Choices - That Old Flame

by Patricia51

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Lesbian, .

Desc: Sex Story: Friends like DG Hear and Jake Rivers have been writing song fics. Here's my first based on Alabama's "Old Flame". Sequel to "Choices". Barb fears she is going to lose Lee to an old lover.

(Since some other friends have been writing stories suggested by songs and song lyrics I thought I'd try myself. The song "Old Flame" was written by Donny Lowery and Mac McAnally, recorded by Alabama. From the album "Feels So Right" '1981. One pronoun has been changed to make the song fit this situation. This story is a sequel to the original "Choices". I don't think you will have to have read it for this to make sense.))

"There's an old flame burning in your eyes,
That tears can't drown, and make-up can't disguise.
Now that old flame might not be stronger, but its been burning longer,
Than any spark I might have started, in your eyes."

Barbara Clausen loved shopping with her girlfriend. Of course, as the still attractive and slender 50 year old admitted to herself, she loved doing just about everything with Lee. Lee had brought the color, the spontaneity, back into the attorney's life when she had thought it was gone for good. Two years had passed since they had met, fallen in love, and quit the prestigious law firm both had worked at to strike out on their own. Barb still couldn't get over the changes the lovely young Para-legal had made in her life.

Of course she had made changes in Lee's life too. The young woman was now following her dreams. In her second semester of law school, she approached her studies with the same fierce determination that characterized everything she attempted.

Barbara giggled, thinking about that first semester. She had immediately recognized the crusty old professor who was teaching Contract Law and recalled his actions of the first day of class. He would surprise everyone by demanding a student recite the facts of a lawsuit. Now yes, the syllabus that he passed out at registration listed that case and several others the student was expected to be familiar with by the first day of class. But he always caught everyone off guard and his chosen victims rarely made it through his class.

Well, she knew the old professor's tricks and she made sure Lee did too. The pair had spent the weekend before the first day of class going over each case until Barb was satisfied her young girlfriend was completely conversant with them.

That first day of class Barb had been on pins and needles all day. She had had to force herself to pay attention to the cases she was working on. For someone who prided herself on the attention and care she gave her clients the loss of concentration was extremely unusual. But so much of their future depended on that first day.

Just as Barb was flipping over the "Closed" sign Lee burst through the door. She spoke not a word but flung herself against the brunette and pushed her to the wall. The black haired girl showered her lover with kisses even as her hands ran over Barb's body. The female attorney felt the buttons give way on her blouse and her skirt get hiked up around her waist. Then Lee turned her lover around and pushed her back onto the receptionist desk where she usually sat, scattering papers and files onto the floor.

"Lee!" gasped Barb even as her girlfriend fell on top of her. A firm young thigh parted her legs and the excited law student jammed herself between those now spread legs. Barb was wearing pantyhose but had foregone panties, a habit she often followed since she and Lee had started living together. Lee was barelegged and from the touch of wet curls against her Barb surmised her lover had removed her panties sometime on the way home.

Lee broke the kiss long enough to reply. "What?" was all she said. She slid Barb down slightly so her ass rested on the edge of the desk. Then her mouth descended on the older woman's full breast, sucking it in. She grasped Barb's wrists and held her hands down. Bracing herself with a wide open stance, the young woman began to thrust, grinding her wetness against Barb's pussy.

"Lee!" repeated Barb. "The door's not locked! What if someone comes in? They could even look through the windows and see us." Barb's protests were rapidly running out of steam as her body responded to the assault on it. Her nipple popped to rigid attention in the wet, warm mouth covering it.

"Who cares?" responded Lee. She switched to the other ripened breast, capturing that nipple in her lips and tugging on it. Slapping sounds filled the room as she drove herself against Barb.

The lady lawyer realized she couldn't think of a single thing to say. Her heels feel off and she lifted her legs, wrapping them around the younger woman and holding her. Her ass lifted as she clung to Lee.

