The Convention

by Lisa Peacock

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Group Sex, Interracial, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: It should have been a straight forward procedure. I go to Norma's hotel, she signs the contract and then I come home make a meal and settle down for the night... simple enough?... wrong

I must apologies to some of my readers. I have not been at my desk writing as I should have been. It has been a long hot summer in NZ this year and temperatures are still in the mid to late twenties for March ... with little or no rain since December. So we have been out on the water most of the time taking full advantage of it. SAILING.

I will return to my writings again when the weather changes and it will change ... unfortunately. In the mean time I have posted this shortish story that has been in my archives for some time and just needed finishing. I hope this will appease some of my readers in the mean time.

Take care all

Love Lisa

I took another sip of wine and gazed at Sandra over the rim. I was contemplating whether I should continue on and divulge the whole story to her or not.

"Oh come on honey ... this is me Sandra ... you're best friend. Kinder garden, school years, teenage years ... university, through thick and thin, we've confessed everything about everything to each other ... is this thing really that bad that you can't tell me"

Everything she just said is true ... we have confessed everything to each other, our deepest darkest secrets ... we never held back ... Sandra was the sister I never had, but always wanted.

I took another sip of wine, before carefully placing the glass on the table. I'd started telling her my story and now she was keen to hear the end of it. After all spending a night out and coming home with $2000 in my purse, it had to come from somewhere and there must be a good yarn to go with it.

"Oh shit Sandra I've done a stupid thing ... a very stupid thing. You have to promise me you won't tell a soul ... no one ... I trust you and depend on our long, long friendship ... you do promise don't you?"

She was nodding her head furiously. "Of course ... of course, it goes without saying, you know you can trust me Rebecca" she said excitedly, waiting for me to continue.

"Well I've been acting on behalf of a girl ... Norma Stanford, but she goes under the name Laura Tinsley, she's ... she's an actress, model and a part time hooker ... very attractive and would fit any of the above quite well ... in fact very well. Guys just can't help staring at her ... especially her hind end"

"I don't know if you know this Rebecca but you draw quite a bit of attention yourself my dear" Sandra said interrupting me.

I blushed a little "Well I don't know about that ... any way she's been buying into some property and approached me to act for her on the legal side ... look through the contracts and advise her before signing. I'd spent the afternoon going through her latest possible purchase, weeding out the snares and pitfalls. When I was satisfied I'd done the best I could for her, I rang her and asked if we could meet up and put pen to paper on the proposals. She said yes and would I meet her at the Royal Excelsior ... room 318. The Royal Excelsior is a mid to upper range hotel. Offering most of what the top four and five star offer but at a better price. I never even questioned why a hotel room.

I finished most of my other files and decided I'd call in on the way home ... husband Ron was away for a couple of nights fulfilling an out of town contract. I had nothing to dash home for, perhaps I'd just grab a Chinese or Indian take away later ... I hate just cooking for one.

I noticed the hotel car park was almost full ... in fact it was very full and it was just fortuitous that I saw a car pulling out ahead of me and ducked in behind him before he could change his mind.

Having come straight from the office I was still dressed for business. Black skirt, white button up blouse, waist hugging jacket, dark stockings and black shoes. I grabbed my briefcase containing the contracts and headed for the door.

I could see why the place was humming. One of those male bonding get together's ... you know "The Grand Order of Buffalo" or something similar, they all get to wear funny dress and medallions and let loose on the local community. When they are away from home it's a question of out of sight, out of mind ... but then I guess boys will always be boys or in this case men being men. I'd timed it all wrong, the convention was breaking up for the day ... remits had been submitted passed or rejected and now it was time for the serious bit of drinking and frivolity. After all this is what it was all about.

The noise of merriment resounded through the lobby and adjoining bar and conference areas. I felt rather than saw the eyes watching my hips and ass sway as I walked toward the elevator doors.

