Carla Michaels

by L.A. Wicker

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Ok, if you like Mom and Son stories, you better read this! If the grammar and spelling are bad, sorry. My editor hates son stories.

Carla Michaels and her long-time friend, Jenny Banks were lying back on their lounge chairs, watching the two handsome young men playing in the pool. "Doesn't seeing them make you wish that you were twenty-five again?" Jenny said as she turned to Carla and it looked like her giant nipples were about to explode under her tiny, black bikini top.

"God yes!" Carla moaned as she continued looking over both of the young men and their very toned bodies.

"Just imagine what they could do to us and all of the fun we would have." Jenny said as her already wet pussy dripped more. "They would probably screw us to death!" she added with a slight smile, wondering how long it had been since Carla had been laid.

"I'm sure they could, but I really don't think that we should be talking about our son's that way." Carla said as she watched her tall, dark-haired son and his superb body.

"It's just talking, so no harm done. Tell me the truth, if Johnny came to you and said that he wanted make love to you, what would you say?" Jenny said and she watched Carla's face turn a warm shade of pink and a little sparkle fill her pretty, blue eyes.

"If he wasn't my son ... hell yes I would! I'd want him to screw me until I died!" Carla said with a hint of need in her voice and a small fire began to grow deep in her pussy, as she thought of doing something so nasty and sinful with her son.

"Have you ever seen him naked?" Jenny asked as she thought of her tall, blond-haired son and the many times that she had seen him in the buff and how horny she always got.

"I have a few times, why?"

"Does he have a nice, big cock?" Jenny asked, but she already knew that Johnny was hung like a horse, but she wanted to see hear what Carla would say.

"Damn Jenny, what's gotten into you today?"

"I'm just horny as hell and those two are killing me!" Jenny laughed as she reached for a cigarette from the small table next to her. "Want one?" she asked, reaching the pack to Carla.

"Yeah, thanks." Carla smiled as she took one of Jenny's smokes. "I normally only smoke when I'm worried or nervous about something."

"Well, watching those two all day isn't helping. My toy is getting a damn good work-out tonight! I hope I have some new batteries for it!" Jenny lied as she reached to slap the side of Carla's meaty, right thigh.

"Ouch, you bitch!" Carla laughed as she rubbed her stinging thigh. "I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing that!"

"It's the truth and I bet you'll be doing the same damn thing girl." Jenny smiled as she looked over Carla and her big, gorgeous body. "Why do you just sit at home Carla? You are a very pretty woman and guys would line up for you and that hot body of yours."

"I'm not hot! I'm over-weight, my tits are sagging, my ass is huge and I'm forty-nine-years old. What 'guy' would want that?"

"Honey, these young guys crave women our age! They love older women with big tits; big asses and they'd fuck us to death!"

"It almost sounds like you've been there and done that." Carla said as she watched a smile cover her friends' pretty face. "Oh my God, who was it? Is he someone I know?" Carla said as she leaned close to Jenny, hoping she would tell her all of the juicy details.

"If you tell me how big Johnny is ... I'll tell everything but his name."

Carla looked at Jenny and she couldn't believe that they were talking about such things. It wasn't normal for a woman to talk about how big her sons' cock was, but Carla was on fire today and this was really turning her on.

"He has the biggest one I've ever seen in my life! I'm sure that its ten inches long, maybe more and it is so fat, I don't know how in the hell he gets it inside a girl."

"I always knew that he had a big one. Do you ever think about it at night when you're all alone?" Jenny asked with a little smile and she could see that poor Carla was on fire.

"Jenny, you need to stop talking about this, please!" Carla begged her friend.

"We're just talking about it, that's all. Come on, do you ever think about him ramming that big, long thing in you?"

Carla was so embarrassed, but she knew Jenny would not stop, until she answered. "Yes, now are you happy?" Carla relied with a sharp tone and she really wished that Jenny would stop.

"Mmmm, he would sure help with those lonely nights, wouldn't he?" Jenny teased her friend and she could see that poor Carla was so horny, she was close to dying. "Imagine Johnny holding you down, with his big, long cock sliding in and out of your pussy. His big, strong arms holding you as he screwed you senseless and while he did, he would be whispering 'Mom' the entire time."

