by L.A. Wicker

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Size, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A woman realizes she's in love with her hot Uncle.

The two people sat on the sofa and a person could see that Nadia was clearly fed up with her husband, Donny. "I wanta know something and I want a 'real' answer this time," Nadia said with a slur in her voice, wishing that she hadn't had three back teeth pulled last week.

Donny was sick and tired of her constant bitching and complaining, he looked at her and replied. "Should I even ask?" he said and Donny wished that he'd never come home from work early.

"What's wrong with me?" she asked and Nadia felt tears forming in her loving, brown eyes.

"Why won't you make love to me, Donny? You haven't touched in a year and I'm so lonely inside, I hurt." Nadia added as she wiped her eyes and she knew that he would just leave again.

He just shook his head and replied. "You're a fuckin' nympho! I can't do it twenty-four hours a day!" Donny said as he watched big tears running from her eyes and down her face, but he didn't care. He was sick of Nadia and Donny knew it wouldn't be long until he left her.

"You sure liked it before we were married!"

"Yeah I did, but you've gotten worse. You need help Nadia."

She looked at him and that was it. "I have not! I have needs and if you can't help me ... I guess we're through then. All I want is sexy once or twice a week and if you can't do it ... I'll find someone who will," she said wiping her eyes and got up from the sofa and started to leave the room.

Nadia remembered something and she turned back to Donny. "Oh one more thing, you can forget working on the cabin I bought, I'm going to get my Uncle Vince to help me with it." Nadia said and she saw Donny's face turning red with anger, but Nadia didn't care.

Donny heard Nadia's words and he wanted to kill her. "Oh, so in other words, my fucking business is going under and you don't care?"

"No I don't!" Nadia said with a grin and she didn't care about him or anything.

"You fuckin' bitch! I should knock your teeth out!" Donny growled her and it took every once of his strength to keep from hitting her.

"If you think that you're man enough ... go for it!" Nadia said and she had an idea that Donny knew better.

Donny knew that if he laid a single finger on Nadia, he would have to answer to Vince and that would be a big mistake. Vince was a big man, standing at six-feet tall and the guy was nothing but muscle.

"Oh ... go run to Vince! He'll save you." Donny laughed and he knew that Vince would kill him if he ever did anything to Nadia.

"You know what? I bet he'd fuck you too! He's always drooling over you. I see him looking at your fat ass all the time. I bet my soul that he'd fuck you, even if you are his niece."

"Fucker! My ass isn't fat! My hips are just big ... you fucker!" she screamed as loud as she could and Nadia wished that she had finished a self-defense class she started last year, if so, Donny would be on the floor bleeding.

"And as far as him fucking me ... I bet he could curl my toes and I'd never think of your sorry ass ever again! He's more of a man than you could ever dream of!" Nadia screamed again and this was it. He was gone and she could start a new life.

"Yeah, I bet you'd like that! I see the way you two look at each other. Go fuck him and I hope you're happy, bitch!" Donny said trying to hold back a laugh. He knew how to piss Nadia off in a spilt second. All he had to do was say something about her ass being fat and there she blew.

"I'm leaving now and when I get back ... I want you and all of your shit, out of my house! If anything of mine comes up missing, I'll have Vince hunt you down!" Nadia said in a low and very cold voice and she left the house.

"Fuckin' prick, I hate him!" she growled as she sat down in her new, Lexis and drove away.

Nadia made a few stops alone the way up to the lake house, getting plenty of food, clothes and some personal things and she continued on. "I can't believe what he said," she growled as she watched the highway, thinking of Donny telling her that she had a fat ass.

Nadia wasn't fat; she had a round ass, full hips and a nice, thick set of thighs. She was only a size nine and had a nice 38-inch ass. It wasn't as if she had blubber hanging from her body or something. She worked out three, sometimes four days a week and Nadia was in very good shape for the age of thirty.

"I can't stand that fucker!" Nadia yelled out in the car and she was glad that no other cars were around or they would think she was crazy.

And then, something else that Donny said came to mind. Nadia wondered if Vince did look at her as much as Donny said. She knew he looked at her, but it never even occurred to her that maybe she did turn him on. If so, Nadia didn't care. He was a manly man that could make just about any women's blood boil with need, even hers.