I was crushed like a sardine in the small confines of the lift with all these men, men hungry and ready for action. The invites were coming thick and fast. "Wanna join us sweetheart ... we know how to give a girl a good time" I had no idea who was squeezing my buttock ... but I knew there was little I could do to stop him whoever he was.

The doors opened, disgorging some of the passengers, myself among them. I didn't look around to try and see who Mr. Hands on was. Just chalk it up to experience. It wasn't the first time my butt had been fondled and squeezed and I doubt it would be the last.

"I take it you're not going to join us" was the last thing I heard before the doors slid shut.

I found room 318 and knocked.

Norma looked a million dollars this evening. I guess she had a date and was awaiting his arrival.

"Oh ... Rebecca" she said looking at her watch "I thought you would have been here earlier"

"Well I thought I'd finish off my work load then come by and see you ... with Ron being away for the next couple of days there was no need to dash home"

She stood aside allowing me to enter.

"Take a seat ... would you like a wine ... I'm just about to have one"

"That would be great ... it's been one of those days ... a wine sounds good to me right now"

The wine did taste good ... I'd quickly drank the first glass, when Norma filled a second one.

I was starting to feel relaxed, kicked off my shoes, undid the button on my jacket and stretched my legs out ... rather unlady and unbusiness like but so relaxed.

I went through the contracts with her, explaining each item. When she seemed happy with what I'd done for her she signed the two copies and handed them back to me.

All the time she kept looking at her watch and at the door as if she was expecting some one.

"Is there something wrong ... you seem on edge?"

She assured me nothing was wrong and poured me another wine.

I should have refused ... I had the car outside and I didn't want to get pulled over and breathalysed ... in my line of work that would never do, but it tasted so good and I was so relaxed ... this would have to be the last one.

The continued looking at her watch and door got me in the end.

"Look Norma there has to be something that has you on edge what is it?"

She looked at me for a while in silence, contemplating as whether to tell me or not.

"Well!" I prompted

"Another girl was supposed to join me tonight and she hasn't arrived yet ... she should have been here by now"

"And that is bad ... why?" I asked

"Because very soon a whole heap of guys are going to be knocking on that door and expecting to find two women for the night and are in fact only going to find one"

Suddenly it was ding-dong time as the alarm bells started to ring and the penny dropped.

"Oh god you mean that ... you mean..."

"Yes I'm working for the agency tonight ... we were booked a fortnight ago, two women for the night they said and now only one ... me"

"Oh shit you do seem to have a problem". I knew she worked for an escort agency as well as her acting and modeling. It kinda helped her out during the bad times.

I didn't like the way she was looking at me and I knew what was coming.

"You wouldn't like to help me out here Rebecca and earn yourself a little extra at the same time"

I held my hands up as if defending myself from attack.

"Whowa, whowa ... just back up here Norma ... no that is not me my dear ... I'm not a hooker ... I really don't think I'd be too good at it ... really"

She was desperate ... she needed another female to help her out and I was the only one handy.

"You'd make a great hooker ... sorry I don't mean that in a derogatory way ... I mean you have a great body ... you have all the major assets and besides I really do need someone's help, I don't think Joanne is coming" she said pleadingly

"No ... sorry love ... not my line of work ... I've got to get going" I said, rising from the chair.

"You fuck don't you ... you and your husband still fuck?"

"As it happens we do but that is none of your business" I replied.

"Well that's all you have to do here ... tonight ... just let the guys fuck you ... they do all the work and in the morning you walk away with $2000 in your purse"

"Sorry dear I'm your lawyer ... not a fellow escort worker" I replied as I slipped on my shoes and picked up my briefcase.

The noisy voices and laughter had been accumulating out in the hall ... then the knock on the door ... more laughter.

"Looks like your guests have arrived" I said.

"Oh god ... I'm done for" she replied, looking a little dejected.

"Well I think you soon will be" I replied, and then wished I hadn't made the remark.

