A Seminar For Virgins

by Thesandman

Copyright┬ę 2008 by Thesandman

Erotica Sex Story: Dave attends a very special workshop for virgins.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Reluctant   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Group Sex   Orgy   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   .


When I first heard about the course, I could only imagine. I'd been teased about having remained a virgin all through high school. Not that I hadn't had the opportunity, I had, but I'd refrained simply because for me, the timing just wasn't right.

Don't get me wrong either. It wasn't about waiting for the right girl to come along, many of the girls I had gone out with would have been "just right", but I really did want the mood, the setting and the girl to be perfect. Sometimes those three things just can't seem to come together at the same time. So now, here I was twenty-four years old and still a virgin.

And I'm no saint either. I'd had a few of those awkward make out sessions in the back seat of a car at the drive-in, and plenty of them on the downstairs couch at my current girlfriend's home on a weekend when the parents were away. But like I said, maybe the girl and the mood were right, but often the setting wasn't. I just didn't want to be caught in the middle of things and suddenly have to duck out of a window carrying my clothes.

My best friend Larry understood that, to a point, though he'd been amongst my worst critic's and teasers, never being able to understand why I had allowed so many "golden opportunities" pass by as he'd put it. Then one weekend he had come over to my apartment for our usual pizza, beer and the football game. But he had brought along a brochure with him as well.

"You've got to be kidding me," I told him after he'd handed it to me. "I don't need to attend a seminar on being a virgin." I explained testily. "I've had plenty of experience being one for one thing, and for another, it's not like it's been my goal in life to remain one either."

"Read the brochure," he said simply. "It's not anything like you're thinking it is. Diane's girlfriend Charlene took the course last summer, and according to Diane, it was the best thing that ever happened to her."

"I'll bet," I said dubiously. Diane was Larry's sister, and through her I had once bumped into Charlene. Having met her, I could understand why she had remained a virgin. "I can just see it now Larry, a fun filled week of lectures, seminars and god knows what with a bunch of nerdy, homely looking men and women with nothing better to do than to sit there gawking at one another and wondering just as I would be doing, why the hell they even took the course in the first place."

"If you were to see Charlene now, you'd know what I mean," Larry told me disapprovingly. "Like they say, don't judge a book by its cover. She's changed, and if it wasn't for the fact I was dating Susan, I might seriously consider having a run at Charlene myself."

"Yeah, right."

"Just take a look at it, read through it and then decide. According to what Charlene told my sister, it wasn't like anything she'd been expecting it to be either."

I glanced through it while we ate pizza, drank our beer and watched the game. The next available openings were less than a month away over a long weekend beginning with orientation night on a Thursday, and ending on Monday evening with a graduation of sorts for those who completed the course.

Though I had skimmed through it, I hadn't really read through it, pretty much discarding the whole idea in spite of everything Larry had told me. Once again, being forced to participate in a seminar specifically designed for self possessed virgins wasn't my idea of a good time, nor a way to spend and waste a long weekend.

As an afterthought, I took the brochure with me to work on Monday and decided to give it a more critical look before tossing it in the waste can. By nine-thirty I was on the phone.

"I know that the fee seems a little steep," the sultry sounding voice that had called her self Janet told me over the phone, "but it's to ensure a real commitment by those who choose to participate. Two hundred and fifty of which is refunded upon completion of the course."

A thousand dollars was a lot of money, though I was honestly now intrigued by a few of the things I had finally read and not merely skimmed over as I'd previously done.

"And that includes the room, meals and all of the classes and courses you've mentioned in the brochure?" I asked once again. I could almost see the smile in her voice as she spoke.

"All of that and more," she said hinting at more than what was obviously contained or had been mentioned. "Now, can I send out an application form and a profile study?" she asked.

"Profile study? This isn't one of those 'match your mate' sort of things now is it?"

She laughed at that. "No, it isn't Mr. Richards," she said taking a more serious tone. "After orientation we do group several men and women together for participation in the classes. We like to arrange them with people of similar interests, tastes and personalities if we can. It also makes the classes a lot more interesting and stimulating if you attend them with others more like yourself."

That made sense, in a way I guess. "Oh, ok, well in that case then, sure go ahead and send me out an application."

"Can I go ahead and tentatively mark you down for attendance then?" she asked.

"Sure, why not." I decided finally. "Maybe this wouldn't be quite so bad after all."

