Filled Desires

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Consensual, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: One of the "Laura" stories I have written; this time sees Laura finally getting together with another woman to fulfill her own fantasy - and gets much more filled.

Laura, a voluptuous young brunette, age 23, is finally ready to let herself be with another woman. However, she wants it at a hotel - away from home, somewhere neutral. The arrangements were made for her, as she could never have done them on her own.

The lady who will meet Laura at the hotel has one stipulation, though: she would like to have the young brunette dressed in a particular fashion. Laura is to be dressed in a black satin bustier, black satin garter belt, light black hose, and 3-inch black pumps. To complete it she wears an old but long coat that covers the vast majority of her body.

On the evening of the meeting, there is a knock at the entrance to the suite, and Laura goes to the door to answer it; she is so nervous. She opens the door to see an attractive young blonde, wearing a red one-piece evening dress that has low cut vee front, straps, and she is wearing red 3inch pumps. She was taller than Laura and curvy, almost bursting out of the top of her red dress with natural cleavage. She smiles at Laura, putting out her hand to shake it, introduces herself, "Hi there - I am Sam - and you must be Laura".

Laura is flustered, manages to invite the attractive blonde inside, and leads her to the sitting room area, where she stands nervously, fidgeting her fingers. She asks, "Would you like something to drink - some water or something?"

The blonde smiles again at Laura, reaches into her handbag, pulls out a bottle of Baby Duck, says, "Why don't we have some of this". It is at this time that Laura notices that Sam is about 5'4" as compared to her own 4'10", and would appear to be very nicely built all over. Laura looked over at the simmering voluptuous female. She was shocked to see a small smile on her face. Their eyes met of a brief moment, electricity passed between them.

They get a couple of glasses, pour some Baby Duck, then sit on the couch for awhile, sipping it while Sam probes Laura for info about herself. Laura can feel the champagne starting to affect her thinking process after a while - she isn't holding back as much as she normally would when replying to the questions.

Sam has found out some of the things that she wanted to know about Laura, but there are a couple that may take a bit more persuasion. She has found out that the young brunette has thought about some kinky things, but has been way too unsure to follow through with them. Sam decides to get the ball rolling - she is VERY attracted to Laura - and doesn't know how long she will be able to keep her hands to herself.

Unlike some of the other women she has encountered so far, Laura was not lithe and long legged but more voluptuous. Her legs were a bit thicker than her own, but not unpleasantly so, and Laura was easily the largest breasted woman Sam has met so far. There was a tilt to her nose which, combined with her full lips gave her a sexy pouty look.

Sam sits in her chair, moving it so she is directly in front of the brunette, and then places her hands gently on Laura's knees. Then she grasps a hand, holding it with the palm open, and starts tracing a design with her fingernail very lightly over the palm. The sensation feels a bit erotic to Laura - she feels her heart pounding, racing with the apprehension of what may happen. Sam says to Laura softly, "Just relax, Laura - you do want this to ... go further, don't you?"

Laura doesn't know what to say except, "I have ... never ... been with a ... woman before. I don't know ... what to do"; hearing this was absolute music to Sam's ears.

"Of course not," Samantha said softly while almost like smoke she drifted effortlessly behind Laura and began gently massaging her tense shoulder muscles, "Mmmmmm, you are uptight, aren't you, just relax and let me make you feel all better." Laura closed her eyes as Sam's magic fingers worked over and shoulders and neck. She stands the voluptuous young brunette up and tells her, "Relax, Laura - I don't bite - but I do like to nibble" she says with a nice smile on her pretty face.

Sam has hold of her hands, feeling just how much Laura is trembling with anticipation, nerves, and excitement - neither of them can tell. "Let me teach you," Sam murmurs seductively. "It will be wonderful — I promise you." She decides to be bold and see if this pretty brunette will run away or not, so she kisses her on the lips very softly but firmly. There is no noticeable reaction yet - just a wide-eyed look from Laura, the expression saying that it was feeling nice.

Sam drops Laura's hands down, and lets her own hands start to wander over the luscious young body of the brunette by opening the tie on the bathrobe, and gradually exposing Laura's lovely body underneath. Even though she had never had a lesbian experience in her life, Sam made it seem so natural that Laura just stood and allowed her to undo the front of her bathrobe, exposing her large heavy bra encased chest to the young woman's hungry eyes. Sam comments, "Wow - you are a very sexy looking woman" then removes the robe entirely, letting it drop onto the floor.

