by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A woman realizes she's in love with her hot Uncle.

The two people sat on the sofa and a person could see that Nadia was clearly fed up with her husband, Donny. "I wanta know something and I want a 'real' answer this time," Nadia said with a slur in her voice, wishing that she hadn't had three back teeth pulled last week.

Donny was sick and tired of her constant bitching and complaining, he looked at her and replied. "Should I even ask?" he said and Donny wished that he'd never come home from work early.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked and Nadia felt tears forming in her loving, brown eyes.

"Why won't you make love to me, Donny? You haven't touched in a year and I'm so lonely inside, I hurt." Nadia added as she wiped her eyes and she knew that he would just leave again.

He just shook his head and replied. "You're a fuckin' nympho! I can't do it twenty-four hours a day!" Donny said as he watched big tears running from her eyes and down her face, but he didn't care. He was sick of Nadia and Donny knew it wouldn't be long until he left her.

"You sure liked it before we were married!"

"Yeah I did, but you've gotten worse. You need help Nadia."

She looked at him and that was it. "I have not! I have needs and if you can't help me ... I guess we're through then. All I want is sexy once or twice a week and if you can't do it ... I'll find someone who will," she said wiping her eyes and got up from the sofa and started to leave the room.

Nadia remembered something and she turned back to Donny. "Oh one more thing, you can forget working on the cabin I bought, I'm going to get my Uncle Vince to help me with it." Nadia said and she saw Donny's face turning red with anger, but Nadia didn't care.

Donny heard Nadia's words and he wanted to kill her. "Oh, so in other words, my fucking business is going under and you don't care?"

"No I don't!" Nadia said with a grin and she didn't care about him or anything.

"You fuckin' bitch! I should knock your teeth out!" Donny growled her and it took every once of his strength to keep from hitting her.

"If you think that you're man enough ... go for it!" Nadia said and she had an idea that Donny knew better.

Donny knew that if he laid a single finger on Nadia, he would have to answer to Vince and that would be a big mistake. Vince was a big man, standing at six-feet tall and the guy was nothing but muscle.

"Oh ... go run to Vince! He'll save you." Donny laughed and he knew that Vince would kill him if he ever did anything to Nadia.

"You know what? I bet he'd fuck you too! He's always drooling over you. I see him looking at your fat ass all the time. I bet my soul that he'd fuck you, even if you are his niece."

"Fucker! My ass isn't fat! My hips are just big ... you fucker!" she screamed as loud as she could and Nadia wished that she had finished a self-defense class she started last year, if so, Donny would be on the floor bleeding.

"And as far as him fucking me ... I bet he could curl my toes and I'd never think of your sorry ass ever again! He's more of a man than you could ever dream of!" Nadia screamed again and this was it. He was gone and she could start a new life.

"Yeah, I bet you'd like that! I see the way you two look at each other. Go fuck him and I hope you're happy, bitch!" Donny said trying to hold back a laugh. He knew how to piss Nadia off in a spilt second. All he had to do was say something about her ass being fat and there she blew.

"I'm leaving now and when I get back ... I want you and all of your shit, out of my house! If anything of mine comes up missing, I'll have Vince hunt you down!" Nadia said in a low and very cold voice and she left the house.

"Fuckin' prick, I hate him!" she growled as she sat down in her new, Lexis and drove away.

Nadia made a few stops alone the way up to the lake house, getting plenty of food, clothes and some personal things and she continued on. "I can't believe what he said," she growled as she watched the highway, thinking of Donny telling her that she had a fat ass.

Nadia wasn't fat; she had a round ass, full hips and a nice, thick set of thighs. She was only a size nine and had a nice 38-inch ass. It wasn't as if she had blubber hanging from her body or something. She worked out three, sometimes four days a week and Nadia was in very good shape for the age of thirty.

"I can't stand that fucker!" Nadia yelled out in the car and she was glad that no other cars were around or they would think she was crazy.

And then, something else that Donny said came to mind. Nadia wondered if Vince did look at her as much as Donny said. She knew he looked at her, but it never even occurred to her that maybe she did turn him on. If so, Nadia didn't care. He was a manly man that could make just about any women's blood boil with need, even hers.

