Ladies Night Out

by Dick Coxxx

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, First, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A pretty white wife enjoys her night out with the girls.

"Hey, Jess."

Jessica Andrews looked up from her work and saw her pretty blonde friend, Diana, peering over the short cubicle wall.

"Hey, yourself," Jessica replied.

"You're going with us tonight to celebrate Susie's promotion at our monthly LNO, aren't you?"

Many of the 'girls' in the legal office where Jessica worked had a ladies night out event once a month where they could get away from the office and their boyfriend or husband for a coveted night out with the girls, chill out together to let their hair down and just have some fun.

"Sure, I'll be there tonight. I just need to call my husband to make sure he picks up the kids from school on time."

"Okay, babe," Diana replied almost too cheerily. "We're counting on you."

Diana recently divorced her husband of five years as she caught him in bed with one of the neighbor wives. The divorce was finally final so Diana wanted to spread her previously clipped wings and get back into the dating scene. As she was a very attractive thirty-something blonde, Diana had no problem attracting men's attention.

Jessica made a quick call.

The phone picked up on the third ring.

"Progressive Architects, Mr. Andrew's office. How may I help you?"

"Hey, Sally. It's Jessica. Is my husband around?"

"Sure, he's right here. Let me put you through to him."

"Ken Andrews," was the typical way that he answered his phone. Short and sweet and didn't waste any words. After all, he was a very efficient architect.

"Honey, it's Jessica."

"Hey, sweetie, what's up? How's your day been?"

"It's the usual Friday rush around here. Those damned lawyers want everything before the close of business today."

"Well, dear, that's the same way in my business. Everything is promised by the end of the week. As you know, I have to work a lot of weekends to keep those promises that the sales guys constantly make. They work us to death like slaves around here."

"You don't have to work this weekend, do you?" Jessica inquired of her husband of seven years. "Isn't his is your weekend to do something special with the kids?"

"Right you are. And I bet you are calling to remind me that tonight's your LNO. Yep, and I'm picking the kids up at school this afternoon. I'm leaving early today just to make sure that they aren't stranded like last time. Tonight, we're going to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and to play some of their kiddy games." His kids enjoyed doing that as he liked to watch some of the pretty young mothers with their children. He had connected with a couple of the single young MILFs before. 'Mothers I'd Like to Fuck.' He'd even done a married one or two. One woman's husband wanted to see the pretty wife with another man. Ken was more than happy to oblige.

"Tomorrow morning, I'll take them to soccer practice, tomorrow afternoon, the matinee movie showing of 'Finding Nemo' and then on Sunday, we'll go to the zoo with ice cream afterwards." Ken liked taking his kids to soccer practice. While the other fathers were out on the golf course Saturday mornings, Ken was at the soccer field. Besides being with his children, he was there with all of the 'Soccer Moms.' He even nailed a couple of them. Ken thought of himself as the 'Last Great White American Stud.' He envisioned himself a 'Johnnie Wadd' who had a thirteen and a half inch cock when in reality he was more like the four and a half inch little white weenie of Pee Wee Hermann. You remember 'Johnnie Wadd, ' don't you? That was John Holmes' stage name in his early porno movies. Ken envisioned himself as God's gift to women.

"I swear, Ken. You are gonna spoil our kids rotten."

Her husband chuckled good-naturedly. "Yea, but no more than your mom and dad do. Besides, I have a ton of fun with the kids."

It's true, he did. Jessica was so happy with her family. The only problem was that her husband had a 'roving' eye and would look at anything with a skirt, especially young and good-looking skirts. The other problem was that he enjoyed drinking and playing poker with his buddies. He went out several times a month. She insisted that she be allowed one night out with the girls each month and was surprised that her husband even encouraged her to go out more.

One night a month was enough for Jessica to be away from her children. There is an old saying that her husband would spout off from time to time, "Once a king, always a king but once a knight is enough." Her husband expected sex a least once a night and usually got it even after being out all night drinking and gambling. There were more than one occasion that Jessica swore to herself that she smelled another woman's scent of perfume on him but she was not about to make a scene and possibly break up their 'happy' little family.

Jessica finished up the transcript that she was working on, knocked on the attorney's door and gave him a hard copy. The attorney's eyes wandered up and down Jessica's svelte body. He liked Jessica a lot and made sure that she got bonuses on a regular basis. Not only was she an excellent paralegal, she also had a hot body. Jessica was tall, attractive, and had shoulder-length brunette hair with auburn highlights, especially when the sun shone down on her, and always had a quick smile. While she didn't intentionally tease men, it came natural. Guys always perked up around her and could imagine the pretty wife doing things to them that no other woman could.

