First Time

by Billiee

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Rape, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Violent, School, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Juliet is rescued by a hansome man and he is her first time, gentle, romantic and passionate - very sexy

Juliet had always enjoyed masturbation but was yet to try out the real thing, partly because she believed in waiting for the right guy and partly because she went to an all girl's high school, so lacked opportunity. It wasn't until her 16th birthday that she had her first kiss and at the age of 18 had her first proper make-out session and got the feel of a man's cock in her hand, but that did not lead to sex - due to lack of protection. Juliet was petite, green eyes, blonde hair and pale complexion. Her figure was modest but defined, her breasts developing into reasonable mounds, though by no means massive (much to her disappointment).

One day at the age of 14, Juliet finished school and left her friends at the gates talking to the boys she never had the courage to approach. She was yet to develop properly and always felt nervous around the opposite sex, so she headed home alone. On arriving she found the house empty apart from the family dog so she head up to her room and turned on her computer. She began her homework, searching the internet for micro-organisms but must have mistyped the word, because a whole different page appeared. To her astonishment a website set up for erotic stories appeared and immediately she saw they were certainly not about Biology (though in some senses I suppose they were). On starting to read Juliet was shocked at the language but oddly intrigued. She was not naïve and knew what was going on, but to her amazement she didn't find it disturbing.

Quite the contrary. Juliet began to feel a twinge in her groin, something she had never felt before and to her astonishment it began to grow as she continued to read. Juliet knew how boys masturbated, pretty straight forward really, wham bam and you're done. But she never really understand how girls went about it, whenever she'd put her fingers down there, nothing happened except it hurt slightly and she felt a bit stupid.

Gently she closed the door of her bedroom and slowly removed her knickers. She spread herself on the desk chair, her legs slightly apart and to her astonishment when she put her hand on her pussy it spasmed wonderfully. Carefully while still reading she carefully ran one finger up her clitoris, it didn't take long to find her big, erect clit and the feeling grew. Slowly at first she gently circled with just one finger, the excitement beginning to mount and her pace quickened. The story onscreen began to become irrelevant and Juliet closed her eyes and leant her head back as she felt a strange ecstasy pulse upwards from her feet to her fingertips. The orgasm began to mount and Juliet quickened her finger so much it was a blur of pink on a soft red fold of pussy. With her other finger she rubbed the tip of the entrance to her vagina which felt suddenly wet and another wave pulsed over her. She began to pant and her vision blurred, then suddenly it hit her full force and her whole body convulsed. She arched her back and continued rubbing for several minutes as the Orgasm waves began to slow and she slumped back in the chair. Her first orgasm, definitely not a disappointment.

At the age of 19 after a gap year of sexual exploration but no sex, Juliet prepared to go to University. The year had been spent travelling and enjoying life, and her sexual arousal increasing gradually with every male encounter, but she still teetered on the entrenched view of waiting for the perfect guy. By this age she had begun to feel somewhat uncertain and began to think maybe it was time to get it over and done with, before the expectation made the final experience disappointing.

After returning from travelling Juliet struggled to return to normal life for the 3 months she had to spend at home before the start of Uni. Throughout the year her exploration of herself had intensified, so much so she was able to orgasm comparatively quickly and enjoyed the pleasure of masturbation almost every night (in the privacy of her own room). Once at University she settled quickly into independent life and very much enjoyed having a lock on her door, meaning she could do anything she wanted.

Predictably there was this guy, as I'm sure you will have guessed. She first spotted him on her first day and nearly melted on the spot. He was tall, slim, with piercing blue eyes and jet black hair. He wasn't conventionally attractive but more in a Johnny Depp sort of way and Juliet liked it, liked it a lot.

They're first meeting was brief but it involved the mere brushing of hands and a very intense eye contact for the shortest of moments, in which Juliet swore she saw a flicker of passion. They were at a college welcome party where there were lots of people so they quickly lost sight of one another.

A week later at a bar in town when she was out with her flat she met him again, and this time they managed to hold a conversation. Though she felt really nervous and didn't make a good first impression. She found out his name was Mark and he lived not far from her home town. He was a second year who was studying Medicine and found it hard to meet people. They swapped numbers but nothing more and that evening they went their separate ways.

Two days later Juliet decided to leave a club earlier than her friends and started walking towards the taxi rank. On her journey, as it was raining, she decided to take a shortcut. By the time she was half way along a quiet road of shops she was drenched from head to foot and aware her clothes were clinging to her. She glanced around and with a jolt of her heart she saw two boys her age walking a little way behind her. She sped up, so did they, she began to jog, they started to run. It didn't take them long to catch her and grab her from behind. Struggling she bit one on the arm and tried to stamp on the other's foot but they were much stronger. The black one grabbed her round the waist, lifted her up and hauled her sideways into a back alley behind a shop. Terrified she saw the white man had a knife and was pointing it at her.

"Shh little girl and we won't hurt you, much."