I had quickly arranged the time off from work, packed a small suitcase with the few things that the brochure recommended I bring. Most everything else I could want or even think of needing would be provided. It was a relatively short drive to the resort from where I lived, a nice little mountain hide-a-way that promised plenty of scenery and seclusion. And no wonder, a couple of the "classes" as they'd been more specifically outlined in detail would need a fair amount of seclusion, especially if held outside as many of them would be in order to create a more relaxed, less awkward environment.

I finally met Janet and was indeed a little disappointed that her voice didn't exactly match the image I had created of her. Not that she wasn't attractive in a way, she was at the very least certainly cute, but just plain enough to cause me to once again wonder what I was really doing here.

"So, have you been through the course?" I asked curiously sitting down in front of her as I finished filling out a few remaining forms.

"We all have," she responded simply. "I went through it about two years ago, and then came to work for them shortly after that," she explained. "But everyone who's hired, whether they're still virgins or not attends the course."

I merely smiled in response having satisfied my curiosity. But there was still one question I had remaining.

"It said in the brochure that I get the refund if I complete the course, but it also says there's a special graduation ceremony on Sunday night for those wishing to stay and attend that part. Aren't they one and the same?"

This time she laughed. "I'll let Mrs. Davies explain all that at orientation tonight," she told me. "But I'll at least tell you this, many of the people who attend this seminar choose to remain virgins for one reason or another afterwards, but they do so with a different outlook, understanding and self awareness than most other virgins do. A few who might find circumstances here conducive to losing their virginity while here, are given a very special graduation ceremony in their honor, but again, it's entirely up to you. The refund is assured simply by attending and completing the course, not necessarily 'graduating'," as she put it with an interesting emphasis on the word. "But like I said, Mrs. Davies the course instructor will go into a lot more detail about that during orientation this evening."

Shortly after, I was then escorted to my modest, but lavishly furnished room. I noticed a T.V., but had already been informed its intent was for evening homework assignments or other instructional applications and not for any other use. There was a bright green terry cloth bathrobe that had been laid out on the bed and was mine to keep. One of the few nice perks I saw from coming here. I'd also been told on the way over to my room as we'd passed by the enormous outdoors swimming pool that orientation would begin there at six-o'clock sharp, just over an hour from now. I was also told as I noticed, that there were several brightly colored chase lounge chairs all grouped together by color surrounding the pool area. My assigned color was green, and I was to join my particular "group" where the seats so indicated by color at that time.

Along with the bathrobe, there was a short welcoming agenda waiting for me. I quickly put away what very few things I had brought along with me, put on the swim-suit we'd been advised to bring along, as well as my new green robe, and headed out towards the pool where I noticed from my window that many who were already there began to congregate. I was pleased to note that some rather attractive looking waitress's dressed in white bikinis made the rounds taking drink orders and serving them. So far, I was the only 'green' person to have arrived as yet.

Having placed my drink order and awaiting it, I took a seat and allowed myself to begin scrutinizing some of the other's who'd already arrived. It was certainly a surprising mix, one I hadn't quite totally expected to see. And one that I also found curiously interesting, though I had remembered reading through one section of the brochure about "born again virgin's" which had something to do with those who weren't technically 'real' virgins, but had become through life's circumstance once again celibate for one reason or another. Thus, when I saw a few "older" men and women suddenly forming together in the red group of chairs, I understood why, though I found it somewhat amusing.

"Hi, my names Kate."

The sound of a female voice startled me as I turned to see a young woman taking a seat next to me. She too was wearing a matching green terry cloth robe.

"Hi, Dave, Dave Richards," I said introducing myself taking her hand in greeting.

Kate had short almost jet black hair that perfectly framed her almost pixie-ish like face. She certainly wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, which I wasn't expecting to see here anyway, but she really was fairly attractive looking, though because of the robe she was wearing, I couldn't tell much beyond that.

"So, you one of those born again virgins?" I asked, "Or a real one?"

She blushed at that, obviously shy. "No, I'm for real, you?"

"Ditto," I replied which seemed to surprise her for some reason.

"Seriously? You are too?"

"Yep," I said admitting it as I took a sip of my drink. "So tell me, what's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this anyway?"

Ok, maybe it was a lame line, but it seemed to work as she laughed and appeared to relax. "I'm hoping to change that tag a little maybe. At least enough to not be so damn afraid or embarrassed about being one anyway."