Now have you ever seen a movie where a ship or something like a ship is under water and some silly bugger opens the wrong safety door and all of a sudden the water floods in, no matter how hard they try, the people can't swim against the flow ... its just too strong. Well when I opened the door to leave it was just the same. As I tried to push past them, I was carried back into the room. The guys were in a very happy festive mood. They had requested two women for the night. Room 318 was the room they had to report to and right now room 318 contained two women.

I kept protesting to them that I was not part of the deal and kept trying to make for the door, but no matter what I said it was all falling upon deaf ears. My briefcase was wrenched from my grip, an arm was around my waist and suddenly I was dancing in the middle of the room with a guy.

"No ... no ... you have this all wrong ... I ... I"

I wasn't getting anywhere as I was quickly passed on to another guy. It was the same for Sandra; she wasn't saying anything in defense just smiling at me.

God I've got to get out of here ... this is going too far, but as soon as I tried to make for the door, I was hauled back and found myself dancing with another guy. The music was turned up and the party was in full swing, my voice and protests went unheard. Screaming for help would have done me any good.

Shirts were starting to get unbuttoned along with any ties that were being worn. Bottles of beer were unstopped as were the other assorted bottles of liquor. I looked to Sandra for help, but none was forthcoming, she just smiled at me a shrugged her shoulders, she was quite happy to have my company. Suddenly I was being propelled from behind. Two strong hands had me by the waist and were pushing me toward the table. Oh god no I thought as we crashed against it. The guy pushed my head down against the table top, his own body pinning me down. His warm wet tongue was licking my ear, his hot breath smelling of alcohol and tobacco.

"God your one hot bitch ... where has the agency been hiding you" he said.

I tried to tell him I was a lawyer not a hooker ... but he wasn't listening or he couldn't hear me, or he didn't want to hear me.

His hands were frantically tugging on my skirt, was pulling upward. I tried fighting him, tried to pull my skirt back down, but he seemed to have too many hands, as fast as I pulled down, he was pulling up and then his hands had hold of my knickers, trying to pull them down. I gave up trying to pull my skirt down and concentrated on holding my knickers in place.

"That's it Harry ... that's how she likes it ... she keeps telling you she doesn't do this sort of thing ... but that's just part of her act ... keep at it boy ... she's enjoying the fight"

It was Sandra ... egging Harry on. My hair was in my eyes but I could see Sandra it was as if I was looking through a veiled curtain.

I was loosing the battle, his determination and strength saw my pants being down ... well far enough to allow him to do what he wanted to do. He didn't have to tell me he was ready. I'd already felt the hardness of his erection pressing against me through the fabric of our clothing.

Keeping me pinned against the table, he undid his belt, unzipped his fly and pushed his pants down ... what I felt pressing against my butt was hard and warm.

"Oh god no ... no ... please no" I begged.

"Like it honey ... Sandra says you do ... and I think she's right ... in a moment you can have it all ... the whole eight inches ... how does that sound?"

I pushed, struggled and tried to get out from under him, but he had the strength and the power, I couldn't move. It felt smooth, hard and warm as it brushed against my thigh as it searched for my entrance. Oh god no. I thought, struggling even harder to free myself. I tried clamping my legs together but his knee prised my legs further apart.

"No ... oh please no ... I'm not ... oh god ... oh ... oh ... Je—s—u—s " I cried, he was pushing inside me, pressing his loins close to my butt, then his ass was quickly swaying, his cock thrusting ... he was fucking me and I believed what he said about it being eight inches.

Help was never going to come for me. The room was filled with sound, men chattering, egging on their friend ... shouting "Go ... go ... go" beer and other liquor being consumed, the music. It was getting hot; the wine I'd already consumed was having its effect. I could see Sandra, on the bed, men's hands tugging eagerly at her clothing, all gone apart from her bra and that in turn would soon be stripped from her fulsome breasts. Her legs had been spread apart and a naked male's ass was rising and falling between them. Her eyes were shut, she was holding on to the guy. She didn't have to tell me or any one else she was enjoying it.

