Photographic Opportunity

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, First, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Another of the "Laura" series where this finds lovely Laura again working at the film lab, but a customer needs some assistance with her new camera. Of course Laura is also a photographer in her own right - see what develops.

There was a very real sense in which Katie could be considered special. Not only was she a very attractive girl at 22, with long, thick blond hair, big gravity-defying 38D breasts, a narrow waist and an ass that a stripper would be envious of, but she possessed another asset that was rare enough to catch people off-guard.

Like some people in the past, Katie's mom had taken part in a project that involved the use of an experimental gender-determination drug, with unexpected side effects in their offspring. Even though some individuals would consider Katie a freak for having a rather impressive cock and balls (11 inches long by 2.5 wide when limp), PLUS the normal setup for a girl, she'd had her whole life to deal with it, so it was no problem. Besides, she didn't really care what people thought of her being a hermaphrodite anyway.

When at work, however, the necessity to dress rather conservatively could be a bit annoying at times, since she had to hide this asset of hers. However, whenever she went out, she never tried to hide her "specialty", especially since some girls (and guys) found it a turn-on to fuck someone like her. And this was a really good thing. Whether a side effect of the drug, or just natural, when Katie was horny, she'd have the need to fuck or be fucked by anyone until she passed out.

She went to the mall and stopped at the film store, where Katie spies a voluptuous young brunette developing some film in the lab. The air conditioning inside the lab is going full blast to prevent the machines from overheating; it is rather hot outside, even in the mall.

A cute attractive brunette named Laura B. is working in the lab; she is wearing a light blue lab smock and black 2" heels, but underneath she is wearing only her bra and panties. The young voluptuous brunette has shoulder length straight dark brown hair that has small bits of auburn running through it, her face is almost considered cute by some, and her smock hides a nice 36D chest. She unknowingly exudes an almost sexual sensuality, and is not aware of it at all; both men and women are attracted to Laura.

It is during the normal working hours, and the processors are trying to be caught up in printing for the next business day; Laura is getting rather tired. She ends up daydreaming while printing pictures of a nice looking blonde woman who is dressed in white lingerie; she is thinking about a sexy story written for her by her boyfriend. Laura finds that she is being turned on by the provocative poses of the blonde in the pictures while looking at the pictures.

Katie finds herself unsure as to how to approach the young brunette, so she contends herself by just watching lovely Laura unobtrusively from outside the store. It doesn't take Katie long before the lights inside the store provide her with an idea; the lights have shown right through Laura's light blue smock that she is wearing only bra and panties.

Katie's mind starts racing with lusty thoughts — the most prevalent one she dreams about sitting on the bench is where she simply sees the busty brunette straddling her lap and riding her cock. Katie shakes her head and clears her lusty thoughts, then boldly enters the store on a whim. The store counter hasn't been busy, but the developing has been going steady, and Laura is working the store by herself for now.

She catches herself as she daydreams about the blonde in the photos — she has recently admitted that she has had fantasies about a couple of women, but she is way too shy to make a move and do anything about it. As Katie approaches the counter she catches the young brunette's eye — the contact speaks volumes, and Katie finds her breath catching a bit at finally meeting this attractive brunette.

Katie asks Laura about some cameras, the pros and cons of digital versus conventional 35mm, etc. The brunette inadvertently shows her ample cleavage to Katie a couple of times; and she likes what she sees on Laura. After a bit she decides to purchase a top of the line digital camera, and she asks the brunette how to use it.

Katie manages to get the voluptuous brunette to quickly pose for a "test" picture or two, and then manages to ask Laura if she may be available later on to show Katie how to use the camera properly. Laura is hesitant — she doesn't know this woman from Eve but there is a certain attraction between them.

It is bonded when Katie brings out her vial of special perfume and lets Laura sniff it. The brunette is a bit more open to suggestion now, and after a bit of back and forth they decide that Laura could meet Katie when she gets off shift at 6PM.