Vince was tall, long, dark hair that was slowly graying on the sides of his head and it made him look so good and sexy. He had very dark eyes that could either scare you to death or make a woman's panties wet with one wink of his eye. His face was hard, but kind and he had a smile that always gave Nadia a massive case of butterflies.

His body was out of this world for the age of fifty. He never did anything but work all of his life and it showed. His chest was big and so thick; Nadia was lucky she could get her arms around it. His arms were also very, very thick. Vince's biceps were close to the size of her thighs and there were a few times Nadia caught herself looking at him, thinking of Vince holding her down and fucking her, until her ears bled.

"Oh my God, just what I need!" she moaned as her pussy started to tingle and Nadia knew that her panties would be wet in just a few minutes. She could never control her needs, no matter what she tried. From masturbation, to playing with toys, nothing ever helped her and as for a man, yeah right!

All they did was use her and most were finished, before Nadia even got started. Donny was great at first. He could love, screw and just plain ol' fuck her to death, but that did not last long. Nadia always had an idea that he just marred her for her money and nothing more, but at the time she liked him and he could fuck really good.

"I'm gunna keep an eye on Vince and see if he really looks at me like that." she smiled, looked to her right and made sure that no cars were around. Nadia's left hand slid down between her simi-long legs, rubbing her aching pussy, thinking of Vince holding her down and fucking her very needy body.

Nadia wanted to stop the car, pull down her jeans, close her eyes and cum all over, but she also wanted get up to the lake before dark. She knew that Vince would be there working and deep down; she couldn't wait to see him. Nadia loved him so much and it wasn't the kind of love a niece should have for her Uncle, but she did and if Donny was right about him looking at her so much, Nadia was going for it.

"I bet you'd kill me!" she moaned as she neared the big lake house, hoping that she wasn't going to make a fool of herself. Nadia loved Vince too much to ruin the love that they shared, but now, she was horny for him and her body was on fire.

Vince was cleaning up from the day's work, when he heard a car coming up the small, gravel road. "Who in the hell is coming up here this time of day?" he said as he reached into his very tight t-shirt for a smoke and he smiled as the pretty, blue car came around the bend.

He walked towards Nadia's car and wondered why she was here so late. "Hey there, baby girl! What brings you up here so late in the day?" he asked looking over her pretty face and into her warm, brown eyes.

She saw him walking around his truck and it felt like her heart was going to explode in her chest. My God, you look so fucking good! Nadia thought and now, she wished that Donny had kept his mouth shut about Vince looking at her so much. She wanted it to be true, but Nadia wasn't going to hold her breath.

"Hey good-looking!" she replied as she put the car in park, turned it off and she couldn't get out of it fast enough and into his big, strong arms. He hugged her so tight, Nadia felt as if she was going to cum and she loved the feeling.

"I got in a big fight with ass-hole and I figured I'd come up and see how things are going." Nadia said as she caressed his unshaven face and she could feel his big hands rubbing over her lower back, just above her 'fat' butt as Donny called it. She always loved it when Vince touched and it never mattered where it was, she loved it.

"I still can't understand why you married him. You could have done much better than him." Vince said as he ran his left hand over her shoulder length, multi-colored, blonde hair.

"I wonder myself. He's not good for anything at all." Nadia said with a sad face and she could feel Vince's hands moving lower, just on the top of her excited ass.

His eyes widened and Vince hoped that his favorite girl in the entire world wasn't saying that she was lonely for a man. He already had some weird feelings for her and after hearing that, it was sure to make them worse them worse than ever. Nadia wasn't the prettiest girl in the world by far, but she was sweet and she filled many of his lonely dreams.

"Why do you waist your time on him? I told you he was only out for your money, baby."

"I know, but I thought that he'd be different."

"Most guys only want two or three things in life. Money, booze and a nice, tight pu ... well, um ... you know." Vince laughed as he watched her face turn a warm shade of pink.

"I'm a big girl now and I've heard a few dirty words in my life, so..." she said with a smile as she pulled from him and turned to the very big and beautiful home.

