Christine's Cuckold

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: Another come home early tale.

I am a reasonably successful lawyer with a firm that I won't name. Christine was my wife of almost ten years. I met her my first day at the firm where she also worked. She was a legal secretary and I was smitten when I took her some documents that needed to be typed and gotten ready for signature. After my first month with the firm I asked her to have dinner with me and she accepted. We got along well together, started dating each other exclusively and I eventually proposed, she accepted and we were married.

Chris kept her job until she became pregnant and then she resigned to become a full time mother. Our sex life was great until the baby came and then somehow it faded to the point where we only made love twice a week. That seemed to be sufficient for Chris and while I would have liked it a little more often it was no big thing to me.

Like every lawyer everywhere my goal was to reach a partnership. I worked long hours in an effort to reach my goal and so for the next several years I devoted most of my time to my career, but I wasn't making much progress. My billable hours were high, my work way above average, but I had an aversion to kissing ass. I wanted to make it on my own ability. Other associates worked hard at making partner and most of them brown nosed something terrible. They kissed ass and sucked up to the senior members of the firm every chance they got, but I didn't. Maybe it was naïve of me, but I still thought I could beat out the brown nosers and ass kissers on ability and good hard work.

I didn't know for sure, but I thought that Frank, the managing partner, had taken an interest in me. He was always around, watching what I was doing and keeping track of me and I thought that was an indication that my hard work was paying off. This feeling was reinforced when I was assigned to work directly under Frank. My workload increased tremendously, but the cases I was assigned were high profile and quite a few of them took me out of town anywhere from two to five days.

Three years went by and the first of every year when the partners sat down and apportioned out shares I saw my piece of the pie getting bigger and bigger. I was sure that I was on the fast track and would make partner in the next year or two.

I was returning home from a four-day trip to Dayton, Ohio. I had managed to get done in time to catch the twelve-ten flight instead of the seven-thirty flight I was scheduled to catch and as a result I got home seven hours earlier than expected. As I turned on to my street I noticed two cars in my drive and one of them was Frank's. What possible reason could Frank have for being at my house at that time of day? I had no idea, but my natural instinct was to expect that it was something that I wasn't supposed to know about.

I drove past the house, turned the corner at the end of the street and then parked. I got out of the car and walked back to the house. The house was a sprawling four-bedroom ranch on two thirds of an acre and I had plenty of trees and bushes for cover as I approached it. I went straight to the windows to the master bedroom. The room had two windows, one on the east side of the house and one on the north side. It was summer and daylight savings time so I would have light behind me if I went to the east window, but the north side would be darker and so that is the window I headed for. Because of the trees, bushes and the fact that the closest neighbor on the north side was over four hundred yards away we almost never closed the blinds on the north side of the house. That would allow me to see into the living room, family room and kitchen if I was wrong and there was some simple and innocent reason for the two cars in the drive.

One look in the window told me why twice a week sex with me was sufficient for Christine. Sitting on the bed and leaning back against the headboard was Maxwell Bynum. On her hands and knees and wearing only a pair of black high heels was my wife and behind her was Frank. Frank was boning my wife from behind while her head bobbed up and down on Bynum's cock. Several things happened in the instant I saw my wife servicing the two partners from my law firm: My marriage ended, my love for Christine died and I made partner although I was the only one who knew it at the time.

The fact that my love for Christine died relieved me of the need to go into the house and kick some ass although I probably wouldn't have done it anyway since it would have killed off my certain partnership. As I watched Frank fuck my wife and my wife suck off Maxwell I suddenly came to realize why Frank had me assigned to him, why he was always around and keeping track of me and why I got all of the out of town business trips. It was so he would know where I was at all times so he would know when it was safe to fuck Christine. That, to me anyway, meant that this had been going on for at least three years. I expected that as long as I didn't do anything to let them know I knew it would continue to happen. And I wanted it to continue, oh yes indeed, continue it must.

I stood there for a little over two hours and watched as the two men worked over Christine and the more I watched the more pissed off I became. She did things for them that she never had done for me. They took her ass, which is something she had always refused me. She swallowed their cum where she had always spit mine out into a wash rag, and she screamed and had orgasm after orgasms which she never had with me. Maybe it was because of sensory overload because of two men working on her at once instead of just me; I don't know, but it still pissed me off.

I saw the two men take turns on her ass, I saw Chris suck Frank's cock when it came straight from her ass and then the frosting on the cake so to speak, I watched Frank fuck her pussy while Maxwell plowed her ass.

I left the window, got in my car and went and found me a bar.

I went home at what was the expected time and found Chris sitting on the couch watching the History channel on TV as seven year old Bradley sat on the floor in front of her doing his home work. Christine jumped up, ran to me, threw her arms around my neck and kissed me.

"I'm so glad you are back honey, I've missed you."

