Airport Mishap

by TheMoose63

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ripped from today's headlines! Jenna is going through security at the airport when the beeping goes off. The TSA agent wonders why and Jenna knows it's her piercings but how to prove it? Mark, the TSA supervisor has a solution but will Jenna go along?

Jenna was sitting behind her desk at the Customer Service kiosk when Mr. Roberts approached and he looked like he was in 'that' mood. She immediately sat up a little straighter and induced a wide smile onto face and happily greeted the Senior Vice President. "Good morning Mr. Roberts ... is there anything I can do for you?"

Brian Roberts slapped down an 8x10 manila envelope that was about two inches thick onto the desk. "Yes ... absolutely Miss Johnson ... you see, this envelope has to be in Houston this afternoon, no later than three o'clock and it cannot be out of the control of one of the firms' employees." He handed her another envelope. "Here are your tickets, hotel reservations and $200 in spending cash. If you get this to Houston on time there is another $1000 in your next paycheck ... any questions?"

Jenna grabbed her purse and stood up. "No sir, I'm on my way." She rushed down the hallway to the elevator bank, pushed the 'Down' button and tapped her foot while she waited. As she stood there waiting for the elevator she thought about the $1000 extra she would have to spend on new clothes and she could almost see herself that leather mini-skirt she had tried on last Saturday. The elevator finally arrived and she slipped inside with five other people for the ride down to the lobby. When the doors finally opened Jenna rushed out through the front doors, hailed a cab and was on her way to Love Field.

Jenna sat in the back seat of the taxi and opened the envelope and looked at her itinerary. Her flight was scheduled our of Gate 7 of the South Concourse at one o'clock which meant that she had a bit over an hour and a half before her flight — easily enough time to get through security, have a cup of coffee and grab a magazine to read on the short flight. It was only a fifteen minute ride to the airport and when Jenna arrived she paid the cab driver, got a receipt and took the escalator up to the security lines. When she got to the top of the escalator she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that there were only a few people waiting in line to go through the metal detector. She walked through the empty roped area, stood in line and tossed her purse and the manila envelope in the large tray that would take them through the x-ray machine. Jenna bent over and removed her high heels and tossed them into the tray too and waited patiently behind a businessman that was having trouble getting everything out of his pockets.

Mark Bates was the TSA supervisor for the South Concourse and when he saw Jenna bending over to take off her high heels she definitely caught his attention. He watched her standing behind the guy with the computer bag and fumbling to get the stuff out of his pockets. He thought the woman looked to be maybe twenty five and God what a set of tits! She was maybe 5'7" and probably not more than 125 pounds and besides her great looking tits she had a nice butt and beautifully long legs. He wondered what she would look like on her knees with his cock in her mouth ... ah well, wishful thinking, still...

Jenna finally cleared the metal detector and was about to grab her purse, shoes and the envelope when a male TSA agent with a name tag that said, James Bishop, stopped her.

"Excuse me miss but I'll have to 'wand' you."

She turned and looked at him confused. "I'm sorry ... what did you say?"

James smiled at her and held up his metal-detecting wand. "I said I'll have to wand you ma'am."

Jenna looked down at her wristwatch and saw that she had plenty of time to make her flight ... still what in the hell was this all about. Her purse and the envelope had cleared the x-ray machine and she had gone through the metal detector without even so much as a peep so why was the wand necessary? "I don't understand," she looked at his name tag, "Mr. Bishop, why me?"

James laughed. "Well it's kind of a trade secret, you know ... I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you!"

This is bullshit Jenna thought, he's just fucking with me because I'm a woman and there aren't very many people waiting in line. "FINE! But would you please hurry it up I've got a flight to catch!" She tried to sound nice but it probably sounded 'in his face' to the agent she thought.

James's smile tightened when she got angry. "Yes it is fine ... MA'AM; now please step over behind the privacy screen."

Jenna followed him behind a large wooden privacy screen and stood there waiting. "Well?" She said irritated.

If she was irritated, James was a little more than just irritated — he was pissed off. He had chosen her because she was a good looking woman and he wanted to see what her tits looked like with her arms stretched straight out from her sides, but now... "Alright ma'am, please spread your feet apart, about shoulder width and put your hands straight out from your sides."

Jenna did what he asked and stood rigidly while the agent ran the wand over her body. He came up behind her and ran it up one arm across her back and down the other arm. She couldn't see him but knew he was running the wand over her back and butt then down the back of her legs. Nothing happened, much as she expected; the wand was as quiet as a church mouse. The agent moved around to the front and as he stared at her tits he started the wand up her left arm and started across her chest when the wand finally beeped. Surprised she looked down at her chest. The agent also looked surprised. He didn't say a word as he moved to the other side of her body and ran the wand up her right arm and started across her chest when it once again beeped. James looked up questioningly at the woman but she didn't seem to have a clue as to what was going on. The final straw came when James ran the wand up her leg and across her body and it beeped for a third time.

Frustrated, James asked, "Excuse me miss, but is there any chance you can explain why my metal detector is beeping like crazy?"

Jenna was as confused as the TSA agent. "No ... no I don't have any idea."

James looked at her then across the area to his supervisor. "Well I'm sorry miss but I'm going to have to get my supervisor involved."

Jenna looked at her watch again ... still plenty of time to make her flight. "Fine but please hurry!"

