The Perfect Forbidden Partner

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Another of the "Laura" series of stories. This one was the very first one I wrote years ago and it filled out over a period of time. This one has lovely Laura at home alone at night and ends up having her fantasy come true. And all because she watched her fiance's unmarked videotape...

Some women like to occasionally take a walk on the wild side sexually. Laura B. fantasizes about it and then...

A very cute looking brunette named Laura B. is at home by herself, watching her television shows in the evening. She is short at 4'10", has a voluptuous build that is suited to her height. At the age of 25 she is in very good condition from her exercises she does in the evening.

At around 9PM when she has channel surfed and found absolutely nothing worth watching, she remembers that there is a secret stash of porno videos that her boyfriend hid. So on a whim she goes downstairs, digs out the box where they are stashed, bringing it upstairs and sorts through them to see what might interest her. She does not have to worry about being caught by her boyfriend as he is away for the weekend; Laura finally decides on a couple of films that look interesting to her.

She places one into the VCR, presses play, and sits back to watch it; she finds that after the first scene or two she is starting to speed search through the rest of the videotape. It ends with Laura wanting to watch another one, as she is finding herself becoming slowly and gradually aroused — although she is unaware of her body doing this.

So, once again she gets up, goes through the selection of tapes, and puts another one into the VCR, presses play, then sits back to watch this tape. She finds this one a bit more interesting; she finds herself watching a very erotic scene where one attractive voluptuous woman seduces a younger one by giving her a massage with oil. Laura quivered with growing arousal as she watched the two women. She had never before realized that the sight of two women making it could be so exciting.

While she had often wondered what it would be like to have another woman exploring her body, she had never allowed the situation to occur, although during her first years in university dormitory life had presented more than one such chance. Now as she stood as a voyeur to these two beautiful young women, she found her body reacting with undeniable excitement. Laura lets her hand creep down under her shorts, under her lace panties, and starts rubbing her clit gently -—all the while still watching the scene quite intently.

The two women were caressing, pushing their naked bodies together without shame, fondling each other's breasts, thighs and pussies, running their tongues together. Laura's finger stopped feeling around inside her sheath; she thought that was going altogether too far. But as the camera held upon them, the scene began to seem less dirty; there was something almost beautiful in the tender way they were caressing each other, a gentleness that a man hadn't shown.

She ends up going through the complete video tape, then rewinding to the massage scene and watching it again, but this time she plays with herself a bit more. She is getting very aroused watching the two women while she watches the scene over until it is done, then rewinds the tape. What she saw, and was imagining, was that the one being seduced was she in the video. This excites her; as she is still quite horny, so she picks yet another tape to watch.

This one does not have any title or name as to what the contents are, so she just places it into the VCR, presses play again, and then retakes her seat on the couch. This time she makes herself quite comfortable, draping one leg over the arm of the couch, the other leg on the floor, her whole body reclined against pillows, and her shorts pulled down a bit so she can play with herself a bit easier.

As the film unfolds, Laura can see that the plot of this one could very well be rather eye opening — but she watches as each scene progresses. Then there is one that catches her eye: it is two attractive women together on a bed — one young blonde, and the other is an older married brunette, about early 40's. Both of them are built very nicely all over, the brunette being of a bigger bust than the blonde — and at present the older brunette is having her pretty pink pussy licked by the blonde.

It is quite apparent that the mature brunette is enjoying very much having her pussy licked by the young blonde, especially as she heaves all over the bed when her orgasm overtakes her voluptuous body. This is making Laura excited watching the two of them; she is rubbing her clit, fantasizing that the one having her pussy licked is her.

She has harboured her thoughts about being with another woman, keeping them inside, but seeing these two women like this, being as horny as she has become brings her thoughts to the surface. She continues to watch intently as the two women enjoy each other, then the brunette is rolled somewhat reluctantly on top of the younger blonde, so that she can give some pleasure to the blonde.

She watches as the gorgeous brunette licks & sucks the young blonde's nice firm breasts, gradually working her way down the front of the blonde until she reaches the crotch area. The sight of these two going at each other really excites Laura; but just as the brunette gets to the pubic area —Laura watches in utter amazement as the brunette opens her mouth, taking into her pretty mouth a semi-erect penis - and begins willingly sucking the blonde's cock! And then obviously putting her fingers into the young blonde's pussy!

She figures that it is a guy dressed up, or a she-male; but no to both of those answers because this blonde has a cock and a pussy right underneath. After numerous stopping and slow motion forwarding Laura figures out real quick that this is no mock-up or anything like that — it is a real hermaphrodite being sucked eagerly by the voluptuous older brunette friend of hers.

Watching this in fact turns Laura on immensely, so much that she orgasms quite intensely on the couch from playing with her clit and then buries two fingers deep into her sopping wet pussy. This keeps her orgasm going while she stares at the voluptuous brunette as she pleases the blonde with her mouth until the blonde orgasms right in her mouth; Laura watches as the brunette swallows as much of the juices as she can. However, there is so much that some of it runs out of the corner of her pretty mouth, and down onto the blonde's pubic hair; Laura is climaxing almost continuously from the excitement of the scene on the videotape.

Once the scene is over, Laura finds that she is almost breathless from the excitement she received from watching that particular scene, her shorts are down around her ankles, and she does feel somewhat satiated — finally.

She does watch the rest of the videotape, but when it is over she rewinds the tape to the exact spot where that particular scene begins — and she watches it again. This time she studies the blonde quite intently, sure that she isn't real, but when she pauses the video several times to study the blonde on the screen she finds that her eyes were not deceiving her.

In the past she had wondered about sex with another woman. Now she knew. She knew that if the chance presented itself, she would enter the arms of another woman with the aroused feelings that were now flooding her body. She felt no shame at the self-admission. Her body was too laden with the lust the women had flamed within her.

Laura sits back in shock at seeing such an attractive and unique person being pleased by the brunette, and then her imagination takes over again. She imagines being there in the same room as the two from the video, just content to watch them as they give one another pleasure while Laura sits there, playing with herself, making sure she has several orgasms.

This fantasy has her attention for a while until she dozes off while still on the couch, her hand down her panties. Then while she sleeps lightly she finds herself dreaming about the blonde who seduces the brunette, dreaming that she is actually there as she watches only for a bit, and then is encouraged to join in slowly. She dreams that the brunette and her are going at it, with the brunette licking her pussy until she comes wildly.

Then she dreams that the brunette in the video is she, as if she was the one being seduced by the blonde, wondering what it would be like to suck the gorgeous blonde woman's cock. The more she thinks about doing it, the hotter she finds herself becoming; just as the blonde places her cock into Laura's mouth, she climaxes intensely in her dream.

She wakes up sometime in the night, feeling rather thirsty and horny; so she removes her shorts and panties in preparation for going to bed, and leaving them in the living room. She forgets to shut the VCR and TV off when she goes to the kitchen for a glass of water from the refrigerator, but it has an automatic turn-off feature so it doesn't matter all that much.

Laura open the door, removes the water jug, then pours herself a glass of cold water; as she drinks it she thinks that she hears someone moving around the house. She stops for a second, listens for a long moment, and then continues drinking the water as she figures that she was hearing things in the night.

It sounded to her ears as if there was someone in the house, tiptoeing around very quietly, but she dismisses it as the wind, or the house settling.

As she places the water jug back into the refrigerator, she happens to notice that there is someone in the house — all she can see is that the person has long blonde hair. The stranger closes the door; Laura is so shocked to see someone standing there that she doesn't say a word — she just stares at the woman.

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