The guy pinning me down was going full tilt. His weight was pressing down on my body, pushing my thighs against the table edge and with each and every thrust. Slap ... slap ... slap as flesh made contact with flesh. There were grunts of satisfaction, whilst his mouth was kissing my ear and neck.

"Oh god I've thought of little else all day ... Just waiting for tonight ... waiting, knowing there would be two good looking chicks ready to be fucked ... and here we are ... god you're even better than I'd hoped for ... the agency sure knows how to pick its women" he said, then taking a big bight at the back of my neck.

It was pointless trying to tell him I was not one of the girls from the agency ... I was just in the wrong place at the right time ... or something like that. As far as he was concerned ... I was another hooker working with Sandra ... when this night was over I was going to kill Sandra.

My body felt each and every thrust, continually being pressed into the table. My buttocks seem to act as a cushion as his loins smacked against them, time and time again, balls big and heavy with fluid also bounced along with them.

Henry continuing to tell me how good it felt ... what a good fuck I was ... a groan, a sigh ... then more grunts. He friends shouting at him to fuck faster ... fuck harder.

"Give it to her Henry ... that's the way ... let her know she's being fucked by an expert lad" He responded to all their shouting and it was me that bore the brunt of the response. I could feel it ... the whole eight inches, thrusting inside me.

His mouth was close to my ear; his breaths were coming in short bursts ... I knew the end was near.

"I'm cuming honey ... I'm gona cum ... I'm ready to..." A final grunt and groan, a final thrust. "Oh—god—yes" His hard cock throbbed and pulsed as his fluid filled balls delivered their deadly potion

The noise continued around me. He slowly and reluctantly withdrew his defunct cock. I had no time to push away from the table ... it took but a moment, I was part way up, my skirt up around my waist, my pants around my thighs, but before I could pull down my skirt or pull up my knickers another strong pair of eager hands was pushing back over the table.

"Stay there honey ... stay there ... we ain't finished fucking you yet" First he undid his belt, then unzipped his fly. I felt another hard smooth piece of flesh brushing my thighs as he made to enter me.

"Spread your legs honey ... spread your legs" Like an idiot I did just that. Instead of clamming tight I was opening up for him. I felt the second hard shaft push inside me. Then more hot breath on my neck and ear. The rhythm of his ass as it swayed back and forth ... the constant thrusting, the groans and moans of enjoyment. Once again being told how good I was, that I was the best fuck he'd ever had, but then I knew he told all his whores that. It was all part of the game. There was more drinking, more shouting and egging on. All I could see from my present position was a sea of male faces watching and shouting for more

When he to had finished I was allowed to stand and was handed a bottle of larger, well it was more or less pushed to my lips, I let the cold amber liquid quench my thirst. When I'd finished with the lager, a small shot of whiskey was pressed to my lips and upended, it burned into the back of my throat and as I was coughing, I was quickly pushed back over the table and as I gasped for breath I could feel hands tugging and pulling my pants all the way down ... then they were gone.

The third guy had been more prepared, I'd seen him standing next to me, his arm around my waist as he held the bottle to my lips. I briefly saw his almost naked body, naked except for a pair of undies, but the bulge in those undies said it all.

Again I did as he requested and splayed my legs apart. This time he wasn't seeking entrance to my pussy ... he wanted to put it in my ass.

"Oh god no ... no ... not there ... please not there" I screamed.

"Hey relax ... relax, they tell me all whores like it up the ass"

"I'm not a whore ... I keep trying to tell you I'm not a whore" I shouted in desperation.

"Of course you're not honey ... we all know that" he said with a smile and a chorus of laughter.

"Now just relax ... this won't hurt a bit ... well maybe a little" he said laughing.

I'd never had it up the ass before ... this was all new to me.

They had all come prepared for the night, someone threw him a tube of K-Y lube. I flinched as a finger laden with the lube was inserted into my asshole.

He kept assuring me all was going to be OK and that I was quite capable of taking his cock up my ass.

When to time came, I gripped the edge of the table, closed my eyes and gritted my teeth. First thing I felt was the hard bulbous head.