The younger woman was going wild. She ground herself hard against her older partner. Her clit rubbed against the soaking nylon of Barb's pantyhose and then found the equally hard and throbbing nubbin of her lover. The still firm and shapely legs holding her squeezed for all they were worth. Lee's head tipped back as she felt her body begin to shudder. She lifted her torso, giving Barb's nipple one tremendous jerk before releasing it. The older woman keened and cried out "Yesssssss.". After two years together the partners knew exactly when the other was about to go over the edge. One final heave of Lee's hips and they both tumbled into orgasm.

Lee collapsed on top of Barb. The two women held each other. After the aftershocks finally subsided, Barb took the other woman's face in her hands and kissed her. "I take it today went well?"

Lee started laughing. "Oh God yes, darling, It was great."

"I want to hear all about it, but could you possibly let me get up and breathe a bit?"

Lee opened her mouth for an indignant remark before catching the twinkle in her girl friend's eyes. She jumped up and helped Barb to her feet. Locking the front door, the pair went upstairs to their apartment on the second floor of the restored Victorian townhouse. They settled on to the couch. Lee drew her legs up under her and began.

"Well, Professor K., as they call him, called the roll, noting everyone on a seating chart and then gave his introductory speech. I understand that's pretty standard too. Then he looked over the class and I tried to look completely innocent and dewy-eyed. Sure enough, he called on me.

"In his dry voice he said, 'Now then, Miss Lee, give us the facts in the case of Adams versus Reynolds.'.

"I'm sure the proverbial pin dropping could have been heard. I watched his eyes widen as I looked straight back at him, smiled and started: 'Adams Wholesale Supplies contracted with Reynolds Manufacturing to produce a certain quantity of goods. The specifications of those goods were in an addendum to the contract rather than the original document itself. When a dispute arose over the quality of the provided items... '

"Oh honey it was priceless. I rattled off the pertinent basis for the case and was proceeding into the arguments advanced by opposing counsels when he lifted his hand and announced that was sufficient. I don't think I broke his composure, I doubt anything could do that from what I hear; he shook himself and started lecturing."

Barb giggled like a teenager. "He really IS an outstanding professor but his methods leave me cold. Pay attention though sweetheart, you will learn a lot from him."

"Well," the young law student grinned. "I'm always happy to learn. Or teach." With that Lee slid down Barb's body. The dark haired head disappeared under the attorney's skirt. Barb groaned happily as Lee commenced licking up the wetness her previous ministrations had produced.

Barbara shook her head and returned to the present as they approached the next store they were headed to. She enjoyed the sight of Lee, who was practically skipping ahead of her. The younger woman was dressed in cut-off shorts and a men's white shirt with the tails knotted under her breasts. She looked as though she didn't have a care in the world and practically could have passed for a teenager rather than a woman of twenty-four.

Well, the female lawyer smiled, she felt freer and younger than her own age too. She looked herself over. Before Lee she never would have been caught out in public in sandals and slightly ragged jeans and a loose fitting t-shirt. If she had made Lee more serious and prone to reflection, her younger girlfriend had certainly loosened up that stuffy old attorney she had been.

They approached the store where Barb intended to look for a new suit for Lee. She was considering whether charcoal gray would match Lee's complexion with a couple of different blouses when the sight of a red-head woman exiting the store caused her girlfriend to stop dead in her tracks and turn pale.

"Why, hello Lee," the new arrival smiled.

"Hello Ellie." Lee's voice was so low that Barb had to strain to hear her.

"I saw you staring at each other.
I saw your eyes begin to glow.
And I could tell you once were lovers.
You ain't hiding nothing that I don't know."

Paying no attention to Lee's discomfort or to Barb standing there, Ellie started to chat brightly about "Old times" and how nice it was to see Lee again and how she hoped everything was going well. Making it a point to deliberately ignore Barb, she slid an arm around Lee and kissed her before turning exclaiming how she "simply had to fly" and turning on a heel and walking away.

Barb stood there with her mouth open. She desperately wanted to ask Lee what in the world had happened but couldn't when her lover turned and all but bolted from the front of the store. Barb took off after her but barely managed to catch up to the other woman by the time they reached Barb's Mercedes.

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