It was nearing five and quitting time.

"Hey, Jess." It was Diana again. Why don't you ride with me this time as you drove the last time?"

"Sure, Diana. I'm finished up here. Let me go to the Ladies Room first and freshen up my make up."

"I'll go with you," her friend quipped.

Jessica liked Diana. It seemed that Diana always had the right thing to say or the advice that always made sense. Jessica considered Diana her closet friend, even if she were now divorced and dating several different guys all the time.

Diana's new motto was, "There's so many men, so little time."

It was as if her friend had just discovered sex and couldn't get enough of the opposite sex.

The two good-looking ladies stood next to each other primping in front of the mirror. Jessica envied Diana's blonde good looks. Truth be told, Diana was green with envy herself over Jessica's fabulous body. Diana preferred to go out every night after work and pick up a guy or two. Her bedroom aerobics would be more than enough to keep her in shape. Jessica, on the other hand, had a family to take care of so she made a point of running at least three times a week and going swimming at the gym a couple of other days a week. It was difficult for a working mother with two adorable children to find time for herself but her husband did help out on most occasions. Other times, she could drop the kids off with her mom who lived about ten minutes away. Grandmother really loved to spoil her grandchildren.

The other thing was that if Jessica wasn't straight, she would have loved to be all over her friend in a lesbian relationship. Diana was just too damned good looking. Jessica loved going out with her because it made her even feel much more desirable when they were together. The men flocked around the pretty honey-haired woman like bees to honey. The 'boy-toys' were so attracted to Diana that there was usually more than enough for Diana to share with her best friend.

As Friday is a 'dress-down' day at the office, the attire was much more casual than on a regular business day. Most of the women wore jeans but not just any jeans. These were the high-priced kind that looked very chic and smart on their attractive bodies. Some wore fashionable boots, several wore heels but Jessica wore black tasseled loafers with black knee-high socks underneath. She wore high heels on special occasions but she was taller than most other women and usually towered over the men she was around, especially her shorter husband.

The brunette beauty wore a white blouse open at the neck showing just a tease of cleavage. Underneath her blouse was a frilly, sheer bra that allowed her nipples to poke through if they were hard like they were now. Jessica wore gold hoop earrings and had a thin gold necklace adorning her smooth, long neck.

Jessica jumped into the new red Corvette that Diana bought after her divorce was final. The sexy automobile fitted Diana's sexy personality to a tee. The top was down so the two beauties' hair blew in the breeze.

They went first to a sports bar that had a special happy hour to specifically attract women. The thought was, and rightfully so, get the women there and the men would certainly follow ... and follow they did. They had to push a couple of tables together to accommodate the number of women in tonight's group. There were seven attractive women attending this evening's Ladies Night Out event. Of the seven, four were currently married. The other three had been married at one time or another. One gal had been married three times. She was called 'the Black Widow' as each of her husbands met an untimely death. She had been investigated by the police on all three occasions but there was no connection to their deaths to be found. It was all coincidence and happenstance. She was now married to her fourth husband.

Susie, who the promotion party was for, was married to a high school football coach. She wanted to be a teacher herself but the pay was too low for her high-priced liking. As a paralegal, Susie made more than twice what a teacher did. While teachers had to put up with unruly students, demanding parents and strict principals, all paralegals had to stand were the bastard lawyers, and God knows that there were plenty of those to go around. And now with her promotion to executive secretary to the head partner, she was also administratively in charge of all the paralegals. The attorney that they each worked for pretty much dictated what the paralegals did but at least now Susie would be overseeing the paralegals' work in the office. What they did after hours was their own secrets. And secrets they had. They had one of there own near the top man. It was rumored that Susie spent some time at 'The Mansion' which is what they called the managing partner's huge house out in the country.

Jessica didn't care about all of the rumors as she liked Susie very much.

Susie bought the first couple of rounds and then bought dinner. Pub food isn't the healthiest for you but at least it was very tasty. Jessica and Diana were sharing a bottle of wine, and then another one. The girls were having fun and flaunting their sexiness at all of the surrounding guys. One of the black guys over at the bar was eyeing Susie. She still looked pretty good even if she was the oldest of the bunch. Sex just exuded from all of her pores as she had that continual flirting look in those pretty blue eyes of hers. He eventually came over and pulled up a chair and sat down next to Susie. It seemed to Jessica that they must have known each other as she kissed the black guy on the cheek in a familiar sort of way.

Susie introduced her black friend to all the ladies.

"Hey, gals," she said. "This good-lookin' hunk is Marcus."