"It's going to be so pretty when we're finished. I'm going to hate when it's time to sell it." Nadia added with a little frown as her eyes looked back and sure enough, Vince was all but drooling.

Oh hell yeah! He's looking at me like a fuckin' wolf! Nadia smiled to herself and she had to throw some wood on the fire. She spread her legs a little wider, knowing Vince was now getting a perfect view of her ass and between her legs. Nadia had wide hips, but she was firm, no fat or anything on her ass, hips and thighs. Plus, she had a very, very wide gap between her legs that drove men totally crazy. It was close to two inches wide and Nadia love it when men would look at it.

"Just keep it then." Vince replied as he looked over her ass, wondering if Nadia liked it fucked.

He loved women that were built like her anyhow and Nadia's nice ass would be so awesome to get. Vince always loved the wide gap between her legs. It was as if her body was advertising her pussy.

She could feel his eyes on her ass and Nadia loved it. He was a good man and she knew that Vince would be a dream, come true. She needed a man that could love her and ease the burning that had haunted her since she was a young girl.

"I'd be a little nervous living so far out. If I had a man with me, I'd do it in a second!" Nadia replied and as she turned, she saw that his eyes were still on her. She just smiled at him and the fire that was burning deep in her pussy, grew higher.

"See anything you like?" she said with a little grin and Nadia now felt her small nipples growing with need too.

"Heck yes!" he replied with a wink and he walked next to her and hugged Nadia to his side, wondering if the poor thing was as lonely as he was.

"You're bad, looking at your nieces' ass like that!" Nadia giggled like a schoolgirl in heat.

He took a small step back, looked at her ass again and Vince said. "Girl, you're beautiful as hell and be glad you're my niece or um ... um... !" Vince said before he could catch himself and he watched Nadia's face turn bright red.

She didn't know what to say, but Nadia loved his words. Now she knew for sure. Her handsome Uncle Vince did like her and he was horny for her too.

"Or what?" she teased him as she moved totally against him, hoping that this would go farther, much farther.

"Or you'd be in big trouble!" he said and Vince gave Nadia a firm slap on her ass.

"Ouch! You say you like it and then you slap it so hard. What kinda shit is that?" Nadia laughed as she gently rubbed her stinging ass through her skin-tight jeans, loving the wonderful feeling of his big hand slapping her ass.

"I think a horny babe like you ... might need some slapping to cool that big, sexy thing off!"

"I've never been spanked, when I'm being um ... loved."

"Damn baby, you haven't lived until you have a guy hold you face down on a bed, slappin' that pretty ass and um ... well ... you know."

She looked at him and Nadia was shocked. "Uncle Vince! My Lord, I think you need laid just as bad as I do!" she laughed at him and Nadia knew that thing were about to change. She was going after him and Nadia just hoped he wanted her too.

"Shit baby, I haven't been on a date or with a woman, since your Aunt left me five years ago."

"Holy fuck and I thought I had it rough!" she said reaching to caress his face once again, wondering why he stayed single. He could have just about any woman he wanted, even her, but he stayed to himself.

"Tell me about it, but after all the shit she put me through ... I'm content with doing it myself."

"But five years of no woman and doing it yourself?" Nadia said with a painful look on her face, thinking of her handsome Uncle doing 'things' himself and how lonely he must be.

"Oh well, maybe someday I'll find me a hottie like you and I'll try it again. But, until then, I'll be content with lookin' and just flirting with you. How's that sound?" he asked and couldn't resist giving Nadia's sweet ass, one more slap.

She heard what he said and Nadia didn't even feel his big hand slapping her. "I love it when you flirt with me," she cooed and it felt like her pussy was on fire.

"Do you really think I'm a hottie, Uncle Vince?" Nadia asked with a low and very innocent voice as she looked up into his big, dark eyes.

"Hell yeah; if I was your husband ... you would not be lonely or anything, baby girl!" he said with a big smile and Vince moved both of his big hands over each of Nadia's full ass cheeks and he squeezed.

She all but melted into his arms, thinking of her Uncle Vince fucking her day and night and of all the pleasures that he was sure to give her.

"Mmmm, that would be so nice. I hate nights, they're so lonely," she whispered as they stood against each other, hugging and just plain ol' feeling good.

