It Happened at a Wedding

by Alistair Acorn

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Mother, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A young man returns home after five years absence to attend his sisters wedding to keep a childhood promise to her. He also seeks revenge on his parent, but his hate softens, but not after a humiliation.

It had been five years since I had been home, and as the miles passed under the bus's wheels I hated every one of them. One would have believed that after being away from home at university the prospect of seeing ones parents would be a happy occasion; not mine. I had promised my sister that I would come to her wedding no matter where she was having it. It was one of those childish promises, but she had contacted me and reminded me of our vows.

Asleep in the seat opposite me was Allan, the best friend any man could ever have and I can see the expression on my mothers face when she sees him, for he is a black African from western Nigeria. When I say black, he is ebony black. The reason also that he is sitting opposite me, is the bus seats were made for average sized people, not two muscle-bound six foot four 'metal pushers'. Since the coach was half full no-one objected to our seating arrangements, maybe our build was a bit intimidating.

I was returning to a small-town, where most of the population depended on the shops and factories owned by my mother, and she was known behind her back as 'Sour face'. I have never seen her smile, or say a kind word about anyone, not even to my father. Father is one of the town's doctors, and I seldom saw him except at mealtimes, for he was always away seeing to' his patients.' I assume it was an excuse to get out of the home, for my mother never missed a chance to let my sister, and I know that it is her money that controls this town and most people in it.

At the local school in the beginning, I was teased and picked on, because of my mother, and I didn't like it one bit. One day doing a chore for an old woman, helping her clear out a room in her house (well as much as an eight-year-old could) that I found a folder with the complete 'Charles Atlas' body building course. The folder belonged to the old woman's son who had been killed in Vietnam.

"I believe you are a bit young to be thinking of doing that course," she said as she nodded her head when she saw me looking at it.

"Can I keep it?"

"If you want it, then it is yours. Anyway, everything is going to the rubbish tip," she said with a tear forming in both eyes.

As the woman said I was a bit too young to start, but four years later I began in earnest. Slowly, I started putting on bulk and the teases and taunts got less and less as I started to tower over all the boys in school. I wasn't the only one who gained by my build, my sister was left alone.

I said earlier the only time I saw my father was at mealtimes; we had to be standing behind our chairs, dressed for every meal. The meals were served at specific times, and we had to be there, or we got nothing. At every occasion the subject of fornication would be raised, as the sin of sins and any mating between a man and a woman should be for 'breeding purposes' only.

So thorough were our rooms inspected every single day without exception, would make a sergeant-major jealous. Neither of us got any affection, a hug nor even a kiss from our mother, so is it any wonder I got out as soon as I possibly could. I had my mind set on being an entomologist; I studied hard to gain a sponsorship. I succeeded; and once I had the sponsorship confirmed I got a place in the furthest university from home. It had been five years, since I left, and I doubt if anything had changed in our family home, or even the town.

Allan I met in the queue waiting our turn for registration, since both of us were about the same build and pushed the weights we became close friends. We shared the same student accommodation flat, and helped each other in our exams, even though they were for different subjects. Allan was studying forensic science and medicine; he wanted to be a coroner. The show he always talked about was a TV character called Quincy.

I was really looking forward to seeing my sister, for we had been close and not argumentative as some siblings are. Marion suffered as much as I had done and many a sore knuckle we had for not eating properly at the table. The list could go on, but I'm sure you get the idea.

To get spending money, Allan and I were part time Crowd Control Officers (bouncers in other words), at the local dance hall on Friday and Saturday nights. The pay was good, and we met some nice women in the process, did I say nice women, we weren't looking for nice women, we wanted ones who would drop their knickers the fastest. One time our flat looked like a knocking shop, nude female bodies lying on the beds and floor. That was some party that night and all from standing near the door of the dancehall. We never needed to spend our money on them so they would open their legs, they came to us.

Allan loved getting head and he once told me he liked that better than pussy. He said it was because one woman was filing her nails as he banged his large black cock into her pussy. If a woman has a hard cock in her mouth, she has to pay attention that was his philosophy. It worked out good for me when we picked up just one woman, he had the top and I had the bottom part of her body.

Our bus arrived near noon at the bus depot, and before I had reached home, I was up-to-date with the news. We only walked a few paces when we were stopped; it was as if everyone wanted to speak to me. I must say it felt good, I never felt so popular, and maybe it was just to look Allan over, for there are very few if any really black people in the community. I wouldn't say they were rednecks, it was just they never had the opportunity to mix outside their Caucasian race. Of course it could have been because of our sheer size. There were some as tall, but that was as far as it went, we could make two of them each.