I'll just bet you have I thought as I gave her a hug. As much as I wanted to push her away from me the time wasn't right. I had things to do that required she not be suspicious and even if that meant I cheerfully had to take sloppy seconds following Frank and Maxwell, so be it. And sloppy seconds I would get because Christine made it almost a point of honor to have sex with me when I came home from one of my trips.

We had sex twice that night, both times in the missionary position and there was no offer of oral sex, which I rarely got and not even a hint of anal sex which I never got. If I hadn't seen Chris with the two men that afternoon I wouldn't have known I was getting leftovers because she felt the same she always felt. It dawned on me that it was probably because I was always getting leftovers and that made me wonder if maybe the Frank/Christine thing went back even farther than when he took me under his wing. It was obvious that Christine had been putting an awful lot over on me so it was no great leap to wonder about Bradly's paternity and I put a DNA check down on my list of things to do. I fell asleep that night making lists instead of counting sheep.

The next day was a busy one for me. I had to have a meeting with Frank and brief him on the results of the Dayton trip. It was easy for me to be cordial and smile in his presence and I suppose it was probably because he and Maxwell had made me a partner though they didn't yet know it. Then I had to rush from my meeting with Frank to make a court appearance and it wasn't until three that afternoon that I was able to meet with a private detective. I told him what I wanted, gave him a key to my house, Christine's schedule and a retainer.

The next two months passed by quickly and one day late in May I had my final meeting with the detective and then I went home, retired to my home office and reviewed what I had to work with. I had made five out of town trips during that two-month period and Christine had entertained on each of those trips. I had audio and visual of my loving wife with not only Frank and Maxwell, but with two other senior partners, two junior partners and three associates who, like me, were scrambling for a partnership.

I watched Christine take them on in ones, twos, and threes and I watched her pull an eight-man train. That tape was extremely enlightening. In it Christine was the wanton sexual animal that I wished she had been for me. She was lying on the bed in a lacy black bra and panty set that I had never seen before. The bra was cut a way and her nipples poked out and the panties were crotchless. They were stiff with excitement at what was to come. She also had on thigh high nylons and high heels.

The camera panned the room and I saw seven men — naked men — standing and looking at her. I didn't recognize any of them so I assumed that the affair was something that Frank had set up for some clients. The camera steadied as whoever was working it locked it down on a tri-pod and then Frank moved into the picture. He moved to the bed and said:

"Get yourself ready for me."

Christine looked at him, smiled and then started working a couple of fingers into her pussy. She let out a low moan and worked the fingers in and out several times and then she rolled over and got up on her knees. Frank moved in behind her, lined his cock up with her hole and then pushed.

"Oh God yes" my wife moaned as Frank started fucking her. One of the naked men moved in front of her and she opened her mouth so he could shove his cock in it and she started sucking him. Frank rammed himself into her and after about three or four minutes he called out:

"Next man get ready, we need to wind her up and keep her going" and then I saw his ass cheeks clench and then he was out of the way to let the next man in. The man in her mouth grabbed the back of her head and moments later he pulled out of her mouth and I saw a thin rope of cum string from Christine's mouth to the head of his cock before it broke and fell to lay across her chin. He backed away and another man moved in and claimed her mouth.

All eight came in her at least once before they started to get creative. One guy laid down on his back and Christine lowered herself down on him and another guy moved to where she could get her mouth on his cock. While she was taking care of those two a third man moved up behind her and began fingering her asshole. Chris took her mouth off the man she was sucking and looked back over her shoulder and said:

"You want to fuck my ass? I love it in my ass" and she leaned forward to elevate her ass so he could take it. He moved up behind her and started working his cock into her ass and she moaned and went back to sucking the man in front of her.

I was sick at seeing what she was doing, knowing that she had never been that wanton with me. Not that I would have been willing to share her, but my God, what sexual energy and I never got to experience it and never would. She looked incredible riding one man's cock while sucking another while a third worked his cock in her ass.

It went on for three hours and through it all Christine begged them to fuck her harder, to fuck her faster, to push their cocks in deeper and to make her cum. I watched that tape half a dozen times and it never failed to make my cock hard and make me hate Christine even more for what she had denied me.

In every tape I saw she was a wanton whore — the complete opposite of what she was with me. I had surveillance reports of several meeting at various hotels and motels between Christine and several of my firm's most important clients, which was an unexpected bonus. In short, my wife was the firm's whore.

In addition to having the detective watch Christine I had taxed him to find out as much as he could about all of the men who had been fucking my wife. His report was very interesting reading and caused me to do some digging on my own to fill in some gaps.

Frank was married to a very wealthy and extremely jealous woman who had on several occasions been overheard saying she would cut Frank's balls off and stuff them in his mouth if she ever found out he was cheating on her.