Vince was tall, long, dark hair that was slowly graying on the sides of his head and it made him look so good and sexy. He had very dark eyes that could either scare you to death or make a woman's panties wet with one wink of his eye. His face was hard, but kind and he had a smile that always gave Nadia a massive case of butterflies.

His body was out of this world for the age of fifty. He never did anything but work all of his life and it showed. His chest was big and so thick; Nadia was lucky she could get her arms around it. His arms were also very, very thick. Vince's biceps were close to the size of her thighs and there were a few times Nadia caught herself looking at him, thinking of Vince holding her down and fucking her, until her ears bled.

"Oh my God, just what I need!" she moaned as her pussy started to tingle and Nadia knew that her panties would be wet in just a few minutes. She could never control her needs, no matter what she tried. From masturbation, to playing with toys, nothing ever helped her and as for a man, yeah right!

All they did was use her and most were finished, before Nadia even got started. Donny was great at first. He could love, screw and just plain ol' fuck her to death, but that did not last long. Nadia always had an idea that he just marred her for her money and nothing more, but at the time she liked him and he could fuck really good.

"I'm gunna keep an eye on Vince and see if he really looks at me like that." she smiled, looked to her right and made sure that no cars were around. Nadia's left hand slid down between her simi-long legs, rubbing her aching pussy, thinking of Vince holding her down and fucking her very needy body.

Nadia wanted to stop the car, pull down her jeans, close her eyes and cum all over, but she also wanted get up to the lake before dark. She knew that Vince would be there working and deep down; she couldn't wait to see him. Nadia loved him so much and it wasn't the kind of love a niece should have for her Uncle, but she did and if Donny was right about him looking at her so much, Nadia was going for it.

"I bet you'd kill me!" she moaned as she neared the big lake house, hoping that she wasn't going to make a fool of herself. Nadia loved Vince too much to ruin the love that they shared, but now, she was horny for him and her body was on fire.

Vince was cleaning up from the day's work, when he heard a car coming up the small, gravel road. "Who in the hell is coming up here this time of day?" he said as he reached into his very tight t-shirt for a smoke and he smiled as the pretty, blue car came around the bend.

He walked towards Nadia's car and wondered why she was here so late. "Hey there, baby girl! What brings you up here so late in the day?" he asked looking over her pretty face and into her warm, brown eyes.

She saw him walking around his truck and it felt like her heart was going to explode in her chest. My God, you look so fucking good! Nadia thought and now, she wished that Donny had kept his mouth shut about Vince looking at her so much. She wanted it to be true, but Nadia wasn't going to hold her breath.

"Hey good-looking!" she replied as she put the car in park, turned it off and she couldn't get out of it fast enough and into his big, strong arms. He hugged her so tight, Nadia felt as if she was going to cum and she loved the feeling.

"I got in a big fight with ass-hole and I figured I'd come up and see how things are going." Nadia said as she caressed his unshaven face and she could feel his big hands rubbing over her lower back, just above her 'fat' butt as Donny called it. She always loved it when Vince touched and it never mattered where it was, she loved it.

"I still can't understand why you married him. You could have done much better than him." Vince said as he ran his left hand over her shoulder length, multi-colored, blonde hair.

"I wonder myself. He's not good for anything at all." Nadia said with a sad face and she could feel Vince's hands moving lower, just on the top of her excited ass.

His eyes widened and Vince hoped that his favorite girl in the entire world wasn't saying that she was lonely for a man. He already had some weird feelings for her and after hearing that, it was sure to make them worse them worse than ever. Nadia wasn't the prettiest girl in the world by far, but she was sweet and she filled many of his lonely dreams.

"Why do you waist your time on him? I told you he was only out for your money, baby."

"I know, but I thought that he'd be different."

"Most guys only want two or three things in life. Money, booze and a nice, tight pu ... well, um ... you know." Vince laughed as he watched her face turn a warm shade of pink.

"I'm a big girl now and I've heard a few dirty words in my life, so..." she said with a smile as she pulled from him and turned to the very big and beautiful home.

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