He knew that this had to stop or at least slow down a little. Nadia was thirty-years-old and a grown woman that knew what she wanted, but she was still his niece.

"So, how long do I get to enjoy you?" he said easing away from her and he quickly saw a disappointed look on Nadia's face, but he needed to get away from her before things got crazy.

She wanted to scream when he backed away, but Nadia also didn't want to rush him. Vince made it very clear that she excited him and Nadia knew that was a great start.

"For as long as you want me. How does that sound?" she whispered with a low and very sexy voice, hoping that he would say for the rest of his life.

"I could get used to having a pretty, little thing like you around."

"And I could get very used to being around a sweet guy that'll treat me good." Nadia cooed as she thought of spending the rest of the week with Vince and if things went her way, maybe the rest of their lives.

He just smiled at Nadia and Vince wished that she wasn't his niece. The poor girl looked like she was going to have a nervous breakdown and he could see that she needed to be loved.

"Let's go inside, I want you to see something. I think that you're really going to like it." Vince said as he quickly grabbed Nadia's hand and all but drug her into the cabin.

She ran in the cabin and Nadia stopped dead in her tracks. "Oh wow, it's gorgeous!" she gasped as her eyes looked to the beautiful polished floors and to the massive fireplace that he had cleaned.

She was shocked and Nadia was so glad that Vince took the time to see how the floors really looked, instead of tearing them up, like Donny said to do. He didn't know a thing about fixing up a place this old and Nadia knew that Vince was her man.

"I knew they were just dirty and in dire need of a good cleaning, but the retard wouldn't listen to me." Vince said as he knelt down to run his hand over the pretty, hardwood floor and as he smiled up to Nadia, he could see that the front of her jeans were soaked.

She saw his eyes roaming over her body again and Nadia couldn't help but smile at him. "Well, before I left the house ... I fired him. If you want it, the job is yours," she said with lust in her eyes as she knelt down beside him.

"I'm not really sure. A place like this only comes along once in a lifetime and it would kill me to do the work and to see it sold to some jerk."

"I'd move up here in a New York minute, but I'd be so afraid." Nadia said as her mind thought of a few horrible things that could happen to a woman and she did not want to go there.

He put his hand on Nadia's thick, upper thigh and Vince replied. "I don't blame you. There are some sick mother fuckers out there and as pretty as you are," he said as he gently squeezed Nadia's thigh, wishing that there was a way he could help her.

"I still want you to help me with it. You'll have it so pretty ... neither of us will want to leave." Nadia said with a soft and very seductive voice, hoping that she could charm Vince into doing all of the work.

He could see what Nadia was trying to do and Vince liked it very much. "I will on one condition," he said and Vince had an idea of his own.

"Anything at all." Nadia quickly replied and she just figured that Vince just wanted more money. She was loaded and Nadia would pay him anything he wanted, anything at all.

He looked into her pretty eyes and Vince hoped that she would like what he was going to say. "You gotta stay up here with me, the entire time." Vince said with a grin.

Nadia had to smile at him and she quickly knew the answer. With all the fighting that she and Donny were doing, she would love to spend a few weeks or even a few months up here with Vince. He was always so sweet to her and Nadia loved how they flirted and fooled around with each other.

"How long will it take?" she asked and Nadia hoped that he would say a few years.

He could see a tiny sparkle in her eyes, Vince took her hands and he stood up. "However long we want," he replied with a little wink and Vince watched a sweet smile covering her face.

"Hummm, so it could take a very, very long time then." Nadia all but purred as she gazed into his dark and manly eyes, wondering if he kept them open while he loved his woman.

Ohhh, my! I bet you're the kind of man that likes to see what he's getting! Nadia thought as she continued to look at Vince, hoping he had the same idea, as she did.

"Yes it could, how long are you willing to stay?" he asked as they just looked at each other and Vince knew this was going to be one for the books.

She felt a tingle deep in her pussy and Nadia fought the urge to rape him. "How ever long you want me," she whispered and Nadia wanted him so badly, but she knew it would be so much better if she took it slow.

