Leslie Visits Family

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: She went to visit her family on her vacation.

I've not had much experience in these matters, actually, no experience at all, but I would guess that most men become highly upset when they find out that their wife is out spreading it around. I know I was. I have no idea how long she has been doing it or what the outcome is going to be when she finally comes home; the only thing I know for sure is that I caught her with her pants down (no pun intended).

Leslie and I have been married for twenty-one years and I suppose our marriage is pretty much the same as that of other middle class couples in the early forties. We were (I almost said are, but I'm not sure about that anymore) comfortable together, had a fairly active sex life and, or least I had thought, both loved and liked each other. Leslie is a schoolteacher and I am in sales and this has made our marriage somewhat different in that she has a good deal more time off than I do. She has basically the entire summer off, plus spring break, and Christmas vacation. I get three weeks paid vacation a year. Leslie gets eleven paid holidays and I get six so she has a lot of free time that I don't get to share with her. It hasn't been a major problem because of two simple facts: I can't stand her family (neither can she most of the time) and they live four hundred miles away. Leslie usually takes three weeks off during the summer and goes back to visit them and she always tells them I couldn't come because I don't have enough seniority to bid for summer vacation time. This has been the case for the last ten years now and probably would have been the case for the next ten except for the fickle finger of fate.

It was summer and Leslie had gone back to visit her family. She'd been gone a week when my boss called me in the office and asked me if I would like a company paid mini-vacation. It seems that one of our biggest customers was opening a new branch office about thirty miles from where Leslie was visiting her folks. He wanted me to go and meet the customer, go through the new facility with him and see what we needed to do to get the proper inventory and equipment in place.

"Go over on Thursday and then take Friday off and spend the weekend with Leslie."

I didn't bother to tell him that while spending a weekend with Leslie would be great; a weekend with Leslie and her family would be purgatory. The drive was uneventful and I checked into a motel about half a mile from the new facility and called Leslie to let her know that I was only thirty miles away and would be there for the weekend. Her sister answered the phone and told me that Leslie wasn't there, that she'd gone shopping. I didn't tell her sister where I was, I just asked her to tell Leslie I had called. Then I went over to the new facility and met Burt, the customer, and we toured the new place together and he outlined what he wanted. I made some suggestions about what he might like to do and then he pointed me to an empty office and I settled in to draft a plan to cover what we had talked about.

We broke for lunch about one o'clock and I made another quick phone call to try and catch Leslie, but she still wasn't back yet. Burt sprang for lunch and when we had finished eating he said:

"Can I ask you something personal?"

I said, "I guess so."

And then he asked me when was the last time I got laid. I told him that it had been over a week ago, just before my wife had gone to visit her family and then I asked him "why?"

"I don't know," he said, "You just looked like you needed to get laid. I got a thing laid on for later this afternoon and I just though I might ask you to join in."

I asked him what kind of a thing and he told me about a woman he'd met in a bar earlier in the week and that she just loved to fuck. She had worn him out and when he hadn't been able to get it up anymore she had asked him if he could call someone to help him put out "her fire". Since then he had seen her every night, always with four or five buddies, :

"And she takes us all on and leaves us worn out. I thought maybe you might like to join us tonight."

I have to admit I was tempted, not just because I was horny in anticipation of seeing Leslie, but because I had never taken part in a gangbang and I was curious about what kind of woman would take on a group of guys. I thanked Burt for the invite, but told him I'd be driving over to see my wife who was visiting with family.

"No problem," he said, "But could I ask you a favor? I have to drop my car off at the dealership for some warranty work. Can you drop me at my brother's house? That's were she is meeting us."

I told him I would and then we went back to the new facility and got back to work.

I finished the proposal around five and gave it to Burt for his approval and signature and while he was going over it I tried calling Leslie again. This time I got her brother and he told me that she and her sister had gone out for a bite to eat and he wasn't sure when she'd be back. Burt handed me the signed proposal, we locked the place up and he gave me directions to his brother's house. On the way he tried to talk me into joining him.

"If you don't, you're going to miss the best piece of ass that I've ever seen. Tall, long red hair, and legs that go from the floor all the way up to her ears."

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