Another Dream Lover: Her Story

by John Darkscar

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: The events of "Dream Lover" from the other perspective. Lover's tryst- but not exactly.

After far too long we've finally managed to arrange a night together. We check in, barely able to contain our passions.

Dinner is from room service. Appetizer, entrée, dessert, coffee ... As we progress the electricity between us builds. I almost expect to see sparks jump when our hands touch.

I decide to shower and try to ease my excitement. In the bathroom I shed my clothes. My nipples have been hard so long they chafe against my black silky bra. My panties are soaked, and stick slightly as I push them down my legs. I stuff my clothes into a laundry sack. That chore done, I face the mirror, and smile at the reflection there. I cup my breasts and lift them, as if I'm offering them to you. The nipples are taut, aureola crinkled and dark pink. The skin is alabaster pale, and a fine tracery of bluish veins shows beneath. I enjoy the look of my body, the soft belly, triangle of sparse tangled hair framed by my thighs.

Into the shower! I run the water as hot as is comfortable, soaping up, enjoying the sensation of my hands on smooth clean skin. Enjoying even more the anticipation of your hands where mine are now. I'm so tempted to touch myself, to release some of the tension pent up within, but I don't.

I use my favorite body wash and shampoo with a nice cocoanut and lime scent. I finish rinsing down and towel off, reveling in the roughness of the towel.

I toss the hotel towel aside and take a large yellow towel from my bag. I wore this towel the first time we were together, and I will wear it for you once more. I wrap it tightly around myself, knot it, and pick up a fresh towel to dry my hair.

I leave the bathroom to find you holding your toilet kit, and whisper to you to hurry and get ready. You grin in response and go to take your own shower.

I face the mirror behind the desk and towel my hair to dampness, and finish drying it with the blow dryer. I take brush in hand and begin to brush it out.

You come from the bathroom dressed in a towel robe. I watch you in the mirror as you come up behind me, take the brush from my hand, and finish brushing.

You drop the brush and put your arms around me, pulling me tight against you. I can feel your hardness pressing against me. You nuzzle my hair aside and kiss the back of my neck making me tingle all over. Your hands roam over my shoulders and you kiss down the slope of my shoulder, leaving goose bumps in your wake. I smell the sweet scent of your Old Spice, the scent of my most wonderful true lover.

You undo the towel and I watch you in the mirror as you watch it drop to the floor. My body is revealed to you. Your hands cup my breasts, lifting and molding them gently. I lean back against you, enjoying the solidity of your body against mine. I can feel your erection pressing between my buttocks, where it has slipped out from inside your robe.

I grind my buttocks against you, clenching the cheeks and trying to capture your hardness, as you caress my nipples, rolling them between thumb and forefinger, making them even harder and more sensitive. They feel as if they are on fire, making me tremble beneath your touch, driving me to still higher levels of excitement.

Your left hand eases down my stomach, barely grazing the skin en route to the tangle of sandy pubic hair guarding my most private spots. Your touch, light as it is, is powerfully arousing.

Your hand slips between my thighs, your finger spreading me open and finding my hot, wet center. I shudder and moan as you gently stroke me, spreading my juices around, teasing my inflamed clitoris. My knees quiver and nearly unlock from the sudden pleasure, but I recover and turn inside your arms.

I hug you tightly; kiss you hard, our tongues dancing each against the other. My hands are on your shoulders, pulling your chest against mine. Yours are on my buttocks, grinding me against your manhood. I laugh and slip from your grip, undo your belt, and push the robe from your shoulders so that I can caress you properly.

I ease back within your strong arms, kiss your cheek, ear and neck, while drinking in your scent. I drag my lips further down to your small tight nipple. I first lick with the tip of my tongue, then suck, then nip with my teeth, gently at first, then harder as you groan deep within your throat and pull my head tighter to your hard chest.

I drop my hand down to stroke your hard member. I wrap my hand around it and use my thumb to smear your fluids around the purple helmet at the tip. I smile up at you and drop to my knees.

I nuzzle in the dark tangled hair at the base while I use one hand to stroke you as I cup your sack with the other. My nose fills with the scent of the Old Spice you placed there for me.

Quickly I take you in my mouth, licking the purplish head like a candy cane, and then using the tip of my tongue on the slit there to draw out more of the slick fluids. You moan again, and I begin moving up and down on you as I suck and lick.

You twine your fingers in my hair as you guide me, your motions smooth at first, then becoming jerky as you near the threshold. A small gush of fluid on my tongue tells me you are close.

I pull away, give your manhood one last kiss and look up at you, saying, "Not so fast, my love ... we have all night!"

I stand, take your hand and lead you to our bed. We lie on our sides, facing each other. You take me in your arms once more as we kiss again, tasting each other, our breathing ragged. Murmuring to each other, pledging our love.

Your hand strokes me, first my back, then lower, gentle caresses that only inflame the passion coursing through me.

You gently roll me onto my back while you slowly kiss down along my neck to my breasts. You smile, and then suck an engorged nipple between your lips where you tease it to greater hardness with the tip of your tongue.

The sensation threatens to overwhelm me as warmth spreads from my chest downwards.

I decide to reciprocate, and I lean upwards, pull you to me and take one of your nipples into my mouth, treating you as you did me.

You don't linger long. After a final flick of the tongue, you leave my breast and drag your lips down along my chest, to my belly, where you tease my navel with your tongue before delving even further. Your nose plows through my pubic tuft and I groan and spread my legs wide for you, but you don't go there.

You kiss down the tops of my legs to my knees, and then back upward. Alternating form one thigh to the other. You press closer and closer to your goal. I try to push forward to hasten your arrival, but you will have nothing of it.

Finally! With no hesitation, you plunge your face into me. Your tongue explores, starting at my anus, circling it, making me clench my buttocks in pleasure, then quickly forward, parting my lips and probing within and sampling my juices. With little darting licks, quick as the wings of a butterfly, you drive my arousal to a peak. Your tongue finds my swollen clitoris and circles it as I thrust back against you.

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