"Do you think I'm fat?"

"No, of course not," Samantha replied while gently caressing Laura's breasts, "why do you ask that?"

After taking a deep breath that made her chest expand dramatically, Laura replied, "Sometimes I think that I look like a cow needing to be milked." Laura is visibly shaking now, so Sam pulls the short voluptuous brunette into her arms, hugging her as if they had known each other as lovers. Laura lets her arms go around Sam's waist gradually, resting her hands on the top of her butt cheeks.

With the difference in height between the two around 6inches, Laura's face is resting right near the top of Sam's cleavage. She feels very flushed in the face, being this close to such an attractive woman; so, she keeps her face turned up towards the attractive blonde. Sam lowers her face to Laura's, one hand cupping the side of the young brunette's face so she cannot really move away, and then presses her lips to Laura's. She gradually and slowly works her tongue into Laura's mouth, not encountering much resistance when she melts the two of them into a very passionate French kiss.

As they kiss, Sam slowly slides the bathrobe off the shoulders, and lets it slip onto the floor, where it is then shoved out of the way by Sam's foot. She lets her hands roam all over Laura's back, lightly running her nails all over so as to arouse the young voluptuous brunette; she moans her approval as she can feel Laura's nipples become erect through the satin material. Her own body is definitely stirring against this short but innocently sexy brunette; she keeps the two of them kissing the whole time.

Finally, they break apart - Laura is panting a bit from the passionate kiss - she comments softly "Wow."

Sam smiles at her, asks, "So, do you like this so far?" to which Laura replies after a long pause "Yes, I do - but I feel so nervous about this..." she trails off. "See, I told you that I was fat," Laura said while staring down at her voluptuous frame.

"Nonsense," Samantha replied while cupping and gently tweaking Laura's hard nipples, "you're just made for fucking, the men must love getting their cocks stuck up your pussy."

"I-I don't get to date much," Laura replied sadly, "my work takes up all of my time, but I guess that's the price that you pay for success."

"A body like yours is meant to be shared," Sam replied softly, "Big breasts, round tummy, nice plump bottom, and I'll bet a really nice pussy, an absolute wet dream cum to life." Sam smiles wider, says "Well I know just the thing to make you relax: a good orgasm. Besides, I'd like to show you just how much you've turned me on so much tonight".

With that, she leads the trembling brunette over to the huge bed, sitting her on the edge of it, and telling her "Keep your eyes on me while I loosen my clothing a bit". Sam slowly and seductively removes the top of her dress, lowering it down to reveal that she has very nice sized breasts, and her nipples are quite erect; there was no bra under the dress.

She leaves the dress around her waist, pulls the wide-eyed brunette to her feet, pulling Laura to her and placing the brunette's shaking hands on her breasts. She says, "Why don't you play with them - the way you'd want to be fondled", then proceeds to run her hands softly all over the front of Laura's satin lingerie. She purrs her approval at how it feels to the touch, how soft Laura's skin feels, and how full her breasts are to touch.

Once again, Sam changes her mind - she turns them both around so that she is sitting on the bed while she holds a somewhat nervous young Laura in front of her. She holds her at arm length for a minute, admiring her svelte curves, how red-faced the sexy brunette is getting, and how delicious looking she is to Sam. She finally pulls Laura close to her; she has her face right in front of those beautiful 36D breasts, gently feeling them, loving how soft and full they are to touch.

Laura's nipples have become rather erect from the massaging fingers that are sending nice waves of pleasure through her nubile body; she finds that she is becoming very turned on by this attractive stranger. Sam places her hands under the breasts, lifting them a bit; as she is letting a finger gently rub each nipple while she asks Laura, "Do you still want to experience this tonight, Laura?"

The naïve brunette shivers as her nipples become almost painfully erect, but she definitely likes the pleasure so far, so she replies softly "Yes ... I do". Sam needs no further encouragement - she leans forward and takes a nipple into her warm mouth, lavishing it softly with her moist tongue, definitely teasing the voluptuous brunette.

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