My mother looked the same as when I left, with her severe looking face and dress. When she saw Allan, I could see the prejudice in her eyes, but since her face showed no emotion, her words were not what the eyes said.

"Nice to meet you Allan, any friend of Charlie's is always welcome." Knowing my mother, those words would have choked her. I doubt if Allan could tell if the words were false or true.

We had three days until the wedding and there was little to do, so we spent the time in the local Gym.

All I was required to do at the wedding was be a witness and that suited me fine, but I still had to get into a dark suit. I hated getting dressed up, but everyone else in the congregation were dressed similar and I know some felt the same way as I did. The jacket remained on until after the reception dinner, and then it was off jacket and tie.

The barkeeper was an old school friend of mine and at one time we were quite close. The ice had been broken and the tense feeling that had been at the beginning had melted and everyone was mixing, maybe the drink had something to do with it. I noticed that even my mother was drinking, which was rare indeed. She appeared to be drinking liqueur; well, she was using a liqueur glass.

I was standing near the bar and Peter, my friend was having a break when I casually said, "The one thing, I would love to see is my mother drunk, would that be a thing. What is she drinking Peter?"

"She's only drinking sherry, she specifically told all the waiters what she wanted in the way of a glass," he replied.

"Crafty bugger, I bet that one has lasted her all night."

"No, she has been quite steady, one every twenty minutes. Would you honestly like to see your mother drunk?"

"Yes, just once, maybe it would crack that shell of hers."

"I doubt she will get drunk on what she is drinking, but I have something that would give similar effects."

"What is it?"

"It's a mixture, look I'll give you a small bottle for yourself, now no more than a teaspoonful, as I have no idea what could happen if given more than that."


"Don't say any more you don't know who is listening just leave it to me, I'll fix her, but it's up to you to take care of her."

"It would be a pleasure, believe me." I replied.

I watched the waiter take drinks to the table where my mother was sitting, but the waiter put two similar glasses on the table and my mother passed one to Ms. Druir. Ms. Druir was our neighbour, she was in her early sixties and had recently retired; she had been a Domestic Science teacher at the local college. Nearly, all students who had attended her class had come under her sharp tongue, she was the ideal friend for my mother, both sour faced. I wonder how Peter made sure my mother got the right drink.

Approaching the portion of the bar where Peter was I signalled him over, "How did you know which drink was for my mother?"

"I spiked them both," he said grinning, then handed me a small flat bottle. "This is the stuff, but you never got it from me, remember now.

I took the bottle, maybe for some future use, but firstly I had to find out how it worked. Now I had two to watch, so I returned to Allan and whispered," Allan, I got Peter to spike my mother's drink, but the idiot went and spiked Ms. Druir's drink as well. I have no idea how the drug works, but he said I had better look after my mother. I can't look after both, so I need you to look after one of them."

"Fair enough, it could be fun, but let's toss a coin to see who looks after whom, since you're not that struck on your mother."

"Heads my mother, tails Ms Druir. This is for you." I said tossing the coin in the air. It came down heads. "Looks like you are getting my mother, best of luck brother," I said with a laugh, and I patted his back.

"That's all right, but what did he spike it with?" Asked Allan.

"He wouldn't tell me, but he gave me a small full bottle of the stuff. I just want to know what effect it has, he says it makes them look drunk, but that's all he would tell me."

"Almost like a field study case, even more interesting," Allan replied, now watching both the women for any signs.

I was beginning to believe that we had been had, as the guests were leaving in a rush, now the bride and groom had left when my mother and Ms. Druir started laughing at something one of them had said. This was so unlike my mother, and I assumed that this was the effects of the drug. She tried to stand and got all wobbly, sat down and the pair of them started giggling again.

"Allan, I believe this is where we step in."

We both made our way to my mother's table and sat down on two of the vacant chairs.

"You two sound happy," I said to the both of them, who were still holding back their giggles.

"Darling, I suppose you had better drive us back home, I think I've had a bit too much to drink," she said bursting into a giggle again. The drug was now taking effect by the minute and the slurred speech and having difficulty keeping their heads straight. She had called me darling; it must have been the first time I ever heard her say that word.

"You are right there, give me the keys mother," As I took her handbag and took the car keys out.

Allan had moved closer to her and held out his arms to help her up.

"Look Mavis, I have a handsome hunk of a man taking care of me." She was accepting Allan's help to rise from the chair.

"I'll take care of you right, if that is what you want."

