The Accountant

by Alistair Acorn

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Alistair Acorn

Erotica Sex Story: The tale of a little man, who found happiness at last

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Grand Parent   First   Size   .


John Oswald Sims was a 5ft 6in timid accountant, who had to wear thick lenses glasses. He was 28 years old, was the only child and still lived with his divorced mother and grandmother. Just looking at him one knew he was timid, by his stance; he never looked anyone in the eye. When he walked his shoulders were hunched forward with his eyes on the ground, occasionally looking up to see where he was going.

You could set your watch on his journey to and from employment, taking the same seat position on the train every day. He wore the same colour and style suit, carrying a brief case that carried nothing but his lunch box. The contents of the lunch box had every item enclosed in a wrapper and the fruit packed to prevent damage by movement. The lunch box was always packed by this grandmother, who had devoted her life to caring for her only grandson, John.

John Oswald Sims was a brilliant accountant and since the date on employment with the company of chartered accountants had risen faster than normal in the hierarchy. He had found flaws in the accountancy system that was costing the company thousands a year. He was responsible for improving the streamlining of costing, which meant the company had access to liquid assets a lot sooner than in the past.

Because he was small and timid, he bore the brunt of jokes and teasing not from other accountants, but female clerks. The women said and done things that they knew would embarrass him, knowing he wouldn't retaliate. Like the old saying 'give anyone an inch and the will take a mile' was a good example in John's case. One day the drove him to storm out of the office halfway through the day and head for home.

John confided in his two carers everything that happened to him, so since his mother was herself employed as a magistrate, there was only his grandparent at home when he arrived home early. His grandmother knew right away that something had occurred for this to happen.

"Matar, I've had enough sly remarks and teasing by the female clerks. Today I had to send an important report to Board and the women twisted every request I asked them into something filthy. I've had enough; I'm not going back there." John told his grandmother who came over and sat on the sofa beside him and hugged him. She always did this when he had been a young boy, when he became upset with either bullying or being teased about his spectacles.

John rose and went to his room and lay on the bed and got one of his favourite magazines out from under the mattress. He hid them there so either his mother or Matar wouldn't find them. If he only knew that they had spotted them there when he was just 14 and even looked at every edition since. He subscribed to a porno magazine which showed explicit pictures of men and women performing. He didn't want many women, he only wanted one, one that he could call his own. Working in an environment predominately women, you would suppose he could find one, but he was too shy even to try. On the other hand, he could speak freely and easily with Mater and his mother.

He gazed at all the pictures and wondered if one day, he could perform all the things he saw on the pages of the magazine.

He only left his room for the main meal and after returned, went straight to bed.

John was that punctual that his mother knew that something was wrong. Going to John's door, she knocked and getting no answer entered and moved over to the bed where john was lying.

"John, son are you ill, how can mother help you?"

"I'm not going to work, I'm sick all right, sick of being the but of taunts and jokes." He angrily replied.

"You have never let things like that worry you in the past, why now?"

"As I said I'm sick of being the outsider, the one who is always being picked on. I'm taking at least a day off work," he replied pulling the bedclothes up over his head.

His mother left him and went to the breakfast area where Matar was reading the paper and eating her toast breakfast.

"He says, he is taking the day off, I believed he said he had an important report to refer, but I've never seen John so down. Look in on him every now and again, will you?"

"You don't need to even ask Evelyn, you know I will. You get off to work; you too have important clients to attend too. Leave John to me," Matar replied.

After finishing reading the newspaper she decided to go and see John herself. She considered going for a shower and getting dressed, but John had seen her enough times going around the home in her nightdress. Matar never knocked when she went in to see John and had caught him many times in embarrassing situations. Her eyes usually went straight to his groin, for John had the largest cock she had ever seen. The sight of it usually sent a tingle originating between her legs and spreading through her body. She supposed that she was still receptive to the male appendage.

She sat on the side of the bed, and gently shook him, "John, you mustn't let them get you down, they are cruel I know, but that is what human's are like. Any weakness becomes the main centre of their jokes and jests."

"I know Matar, but I can't take any more." He answered, and she could see tears running down his cheeks on to his pillow.

She wanted to comfort him hold him, but the only way was to lie down alongside him and put her arm around him. Lying above the bedding was no good, so she got in with him as she had done when he was a small boy and this way she could hold him. What she didn't realise that John was sleeping naked. At first she pulled back, in a mild shock of finding him like this, but a need to hold him close to her own body was even stronger.

She slipped an arm under his neck and one over his chest and pulled him towards her own body. Even though there was a layer of fine cotton between them a tingle went through her whole body.

She wasn't the only one who felt something; John smelt her woman smells, not hidden by perfume or soap. However, her nightdress had risen almost to her belly button, and he felt the pubic hairs of a woman brush his rapidly inflating penis. Thrusting his pelvis close to hers he crushed his hard penis into her soft body and imagined that he was fucking her. All these feelings and reactions occurred in just a few seconds.

Matar felt the hard manhood pressing into her stomach, and immediately she started secreting her lubricant, she could feel the difference in her groin area. Again she was torn between getting out of the bed, or continues to comfort John. All the resistance stopped when she felt his hand push its way between her thighs and cup her pussy and the feel of his finger rotating at the mouth of her now soaked vagina. Instead of resisting him, she even opened her knees allowing him easier access.

John dropped his hand to adjust the position of his hard penis and the back of his hand brushed the thick hairs of Matar's groin. He moved his hand downwards to remove his hand altogether, but he stopped when he sensed the heat coming from Matar's crotch. Pushing his hand straight in slid in on the soft skin at the top of her inner thighs. He was sure the pressure eased on his hand and the hand became its own identity separate from his body, as though they had a will of their own. He could still feel everything, the soft moist region at the mouth of her vagina and the plump labial lips.

He knew that woman have a Clitoris somewhere at the top of the labial lips and hidden under a flap of skin. Using his thumb he found it first time and gently rolled his thumb on the small hard protrusion. He had an immediate response as Matar rolled her hips and closed her thighs on his hand, trapping it in position.

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