"Don't fight me sweetheart, don't fight me ... just relax" he said

"Oh my god" I cried as the head started to force its way in.

Again he asked me to relax. I tried and again I cried out as it edged a little further in. My ass was starting to stretch, bigger and bigger as it inched forward. There wasn't as much pain now and I felt in going further and further inside me.

After a moment or two of pushing and shoving and some cries from me he announced "Ok honey I got it all in" he then set up a slow steady motion. My last bastion of virginity had just been taken. His cock was going where no cock had been before.

If it felt big before, it felt even bigger now. Sighs, moans and groans told me he must be enjoying it.

There was no relief for me. I held on tight to the edge of the table, the pain in my ass had subsided and my ass had become used to its new size. I was accommodating him quite well; my thighs would bare the signs of bruising form the continuous pounding I was receiving from behind.

Suddenly he just stopped, gasped and I knew he was finished. Now I had cum in both orifices. I drank thirstily from the bottle handed to me, followed by another whiskey chaser. The room and people were starting to sway, twist and become distorted. Hands were undressing me, plucking at my blouse and skirt. The alcohol was depriving me of any inhabitations I may have had. It was varsity days once more. Someone was swinging my bra around in the air and shouting. "Ya ... hooo"

My skirt was now around my ankles; I stepped out of it, like the girl popping from the cardboard cake, flinging out my arms "Daa ... daa" and giggling like a silly teenager. I was now naked as a newborn baby, and flaunting that nakedness for the benefit of the men, much to the delight of my audience and their applause of approval.

The hands that had only moments ago been undressing me were now grabbing and pawing at me, hands squeezing both breast and buttocks ... all eager to feel my warm naked flesh.

A shirtless guy, pushed me down in front of him, unzipping his fly he removed his pride and joy, big and very stiff. Taking a handful of my hair he pulled my head right up close.

"Suck it baby ... suck it" he said.

I needed no further instruction or encouragement. I grabbed the hard shaft, gave it a few jerks and opened my mouth. It tasted good. The saltiness of his body mixed with a little pre cum. My lipstick was leaving a red smear on the shaft as I tried to push and devour as much of it as possible down my throat.

I was never going to taste that cum in my mouth, just prior to ejaculation he withdrew and let the warm fluid squirt onto my face and in my eyes. Again more hands grabbed at me as I was passed on to the next guy.

A Roman orgy must have been just like this ... the drink I was consuming did help block the senses ... I stopped counting the erections ... I knew at some time they would get to me.

I guess I just fell in with the situation, by now I'd been fucked too many times. Trying to prove to anyone outside of this room that I wasn't a hooker was going to be real difficult ... I mean who was going to believe my story ... none of these guys would testify I was any thing else but one of the hookers they had ordered and Sandra would only say I was working in with her.

Sooner or later they would have their fill, they would all be satisfied, drink themselves silly and retire to their own rooms feeling they had all had a great night, brag to their mates back home about the two chicks they'd fucked ... and when they had all gone ... well that's when I kill Sandra. I continued to be passed around the room; hands grabbed and groped my flesh. While fingers poked into warm wet crevasses.

Sandra seemed quite at home on the single bed. One guy thrusting into her from behind, while she gorged upon another's hard erection ... much to the delight of both guys.

Now it was my turn, as two guys led me toward the other bed and placing me on all fours. I feel the bed tremble as they take up their positions ... one at my head ... the other behind. If Sandra was aware that I was next to her, she did not show it. Even above the noise of music and voices I could hear the slurping her mouth was making as she sucked hungrily at the guys hard cock and the slap ... slap ... slap coming from the other guy as he thrust against her buttocks.

I think the voyeurism was as much a part of the entertainment as the actual fucking itself. Each guy gets to perform in front of his mates ... each I guess trying to outdo the others achievements.

Like the guy earlier this one also took a handful of my hair, tugging on it. His erection was only an inch or so from my mouth. It was obvious I was expected to open up and take it ... which I obliged in doing so. This all coincided with the other guy slipping me a length from behind.