He just smiled and gave Nadia a gentle pat on her left ass-cheek. "Well, in that case, you better have your mail forwarded!" Vince said with a smile as he thought of the trouble something like this could bring them both, but he was going to think about it, a lot.

Nadia kept looking at him and she knew that she would never, ever go home again. She wanted Vince and she was willing to do anything to get him, no matter what it was.

"I'll be sure to get on that ... first thing in the morning. But for now, we need to get the bags out of my car. I brought you a wonderful dinner and after that, you can make us a nice fire and we'll talk about what we want to do with the house." Nadia said as she thought of being alone with him, while a romantic fire burned.

"Let's get to it!" he said and couldn't resist giving her butt another good slap.

"Mmmm, you better stop doing that. I'm starting like it!" she giggled as they walked outside, arm in arm and Nadia had never been this happy in her life. She always had a thing for him, but now, she was a grown woman and things were looking very good.

"I'm glad, because I love slapping my woman's ass!" he said and couldn't believe what had just slipped from his mouth.

"So, I'm your woman now, am I?" Nadia laughed and she figured that he was just teasing her.

"If you're going to be up here with me until the place is finished, I'd like to think you are. How does that sound?" he quickly said and hoped it wasn't a mistake.

"I'd like that, a lot, but ... we don't have to pretend. I'm a big girl now." she replied and hoped that Vince would understand what she was trying to say.

He just smiled at her and said. "Remember, we're going to be spending a lot of time together and a lot of things could happen between now and then." Vince said as he caressed a long strand of hair from Nadia's left eye and he leaned to gently kiss her neck.

She felt his lips against her neck and Nadia wanted to scream. "Mmmm, I hope a lot of things happen!" she cooed as his rough whiskers and soft lips brushed against her neck, driving her to the brink of a well needed orgasm, but Nadia fought it off.

He heard Nadia and Vince knew that she was his for the taking, but she was still his niece. He wanted Nadia and her wonderful ass so badly he could practically taste her, but a little word kept filling his mind, incest.

Oh little girl, I could love you easy and keep you with me until the day I die! Vince thought as Nadia's soft hair fell across his face and the sweet scent of her perfume drifted up his nose.

He felt his cock growing out of control, but there was no way in hell that Vince was going to let Nadia go. This felt so good and he figured that Nadia was enjoying it just as much as he was. They both were so lonely and in need of love, Vince knew that it would only be a day or two before they ended up in bed.

"You always make me feel so good, Uncle Vince." Nadia purred, feeling his manhood growing against her lower stomach and she knew that it was in need too.

When she was young, Nadia remembered one time when she walked in on a conversation between her Mom and Vince's ex-wife, talking about how good he made love. But now, she wanted to know for herself. Nadia knew that her Aunt was always smiling and looked so happy. Nadia just hoped that she'd get to find out why.

He pulled from her neck, looked into Nadia's eyes and he said. "Baby, you make me feel just as good." Vince smiled and gave her a firm slap on her right ass-cheek.

"Let's get your things inside. I'd like to clean up, so I look good for you," he added with a wink as he eased away from her and his body suddenly felt cold and alone. It was as if his soul had been taken away.

She smiled at him, enjoying the stinging on her ass and Nadia would take him clean or dirty, it did not matter to her one bit. "Now I'm really starting to enjoy that!" Nadia smiled as she rubbed her butt again and her eyes never left his.

He returned her smile and said. "Good, cuz I like that sexy, hunk of meat!"

She her hand on her hips and Nadia had to laugh. "Now I'm a sexy, hunk of meat?"

"You're my, sexy, hunk of meat!"

"How do you like your ... meat?" Nadia asked with a lustful tone.

"I like it rare and very, very juicy!"

Nadia just smiled as she thought of how wet she always got during sex and if Vince liked it juicy, he was really going to enjoy her. "I think I can arrange that ... very easily." Nadia said with a little smile and the same sexy tone in her voice.

"Well, I'm going to go clean up. I'll be back in a few." Vince smiled as he reached up to Nadia's face and lifted a strand of hair off of her left eye.

"Will you do me a big favor?"

"Yeah, what do ya need, baby girl?" he asked as he ran his fingers through her hair, thinking of Nadia sucking his cock, while he pulled it.