"You may be surprised just what I want," she answered giggling again and now Allan had an arm around her waist and the other holding her arm as they moved towards the exit.

"Are you going to look after me then Charles, I bet if I were a good deal younger, you certainly would," Mavis asked. This was again another first knowing her name.

"Why younger, what is wrong with the way you are?"

"Young men don't want my company, I'm too old anyway."

"Too old for what Mavis?" I asked, for I knew now exactly how her mind was focused.

"Well you know, Charles."

"Tell me Mavis too old for what?"

"Why are you teasing me, you know exactly what I mean? Making love."

"You are never too old, in case it isn't in working order. Is it Mavis?"

"What has come over me, speaking to you in this way, I want to go home? She slurred and then as she stood, I caught her and in doing so grabbed a handful of her breast. I gave it a few gentle squeezes.

"Please don't do that unless you want to continue."

"Oh, I do, let's get out of this place and continue."

"Oh Charles, I always admired you, yes let's go."

Even though she was wobbly and slurred of speech, she was obviously in a worked up state. Whatever was in the drinks changed a stern woman into this state. I wonder how Allan was handling my mother.

I hadn't long to find out, for in the dark part of the car park, where my mother's car stood Allan and my mother were necking, and I was sure I saw his hand between her legs. When I opened the car Mavis came and sat in the front with me and Allan and my mother got into the back and paid no attention to us at the front. If these two in the back can neck, so can I.

The moment my mouth touched hers, Mavis threw her arms around my neck and returned my kiss tenfold. In the front seat of a car, it is difficult to lean over, and you usually have to place your hand somewhere. I did, I slid my hand up Mavis's thighs and cupped her pussy. There was no resistance, Mavis just opened her legs and allowed me full access, even sliding forward on the seat. At first I assumed she had wet herself, but it was a slippery secretion, seeping through her nylon, or silk panty crotch. Now I knew that she was ready to get the happy stick. I let her go, but she clung on and then fell sideways, so her head landed on my hard cock.

I grabbed the driving wheel and started the car as she fumbled with my zip. I was thankful that my mother's car was an automatic, as I undid the zip for her and out popped my rock-hard happy stick. Allan and I were rigged the same length, but I was half again in circumference than he, but this didn't worry Mavis, who had my plumb sized crown in her mouth and rolling her tongue round and round. She really got a shock when I hit a speed bump, pushing my cock well into her throat.

All the way home I hoped that no police officer pulled us over for some slight offence, but nothing stopped us, even a red light. We piled out of the car and into the sitting room, my mother and Allan towards one of the matching day beds, Mavis and I towards the other.

My mother never made it; Allan bent her over the thigh high end and bent her over it, her head on the main seat. Her dress was thrown over her back and in one motion Allan drew down her knickers and panty hose and off her feet. This was the first time I had seen my mother's bare bottom, which was a pale white, for it had never seen the sun. There in full view was her plump vulva. Allan's trousers hit the floor just seconds later, and we watched as he sunk his large black cock into my mother's body. Mavis was transfixed to the spot watching the scene; it was nothing I hadn't seen before, but of course, not with my mother being the woman.

"Want the same Mavis?"

"No I want to watch your face," she replied.

Before she lay down on the day bed she turned away from me and removed her undergarments. I dropped my trousers, underwear and shirt leaving on just a tee-shirt, so when she turned round, she saw my weapon of destruction. What made me look even bigger was that I shave the hair from my groin. A smile came on her face, as she lay down on her back on the day-bed, opened her legs, and raised her knees. She was that well lubricated that I slid in without so much as a whimper from her.

Now she again had her arms around my neck and her legs around as far as she could, holding me close to her. She was lovely and soft, far softer than any of the other women I have had.

"I never thought I would allow a man to do what you are doing, but I like it very much. I've never felt this way before; I want you to stay where you are for ever."

"We haven't really started yet Mavis, but you know where I live, any time." I meant to say it flippantly, but I realised, I meant it.

It was she who started moving her body back and forward. I slipped my hands under her buttocks, raised her slightly and drove my cock as far in as I could, then slowly withdrew and slammed into her again. The pace got faster then I spent all that had been stored up for the last week into her warm soft body. After I spent, I lay down resting my body on my elbows, right over her body, now she was holding her hands on my cheeks; she reached up and kissed me.

"Please excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom, but I'll be right back," she said wriggling out from under me. She weaved and staggered towards the bathroom, but I wasn't watching her.

There was a shout from Allan, "Fucking hell, can't you give a bloke a blow job. Open your mouth and do what I told you to do."

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