Daughter Of The Wood

by Les Lumens

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Brina is caught between two worlds. On the one side, she lives in the world of her father, the world we all know. On the other, she balances the world of her wood nymph mother, Xantina. Can she walk that fine line, blaze her own path in life, and somehow find love? ( Sequel to Steward of the Wood, but can stand alone )

Daniel peeked out the window and watched his daughter standing next to a car, chatting with the young man who owned it. Though the day's outing was a civil protest against a factory releasing contaminated wastewater, he could see in the manner of the couple that there was far more than a sense of civic duty motivating their time together.

Though she was dressed in a conservative manner, it could do little to hide her natural allure. She had her mother's willowy, shapely figure, and the same natural grace. Her long, honey-blonde hair almost seemed an extension of the bright spring sunlight. Though she'd inherited only the slightest touches of her mother's golden skin tone, it served to make her absolutely glow — especially when she smiled.

Wildly conflicting emotions surged through him as he watched. His protective instincts nagged at him to call her inside immediately, knowing all too well the surging hormones of young men from his own youth. He swelled with pride, knowing that she was doing her part to make the world a better place for everyone. He felt twinges of jealousy, and even touches of amusement as he observed the awkward interaction between the couple.

Daniel chuckled as a frond reached out from one of the plants next to the door to caress his arm. The house was nearly a jungle after years of Xantina and Brina — or Xanbrina as they called her when alone — nurturing every plant they could squeeze inside. He'd happily installed larger windows and skylights to accommodate the plants for the reward of their smiles.

He knew the plant's touch was no mere coincidence, either. He could feel Xantina's comforting aura — and just a touch of her amusement — creeping through him as the leaves tickled his skin and raised goose bumps. His dryad soulmate was likely listening to the conversation outside through the nearby grass and flowers. Anywhere there was a plant, Xantina was there. Brina was probably feeling the same comforting touch of her mother's presence that calmed him.

Nevertheless, Daniel breathed a sigh of relief when the couple parted with a wave, rather than a kiss.

Daniel moved away from the window as Brina virtually skipped up to the house. He knew that she knew he was watching, but part of the game was for both of them to pretend that they didn't. When she walked in the door with a wide, bright smile, he asked, "So how did it go?"

"Wonderful, Father. The Mayor and the Governor both came. The man in charge had a press conference to announce that clean-up was already underway, and to apologize for letting it happen."

"Somehow I think he knew what was going on, and he's only reacting because he got caught," Dan chuckled.

"Oh, Father ... If he does what he says, then we should give him the benefit of the doubt. You're so cynical, Daddy."

"Maybe a little. You're ready for your test tomorrow, aren't you? I know this was important, but so are your studies. You need to keep your grades up so you can move on from community college."

"I'm ready. I really like that class, so it's easy for me."

"I trust you." He then laughed when a vine snaked out to tug on Brina's blouse. "I think your mother wants to talk to you. Go see her, tell her I love her, and that I'll be back from town in a couple of hours. There's a new contract that I need to look over."

"Okay, Daddy. I love you, too."

Daniel hugged her and said, "Run along. Love you, Brina."

She hurried to the side door of the house as he walked out the front door, hoping he could return soon. Though he'd only left her side a few minutes earlier, he already missed his beautiful mate despite her presence permeating the house through the foliage within.

"I like this boy very much," Xantina giggled as she emerged from her pool, rivulets of water running down her golden skin. She smoothed the water from her hair, the color of new leaves, and sat down on the moss while her daughter undressed.

Xanbrina's cheeks filled with color, but not from her partially unclad state, which was more natural to her than wearing clothing, as she was forced to do outside her mother's wood by the norms of society. She removed her bra with a profound sigh of relief, feeling the spring breeze kiss her unbound breasts. The pale, pink tips of her firm globes stiffened from the cool touch of air and her exhilaration. Her panties soon followed the brassiere into a neat pile, revealing her bare sex. This too she had inherited from her mother, and not a single hair grew anywhere on her body except the golden tresses atop her head.