Nadia thought of her next words very carefully, before opening her mouth. "Um ... will you hurry with your washing and um ... ahhh ... how do I put this?" she laughed and Nadia could feel the blood rushing to her face and between her legs.

"Just say it, baby."

Nadia took a deep breath and did her best to get it out. "I know a woman that may have some plans for you later tonight, so ... um ... don't go and do anything that you may normally do," she said and Nadia knew her face was bright red with embarrassment, thinking of Vince saving all of his cum for her and her only.

"Oh, ok. I'll be damn sure to remember that, but I'm here enjoying my nieces company and that may be a problem." Vince said and he knew there was not going to be any jerking off as long as Nadia was there and acting the way she was right now. If there was any, he had plans on holding out, as long as he could.

"That was great!" Vince said as he took his last bite of food.

"I'm definitely keeping you around for awhile," he added with a wink, watching a warm smile cover her face.

"I hope you're keeping me for reasons, other than cooking for you." Nadia smiled and she knew that she'd stay for any reason he wanted.

He just smiled as he lit an after dinner cigarette and replied. "There could be other reasons, but ... you are my niece." Vince said as he looked over Nadia's pretty face, down the front of her body and to her very perky set of B cup breasts.

You are so fucking pretty! I'd love to get you tonight, but we gotta make very sure that this is what we both want, before things go any farther. Vince thought and he wished that he didn't have such morals or he'd already be enjoying his sexy niece.

"Well, I'm a grown woman now and I know that good things come to those who wait." Nadia said as she watched his eyes roaming up and down her body, wondering what Vince was thinking about.

"That's what they say," he said as he pulled his eyes from her breasts and he looked into her sparkling eyes.

"Do you think it's true?" Vince asked as he took a deep drag from his cigarette and blew it up in the air.

"I sure hope so," she replied as he looked to her face.

"There's something that I want and I'm willing to wait for as long as it takes, to get it." Nadia added with a soft whisper, as her heart pumped faster and she hoped it would happen tonight.

Vince just looked into her loving eyes and he knew what Nadia was saying, but they needed to take things slowly. "Waiting can be a good thing. It makes things 'even' better when you do get it."

"What I want ... would be good anytime!"

He just shook his head at her and he knew that this would be the perfect time to build a fire. "Do still want a fire?" Vince asked as he stood up and pulled her into his arms and hugged her.

"It's going to be so nice to have you all to myself," he whispered into her ear and he softly kissed it.

She just smiled at his words and Nadia felt like she was melting into his big, strong body. "It's going to be nice, giving myself to you." Nadia cooed and she felt his hands slowly working their way down her back and to her ass. The thing that Vince loved so much and Nadia was starting to like it, just as much as he did.

"You sure do like touching my ass."

"If you weren't my niece ... I'd show you just how much I really like it!" he said with a low growl.

He squeezed her ass with all of his might and he smashed her hips to his, knowing that Nadia would feel his swollen cock. Her meaty ass felt like he was squeezing a big, thick piece of angel food cake and Vince loved it. His cock grew hard, but there was no way he was breaking this hug.

Nadia was helpless as he squeezed her butt. His fingers felt like they were ten knives, digging deep into her flesh, shooting electricity to the lonely core of her body. He squeezed and pulled her to his hardness, taking Nadia's breath away.

She just rested against him and Nadia let him do anything he wanted. "Remember ... I'm all grown up now." Nadia whispered with need in her voice and she needed Vince to take her soon.

"I remember it very well," he said as he caressed her face and he let her go.

"I was in the process of building a fire." Vince smiled at her and he could see the lust of Nadia's face and in her eyes.

She just smiled and replied. "Trust me; you've already started a very big fire!" Nadia giggled as she fanned her face and walked to sit next to the fireplace.

He laughed at her and Vince hoped this worked out in their favor. It would be a crying shame if they got each other so excited and then, have something fuck it all up.

"Maybe you should call the fire department and have them come and put it out." Vince laughed at her and a big grin on his face.

"Oh no, there's this guy I love and I'm hoping that he'll put it out for me." Nadia said with a soft, little girl voice as her sexy, lower lip came out.

