I Do

by Ghostrider

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Father, Daughter, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A short story about a young woman's marriage to a wealthy senator. Then there is the mysterious Jack... who is he and why is he at Sara's wedding. Bring in an alcoholic mother and a lot of money and voila you have a story.

It was finally over! The ceremony and rites were behind her and she was finally Mrs. George Wingate! The marriage had been a work in progress for almost two years after George had popped the question to her 23 months ago while they were in the middle of a vacation with his parents. George's father's yacht had just pulled into Canes, France after a five day trip across the Atlantic and there was a cocktail reception on-board for the Duke of something or another. Most everyone was gathered on the fantail of the yacht sipping on cocktails when George had quieted the crowd and announced that he had proposed marriage to one Sara McLaughlin and that she had accepted! It was more of a surprise to Sara than it had been to the guests gathered on the yacht because George hadn't said a word to her about getting married although that was exactly what she had been hoping for since they had started dating. Many of their friends thought that George wouldn't ever pop the question because after his last disastrous marriage they figure that he would never remarry ... then there was the question of age — she was 22 and he was 53!

The church had emptied of its 500 or so guests and only the immediate family remained for the traditional wedding pictures before they all went to the hotel for the gala reception. George had whispered to her during the photo shoot that they were going to spend a week in Jamaica then three weeks in Europe; England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy and Spain were all on their itinerary and that he was looking forward to making love to her in each country! She smiled and squeezed his hand as the photographer took yet one more picture. It was almost an hour later before the limousine pulled up to the front of the posh hotel that George's parents had rented for the wedding ... the whole hotel, everything was theirs for the wedding reception! All the rooms were reserved for the guests for the entire weekend as were all three of the five star restaurants — everything was on his parents tab and the guests seemed not to notice, after all this was the norm for an upper crust wedding and with the family money this just didn't seem unusual!

Yes it was just the norm for the rich and famous of the world, the norm for everyone except Jack. There was only one person in the entire wedding that even knew who Jack was and why he had been invited to the wedding. Of the 500 guests at the wedding and reception Jack was the only one with a specific room reserved and when he had checked-in an hour ago the desk staff seemed shocked that anyone would be assigned to that specific room.

Every employee knew that this was their one big weekend of the year to score huge tips and they were taking care to make sure that every guest was welcomed in the proper manner. Although no sane employee would actually ask for a tip it wasn't unusual for a guest like these to drop a hundred dollar bill on a bell hop just for taking bags to their room or leave a couple of hundred dollars on the table after a quick lunch. When Jack's stepped away from the registration desk with his key card tucked inside the hotel's security envelope and handed it to the waiting bell hop and the young boy cringed. The bell hops name was Billy and he had just turned 18 two months previously but he knew the hotel and knew that Room A413 was absolutely the worst room in the hotel, usually reserved for hotel staff that had to stay overnight on an emergency. He looked at Jack in his fancy tuxedo then questioningly over to the Manager behind the registration desk. The manager just shrugged his shoulders and motioned Billy to show the guest to his room. Billy looked for any luggage and seeing none motioned for Jack to follow him. Billy took the key card from Jack and opened the door to the room. "I'm sorry sir but this isn't the best room in the hotel ... would you like me to ask the Concierge to locate you a better one?"

"No, this one will do nicely, thank you for asking though." He handed the boy a $50 bill and waited until he had closed the door then Jack sat down on the bed and waited for the phone to ring. This was the plan, to hide away while Sara parties two stories above.

The bride and grooms limousine pulled up to the front doors of the hotel and everyone waited until the doormen were correctly positioned then they opened the door to the back of the limousine and cameras began to flash as Sara and George exited the car. Her white gown took a minute or two to get out of the car then in her husbands arm they walked through the front doors. There was a pompous looking doorman standing just inside the entrance wearing a costume that was reminiscent of the English guy on the bottle of Beefeaters Gin. In his hand he had a long staff and was smiling as they entered. When they got up to the doorman he held out his left hand and they stopped ... waiting for his announcement. Sara looked at all the guest gathered in the huge lobby and they were all smiling and pointing and whispering and she knew that they would have given anything to be in her shoes. Cameras flashed and she stood still, hugged George and smiled her best smile.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," the doorman announced as he tapped his staff on the granite flooring, "I would like to present Senator and Mrs. George Wingate!"

Everyone clapped and whooped as Sara and George walked through the lobby and down to a private elevator that whisked them up two flights to the reception hall.

Three hours later the guests had consumed enough alcohol to float George's father's yacht and most were tipsy at best and drunk at worst. Many had slipped out to their rooms to crash for a couple of hours before they start the party anew. Sara had danced with George first, of course, and finished with George's father with many dances in between with family, famous guests and just plain folks that had known the family for years. Finally Sara leaned in and kissed George on the cheek and whispered. "Honey I'm going to go and get changed into traveling clothes, I'll meet you in our room in about an hour."

George was confused. "Uh, well why aren't you just changing in our room?"

She looked at him and flashed her million dollar smile, batted her eyes in a manner she knew gave him a hard-on and said, "George I have to talk with my mother — in private and that's a good excuse to get out of this dress. I'm sorry baby but it's kind of a mother-daughter thing especially since I don't have a father to talk to about our future."

George gave a sigh of relief. "Oh it's alright baby, I'll wait for you in our room but please hurry sweetie ... I'm looking forward to consummating our marriage before we leave tonight for Jamaica!" He patted her ass then, looking embarrassed, he hoped that none of the guests ... or even worse, a news photographer, had noticed what he did. Jesus wouldn't that look great on the front page of the New York Times ... Senator Wingate grabs wife's butt in public."

Sara looked around and finally saw her mother across the room. She seemed to have one of the lesser known Hollywood producers cornered by one of the many open bars. Smiling she walked over and took her mothers arm. She looked at the producer and apologized. "I'm sorry but I need to borrow my mother for a couple of minutes, I know you won't mind." She could see the relief in the man's eyes as she pulled her mother aside. Although her mother looked perfectly normal Sara knew better and, in fact, she knew her mother's temptation for booze would get to her and she had actually counted on it. "Jesus mom you promised that you wouldn't get drunk — not today of all days!" She chastised her so a couple standing nearby could hear her and report back to her husband.

Her mother's eyes were glassy. "I'm sorry baby but the booze is free and ... well it's my only chance to meet so many famous people."

Sara looked at the couple as if apologizing then faked anger and showed it. "Mother what in the fuck is wrong with you? This is my day to shine and I don't need you to make a scene. Look, how about lets go up to your room and take a quick nap ... after all there is another party tonight and you'll be nice and refreshed by then ... okay?"

"Sure honey, what ... whatever you say." She slurred.

Sara took her mother by the arm and walked her out of the reception hall and down to the elevator bank and pushed the 'UP' button. When the doors opened she helped her mother onto the elevator and pressed '15' then waited as the doors closed. Five minutes later they were inside her mothers' room she helped her out of her clothes and into the bed. By the time Sara unzipped her dress her mother was snoring peacefully. She picked up the phone and dialed A413 and waited as the phone rang. After two rings it was picked up.


"I'm in 1527."

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