She sat down and hugged her mother, after which Xantina touched her daughter's cheek. "The color is very pretty, but I wonder why it is there?"

"I like Gary, too."

"He is a nice boy. The world sings of his soul to me. He is very pretty, too — like your father."

Though she still felt little twinges of embarrassment, Brina was quite used to her mother's frank and honest nature by now. "I don't know if he likes me, though — at least like that."

"I think he does. I think you have found your mate, the one whose seed you will nurture within you to bring new life." Seeing her daughter shiver, concern crossed Xantina's beautiful face. "What is wrong, my Xanbrina?"

"I'm afraid," Brina answered, taking her mother's offered hand.

"There's nothing to be afraid of," Xantina laughed. She pointed up into the trees at a pair of squirrels at play amongst the branches overhead. "They have mated, and share their joy. It is a natural thing. Why fear?"

"It's not like that out there," Brina explained, gesturing toward the edge of the woods, back toward the house. "There are bad people who do bad things."

Xantina pursed her lips and nodded. "Men are strange creatures," she admitted. "The one you have chosen as a mate is not a bad boy. The winds whisper his name with happiness."

"I haven't chosen him as a mate, Mother," Brina argued, casting her eyes downward.

A wide, knowing smile spread across the green-haired nymph's face as she gently lifted her daughter's chin. "Have you not?"

Those simple words unlocked a secret that Xanbrina had unconsciously worked so hard to hide from everyone — even herself. She covered her mouth with one hand, her cheeks growing even redder with the realization.

Xantina's joyful laughter filled the wood as she kissed her daughter's forehead. "Now, it's time to let him know. The sooner you both stop being silly, the sooner you can do nice things for each other."

"I'm afraid of that too, Mother. I ... I don't know what to do."

"Yes you do," Xantina countered. "All are born knowing how to bring new life into the world." She paused, remembering her own long education in the ways of mating in the world of men. Such things were not so complicated in the rest of nature, but she'd come to appreciate the result of those complications. "It is always good to learn, though. I will teach you about the nice things you can do for him."

"Will it ... Will it hurt?"

Xantina cradled her daughter's head against her shoulder and stroked the young woman's blonde tresses. "Shh — don't worry about it right now. I'll talk with your father. He knows the ways of men." She then nuzzled her face up against her daughter's head and said, "Come swim with me?"

"Okay," Brina replied, unsure whether she was glad for the change of subject, or disappointed that her mother didn't plan to continue talking about the nice things, as she'd always called what boys and girls did when they were alone. She did know that she loved swimming with her mother, and communing with the plants and animals below the lapping surface of the pool.

Both women stood as one, and then dived into the crystal clear waters.

"Oh boy," Daniel breathed as he lay talking with Xantina alongside her pool after making love to her. She often used these languid moments to wheedle favors from her mate, which he almost always agreed to without question. His mind wandered for a moment as he wondered whether the females of all species took advantage of how tractable their males were after sex.

"What is it?" She asked, hearing the surprise and hesitation in his voice.

"Xantina, I know you're not going to understand this, but that's just not done out there. Do you remember how I told you that I'm always uncomfortable when we're both here and naked?"

"Yes, and it is silly," Xantina laughed, rubbing her nose against his and then kissing his neck.

"Maybe, but Xanbrina has to live in that world too, and nobody out there is going to understand things like that."

"How is she to learn to do the nice things? We know how to do them, and she can watch us and learn, as I learned from others doing them here. We do the nice things very well." She giggled and traced her fingers along his flaccid manhood, causing it to twitch with new life.

Daniel groaned, feeling blood surging into his loins from her touch. Half of the men his age were starting to have problems getting it up at all, but Xantina managed to coax him to hardness several times a day. He didn't know if he was just lucky, or if it was just more of his mate's magic — and he didn't really care. "I just couldn't do it, Xantina. I don't think I could get hard with her watching, even if I could try. She's probably just going to have to learn the hard way, by trying things until..." He stopped and laughed. "Even talking about it is making me cringe."

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