"Hi, Ladies," Marcus smiled in turn to each woman as they recited their name. His perfect white teeth literally lit up his face. He was one very black Negro but he always enjoyed the company of pretty white women.

"Marcus is one of the assistant football coaches who works with my husband at the high school."

Marcus had been over to Susie's home a few times and she had even visited his apartment on more than one occasion.

"He asked me," she went on. "If we were all models? I had to laugh as he was flattering us up just so he could jump our bones." Susie laughed and threw back her blonde mane. The other ladies smiled. Marcus grinned. He knew how the night would end.

It seemed to Jessica that the black man was staring right at her. He probably was. She saw that his black hand was on Susie's blue jean-encased thigh but he was looking right at Jessica.

Jessica blushed at the thought of being with a black man. It was one of those still taboo and forbidden things especially now that she was married with children. One of her sorority sisters in college dated a black guy she ended up marrying. Jessica was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding. She remembered all of the black guys there as groomsmen. All her sorority sister could talk about was the great sex with her Negro lover. Jessica was paired with one black guy that must have had a cucumber in his tuxedo pants as he was too huge down there to be real. The sorority sister's parents ended up disowning her when she had his black baby. Jessica hadn't heard from her sorority sister in a while but the grapevine said that she gotten divorced and then moved in with another black guy or two. The sorority sister's mom was rearing the black child much to the chagrin of her racist father.

They finished up dinner and had a few more drinks.

After a bit, Susie spoke up.

"Marcus tells me that there it is amateur night over at a new club and thought that we had a very good chance of winning the one thousand dollars first prize. Who's up for winning one thousand dollars tonight?"

The ladies all clapped, hooted and hollered like a bunch of drunken school girls.

A couple of the married women begged off as they had to get back to their husbands and families. One of the divorced gals said she had a hot date tonight and winked at them as she got up to leave. That left four ladies that went on to the club together. Susie left with Marcus who led them to the club in his new black Lincoln Navigator. It didn't occur to any of them how Marcus could afford such an expensive car on only his meager high school football coach's salary.

The 'Pink Pussycat' was on the other side of downtown. The neon sign out front showed a pink kitten in sexy lingerie to include hose and a garter belt. The pussycat would wink at you as the eyes flashed on and off.

Diana maneuvered her Corvette into a tight space in the parking lot behind the club. Jessica watched as Marcus had his strong arm around Susie drawing her close. All Jessica could think about was, "Susie's married, right? Should she be out with a black man?" Something deep inside Jessica was happening as she realized that her own panties were damp with her feminine dew.

The club was dimly lit, smoky and the music was loud. Jessica didn't recognize the smell of the strange cigarette smoke. It was a mixed crowd but it seemed like there were a number of white couples sitting a tables surrounding the dance floor. Everybody seemed to be having fun. Jessica was surprised that there was a black man at each of those tables with the white couple. The white guy at each table didn't seem to mind sharing his white woman with a black man. Jessica saw all of the wedding rings and wondered about the club.

Marcus had called ahead and reserved a couple of tables near the stage for the four remaining ladies on their Ladies Night Out. Jessica looked over at Diana for approval when a couple of black men sat down with them. Diana just winked at her friend.

Marcus ordered a round of drinks for them.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the black disc jockey appeared up on stage and announced. "Tonight is amateur night and we will be starting in a few minutes."

"If you haven't signed up yet," he continued. "Please do so now as it looks like we will have a full house tonight."

The black guy sitting next to Diana, his name was Tyrone, lit up a cigarette and took a long drag before passing it on to Diana. Diana inhaled before passing the funny-looking joint on to Jessica.

"Here, Honey," Diana breathed to Jessica. "This will relax you and make all of your cares go away."

Jessica hesitated taking the cigarette from her close friend as she didn't smoke. She had friends in college who smoked marijuana but she never had. This was her first toke.

Jessica took a quick breath and then coughed. Everybody at the table laughed at her.

"Take it slower this time, Honey" Diana encouraged.

Jessica brought the joint up to her sensual red lips as she breathed in the relaxing cigarette. It really did seem that the weight of the world was being taken off of her shoulders. She took another hit before passing it back to Diana. She smiled at her friend.

A clipboard was passed to Jessica. In the dim lighting, it was hard for her to see what was written on it but it had a space for the dance contestant's name, age, measurements, space for two tunes and a signature line to acknowledge participation in this evening's activities.

Jessica was the last one to sign up. There were already twelve names on the list to include Susie's and Diana's name. If Susie and Diana did it then it must be okay. Jessica was really quite shy but between the wine and the marijuana, she forgot about her husband and children waiting for her at home.

