Rhonda and Seattle's Damp Air

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Gang Bang, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A trip to Seattle improved his love life greatly.

I was sitting in my office getting a blow job (door locked of course) from my secretary when suddenly she stopped, looked up at me and asked, "Does your wife run around on you?"

"I don't know, I don't think so, why?"

"Do you think she would if the circumstances were right?"

"I doubt it. She isn't into sex all that much, that's why I started chasing you. Again, why?"

"Well, I know that my husband thinks that your wife is one hot chick. I was just wondering if there was some way that we could get the two of them together. If they got a hot romance going it would free the two of us up to have more fun. We waste a lot of time just trying to keep the two of them from finding out about us. Just imagine how it could be if they were the ones wasting the time. They would be so busy trying to hide their affair that they wouldn't have time to be suspicious of us."

I wiggled my dick and she got the message and went back to sucking my cock. As I leaned back and enjoyed Pam's expertise I wondered about the question. Rhonda in an affair? No, I just couldn't picture it. I could understand Pam's husband looking at Rhonda and thinking that she was hot and sexy because that is just what I did. But dear Rhonda was far from hot and sexy. The package had been exquisite, so much so that I had been willing to wait until marriage before having sex with her. Big mistake that! Oh, she was responsive and willing - twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday - but only with the lights in the bedroom off, night gown on and lifted to the waist, condom AND diaphragm in place and even then only in the missionary position. Oral sex? Oh no, much too disgusting. Care to try a touch of anal? Get away from me you disgusting pervert! No, Rhonda looked great on my arm, kept a clean house and was a better cook than my mother (and that's saying something) but in the bedroom Rhonda was a zero. Rhonda and I hadn't been married a year before I started looking for a playmate to take care of me sexually.

Personnel had sent me Pam to replace my old secretary who decided that she would rather be a stay at home mom (my trying to seduce her might have had a hand in her decision) and I immediately started chasing Pam. It took me six months before she finally caught me. It was at a sales seminar that was being held at a local hotel and we had attended the cocktail party following the seminar. Pam had a few drinks too many and she had come up to me, "Time to fish or cut bait boss. You have been after my ass for six months now so what you need to do is get us a room here, take me to it and fuck my brains out."

"Don't be silly. I can't take advantage of you in your condition."

"You better because if you don't I'm going to my knees and I'm going to suck your cock right here in front of everybody. Then they will all want some. Get us a room and you get to keep me all to yourself." She giggled, "Except for my husband of course."

That had been five years ago and Pam and I were still going strong. We were an interesting pair; she loved her husband, but he didn't want or need anywhere near the amount of sex she needed and I was in the same boat. I wanted one hell of a lot more that Rhonda was willing to give me, but except for that I was happy enough with her. Oh well, all right - I loved the silly bitch.

Pam's question intrigued me. What if Rhonda had an affair? Would it loosen her up a little? I honestly didn't think it could possibly happen, but the more I wondered, the more I thought and the more I thought the more curious I became. Finally I asked Pam how she thought that we might make it happen.

"Well, Jared doesn't want sex as much as I do, but I happen to know that he does like variety. He doesn't know that I know that he's sneaking around so I figure all we have to do is point him at Rhonda, make him think she sleeps around and then turn him loose. The problem is to put Rhonda somewhere were she might be susceptible and where Jared can get to her. Does she loosen up any when she drinks?"

"Some, but not a whole lot."

"Well lets start thinking about ways to get them together."

Over the next month or so we came up with over a dozen plans to put Rhonda and Jared together in a situation where something might happen, but it didn't matter which of came up with the plan the other would find the fatal flaw that would shoot it down. Meanwhile Pam had been priming Jared with tales of how big a slut Rhonda was when she was running around on me. But try as we might Pam and I could not come up with a way to get Rhonda and Jared together. We finally gave it up as a lost cause. Not that I ever thought the plan would work anyway.

In January I had to attend some meetings in Seattle and I decided to take Pam with me. Rhonda greeted that with a raised eyebrow and to defuse the situation I said, "Why don't you come along too. You've never seen that part of the country" knowing full well that she would say no since she never goes on trips with me.

"I'd love to" she said, "What should I pack?"

I told Pam about it next day and her response was pretty much what I expected, "Shit!" I laughed and said, "You are looking at it all wrong. It's an opportunity. Ask Jared if he wants to go along. The two of them will be together all day while we are in meetings. All day for three days; think Jared could break through the Ice Queen's shell with that much time to work with?" It didn't matter though because Jared couldn't get off from work to go with us.

The trip was a successful one from a business standpoint and an interesting one from a sexual perspective. Rhonda actually made love to me two nights in a row - on the second and third nights - and even more amazing (at least to me) on the second night she did it with the lights on and on the third night it was with the lights on and she was naked.

