The Convention

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Interracial, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: It should have been a straight forward procedure. I go to Norma's hotel, she signs the contract and then I come home make a meal and settle down for the night... simple enough?... wrong

I must apologies to some of my readers. I have not been at my desk writing as I should have been. It has been a long hot summer in NZ this year and temperatures are still in the mid to late twenties for March ... with little or no rain since December. So we have been out on the water most of the time taking full advantage of it. SAILING.

I will return to my writings again when the weather changes and it will change ... unfortunately. In the mean time I have posted this shortish story that has been in my archives for some time and just needed finishing. I hope this will appease some of my readers in the mean time.

Take care all

Love Lisa

I took another sip of wine and gazed at Sandra over the rim. I was contemplating whether I should continue on and divulge the whole story to her or not.

"Oh come on honey ... this is me Sandra ... you're best friend. Kinder garden, school years, teenage years ... university, through thick and thin, we've confessed everything about everything to each other ... is this thing really that bad that you can't tell me"

Everything she just said is true ... we have confessed everything to each other, our deepest darkest secrets ... we never held back ... Sandra was the sister I never had, but always wanted.

I took another sip of wine, before carefully placing the glass on the table. I'd started telling her my story and now she was keen to hear the end of it. After all spending a night out and coming home with $2000 in my purse, it had to come from somewhere and there must be a good yarn to go with it.

"Oh shit Sandra I've done a stupid thing ... a very stupid thing. You have to promise me you won't tell a soul ... no one ... I trust you and depend on our long, long friendship ... you do promise don't you?"

She was nodding her head furiously. "Of course ... of course, it goes without saying, you know you can trust me Rebecca" she said excitedly, waiting for me to continue.

"Well I've been acting on behalf of a girl ... Norma Stanford, but she goes under the name Laura Tinsley, she's ... she's an actress, model and a part time hooker ... very attractive and would fit any of the above quite well ... in fact very well. Guys just can't help staring at her ... especially her hind end"

"I don't know if you know this Rebecca but you draw quite a bit of attention yourself my dear" Sandra said interrupting me.

I blushed a little "Well I don't know about that ... any way she's been buying into some property and approached me to act for her on the legal side ... look through the contracts and advise her before signing. I'd spent the afternoon going through her latest possible purchase, weeding out the snares and pitfalls. When I was satisfied I'd done the best I could for her, I rang her and asked if we could meet up and put pen to paper on the proposals. She said yes and would I meet her at the Royal Excelsior ... room 318. The Royal Excelsior is a mid to upper range hotel. Offering most of what the top four and five star offer but at a better price. I never even questioned why a hotel room.

I finished most of my other files and decided I'd call in on the way home ... husband Ron was away for a couple of nights fulfilling an out of town contract. I had nothing to dash home for, perhaps I'd just grab a Chinese or Indian take away later ... I hate just cooking for one.

I noticed the hotel car park was almost full ... in fact it was very full and it was just fortuitous that I saw a car pulling out ahead of me and ducked in behind him before he could change his mind.

Having come straight from the office I was still dressed for business. Black skirt, white button up blouse, waist hugging jacket, dark stockings and black shoes. I grabbed my briefcase containing the contracts and headed for the door.

I could see why the place was humming. One of those male bonding get together's ... you know "The Grand Order of Buffalo" or something similar, they all get to wear funny dress and medallions and let loose on the local community. When they are away from home it's a question of out of sight, out of mind ... but then I guess boys will always be boys or in this case men being men. I'd timed it all wrong, the convention was breaking up for the day ... remits had been submitted passed or rejected and now it was time for the serious bit of drinking and frivolity. After all this is what it was all about.

The noise of merriment resounded through the lobby and adjoining bar and conference areas. I felt rather than saw the eyes watching my hips and ass sway as I walked toward the elevator doors.

I was crushed like a sardine in the small confines of the lift with all these men, men hungry and ready for action. The invites were coming thick and fast. "Wanna join us sweetheart ... we know how to give a girl a good time" I had no idea who was squeezing my buttock ... but I knew there was little I could do to stop him whoever he was.

The doors opened, disgorging some of the passengers, myself among them. I didn't look around to try and see who Mr. Hands on was. Just chalk it up to experience. It wasn't the first time my butt had been fondled and squeezed and I doubt it would be the last.

"I take it you're not going to join us" was the last thing I heard before the doors slid shut.

I found room 318 and knocked.

Norma looked a million dollars this evening. I guess she had a date and was awaiting his arrival.

"Oh ... Rebecca" she said looking at her watch "I thought you would have been here earlier"

"Well I thought I'd finish off my work load then come by and see you ... with Ron being away for the next couple of days there was no need to dash home"

She stood aside allowing me to enter.

"Take a seat ... would you like a wine ... I'm just about to have one"

"That would be great ... it's been one of those days ... a wine sounds good to me right now"

The wine did taste good ... I'd quickly drank the first glass, when Norma filled a second one.

I was starting to feel relaxed, kicked off my shoes, undid the button on my jacket and stretched my legs out ... rather unlady and unbusiness like but so relaxed.

I went through the contracts with her, explaining each item. When she seemed happy with what I'd done for her she signed the two copies and handed them back to me.

All the time she kept looking at her watch and at the door as if she was expecting some one.

"Is there something wrong ... you seem on edge?"

She assured me nothing was wrong and poured me another wine.

I should have refused ... I had the car outside and I didn't want to get pulled over and breathalysed ... in my line of work that would never do, but it tasted so good and I was so relaxed ... this would have to be the last one.

The continued looking at her watch and door got me in the end.

"Look Norma there has to be something that has you on edge what is it?"

She looked at me for a while in silence, contemplating as whether to tell me or not.

"Well!" I prompted

"Another girl was supposed to join me tonight and she hasn't arrived yet ... she should have been here by now"

"And that is bad ... why?" I asked

"Because very soon a whole heap of guys are going to be knocking on that door and expecting to find two women for the night and are in fact only going to find one"

Suddenly it was ding-dong time as the alarm bells started to ring and the penny dropped.

"Oh god you mean that ... you mean..."

"Yes I'm working for the agency tonight ... we were booked a fortnight ago, two women for the night they said and now only one ... me"

"Oh shit you do seem to have a problem". I knew she worked for an escort agency as well as her acting and modeling. It kinda helped her out during the bad times.

I didn't like the way she was looking at me and I knew what was coming.

"You wouldn't like to help me out here Rebecca and earn yourself a little extra at the same time"

I held my hands up as if defending myself from attack.

"Whowa, whowa ... just back up here Norma ... no that is not me my dear ... I'm not a hooker ... I really don't think I'd be too good at it ... really"

She was desperate ... she needed another female to help her out and I was the only one handy.

"You'd make a great hooker ... sorry I don't mean that in a derogatory way ... I mean you have a great body ... you have all the major assets and besides I really do need someone's help, I don't think Joanne is coming" she said pleadingly

"No ... sorry love ... not my line of work ... I've got to get going" I said, rising from the chair.

"You fuck don't you ... you and your husband still fuck?"

"As it happens we do but that is none of your business" I replied.

"Well that's all you have to do here ... tonight ... just let the guys fuck you ... they do all the work and in the morning you walk away with $2000 in your purse"

"Sorry dear I'm your lawyer ... not a fellow escort worker" I replied as I slipped on my shoes and picked up my briefcase.

The noisy voices and laughter had been accumulating out in the hall ... then the knock on the door ... more laughter.

"Looks like your guests have arrived" I said.

"Oh god ... I'm done for" she replied, looking a little dejected.

"Well I think you soon will be" I replied, and then wished I hadn't made the remark.

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