Cum Fetish

by Thesandman

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Spitting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Mike and Brad meet two interesting women who really have a very interesting fetish.

It wasn't something I would normally even consider doing. But when Brad came over one evening to watch the game with me, he mentioned that he had recently participated in a wild little evening with several other guys and two women. Knowing Brad as well as I did, I wasn't too surprised, he was always telling me about this or that, some conquest he'd recently had, or some gal he'd met in a bar who had given him a blowjob in the men's restroom or something. But I had to admit as I listened to his story, though it was pretty wild and far-fetched in my mind, it certainly was interesting.

"Listen Mike, I'm not pulling your leg here," he told me. "One of the guys I work with told me he'd gone there himself. So the following weekend, he'd invited me along, so I went with him, and sure enough it was just like he said."

"So how does this all work?" I asked skeptically.

"We have this email address, you email them and tell them you're interested in attending the party. You have to send a current photo I.D. of yourself, and some guy then checks that against you when you show up at the door. If he's satisfied, he lets you in. They only accept like a dozen guys at a time, so it's almost on a first come first serve sort of basis."

"First come is right," I laughed still thinking the whole idea was crazy.

"Anyway, if you're approved, they send back an email giving you the date and time, and room number of whatever motel or hotel it is they're staying at. Once you get that you just show up."

"And they're not charging anyone to do this?" I asked once again.

"Nope! Seriously, the two women just get off on all this, and do it just about every weekend, just for fun. And trust me, when I went it was fun! A little kinky in some ways perhaps, but damn fun!"

"So tell me what happened and what you did when you went," I asked becoming a bit more curious and interested now.

"Well, the two girls basically put on a show for the guys, though it's obvious they're really enjoying it. But you can touch em' or fuck em' whenever you want while this is all going on. You have to wear a condom of course..."

"That's nice to know."

"Yeah, but the main reason for all this, is they want you to cum on them when you do. Not in the condoms, so if you're ready to pop, then they want you to tell them, that's basically the whole point of doing this for them, they really get off on that. It can get pretty messy, especially with a dozen guys there, but that's the whole point I guess. Like I said, it looks and can get pretty wild."

"I don't know Brad, I can certainly see you going and doing something like this, but not too sure about myself, especially with a bunch of other strangers standing around as well."

He laughed at that. "Yeah, I wondered about that myself, but after you're there and see these two girls going at it, then you sorta put the rest of all that in the background and it doesn't really matter any more. And besides, both women are actually pretty attractive, middle-aged, good looks, nice tits, and put on a pretty good show with one another and obviously enjoy it when they do."

I thought about it, and then gave in. My curiosity and dick getting the better of me. "Ok, go ahead and tell them we're interested," I told him. He was smiling from ear to ear.

"Already did. Friday night, 8:00, room 431!"

We were met at the door by a guy that was bigger than the two of us put together. He scrutinized my photo ID against the photograph that Brad had already emailed into them. His expression remained sullen as he did so, finally satisfied, handing my driver's license back to me. He then looked at Brad's glanced up and smiled, actually looking friendly.

"Weren't you here last week?" he asked.

"I was, yes."

"Thought so," the guy nodded, then stepped back from the door letting us in. "We're waiting for three more to arrive," he added, and then the girls will be out. Have a seat, there's plenty of booze until they get here."

Once inside I noticed there was another obvious bodyguard type as he stood in front of the door which must have led into the bedroom of the suite we were now sitting in. I quickly counted and saw seven other guys besides Brad and myself who'd already arrived. Only two others seemed to know one another and were talking together, everyone else was considerably more quiet and reserved as they all sat there on the various couches and chairs, drinking, waiting for the show to begin.

"Was it like this the last time?" I asked Brad in quiet tones.

He grinned. "Yep, almost exactly. But once things get going, it won't be like this at all, far from it, just wait and see."

By 8:15 only one another guy had arrived, the brute standing at the door then signaled to the other guy guarding the bedroom door, he nodded his head, stepped inside and closed it for a few moments. When he came back into the room he indicated to us all we could go in. We did so, as the guy we'd met on arriving locked and bolted the front door and brought up the rear as we all entered the bedroom. There were few additional chairs, all of which had been taken as we entered, so we stood there for a moment as the two very naked women sitting on the bed next to one another introduced themselves.

"Hi, I'm Darlene, and this is Candy," she stated. "No need for any of you to introduce yourselves unless you want to."

I smiled inwardly. I remembered an old erotic story about a woman named Candy, and wondered if that's where her name had come from. Candy was a blond too, though I doubted she was a natural blond, though with a shaved pussy, there was really no way of telling for sure. She had nice naturally large breasts with fairly good-sized dark brown areola's that covered a goodly portion of her breasts, her nipples already extended and fat like a tiny fingertip as she sat there playing with them. Darlene, the woman who had spoken was a dark haired brunette with an olive like complexion, she spoke with a faint accent that sounded like she might have been Italian, or perhaps Greek though I didn't ask.