"Being, as in remaining a virgin then?"

Again she blushed nodding her head. "Not that I haven't tried to change that," she offered boldly. "Just never seemed to work out, and things kept getting in the way for one reason or another, know what I mean?"

Fact was, I did, and told her so. "Some of the classes looked pretty interesting," I stated, waiting for her reaction. She again blushed, though without looking away as she sipped her own freshly served drink.

"Boy, you can say that again," she added knowingly. "Some of which sound pretty embarrassing in fact, but I made a promise to myself if I was actually going to come here, that I would participate no matter what."

We were interrupted shortly after that with the arrival of four other green-robed group members as had begun to happen all around us as people filtered in. It was just a few minutes before six now, and obviously most had just started showing up before it was time to do so. As Janet had indicated to me earlier upon arrival, it was the sudden emergence of a middle-aged very professionally looking woman who came up to the microphone that had been provided near the edge of the swimming pool. She was likewise wearing a white terry cloth robe, and waited patiently for everyone to settle down into their seats before she began talking.

"Hello everyone and welcome. My name is Carol Davies; I will be hostess as well as counselor and instructor while you're here. I would now like to take a moment or two to introduce four other colleagues of mine to you who will be very much involved in several of the classes being taught, as well as acting as instructors in their own specialized capacities. After which, I will spend a few moments telling you what to expect while you're here, what we expect from you, and what the schedule will be during your stay. If any of you have any further questions for me after that, we'll spend a few moments of time answering those questions."

There were two male and two female instructors who she first introduced, then began by having everyone refer to the agenda notice that everyone had been given upon their arrival.

"There will be several classes being held each day that you are here, : she began explaining. "Each of you will attend three of them each day according to the schedules provided for your particular group. A map, as well as the times of each will be issued to you daily. There is an hour and a half break during the noon hour where you can come out to the pool, take a nap in your room, eat lunch, or whatever you wish to do. But all classes will again begin at 2:00 sharp, and you are expected to be there, and to be there on time."

Someone from the blue group raised their hand.

"Yes?" Carol asked.

"Um, it doesn't say anything about what the class is, only what time I'm supposed to be there," the young woman asked. Carol smiled; obviously this particular question was anticipated.

"And the reason for that is, we don't want you coming to any of the classes with a preconceived fear or concern for the course or class content. Each of you will learn soon enough upon arriving to the class what that day's subject matter is about, along with any assigned homework you'll be expected to do back in your own rooms later on."

Carol then reiterated the reasons behind the profiles we'd all filled out prior to coming here, the color-coded group assignments which would be the members of our own little groups we'd all be attending classes with.

"Now, as this is our first evening here together, we want you all to relax, have a good time, and hopefully get to know one another a little bit. And as the first rule we want you all to follow now, is to remove your robes, no hiding beneath them now. Feel free to swim, drink, and participate in the outdoors buffet whenever you get hungry. Beyond that, we'll see each and every one of you at your assigned class first thing in the morning."

Which I happened to notice for us on our schedule was 8:00 a.m., after a 7:00 breakfast assignment.

"No sleeping in here!" I said jokingly to my group, and then we all disrobed and began introducing ourselves to one another.

There were six of us in our group, three males, three females, though I noticed that a couple of the other groups were slightly larger with eight people in all in their groups.

Melinda as she introduced herself was a slightly overweight redhead with more freckles on her face and chest than I'd ever seen on anyone before. She was even more shy than Kate was, hardly saying a word except to give us her name.

Patty was a dishwater blonde who was on the opposite extreme, and certainly too skinny for my particular tastes with hardly any real noticeable boobs at all. She was also fairly short and just over five feet, and reminded me of a small child rather than a young woman who was a year older than I was!

Bill and Pete were the two other male members of our group. That "nerdy" definition fitting one of them perfectly. I had almost expected to see a pen protector in the pocket of the green robe he was wearing, along with several differently colored pens sticking out of it. But it was Pete who surprised me most of all. Here was a fairly tall, good looking kid that looked like some sort of super-jock just out of high school, which he was. The youngest of us at twenty, I couldn't for the life of it imagine why he was even here. Explaining my own presence here wouldn't have been nearly as hard to believe. But his was and I couldn't even begin to put my finger on the why.