The men then closed in around her and suddenly the tall black man stuck his tongue down her throat. She turned her head and struggled but he was strong. Meanwhile the white guy moved in. The white man moved behind her and began stroking her buttocks and sliding his hand into her knickers. Despite herself she felt the tingling feeling in the groin, but instead of the pleasure she usually felt, she felt the arousal mixed with disgust and fear. The black man was rubbing his hand up and down her body, rapidly and without any care. Juliet did not see him do it but he had dropped his trousers and revealed a long and thick snake, larger than Juliet could imagine. She continued to wriggle, but this just seemed to excite him and the cock began to grow. Suddenly she was in a very serious position. She couldn't scream because of the knife and was faced with a brutal and possibly deadly rape. Before she could make up her mind the man moved forward and pushed her against his friend. The man behind her already had an erection which she could feel against her anus. The men forcibly spread her legs and dropped her pants from under her skirt. She was now exposed and still terrified. She was wedged between them, now crying and still struggling but feebly.

Without warning the black man's eyes glazed over and he collapsed to the floor. He lay motionless, rainwater pouring over him and blood running into the drains. Standing behind him was Mark, soaked to the bone, panting and wide-eyed. The man behind Juliet pushed her forward and into Mark's arms and made a run for it. Mark stepped around Juliet and punched the man straight in the nose; the man gave a whimper and fell to the floor. Juliet wasn't sure how long she sobbed into Mark's chest; needless to say she had never been so pleased to see anyone.

The police took the men away, took statements from Mark and Juliet and offered them lifts back home. When they reached her shared house it was 3am and Juliet, still soaking, took out her key. Mark got out of the car, thanked the officers and said goodnight to Juliet. He was about to turn away when she put a hand on his arm.

"I don't want to be alone. All my flatmates are staying at a friend's house tonight. Please, at least stay for a while."

Mark paused and nodded, then followed her inside. Without warning Juliet lunged and kissed him hard on the lips. They embraced for a few seconds then Mark pulled away. He looked into her soaked face, her sodden clothes clinged to her body. He hesitated and took a step back.

"You've had a troubled night. I would be taking advantage."

Juliet looked at him and lowered her eyes. She sunk onto the bottom step of the staircase. He joined her, sitting slightly apart with a concerned look in his eyes.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm attracted to you, but now isn't the time." Mark leant and moved the hair from her eyes. "You were nearly in huge trouble back there. We could be dealing with rape, and then you wouldn't want my hands anywhere near you."

"You saved me. I want to repay you." Juliet looked into his deep eyes.

"With sex?" Mark shook his head. "I can't let you do that. Any man seeing something like that would've done the same. Those men deserve to have their balls chopped off."

There was a pause where Juliet's lip curled into a smile, then became a frown.

"Can I tell you something?"

Mark nodded.

"Those men. They were disgusting, they made my skin crawl and I feel sick just thinking about it, but ... at the same time." Juliet tried to find the right words. "I was almost aroused."

Mark looked at her with surprise which he quickly hid.

"I didn't want them to do anything." She said quickly and went red with shame. "It was the first time I'd seen such a big ... cock. Because the other thing I ought to tell you, I'm a virgin."

Mark's expression softened and he allowed an indulgent smile.

"Well, I understand the arousal then. Any twenty year old, male or female, still a virgin would have that curiosity." He said gently, and then hesitated. "But I still better go."

He stood up, Juliet jumped up too.

"Please. At least stay for a while. I don't want to be alone."

Mark, against all reservations, nodded and his eyes ran over her clinging clothes. Her nipples were slightly sticking out and her curves were highlighted. Despite the run make-up and sodden hair, she looked beautiful.

They moved into the lounge where they sat for a while watching TV. Juliet moved and lay her head on his lap and he stroked her hair gently. Juliet closed her eyes and allowed tears to roll down her cheeks; Mark moved his hands over her cheeks and wiped the tears away. Juliet sat up and he held her in his arms for a long time before and turned around and looked into those deep eyes. Mark gulped.

She leant in again and this time he kissed her back, against all will and self control. He moved his hand and put them on her cheeks, to his surprise she moved her hand down straight to his trousers to feel the arousal he felt down there. Mark smiled gently and moved his own hands down her neck, around her back until they reached her trouser seams, where he put wiggled his hands down into her underwear. He felt her firm buttocks and squeezed. He felt a shiver of excitement pass through her. Gently he pushed her back so she sunk into the sofa and he was lying on top of her.

Mark pulled away, Juliet underneath him waiting expectantly. She felt his power and was thrilled by it, so she gently moved her hips backwards and forwards. On queue, she felt movement from his groin and a shape poked through. Mark had a new, intense look on his face. Mark leant slowly down and slowly, button by button, began to undo her shirt. He let the sides fall and revealed a pink lace bra which clung to her firm breasts, wet through.

Juliet lifted her chest, with her head still on the sofa, and rippled her body. Mark's erection continued to grow. Mark leant down and began kissing her on the lips, then moved the kisses over her chin, down her neck and to her collarbone. Here she let out a moan and writhed under him. Without noticing him do it, Juliet suddenly found her bra removed and thrown to the floor.

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