Am I sober enough now son, I've never had a drink all evening."

"So what is it you want mum?" I was going to make her say what she wanted. I wanted her under my control, which I felt was going to be quite easy for she was a very weak willed woman at the best of times. I wanted her to do anything I asked of her, without question. It may sound hard, but it was the only way that she would be happy, she needed someone to dominate her, I realised. My father dominated her, after his death and me being sent to prison, she just sank lower and lower. At least she hadn't landed working the streets, but sought solace in the bottle. My sister was of the same fibre as my mother.

"You said you would let me suck your cock again if I stayed sober."

"'Is that all you want to do with my cock mum, now come on tell me now?"

"No I told you fuck us all, I want you to fuck me."

"What would you rather have a fuck or a suck?"

"A fuck any day, but will you fuck me?"

"Of course I will but where is dad's money first, then I'll fuck you as much as you like."

"You aren't just saying this son."

"No, I can take care of it a lot better than you can, so where is it?" I made as if I knew dad had given it to her, not suspected, and this approach seemed to be working."

"How can I prove that mum?"

"Put that cock inside of me then I'll know then won't I."

If that was all it was going to take I walked over to her pulled her legs over the edge of the bed and pulled her towards me not too gentle either and just plunged my cock into her wet passage. "Well mum, I have put it in will you tell me now."

"I didn't think you would want to do this, oh please just don't stand there, fuck me," she pleaded. She was trying to move her body but I put a hand down on her stomach and held her still, still embedded inside her. Christ I was beginning to like this, she wasn't bad at all, my mother. But first things first, "now where is the money mum?"

"You'll hit me, won't you?"

"You tell me where the money is and I'll never hit you again. Also I will fuck you as much as you want. But no alcohol."

"You promise me?"

"I just told you."

"You finish and I will show you, for you would never find it."

I removed my hand from her stomach and slipped my hands under her bottom and started slowly withdrawing and sinking into her no violence but a gentle fuck, pulling her hips into me as I did. This seemed to be what she was wanting as she started moaning and rolling her hips in my hand and her soft bottom was like jelly as we relieved ourselves of our sexual tension. I never realised how passionate my mother was as she seemed to put everything into getting as much cock into her as she could. She sat up and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down on top of her heavy breasts as our bodies reached a climax of their own.

"Oh I have reached heaven son, you are a lot bigger than your father and I want you for ever. Say you will always stay with me. I promise to stop drinking, just make love to me, as much as you want son."

"Sure, now where is the money hid?"

"I suppose you won't settle until I show you, so come on," she said getting out of the bed still naked, breasts swaying on her chest like a jelly gone mad straight into the toilet.

I stood at the door watching her just sliding the bowl to one side revealing a metal sheet with a hole in the middle big enough to take two fingers. She lifted the lid off revealing a large cavity under the floor. About 30 inches square packed with money still wrapped in their wrappers.

"So the old boy really hid this good. Who would ever look under the toilet? OK mum close it up. Now I know where it is that's good enough for me. Who else knows about this?"

"I watched as she slipped the rubber seal of the outlet pipe over the outlet of the bowl and slide it into the small recess and it now looked as if it was permanently seated.

"Only you and me, no one else."

"OK let you and me get back to bed."

"Which bed?" she asked.

"There is only one bed for you from now on, mine. Now get in there."

"Oh son, I promise you I will do anything you want."

"You sure will mum, but right now I want to sink my cock into you again woman."

"Don't you want to call me Alice now John?"

"No why should I, you're my mother, why should I call you Alice that is being disrespectful."

"But you're fucking me now?"

"So what, you're still my mum aren't you?"

We returned to bed me with my arm around her. I felt now life would change for me, I would have three women. The others didn't know it, but they were to be as much a part of my life as my mother was, but they had to sober up first.

There was one thing my mum loved her cock and was happy now that I was sunk inside her body as she lay on her side with me lying spoon fashioned as we woke up the next morning. My early morning erection was encased in a woman's cunt and that was just the way I wanted it.

I didn't fuck her this morning I just wanted to feel her encase me.

"I want to wake up every morning like this mum, so if you wake up first you get that cock inside you if it isn't already there you hear," I said into her ear. "Now get up and wash, I want you to cook breakfast, for everyone."

"Yes John, I hear you." she said swinging her legs over the bed and padding into the bathroom.

Without dressing, for I was waiting on mum finishing in the bathroom, I had a piss and walked into Jenny's room where she was spread out on her bed. I shook her by the shoulder and she opened her eyes and looked at me blearily.

"Feel better?"

"Oh I have a splitting headache. Did you wash me last night?"

"I did, your hair and all over"

"Who changed and made my bed?"

"I did again."

"Why are you standing there naked with a hard on?"

"I'm going to help your headache."

"How can your hard-on help my headache?"

"I'm about to fuck some sense into you, any objections?"

"Yes, but I suppose that doesn't count."

"You wanted me to fuck you when we were younger; in fact it was you who put my cock into your wet fanny."

"But that was when we were kids."

"You either fuck, or get out the house, please yourself."

"It won't be just this one time will it?"

"No, and there won't be any other men either, so choose."

"Wow, I'll stay, I would be a mug not to, but what will mum say?"

"She won't say anything; I'm fucking her too and Hazel. Does that change anything?"

"Sure you can keep the three of us happy?"

"I will die trying, now get these knees up and those legs open, I want to see if you have changed."

"God you have, that is some cock you have John, I've never had one as big as that. Oh God that is fantastic," she said as I just slipped my cock into her morning damp cunt.

It was nice having women so easy to do what you ask. Some women can be left on their own, others to run businesses, but not my mother and sister. Someone had to take them in hand and make the decisions for them, then they are happy and contented. All they have to do, is do what they are told and life becomes smooth. Hazel was just the same she will come into line just as these two are.

Jenny was just like my mother, eager to have me deep within her and loving the feel of hard cock deep inside.

"Jenny if you're not on the Pill better get on it now, for you will be getting a lot more of this, and I'm not withdrawing for you or anyone."

"I have a day-after pill, but I'll get on the pill right away I'll go down to the clinic today." She said while driving herself almost to destruction on my cock.

"Take Hazel with you, she had better get on the Pill too."

"What about mum she still has her periods."

"Maybe too late for her, but the three of you had just as well get on it. Unless you want to become pregnant."

"No, I'll take them with me."

It took a little longer to shoot my fat this morning, but I had fucked my mother three times last night. Also, I knew I was pushing my luck fucking Jenny, but this was the only way I knew to bring her into line.

Jenny's contractions were strong and twice, I felt her grip my cock tight in her vagina as she climaxed. When I did I just let blast inside her warm pussy.

"After I have my shower, I want you to have one as well and then get along and have some breakfast, mum is cooking it."

I left her, showered then went to eat. All three of them soon sat around the table staring at me. "We are all going out today, I want you all dressed in the best clothes you've got. First you are going to the clinic, then were going to get you new clothing. From what I've seen all your clothes are a mess. I want my women looking smart and well-turned out."

"Who says I'm your woman, I choose who I want to fuck not you."

"Hazel, there's the door fuck-off if that is your attitude. You'll be hawking it in the High Street for the price of a drink within the week. Please yourself, go, but go now, if you stay you stay for good. Step out of line and I'll make sure you can't walk for a week. So choose."

She sat down and looked at mum and sis then smiled. "Guess I'll stay, I'm not much good on my own anyway."

"Hazel, you won't regret it, I'll look after you, I'll look after you all."

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