"You fuckin' bitch! Shut up, would ya?" Carla said as she fanned her face and pushed back her long, raven-colored hair and Carla knew that she wouldn't sleep tonight.

"I think it would be hot as hell. If Paul ever came to me and wanted me, I'd love him and I'd love every minute of it too. If you knew that you wouldn't get caught or nobody would find out about it, would you then?"

"Jenny, you're killing me! Would you please stop it?" Carla begged as the fire in her lonely pussy grew more and it was starting to hurt.

"I'm just talking. It's not like we're fucking them or anything. Come on, tell me."

"Jen, I haven't been with a man since Rex died." Carla said with a sad voice and visions on his cock filled her mind, but Johnny and his big cock, quickly replaced him.

"Oh my God, you haven't screwed anyone in five, fuckin' years?"

Carla just sat there and she shook her head yes. "I want to, but I haven't found anyone I like."

"Damn, I would have been dead by now. How do you do it? How do you live without anyone to hold and make love to you?"

"It's normally not that bad, but you sure have stirred things up today." Carla said with a stern look on her face.

"Maybe now, you'll go find a guy with a big long one and have him fuck you for a few hours! Or." Jenny paused to turn on her side facing Carla. "You could fuck around with Johnny; I bet he'd love it if you came on to him. I see him looking at you all the time and ... he's always so fuckin' hard!"

"I think not! I don't want to end up in jail for screwing my son!" Carla laughed as she thought of Johnny's size and she knew it would feel so good.

"Other than some guy raping his daughter, when was the last time you heard of someone being arrested for incest?" Jenny asked and she could see Carla's size 16 ass was squirming in her tiny bikini bottom now.

"I never have, but it could still happen. What if someone found out or he slipped and told one of his friends about it?" Carla asked as her pussy grew wetter and she hoped that no one would notice it.

"He wouldn't tell anyone about something as private and wonderful as that. You would be the prize of his life and he would never tell anyone." Jenny said and she could see that Carla was soaked.

"I don't think I could do it. He's so handsome and sexy, but he's still my son, Jenny."

"I bet that cock would do wonders for you. It would feel so good in your wet, little pussy!" Jenny said with a grin as her eyes looked back between Carla's long legs.

"You did it to me with all of your perverted talking!" Carla laughed as she quickly squeezed her legs together. "If things were different and I knew for a fact that I wouldn't get caught ... I'd let him fuck me fuck me all he wanted!" Carla all but moaned, as she thought of Johnny doing such a nasty thing to her.

"Good, that's all I wanted to hear. Now, let's go see if we can get them as horny as we are!" Jenny laughed, stood up and she ran to jump in the massive pool with her son, Paul and Johnny.

"I wish that she wouldn't have talked about all of that crap." Carla said as she sat there, thinking about the feelings that she already had for Johnny and the fact that Jenny made them worse than ever. "I'm on fuckin' fire," she moaned in a low and very soft voice as she got up and jumped into the pool.

Johnny swam up to Carla, put his arms around her waist and hugged. "I'm glad you finally came in. I needed to give you a big hug," he smiled and Johnny loved the innocent smile and sparkle in Mom's pretty, blue eyes, he just hoped that she didn't feel his massive hard-on yet.

Carla received Johnny in her arms and it felt so good to hug him, but Jenny's perverted words were filling her mind. "Why do you need a hug?" she asked Johnny as she gently caressed the side of his handsome, young face, thinking of him on top on her body, screwing her brains out.

"For bringing us all here. It's not everyday that a person gets to come to Hawaii for a month."

"You don't have to thank me, but I always love it when I get a hug from you. They always make me feel so warm and umm ... good all over." Carla said as a weird feeling quickly rushed over her body and that's when she felt Johnny's long and very thick cock against her left thigh.

She wanted to kiss him and it wasn't the kind of a kiss that a Mom should give her son. She wanted to ram her tongue so far his throat, she could tickle his belly-button from the inside and it was all because of Jenny.

He just smiled to her and he hugged tighter and he was sure that Mom would feel his cock now. The damn thing was more than half-way hard and there was no hiding something so big. "I like them too and I promise to hug you so much, you're going to think that we're joined together like, Siamese twins," he said and Johnny had a great idea, but he hoped that Mom wouldn't punch him in the eye. He held her close to him, while looking into Mom's mesmerizing eyes, Johnny flexed his cock.

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