The other amazing thing that happened was that Rhonda and Pam apparently bonded during the trip. Rhonda had always been slightly 'cool' toward Pam until that trip, but once back they talked on the phone three or four times a week. The Seattle trip may have changed some other things too. All I know is that coinciding with the trip Rhonda started changing her sexual attitudes. Maybe it had something to do with Seattle's damp air.

We began making love more frequently and with the lights on and all of our clothes off. One night she even told me I didn't need to use a condom. But the biggest change came one night two weeks after we had gotten home from the trip. We had just finished making love and Rhoda said:

"I think I would like to try oral sex at least once. Would that be all right with you?"

Not wanting to give her a chance to reconsider I dove right in and she loved it. It became a regular part of our love making which was by then up to four times a week. She still hadn't gone down on me, but not wanting to push my luck I did not mention it. About a week after I started eating her pussy she asked:

"Why don't you ever ask me to return the favor?"

I of course knew the politically correct answer to that one and I said, "Because my love, even though I would love it, it has to be something that you do because you want to do it."

"Well, I would like to try it at least once, but please don't cum in my mouth."

She did it, and while it left a little to be desired she did show promise. Rhonda got better at it over the next month and finally reached a point where she asked me to cum in her mouth. I've seen wine tasters that didn't go through the motions that Rhonda went through the first time I spit down her throat, but the final call was that she did not dislike it and she began to do it regularly. I wondered what other surprises my previously reluctant bride might have in store for me.

I had to fly back to Seattle for a meeting with a supplier and when I told Rhonda I would be gone a day, two at the most, she asked if she could come along. Remembering how our sex life had changed after the last trip I said yes. The first night in Seattle I came back to the hotel following my meeting and found Rhonda lying on the bed waiting for me. She got up and spun around in front of me and said, "What do you think?" She must have found a Victoria's Secret type shop somewhere because she was wearing the skimpiest and sexiest underwear that I had ever seen complete with garterbelt, nylons and high heels. I showed her what I thought by getting out of my clothes in record time. We were supposed to leave the next evening, but Rhonda talked me into staying one more night. That night she told me that she wanted to try anal sex at least once to see if she liked it. She did and it became a regular part of our love making. God, but I was beginning to love Seattle. I had no idea why it had the effect on Rhonda that it did, but I began to see Seattle as a vacation spot at least one week a year.

Back home the friendship between Rhonda and Pam grew and we got to the point where two weeks never went by without Pam and Jared having dinner with us or us having dinner at their place. They barbecued with us on Memorial Day, we picnicked together on the Fourth of July and we burned meat at their place on Labor Day. It was on the second Thursday of September that I found out that Pam and Rhonda weren't the only ones who had gotten close. I had a customer flying in from Detroit and I was going to have a late evening dinner meeting with him and then he was going to catch the first flight out in the morning. I told Rhonda not to expect me before ten, but at three-fifteen the customer called me and had to cancel because of a death in the family. Not having anything else pressing I decided to go home early and surprise Rhonda. I ended up being the one surprised. The long and short of it was that when I got home I recognized the car in the driveway and I watched from the bedroom doorway as Jared fucked Rhonda from behind. From where I was standing I couldn't tell if he was nailing her tight little ass or her cunt, but where ever he was she was loving it. Their backs were to me so I quietly slipped away, got in my car and headed for the closest bar. I ordered a drink and then I called Pam.

"Are you aware that your husband is fucking my wife?"

She laughed, "You're kidding me?"

I told her what had happened and she said, "I had a hunch he had a new girlfriend, but I had no idea that it was Rhonda. What are we going to do about it?"

"Nothing. Isn't it what we wanted?"

"Yeah, back when the Ice Queen wasn't giving you any, but from what you have been telling me lately I thought you might have changed the way you are looking at things."

"I have, only not in the way I would have imagined. What if it is what she is doing that has changed her? Do I want to do anything to stop it, or wait to see if more change is to come?"

"I see what you mean. Well, you aren't due home until after ten and Jared told me he would be playing cards with some buddies until late. That give you any ideas?"

As a matter of fact it did and neither Pam nor I got home until well after mid-night.

The next couple of weeks slid by with Pam and I taking every advantage of Rhonda's and Jared's affair. What Pam had thought would happen had; they were so busy hiding what they were doing that Rhonda wasn't giving any thought to what I might be doing and Jared didn't think about what Pam might be up to. It was a Friday night and I was watching Rhonda dress. We were going out to dinner that night and Rhonda was standing in front of the mirror in one of her Victoria's Secrets outfits, looking so fuckable that I was seriously considering skipping dinner and going after her right then. Then she spun around and looked at me:

"Don't you love me any more?"

That caught me flat footed and it was a second or two before I answered her, "Of course I do. Why in the world would you even ask me such a question?"

"If you love me why are you letting other men fuck me?"

Other men? Plural? As in more than one? Before I could answer she said, "I saw you that day when you came home and Jared was here. My head was turned to the side and I saw you in the mirror. I've been expecting you to blow up on me ever since, but you just ignored it so I figured you didn't care enough about me anymore to even get mad at me."

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