Eventually we all drifted off to get a bite to eat, returning with trays of all sorts food and sat eating, getting to know one another slowly over the course of the evening. Kate seemed to attach herself to me, sitting nearby which was fine with me as I liked her too. And I guess it only seemed natural as we'd been the first to meet. But she'd obviously been wondering the same thing I had been when at one point she leaned over to me discretely and wondered why a guy looking the way Pete looked would even need to be here.

I merely shrugged my shoulders however, letting it for now remain a mystery. I was sure that in time, we'd probably discover it, or he'd somehow share his reasons behind it with us. All in due time I supposed.

The following morning after breakfast, the six of us in our group showed up at the outdoor Amphitheatre where we soon were met by Amanda one of the female instructors. As we'd been previously told we were all again wearing our green robes and swim-suits beneath. It promised to be a warm day, so I was glad that I wasn't wearing anything else beyond the suit and the bathrobe. We soon formed a small semi-circle sitting around where Amanda stood on the first row.

"Welcome to class," she began. "And before we begin, it's important for you to know that you will only have two opportunities to pass this class. Today, and then again on Friday if you don't chose to participate today. And unless you do pass this class, you won't be given a certificate. Now, just for being here and even attending the course, you'll still receive your refund provided you attend all classes whether you chose to pass them or not. But you won't earn a certificate, which I assure you, might not seem like anything, but will to those who do participate and manage to pass all their classes. Everyone understand all that?"

We all nodded our heads curiously. Then she removed her robe and stood before us completely naked.

"We're here this morning to begin shedding our inhibitions and alleviating some fears about ourselves, and one another." If I didn't know what was coming, I did now, though I hadn't as yet guessed all of it.

"I want each one of you to tell me at least one thing you find attractive about my body, and one thing you don't find attractive about my body, and why to each of them. You are free to come and have as close a look as you'd like, touch me wherever you'd like as well. But then you must state publicly your feelings about what you do and don't find attractive about me. After which, each of one you will in turn, undress, and stand naked before the other members of your group and got through the same exercise. Melinda was sitting next to me and I heard her anguished sigh upon hearing that, but surprisingly I heard Pete issue one as well.

I wasn't exactly looking forward to hearing everyone tell me what they didn't like about me either, but I knew the reasoning behind it and steeled myself for the inevitable anyway. I could also see by the look in Kate's eyes that she wasn't looking forward to this either, and spoke hoping to assure her. "Just think, if we get this over with here and now, then it's done and we don't have to think about going through it all over again on Friday."

She seemed to smile at that, nodding her head in agreement. "Just try not to be too critical of me," she whispered. "I know none of us is perfect, but it's still hard hearing it."

I had to admire our instructor. She had a large scar on her abdomen that she'd obviously received several years ago from some sort of surgery. Even after all this time it still had a faint purplish look about it that detracted from her otherwise smooth looking skin. But I also noticed that though she appeared to have nice breasts, one was obviously slightly larger than the other. What was difficult for me was that I didn't really find any of that to be unattractive, though perhaps someone else would. She again wasn't drop-dead gorgeous, but I certainly wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers either.

One by one, everyone stood, examined for a moment, then stated what it was they did find, and didn't find attractive about her. Some mentioned the scar, which I'd expected, Melinda actually mentioning the woman's two differently sized breasts, which surprised me coming from her. Then it was my turn. I stood up walked over and then around her honestly looking. There were a couple of snickers as I did this as I was being a lot more methodical in my looking at her than most had. I even saw a surprised smile in her otherwise stony-eyed face as I looked at her face, scrutinizing that as well.

"Ok," I finally announced. "What I don't find attractive are your eyes. Maybe to someone else they would be, but I've never really been partial to women with hazel colored eyes. I prefer brown. So simply put, that would have to be the one thing I don't find attractive about you and why." I noticed she was smiling at that. "And what I do find attractive, are your breasts." Once again that seemed to surprise her as well as Melinda.

"Ok ... now why to those?" Amanda asked directly.

"Actually, the fact they are a little differently shaped and sized is interesting to me, I guess in a way, it would be like being with two different women having two slightly different shapes and sizes of breasts in bed together at the same time."

That got a nervous laugh, but it also caused Amanda to smile broadly as well.

"Well done," she said inviting me to take my seat. "Now, would anyone else like to comment, change their minds, or discuss what everyone else has said before we continue?"

Once again the reminder of what was about to happen hushed everyone down immediately. "Ok, then, who wants to get it out of the way first?" she asked.