The music came on and the first contestant was up on stage. The stage also had a stripper's pole in the center of the stage as well as mirrors lining the back wall. Jessica had been to a couple of strip shows with her husband before but she really didn't like to go as she thought that the strippers were sluts just selling their bodies for money. Now here she was about to go on stage in front of strangers as well as several of the women from work. Strangely, it seemed mighty erotic to her. Here she was sitting next to a black guy she didn't know and watching all these women dance on stage in a wild and wanton manner. This could have been an episode of Snoop Dog's 'Girls Gone Wild.'

Time flew. They were to do two tunes, one after another. Susie was up followed by Diana and then Jessica's turn on stage.

All these ladies were amateurs, no professional strippers were allowed tonight. Most of the contestants just moved to the music. They all swayed seductively.

Susie knew all of the right moves but when Diana got up on stage, Jessica was mesmerized with her sexy body. They were to each dance to two tunes. The first one was the tease; the second one was the showing of some serious skin.

Before she knew it, the DJ called her name. Susie was at her side as she pointed to the steps leading to the stage.

Jessica's first tune was Barry White's 'You're the first, my last, my everything.' It was one of her all-time favorite tunes.

She was a natural on stage. She was better than any professional stripper. Jessica was like the innocent lamb being led to slaughter but she was so sweet in doing so.

Her mind was focused on the movie, 'True Lies, ' where Jamie Lee Curtis is asked to do a striptease in front of who she thinks is a Russian spy. She was only doing her part as 'Doris' the CIA operative. The 'spy' was actually her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was with the CIA, in the movie, at least.

Jessica kicks off her shoes and prances around in her stocking feet. The she leans back against the pole and slowly begins to unbutton her blouse. All the time, she hears the clapping and the whistling for her to continue. She has her blouse completely undone and you can see her lacy white bra. Jessica looks first over at Diana who has now returned to her seat and then over at Marcus before she begins to unbuckle the belt to her jeans and tantalizingly unzip them. The music comes to an end and Jessica quickly picks up her discarded shoes and hurriedly heads to back stage like the others.

The second tune begins. This time it's Barry White's 'Can't get enough of your love, babe.'

Jessica comes back out and brings a chair with her and puts it out in center stage in front of the pole. She had taken off her jeans backstage and now comes out in just her blouse, panties and knee high stockings.

The brunette beauty sits down on the chair and sexily crosses her shapely legs, pointing her toes as she does so. Jessica sways with the music and unbuttons her blouse again. This time there is no bra underneath and she lets it hang open as she removes her stockings, one at a time, vamp like.

Jessica is really in her element now but she has never displayed herself like this in public before. Her pretty little toes come into view. They are painted the same bright fire-engine red as her fingertips. She takes the last remaining stocking off and catches it between her toes while stretching the stocking as she extends her long leg.

The pretty paralegal, wife and mother wantonly turns around on the chair and slips the blouse off of her smooth, white bare shoulder as she seductively turns her head back towards the audience. Jessica was putting on quite a show. Her blood was racing through her veins as it rushed to her heated loins. She flipped her long brunette hair back and placed her chin on her shoulder and smiled at Marcus as the music ended. From the side, you could see the swell of her fine breasts. The music ended. Jessica made it through without quitting. She had never been a quitter and she wasn't about to start now.

Jessica grabbed her stockings and her blouse from the floor and ran back stage. She hurriedly put her stockings back on, pulled up her jeans and slipped into her loafers. The pretty brunette slipped her blouse back over her shoulders without bothering to put her bra back on. She stuffed the useless garment into the back pocket of her jeans. She wished that she had another pair of panties because the ones she was wearing were soaked with her womanly juices. Believe it or not, the normally conservative and shy Jessica was hornier than a bitch in heat and she needed to get that itch scratched in a bad, bad way.

It didn't take long for the black DJ to get all of the amateur night contestants back up on stage to do the judging. He held his hand over their head and judged them on the amount of clapping and yelling that went on.

Jessica was the tallest of the bunch of women up on stage and she was also the one who could have been a model when she was younger.

The DJ had five of the women sit down. Susie was one of the five to leave but Jessica was surprised that she was still in the running.

It was now down to just three contestants; Diana, Jessica and one of the wives from another party.

"Third place and two hundred fifty dollars goes to Emily," the DJ said after a drum roll. That was the name of the wife from one of the couples with a black man sitting at a table near the back. They were clapping wildly for her. The DJ peeled off five crisp fifty dollar bills and handed them to Emily.

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