Katie shows back up at the mall and proceeds slowly to the film store, where she said she would meet lovely Laura. As she is walking she is taking in the sights of the beautiful women in the mall. It is a toss up for her, whether or not she prefers the young ones or some of the older women around 30 to 40 or so.

As she sees it — almost like some guys would — the younger ones are nice looking and inexperienced but not much for good conversation, and the older women are definitely experienced but may be put off. But there is always the possibility of attracting a divorced woman who hasn't gotten any in a while. She keeps all these details in the back of her mind until she gets to the film store.

There she sees Laura finishing up her shift at the printer, and it is when she stands up that Katie realizes just how much of a height difference there is between them. Katie stands 5'7" with her pumps and she figures Laura is about 5'0" if not a bit shorter. And for some reason this difference turns Katie on; as she waits outside the store she daydreams again about Laura.

She is becoming so horny that she has to restrain her libido from controlling her body. Katie daydreams again about the busty brunette, sitting on Katie's lap stark naked as she pictures Laura to be, and is enjoying riding Katie's big cock. The blonde suddenly comes back to reality when she notices Laura coming towards her.

Katie catches her breath as she notices that Laura's ample breasts bounce very sexily under her lab coat, which she has kept on. That morning Laura was aware that the weather was going to be quite warm, so she dressed in what she figured she could get away with. Katie is unknowingly correct in her assumption for what Laura is wearing under her lab smock: panties and a bra — that is it. And she is wearing 2" black pumps and hose that accentuate her nice legs.

Laura actually has a garter belt with hose under her smock, as she was feeling aroused after reading a very sexy story that morning (written by her boyfriend). She has always wanted to be a bit daring, and here she can do it and no one notices, at least that is until Katie saw her in the reflected light in the lab earlier. Oh, if only she knew what Katie knew about her.

Katie smiles at Laura as she approaches and cheerily says, "Hi there. I was hoping we could get together this evening. Can you still show me how to work this camera?"

Laura replies, "Yes I can, but I should be hopefully done within an hour or two, if that isn't too soon."

Katie says, "I don't see any problem with that. Can we do this over at my house, or do you have somewhere else in mind?"

Laura thinks for a minute and then replies, "Well, where is your place? Mine is just a hop away from here, if you'd like. Besides which I have a photo studio built into my place for my amateur photography."

Katie asks hopefully, "How far from here do you live, Laura?"

The busty brunette gives her address — which is just down the same street from Katie's house! Katie thinks to herself, "What a stroke of luck this is! Now if I can get her to take that smock off..."

They both decide that it would be better if they went to Laura's place to check out how the new camera works. So, off they start walking to Laura's place; Katie makes a point of not telling Laura that they live in the same block — yet. She wants to see if she can seduce this voluptuous brunette and then maybe pay her a visit later in the future.

They get to Laura's place — it is also an older Victorian style house, and once inside makes the point of keeping Laura busy so that she keeps her smock on for now. She gets the sexy small brunette to lead the way to her studio — with large bottles of water for them to sip — and has the rough plan figured out in her head for seducing Laura.

Laura explains all the lights and remote cables and the cameras that she has. Then they et down to the business of utilizing Katie's new camera and explaining it so she will understand how to use it. Katie actually has already figured out how to use it, but she is using this for seducing the busty brunette. So after a while Laura finishes explaining the workings, and she then turns on a few of the Klieg lights for some photos.

She gets Katie to pose for some in various stances and various distances while she takes some pictures with Katie's new camera. Then after a bit of convincing by Katie, Laura agrees to pose for a few pictures. Before she starts she shows the brunette her special perfume, and is allowed to put some on her neck and manages a quick peek at her cleavage. Katie is ecstatic at what she is able to see and hopes things work out in her favor.

She has used the strong suggestion perfume that takes effect fairly rapidly; Laura has dragged a large sofa in between the Klieg lights for the poses at Katie's behest. So as not to alarm the innocent brunette Katie starts having her just standing and looking at various angles. With the powerful Klieg lights shining around the area of the couch the temperature is getting a bit warm.

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