I wasn't at all surprised, and in fact pleased when Kate stood up, walked to the front and removed her robe, then began removing her swim suit as well.

"If the rest of you would like to do so, you can remove your swim wear first in the dressing rooms around the corner there, and return in your robes only, or ... you can do it here just as Kate has done for us," she stated.

This really was a lot harder than it looked or appeared. I mean I already liked Kate as a person even though I still didn't know her that well. To find something about her that I didn't find attractive, and then tell her what it was a why wasn't an easy thing. But it was in a way equally difficult to tell her what I did find attractive about her, and find a way to explain that one as well.

"Ok, Pete? What's the one thing about Kate you don't find attractive and why?" she asked.

Kate stood there before all of us, naked, but I am sure grateful that Amanda had come over, placed her arm around her shoulder and stood naked with her side by side.

"I don't like her short hair," he said simply. "It looks too much like a boy's hair," he said by way of explanation. Kate nodded her head in acceptance with that. She could see and understand the why behind it, it was just one opinion, and she didn't have to agree or necessarily not agree with it either.

"And?" Amanda asked waiting. I turned watching Pete blush.

"She has a nice ass," he said simply once again.

"And what is it about Kate's ass that you like?" Amanda pressed.

"I like the way that it's shaped," he added shyly, suddenly looking away.

One by one everyone got up and expressed what they liked, or didn't like about one another. All except for Pete who refused to undress and come forward. Amanda didn't force it with him either. All she simply said was that she hoped to see him again on Friday when he and whoever else hadn't managed to get this far would try again then.

"Whew! That was hard! Damn hard!" Kate told me as we hurriedly headed towards the next scheduled class.

"Yeah it was, but it was sort of oddly exhilarating in a way too. Did you see the look on Melinda's face when Bill told her he really loved her freckles? She seemed really surprised by that, especially when he said it while looking at the one's dancing across her boobs!"

Kate laughed remembering. "And not one person said she had too much body fat, or that her smile was ugly or anything like that. It was just a bunch of minor things, things that others honestly didn't find attractive for one reason or another, but never the one thing we all assumed everyone else would be thinking it would be."

"Yeah, interesting wasn't it?" I had to admit.

All except for Pete, our little group had made it through the first hurdle. Now as we made our way towards the next class, we couldn't help but wonder what additional surprises would lay in wait for us. One of them was that Carol herself would be instructing this particular class.

We soon arrived at an enclosed pavilion that was rustic looking made out of old wooden logs and looked much like a large old cabin. Entering the building, it was interesting to see that the roof of the facility was completely open with warm sunshine filtering naturally down into the room. There were three comfortable looking tables sitting side-by-side in the middle of the room with Carol standing in front of them as we entered.

"Welcome everyone, today's class is on sensual awareness. What I would like each one of you to do is secure one of the face masks you'll find hanging on the wall behind you. Once you have placed those on your face, I would then like each of you to disrobe. We will then start with the ladies. Girls? Each of you will then move to one of the three tables and place yourselves upon it face down. Once you are situated, we will begin."

Obviously none of us had any clue which girl would be lying on which table. Once the girls had situated themselves, Carol directed the three of us to one of the tables where we stood beside them waiting instructions.

"This exercise isn't designed to be a massage class, though you are welcome to use some of the massage oil you'll find in a tray at the end of each table. I want each of you to begin with the woman's feet, I want you to spend as much time as is necessary in acquainting yourself with every square inch of her body from feet to head. I want you to touch, experience the contours and shape of her body, the feel of her flesh beneath your hands and fingers. I will monitor and observe. If I feel you are going too quickly, I will have you slow down and go back. Likewise, if you are going too slowly as well."

As I began, it was easier for me to realize that it was Melinda who was lying on the table beneath me, though she would have had a harder time distinguishing who I was as I began fondling her toes, her feet and in time running my hands ever so slowly up the calves of her legs.

"Very good," Carol acknowledged as she passed by where I was standing. "Take your time, explore her body and see it with your mind as you touch her."

I could feel Melinda's tremble beneath my fingers, especially when I reached her ass and began running my hands over the fleshy twin cheeks I found there. All around me, I could hear the contented sighs of relaxed pleasure, mixed with a little excitement and nervous giggles as hands continued caressing, touching, and fondling as we continued.

"Very good everyone. Ok girls, let's switch places now. Guys? Your turn to get onto the table, face down and let the person you were touching, now explore and touch you."