Darlene had much smaller breasts, but they were still full though a bit pointier as it was. Still, it made for a nice difference in seeing the two women together as they sat there.

"As you all should be aware, you can do whatever you'd like to either of us as things go along, regardless of whatever it is we're doing, or with whom. We're ok with a little roughness if that's what you're into, slapping our asses, stuff like that. But no major rough stuff. If we don't like something, we'll tell you. You only get one warning. If we have to tell you a second time, you'll be escorted out of the room immediately. Everyone understand all that?"

Every guy there nodded his head yes, including Brad and myself.

"And you can fuck our asses, or cunts, but only if you wear a condom. If you didn't bring any with you, we have some available. Also, you can cum as many times as you'd like, if you can while you're here. But whenever you do cum, we'd like that you do so on one of us, preferably both, so please let us know when you're going to if you don't mind. We sorta like seeing and watching it when you do. Other than that, we're just here to have fun as hopefully you are. Any questions?"

No one had any, though everyone continued to stand there looking and appearing a bit foolish or nervous. Candy grinned seeing that, just as I had. "Like Darlene said, feel free to join in whenever you feel like it, or just watch for a while," then she turned, pushing Darlene down onto the bed and began kissing the other woman all the while cupping and caressing her perky sweet tipped breasts.

Neither Brad nor I did much but continue to watch the two women, though a couple of guys finally did start to fondle themselves openly, one other finally standing from the chair he'd been sitting in and began removing his clothing.

"Guess I might as well be the first and get this party started," he said lustfully.

I had to admit, the bed was enormous, giving the girls ample room to maneuver around in even as other guys soon joined them, some just sitting down on the bed watching, stroking themselves, or as the first guy had done, slipping behind Candy as she took the top position in an erotic little "69" with Darlene.

He was soon fucking her from behind like that as Darlene continued licking Candy's cunt from beneath her, all the while having her own near-hairless split licked and tickled by Candy as the three of them continued. It wasn't long in watching that, that most everyone had finally begun to remove their clothes.

"As they say when in Rome!" Brad grinned and began stripping, I quickly began doing the same, realizing if I didn't I'd be the one sticking out in this particular crowd.

Still in their sexy little "69" one other guy had joined at the other end, where Candy now kneeling, though still getting fucked, proceeded to suck the guys hard erect prick, he in turn was fingering Darlene's now neglected pussy which Candy had only moments ago been thoroughly enjoying herself. At least two or three others had positioned themselves on the bed to either side, running their hands up and down the women's bodies, caressing and playing with Candy's free-swinging tits, or sucking on Darlene's as she lay there. Brad was one of those, feasting himself on one of a Darlene's breasts while she in turn wrapped a hand around his rapidly stiffening cock and began playing with it.

"Come on over here dude!" Brad called to me. Candy's got a free tit that no one's bothering to play with at the moment!"

It felt weird initially, having to sandwich myself between Brad and another guy as I squeezed myself onto the bed between them. But I had soon managed to capture Candy's wildly swinging breast in my hand and began playing with it, thumbing that nice thick nipple much to her delight. The other guy kneeling next to me was happily giving Candy's ass an occasional slap with his hand while she remained getting fucked doggy-style from behind.

"Gonna blow me a load baby?" she asked looking back at the guy behind her.

"Almost," he said with a knowing grimace on his face, then suddenly jerking himself out of her cunt, reaching down to strip off the rubber he'd been wearing just as his cock began spraying several long ropes of semen all over and across her back.

"Oh yeah! Yeah!" she cried out happily. "Squirt that hot fucking juice all over me baby ... all over me!"

The moment he'd finished dumping his load all over her back, Candy slithered off Darlene face down lying next to her. Darlene then slid up onto Candy's back, pressing against her, smearing the guy's cum between them. Forced to let go of her tit, I now sat merely watching not realizing my hand had already strayed to my now rock-hard prick as had most of all the other guys, including Brad.

"Someone come feed me their dick!" Candy called out as Darlene kept slipping and sliding against her friend. Two guys stepped forward almost simultaneously, and rather than turning one away, Candy greeted and accepted both, now kneeling, taking a dick in each hand which she began alternately sucking one while jacking the other. Darlene turned placing her back against Candy's and indicated that she wanted to be doing the same as her friend was. As we were the closest at this point, Brad and I soon found ourselves as the other pair getting their prick's sucked and played with while the six other guys looked on, though one or two had moved close enough to begin fingering the women which they immediately took delight in while jerking and sucking us.

One guy who'd pretty much just been standing there jerking himself the entire time he'd been there, finally moved forward towards the bed. "Where do you want it?" he asked simply.

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