Vince felt his cock jump at her words and he knew that she wanted him now, but that little word just had to slip back into his mind. "What if he can't? What will you do then?" he asked as he reached down to light the paper under the wood.

"I have a very good feeling that he'll put it out and then ... he'll own me forever," she replied as she bit her lower lip, praying that Vince would just take her.

He looked at her with wide eyes and couldn't believe what Nadia said. "He'll own you forever? That's a pretty big statement." Vince said as he fanned the fire and Vince could see that his horny, little niece was practically chewing off her lower lip.

All Nadia could do was shake her head yes. She was unable to say a single word and it was all because of the great looking man that was standing next to her. Nadia loved Vince since she was a young girl and now, it was turning into a new kind of love. A love that most people in the world would consider filthy and illicit, but Nadia did not care. She wanted Vince in her life and it took her soon to be, ex-husband to show her the light.

He sat on the opposite side of the fireplace and Vince lit a cigarette, trying to figure all of this out. Nadia was a grown woman and it was very clear that she wanted him, just as badly as he wanted her, but that damn word kept creeping back into his mind.

"I hope you don't mind, but I won't have the water on until sometime tomorrow afternoon. There's a cracked pipe up under the house that I have to replace and as soon as I get done, we'll have hot water." Vince said as he looked to his panting niece sitting on the fireplace and it looked like she was in heat.

She smiled at him and Nadia knew that by tomorrow, she was going to be a sticky mess. Her pussy was so excited and it was dripping like never before.

"I guess it'll have to be fine, but how have you been washing?" she asked with a little wink, wondering how he washed up.

The poor guy had been up here for the last two weeks and she hated to think that Vince hadn't had a shower in all of that time.

"I do my washing down in the lake. It's cold as shit, but it sure does feel good after a hard days work!"

"Mmmm, that would work! We could go skinny dipping together. How would that be?" Nadia asked with a very seductive smile.

He laughed at and poor Vince knew that this was going to be crazy. Nadia was like some kind of animal in heat and she was making very, very clear that she wanted him, but Vince couldn't get the fact that she was his niece, out of his mind.

"If you keep this up ... I'm sending you home in the morning." Vince said as he looked to her pretty face and the way Nadia was sitting, he had a perfect view of her pussy and her jeans still looked very wet.

"Oh come on! It would be so fun and ... I'll do anything you want," she replied and spread her legs a bit wider, seeing that Vince's handsome eyes were giving it an occasional glance.

He knew she was right, but Vince couldn't get the fact that she was his niece, out of his brain or otherwise, she'd already have his stiff cock, buried between her legs.

"Well, I think I'll pass for right now. You're a beautiful woman and any guy in his right mind would want you, even me, but we need to take this slow."

She was hurt, but if he needed more time, Nadia wasn't going to pressure him. She would go slow and just tease him to death. "I understand," she slowly stood up, walked over to him and eased herself down on his lap.

"I'm a big girl now and I want my handsome Uncle. I'm not going to give up, but I'll give you time to think it over and in the meantime, I'm going to drive you crazy!" Nadia moaned the last six words as she leaned to softly kiss his mouth, hoping that he would give in soon.

"Tease away then, but I need time baby girl."

"I love it when you call me that," she purred enjoying him holding her in his arms.

"I'll be easy on you, I promise." Nadia replied with a smile as she hugged him, thinking of the times when she was a small girl, when she would snuggle on his lap for hours and hours, never leaving him for more than just a few minutes.

"Thank God for that!" he laughed and he hugged Nadia as tight as he could.

Later, after the fire began to die down and it was close to eleven pm and Vince was ready for bed. "Baby, I hate to stop all this sweet hugging, but I'm about to fall asleep. I get up with the sun and I'm totally bushed," he said as he caressed her pretty face and he knew things were going heat up again.

"That's fine, but where do we sleep?" she asked with a sexy tone in her voice and Nadia hoped that they would be sleeping together.

Vince knew that she was going to love his next words and he hoped that he'd be able to sleep. "All I have is one queen-sized air mattress, so we gotta share it," he said and Vince saw a pretty smile covering her face.

"Mmmm, nice, I get to snuggle with you all night!"