I heard Sandra coughing and gagging and from the corner of my eye could see cum running down her chin.

Now I don't mind giving a guy a blow job, in fact I quite like sucking a mans cock, but I'll never get used to the taste of cum ... I know, I know ... it's all part of the service and some guys like to see you swallow it, which I do ... but I still don't like it's taste.

"You seem to be enjoying yourself honey ... you're doing a great job ... thanks" It was Sandra, watching me as I sucked hungrily at erection stuffed in my mouth.

Taking a moment I said "I'm going to kill you for this Sandra ... when they've all gone then I'm going to kill you" I said, before putting the guys erection back in my mouth.

She just laughed "No you're not honey ... no you're not and I tell you why, because you're having too much fun"

I felt the warm fluid as it spread over my tongue and fill my mouth ... it was my guy's turn to cum and he was insisting I swallow it.

"Swallow it babe ... swallow it ... make me happy"

I shut my mouth tight, mixed the horrid tasting fluid with my own spittle and swallowed ... UG!

"That's it babe ... that's the way"

It seemed a never-ending flow of eager horny lust laden men. I was sure some were leaving and others arriving. I have no idea how many guys had fucked me or how many blowjobs I'd given ... it seemed one hell of a lot. I'd been screwed in every position and right about now my pussy knew it had been well and truly ravaged ... cum had been injected into every orifice.

The alcohol had well and truly kicked in, I really don't recall much from now on, but Norma said that I suddenly transformed into a party girl, party animal, said it was the hidden me trying to get out. Dancing naked around the room, posing provocatively, selecting guys, taking them by the hand and leading them back to the bed and actually taking hold of their erections and guiding it between my legs. Telling them how good it felt. To say I was a hit with the guys would have been an understatement.

I remember Sandra telling me the same thing when we were at university together. The drunken orgies we had with male students, it was obvious I hadn't changed a great deal; the party animal was dormant within.

At first I thought it was a friendly dog licking my ear. Then I thought I was at home in bed with husband Ron, his fingers were inside me, working back and forth ... Hmmmm! It feels so ... so good. I smile and snuggle up close. As the fuzz and fog start to clear I slowly open my eyes ... my head hurts and there is a terrible taste in my mouth, it tastes almost like ... like, well it tastes like male cum and then I realize ... the taste was male cum mixed in with alcohol. I wasn't back home and the guy with his fingers in my pussy was not that of husband Ron. With eyes now wide open I'm looking into the smiling handsome face of some stranger.

"Hi princess ... you look so wonderful, I want to wake up to you every morning like this" his fingers continuing to work and delve. "Mmmm that feels so wet and warm ... so inviting ... so ready to fuck ... don't you agree?"

It dawns on me where I am and what I did last night. "Oh my god, what have I done?" The room is a battle zone; empty bottles and dirty glasses everywhere ... discarded pieces of clothing that some had left behind. The room smelled of stale beer, tobacco and the distinct scent of male sperm. My own body smelt the same where guys had cum all over it.

My bed companion rolls on top of me. I feel his hardness pressing against my stomach. Smiling ... always smiling. Taking my hand he places it on the shaft, it's hard and it's big. I automatically grip it and start to jerk him off. "Oh god baby ... baby, that feels so good" then raising his body slightly pushes my legs apart. I know what he wants and where he wants to be. I guide him to the entrance and he thrusts himself inside me.

"Oh—my—god" I moan, feeling the fullness of his erection. Wasting no time his arse immediately in action rising and flexing then thrusting, again and again and again

"Oh Rebecca ... Rebecca I never want to stop fucking you ... I think I'm in love with you"

I don't know what to say or how to respond to him. He knows my name, did I tell him and all the others who I was. I knew it was going to be a waste of time trying to explain to him I was not a hooker, after last night and particularly now as he rose up and down between my legs, he was never going to believe me. I had been every inch a willing and eager participant.

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