We all did that of course, and it was interesting to feel Melinda's hands so tentatively, almost too lightly running along my exposed flesh, but it still sent a wave of goose bumps running up and down my spine when she did. Carol eventually stopped and showed her how to use a bit more pressure and firmness without being too firm as she ran her hands over me.

"Alright everyone, time to switch places once again, and partners. This time girls, each of you will now lay on your backs."

There was a nervous chittering that went on having heard that one. "Hush everyone, concentrate. Concentrate on the sensations, not on who is doing what to who, or even what they're caressing or touching while they do it. Just on the feel and sensation itself, for both of you."

Once again I knew that it was Patty whose body I was currently touching, especially when it came to her small little breasts. What I found immediately interesting however, was how sensitive they obviously were to her as I continued running my hands over the firm soft flesh, felt her nipples immediately respond to my touch as I gently fingered them, and heard her sigh with contented pleasure as I did.

Moving lower now, across her tummy, sides and finally to her mon's, I allowed my fingers to gently probe without forcing, just as Carol now stood instructing each of us to do. I felt Patty's thick lips, lifting them gently, rolling them between my finger tips, exploring her so intimately in this fashion as Carol now coaxed us all through the process, step by step explaining to us what we were touching, how to touch as each of the women below us moaned or softly and contentedly sighed their obvious nervous excitements.

By the time I had reached her feet and toes again, Patty was still visibly trembling beneath my caress, her body obviously awakened to still lingering sensations of arousal and excitement.

"Time to switch places once again, guys? Time for you all to lay on your backs now."

Almost immediately, there was some hesitation coming from Pete. "You can do this Carol told him reassuringly. You wouldn't be here if you couldn't." she added calmly.

I had no idea who it was that had begun running her fingers and hands over my head and then face. But it felt very soothing, relaxing, even though I knew these same hands would before too long begin exploring my still flaccid member. I wondered momentarily about that, feeling a twinge of excitement begin there, and what might occur long before her hands finally arrived at that very place.

Minutes later, just as I felt hands begin to gingerly run themselves around my rapidly awakening cock, I heard a gasp come from the table next to me.

"See? I knew she'd freak out," Pete said in alarm.

"But I didn't," Kate's voice said by way of answer. "I was just surprised, that's all!"

I had no idea what was going on of course, but it was evident that Kate had discovered something I'd been wondering about myself now. And though curious, the blindfold made it impossible for me, or for anyone else to confirm that immediate suspicion.

"It's alright," Carol spoke in her still soothing voice. "Just relax Pete, let Kate continue to explore you now and see you in her mind the way everyone should see you, and not in the way you fear being seen."

All in all, it had been an interesting morning. We soon after headed for lunch and to spend some time absorbing everything we had gone through and learned. As Kate and I had become partnered friends in a sense, we took our meals together and found a nice secluded little table off to one side away from where most everyone else who had also finished their morning classes were sitting.

"So, I take it Pete's fairly well endowed as they say."

Kate grinned. "You can say that again, and though I didn't see him with my own eyes of course, I could tell the moment I began touching him that he was, and it surprised me a little as I did, and obviously that alarmed him."

"No wonder he had a hard time with the 1st class this morning," I stated. "He was obviously embarrassed about it."

"Why should he be? I would assume most guys that were hung with equipment like that would be more than happy to show it off."

"Not if it's caused him a lot of problems in life, he wouldn't," I explained to her. "Which explains a few things about his being a good-looking guy, and still a virgin."

"I guess it does," Kate said seeing my point. "Anyway, what do you think of that homework assignment we were given for tonight?" she half giggled. "You willing to partner up with me?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'd like that," I admitted to her. "I'd like that a lot."

We'd all been told that we were to spend an additional hour that evening in our rooms, either alone, or with a partner we would be comfortable with, going through the caressing touch exercise once again. But this time, without the blindfolds. For those who were not yet comfortable to include a partner, they could perform the exercise on themselves alone, but that all of us would be video-taped and monitored during it.

"So we can touch all we want."

"Yep, that was what I was given to understand too," I agreed.

"What if we should have an orgasm while we're doing that?" she asked pointedly.

"Then I guess we have one," I said smiling back easily.

"I really used to hate homework."

"Yeah, me too."

"Not this time though, I'm looking forward to it."