James stepped backward from behind the screen and held up his hand so Mark Bates would see him. When Mark looked in James's direction he waived his hand in acknowledgement and started walking over to the screened area. As he neared his agent's position he could see the woman behind the screen and realized it was the same woman he had been fantasying about earlier. Well, well he thought, I wonder what this is all about. He walked up to his agent, "Okay James ... what's up?"

"I'm not sure boss. I randomly selected her for a wand and she was pretty sassy about it and..."

"I was not sassy!" Jenna chimed in.

Mark looked at the woman. "Please ma'am, just stay quiet and let me talk to my agent. Go ahead James."

"Anyway boss she seemed a little ... oh I don't know, maybe nervous or something so I ran the wand over her ... well anyway it started beeping like crazy."

Mark looked at the woman then back at his agent. "Where?" He asked.

James smiled. "Once over each breast and once over her crotch, here watch." He ran the wand across her chest then down across her crotch and all three of them listened as the wand beeped.

Mark looked at Jenna. "I see. Well ma'am do you have an explanation for this?"

Jenna thought about his question and at first was still confused then she remembered, Oh Christ ... it had to be her piercings. Two years ago she had pierced each of her nipples then last September she had made a huge leap and had her clitoral hood pierced ... could that be what was causing the wand to go off? Probably she thought as she tried to figure out a way to tell these two Neanderthals that she had body piercings. "Uh ... well it might be my ... uh ... well I've got some body piercings."

Mark smiled to himself and thought, well maybe I'll get to see her tits yet at least if I play my cards right. "I see ma'am ... body piercings. Well here is the problem ... we just can't take your word for that we'll need to ... uh ... check them out for ourselves."

We she thought ... ourselves? Christ, I'm not letting some fucking asshole make-believe cop see my tits, much less my... "Well I don't think that's going to happen, at least not in your lifetime. Besides, I think you are required to have a woman agent do something like that." She watched the supervising agent nodding his head and thought, well finally someone with a brain in his head.

Mark smiled. "Well yes ma'am, technically you're correct ... a woman agent is required for a body search of another woman ... unless ... unless the woman in question agrees to waive her right to have a female agent present."

"Well I'm not waiving any-damn-thing! You can just get a female over here right now or you can kiss my ass!"

Mark continued to nod his head, thinking ... I would love to kiss your ass sweetheart. "Yes ma'am, a female agent ma'am. Well the problem is that my only female agent called in sick this morning so I only have males in the South Concourse. Now if you are going to demand a female agent I can call over to the North Concourse and have them send one of their females over but that's probably going to take ... uh..." He looked down at his watch, "maybe thirty to forty minutes. Do you want me to call her ... ma'am?"

Jenna looked down at her watch and realized that if she waited for a female agent she might be able to make her flight but it certainly wasn't guaranteed and if she missed her flight she could kiss that extra $1000 dollars goodbye. She shrugged her shoulders, "Alright, what do I have to do to waive my rights?"

Mark was so excited that he almost choked when she said she would waive her rights, fuck this was great! "Well ma'am, you'll have to come with me down to the private screening room."

Jenna picked up her purse, shoes and the manila envelope and shrugged her shoulders. "Fine, let's just get this over with."

Mark looked over to James. "James you stay here and cover the gate ... I'll take care of the lady." James nodded his acknowledgement and walked back over to the security gate. Mark led Jenna down the concourse to an almost hidden door then punched in a security code and opened the door and let Jenna precede him inside. He walked in and the door closed with a thud.

Jenna almost jumped out of her skin when the door slammed shut, to her it sounded like she had just entered a prison cell. She looked around the room and saw a bare desk, two straight-backed chairs and a large mirror on the wall and she idly wondered if it was a two-way mirror. Well it really didn't make any difference one way or the other she thought. "Alright now what..." for the first time she looked at his name tag and saw that his name, Mark Bates, "Officer Bates?"

"It's Lieutenant Bates."

"Excuse me?" Jenna said.

"I said, it's Lieutenant Bates." Mark said pointing to his collar emblems with the single silver bars.

Jenna looked where the man was pointing. "Oh yes ... I see, sorry Lieutenant Bates."

Mark smiled. "Perfectly alright ma'am ... now please let me see your tickets."

Jenna dug into her purse and handed him her tickets and watched as he looked through them, noted her departure time and wondered how badly she wanted to make that flight. He shrugged his shoulders then handed the tickets back to her the reached into the desk and pulled out a single sheet of paper.

"Okay, now you need to sign this waiver." He laid out the piece of paper on the desk and handed her a pen.

Jenna looked at the form ... a typical Government form with line after line of bullshit, and she signed it at the bottom and handed it back to him. "Here you are ... Lieutenant."

"Alright Miss Johnson, thank you. Now would you please take off your blouse and bra so I can see these piercing for myself ... sorry but I have to sign off that I have personally seen each piercing." It was bullshit of course but he thought it sounded good.

Jenna took a deep breath then unbuttoned her blouse. She pulled the blouse out of her skirt and folded it and laid it across the back of one of the chairs. She was embarrassed at having to undress in front of a stranger but she continued to think about her $1000 dollar reward for the delivery of the envelope. Jenna reached behind her and unsnapped her bra and took it off and laid it over the top of her blouse and stood and looked at the man. Her 36D breasts were free of their confinement and swung easily back and forth as she moved her arms. "Well here they are." She said pointing to the two large metal rings in each nipple.

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