"Yes and I'd like you to behave yourself." Vince said with a painful laugh, hoping that Nadia would be easy on him, like she promised.

"I will, but I can't wait to feel you against me ... all ... night ... long!" Nadia moaned and it felt like her insides were on fire.

He hugged Nadia and gave her ass another loving slap. "As long as we just snuggle, I'm game."

"Oh my God, I would have in my life, thought that I'd love being slapped so much!" she giggled as the sting radiated through her body and to her already, excited pussy.

"I love slapping ass and yours is out of this world."

She just smiled at him and Nadia hoped that Vince would give in soon. "I'm glad you like it so much and ... I love the feel of your big hands on it."

"Good, because I do plan on feeling it up every chance I get and giving it an occasional slap, now and then."

"That'll be just fine with me," she whispered and Nadia leaned to her Uncle and she kissed him.

"Oh my God!" he moaned as her sweet, sexy lips touched his and Vince wanted to cum in his jeans.

"You're going to end up killing me!" Vince moaned again and he had to stop this before he gave in to his very, sexy niece.

He caressed her face and said with a frown. "We need to stop and fix the bed." Vince smiled as he stood up, with Nadia still clinging to him as tight as she could.

"Ohhh, you bugger! That was nice. It was kinda like when I was a little girl and the way I'd sit with you for hours at a time."

"I used to like that myself. I'm going to get some water, so we can freshen up." he said as he walked to the kitchen, got a bucket and took off outside.

Oh Lord, I want that girl so fucking bad! He thought as he walked toward the well and flexed his stiffening cock, hoping he could resist Nadia and her charming ways. Her ass is driving me crazy! He thought again as he turned on the pump, watching the bucket fill. I would fuck her sexy ass, until she started calling me Daddy! Vince laughed to himself as he watched the water pouring in the bucket, having a good idea that his straining cock would fill her body, the same way.

Nadia dug through her bags and found the five new pairs of panties that she had bought earlier that day and she tried to remember what his favorite color was. "Oh shit, what a dumbass!" she laughed and picked up the tiny, white pair of bikinis.

"Here we go! Poor Uncle Vince is going to shit himself, when he sees these!" Nadia smiled as she held them against the side of her face, enjoying the softness and she knew that he was going to love them on her butt.

He walked in and quickly saw what Nadia was holding in her hands and his swelling cock jumped. "Nice!" Vince smiled to her and he walked to sit the bucket in the fire.

"We'll have some hot water in just a few minutes." Vince said as he watched her and she still had that sexy, look of lust in her eyes.

"I hope it's ok if I wear these and one of your tee-shirts to bed." Nadia said with a little smile and as she looked at him, she saw a new look in his eyes. He looked like a wild animal that was about to rape its mate.

"Holy fuck! Are you serious?" he moaned and Vince knew that he would not be doing much sleeping, with her dressed that way.

"Oh come on, you know darn well that you love it."

"Yes, I'm going to love it too damn much!" he laughed and Vince had to have another cigarette, but his hands were shaking too much to light it.

Nadia saw his hands and she felt bad. She was hurting Uncle Vince. "Let me help you, honey," she whispered as she took the cigarette and lighter from him, lit it and she reached it up to his mouth.

"Well, I guess I better find something else to wear. I don't wanta kill you on our first night together."

"It's not baby girl. I haven't been with a woman in a very long time and you're just so pretty and so fucking sexy." Vince moaned as he pulled her into his arms and he hugged.

"Thank you, but if it's bothering you that much ... I'll wear something else. Maybe I'll wear them for you another night."

"Nah, it'll be fine, but if you happen to feel something poking you in the butt ... don't get mad at me, ok?"

"Mmmm, I'd never get mad if that happened, in fact ... I'd love that," she cooed as she held the tiny panties up to his face and Nadia ran them over his lips, watching his eyes close and she felt him suck in a long breath of air.

Nadia lifted the tiny pair of undies up to his mouth and Vince wanted to smack Nadia's ass, but it felt so good to have her and if she wanted to tease him, it was fine.

"You fuckin' tease!" he smiled and figured why not. He lifted his left hand and he brought it down on her ass.

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