"Yeah, me too," I said smiling.

After the break we headed off towards the last class of the day. This one was being held in one of the resorts bungalows that normally served as one of their finest suites. Kate and I were the first of our group to arrive being met by Amanda who we'd had our first class with that morning and Chris, one of the two male instructors we'd met at orientation. It was curiously interesting that we were directed to the enormous outside deck area of the suite where we saw a simple chair, table and bench all situated close by one another. Six comfortable looking chairs were also strategically placed in a horse-shoe pattern facing the three props.

"Wonder what those are for?" Kate wondered voicing my own curiosity.

"Guess we'll find out soon enough," I told her just as the rest of our little group finally arrived.

"Nice to see you all here again," Amanda began once we'd all been seated. She re-introduced Chris to us at that point who immediately removed the white robe he'd been wearing revealing his nakedness beneath it. "How many of you have watched an X-rated movie?" Amanda asked suddenly.

Everyone except for Melinda raised their hands.

"Good. Now, how many of you have actually seen or watched another couple in real life actually having sex?"

I knew that seeing a friend in the backseat of a car while I sat in the front seat didn't really count, so I didn't raise my hand, nor did anyone else.

"In that case, this will be a first for all of you then," Amanda announced with a bigger than life smile on her face.

I know that opened my eyes, along with everyone else's!

"Before Chris and I begin, I want to go over a few things and let you know what to expect, and answer any questions any of you might have. The whole purpose behind this course is to give you all some first hand knowledge of the mechanics of sexual intercourse, even if you think you know, you might find you really don't know all that much. In this setting, you are invited to get as close as you'd like to. As Chris and I begin, you may stand, come over look, ask questions while we're doing it, and you can even touch either one of us while it's going on if you'd like to. Please, don't feel shy or embarrassed as we won't be. It is perfectly permissible and acceptable to physically participate in this way. In addition, as it can sometimes, and often does happen, watching another couple actually performing and having sex can be a very erotic and arousing experience. If any of you do become aroused or excited, that is also hoped for and expected. If you so choose to masturbate while watching the two of us, then please feel comfortable enough to do so."

There were several red-faced shy looking expressions on people's faces when hearing that one. I seriously doubted that anyone from our group anyway, would actively do so. Though it was curiously interesting to watch as Chris stood just behind Amanda doing just that in preparation for their encounter together.

A moment later Chris took his seat sitting in the chair which we all sat facing from the side. Amanda then approached him from in front positioning herself, and slipped easily and smoothly onto his lap, and onto his penis. It was evident by the look on her face as she did this that it was very enjoyable.

"As I stated earlier, if you want to stand and move about, come closer to look, please feel free to do so, and please feel free to ask any questions you might have." She waited for a brief moment before actually beginning to fuck Chris, but no one moved, and everyone seemed to be holding their breath.

"This particular position is highly stimulating for the woman," Amanda began explaining in a normal tone of voice, though for the life of me, I didn't know how she could do it. "Using a chair in this way allows her the freedom of movement to control the depth of penetration, speed and motion of the actual coupling. In addition, for the male, as the woman is the one doing most if not all the work here..." she paused once again while a brief moment of giggling passed, "he in this instance has better control over his staying power, especially if for a lot, if not most men, that initial moment or two of arousal and excitement could produce a too soon premature ejaculation. In other words, it's a great way for a lot of guys to get used to the exquisite sensation and control it, and then more importantly, enjoy it."

Admittedly, it really was quite an arousing thing to watch, and I felt my own firm erection rapidly growing beneath the confines of my green robe, wondering as I did if either of the other two guys were struggling with this as well. To my real surprise however, was when Bill actually stood up from his seat and wandered around to stand behind Amanda as she and Chris continued their slow tantalizing fuck there in the chair together.

As Bill stood directly behind Amanda watching so closely from behind, I was sure he wasn't even aware of the fact that his prick had somehow managed to worm itself free from the confines of his green colored robe. There he stood, and there it stood poking its head out as he watched. Amanda then purposely began lengthening her strokes, slowing them as she did, which permitted Bill an even greater amount of detail so he could watch the full length of Chris's prick strokes into her wet glistening pussy from where he stood.

"In many ways, this position can be far more comfortable for the woman in actually being able to control the depth and penetration of her partner," she announced, which is when I heard an audible sigh actually escape Pete's lips. I actually found myself feeling sorry for the guy.

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