Maxwell had a trophy wife that he doted on, but he wasn't stupid. He knew the odds on a young and beautiful wife remaining faithful to a man as old as he was and he had a prenuptial agreement that would give her nothing in a divorce. Maxwell's eyes must have been going bad because he missed some of the fine print. In the event of his being caught being unfaithful the agreement became null and void which meant that she could take him to the cleaners. A little further digging on the part of the detective found that Maxwell's wife had a boy toy that she saw on Tuesdays and Thursdays so it was almost a sure thing that she would go after Maxwell if she saw what I had on video.

Of the other two senior partners Benton Foley was bi-sexual and met every Wednesday with a body builder named Bruce and I wondered if his wife knew that? Stanton North was having an affair with the wife of the CEO of one of our largest clients.

The two junior partners were both single and played the field so I had no direct leverage there, but they would be useful in case I had to demonstrate an overall pattern should the mess ever end up in court.

The three associates, Holbrook, Neubert and Moore were all married and my revenge against them would be separate from what I had in mind for the partners.

Lastly there was the whore that I was married to. The DNA tests showed that Bradley was not my son. Had he been my son I would have kept Chris around, but absent my parentage of the boy she was destined for the trash heap although I did intend to fight for the boy. It wasn't his fault that his mother was a pig.

After reviewing what I had I made my plans and then I went to bed and slept like a baby.

Monday I was due in court for a trial, but on Friday I was able to get the judge to grant me a continuance so I decided that Monday is when I would lower the boom. That afternoon I walked into Frank's office and told him that I needed a meeting on Monday morning with all the partners.

"What is this about Mike?"

"I have come into some information that could destroy the firm. I need a meeting with all the partners so I can tell them what is happening so they can decide how they would like to handle the crisis."

"I need to know more than that Mike. I can't just go to the partners and say that an associate wants to talk with them."

"You are going to have to Frank and they had all better be there. If that sounds like a threat to you then good, because that is just what it is. All the partners in conference room A at nine on Monday. See you then" and I walked out of his office. I drove home and when I got there Christine was surprised to see me.

"What's wrong Mike? You never get home this early."

"It was a fairly slow day Chris. I had some time to just sit in my office and think about some things. Personal things. And then I decided I needed some answers that I could only get from you. For instance, most men I talk to say they make love with their wives three and four times a week so I'm curious as to why we only have sex that many times in a month."

"I guess the answer is that I don't care to have sex more often and you never seemed to mind."

"How about swallowing my cum on the few times you give me head?"

"I hate the taste Mike. When I suck you off you enjoy it so much I don't want to ruin the moment by rushing to the bathroom to heave."

"What about anal sex?"

"That is just too disgusting to even talk about Mike, let alone do it."

"You have never had the urge to try?"

"Good God no! Why these questions Mike?"

"Just curious Christine. I'm working on a divorce case right now and the facts of the case just made me curious about my own life. What's for dinner?"

I expected that Frank would try and talk with Christine over the weekend to see if she could shed any light on the way I behaved in his office so I hovered around her all weekend. I made sure that I answered the phone every time it rang. Three times Saturday and four times Sunday the person on the other end of the line hung up as soon as they heard my voice. Once on Sunday, after the second hang up, Chris said:

"Who was it?"

"Must be your lover," I said, "Because he hangs up as soon as he hears my voice."

"Don't be silly Mike" she said, but I saw something happen in her eyes.

Monday at nine I entered conference room A and found that Frank had managed to get all the partners there. I could tell from their demeanor that that most of them were not pleased, but I suspected that they would be even less so by the time I got done with my presentation.

"First off let me thank you all for coming to this little get together on such short notice, but as most of you have a large stake in this firm I felt that you might be inclined to want to keep it."

"Come on Mike, get to it, we don't have all day" Frank said.

"Right Frank, you are all very busy men as I have come to find out. As all of you know, it is the goal of every lawyer joining a firm to make partner. We work hard, put in long hours and do whatever we have to do to reach that lofty goal. Two months ago my making partner was assured."

I saw several of them look at each other with a question on their faces since they knew of no such decision being made.

"It happened like this. I came home from the Dayton conference early and found Frank and Maxwell fucking my wife. I was angry, but as much as I wanted to go storming into the bedroom and kill all three of them a little voice was saying, "Hold on Mike. Christine is obviously a whore and not worth going to jail over and on the other hand there is your partnership. How can they turn you down? You have them by the balls." Then of course it occurred to me that I really didn't because it would be their word against mine. I needed proof.

"It was obvious to me that Frank was controlling my movements to give him access to my wife and that when I was on the trips he sent me on he was helping keep my wife from being lonely. So I hired a detective agency, gave them the keys to my house which they promptly wired for audio and video."

I paused for a moment and looked around the room, "Aaah, I see from the looks on your faces that the penny has dropped. Look around guys, see what you all have in common. Everyone of you, with the exception of Ben, Marty and Scott have been fucking my wife and I have it all on tape and in living color."

"What are you going to do?" Maxwell asked.

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