Tiffany's Party

by Dual Writer

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Tiffany wanted a gangbang. Her biggest fantasy though was to be the object of a bukkake party. Her swinging friends helped her live her fantasy.

Some of my friends are real pervs. Considering I go along with their activities and join in, I'm a perv too. Our group of nearly twenty couples and a half a dozen singles play together, exclusively. Swinging can be dangerous, but if a group agrees to be monogamous within the group, swinging is great fun, relaxing, and a real way to enjoy yourself with your significant other. As a group, every six months we go to a public health clinic to be tested for STD's. We make a day and night of it indulging in all of fun sex can be.

Most of the couples within our group are married. There are three units that are threesomes rather than a couple. One Polly unit is two guys and a lady. The other two as in my own has two ladies and a guy. In my case, my two ladies became lovers after our extra lady's husband died of heart disease. The relationship continued until my wife wanted me to make the widow a part of our home.

Last Tuesday, my wife, Shirley and our extra mate, Nancy told me that one of the single ladies in our group had a special request. Tiffany wanted to be the receiver of all the attention at a bukkake party. When I asked if what she wanted was to be gangbanged, Nancy said sure but what she really wanted was the bukkake part. She wanted to be smothered in warm, juicy, gooey sperm.

"I could go for that," Shirley drooled thinking of all that slimy stuff all over her body.

Nancy snuggled into me saying she would rather have it inside her first but said she thought the idea was very erotic.

Knowing how the ladies were always planning our group's escapades I asked, "So when do we have this party planned for?"

Nancy rubbed her hand over my expanding zippered front answering, "This Saturday afternoon. Then after dinner and all you guys recover, we're going to have a good old fashioned orgy. We even have two new couples who have gotten their tests back and want to be a part of our craziness."

Shirley was dressed in some sort of shift that was loose on her. She sat on the table and pulled the hem of the shift up until she exposed her bare, clean- pussy. "Come have a taste of this. One part of planning for Tiffany's splash party is for all of us girls to keep you guys hot all week but not let you come. You have to save it up so you can dump huge loads all over her Saturday."

"Are you telling me that all the guys are going to wait till Saturday to get off? None of them are going to take the problem in hand before then?" I asked wondering how the other guys were going to last if they were teased like I usually was.

"We'll make you feel good, really good. You just can't come till Saturday. Nancy and I want the other women to see how much your come. You are going to cover tiffany with your stuff. We'll make sure you get off twice so you will be the biggest donor at the party." Shirley was smiling while spreading her pussy lips with her hand and rubbing her clit with her other hand.

"If you're not going to sample this, I'm going to." Nancy said as she sat in a chair and bent to the task of tasting Shirley.

The week passed slowly as the girls kept me in a state of constant drool. Every time they would pass me, they would rub on my front. When I sat to read or watch television, one of them would snuggle up to me and rub on me. Nearly every night one of them would suck me for close to a half hour, feeling me swell when I would get ready to come they squeezed my dick down low not letting me get off.

I talked to several of the other guys within our group only to hear they were going through the same torture. Tiffany was going to owe us all plenty.

Saturday finally arrived. The party was going to be held at our house because we have a large place that is just made for parties. We live in central Florida and it was late spring so the weather was perfect to have the party on our back screened in patio.

The covered patio or porch is the entire length of the house, about seventy feet long and twenty feet deep. Under the patio is a large square wet bar, complete with small freezer, icemaker, and a big enough cooler to hold a few cases of beer and soda. The bar area also has a large gas grill with an exhaust hood over it for cooking. On the other end of the patio, near the edge is a large open shower area with its own drain. It's very convenient when you're hot and sweaty to just strip down out there to shower before jumping into the pool. Out from the patio is the screened pool and built-in raised hot tub. I love the hot tub as when you have the filter set a certain way, water pours over the side making a neat waterfall into the pool. The pool is only forty-five feet long. The other thirty feet is open decking with tables, chairs and loungers for sun bathing. Even with the screen, unprotected skin can burn quickly on sunny days. There is a six-foot fence on each side of my yard. The back of the property is a medium size lake with at least a quarter mile across to another home. All in all, very nice, very private, perfect for clothing optional parties.

Tiffany was the first to arrive, coming in with Bonny, another of the single ladies. Bonny was teasing Tiffany that she was going to use up all the guys so the girls would end up all playing with each other to get taken care of. Tiffany said she would let all the girls lick her like an ice cream cone when she had all juice she could get.

"So Tiffany, why do you want to get squirted?" I asked greeting her with a hug.

"I've had this fantasy forever. I would love to be completely covered with that wonderful stuff. I need a couple of thousand guys to fill up a big tub so I could just submerge in it. There's something about that slick juicy stuff that drives me nuts. That's why I love to suck cock and let it spray all over me." Tiff said dreamily taking off her clothes.

I fixed Tiffany and Bonny drinks as more of our group came in the front door and shed clothing on the way to the patio. The entire group was there including the two new couples who joined in by getting naked with everyone else. The two new ladies looked like they would be fun. The men of the two couples looked capable of being good playmates to the ladies as well.

Shirley and Nancy brought a thick king size pad with a plastic sheet over it and put it on the sunny part of the patio. Bonny had Tiffany stretch out on the pad and invited me to make Tiffany comfortable while the ladies got all the men ready to service Tiff.

Bob, one of our group's great pervs had his commercial video camera aimed at the action ready to record Tiffany's bukkake.

I lay down next to Tiff and gave her a gentle hug with lots of kisses and touches. The more we kissed the higher her passion rose. I whispered in her ear that I wanted to taste all of her before she was covered in guy goo.

I kissed down her neck to her nice rounded breasts. Tiffany had some nice extended nipples, giving the impression that if you squeezed her breasts milk would squirt out. She was very sensitive, panting and squirming from my attention.

I kissed down her stomach, giving her belly button jewel a flick of the tongue on my way to her pleasure center. Tiffany is a true blond with sparse reddish blond pussy hair. Her pussy is one of the most inviting and tasty looking that you'll ever see. You just want to dive into it. At least that's what Shirley and Nancy say about it. I agree though and did just that, I dove into Tiff's pussy with my tongue and fingers licking, sucking and fingering her to a fast orgasm.

Tiffany's moans were joined the ladies playing with all of the guys full distended balls the guys were getting close to being ready to douse our ready victim. I know I was ready just munching on Tiff's tasty twat.

Bonny tapped me on the shoulder and said she better take my place or else I was going to get squirted pretty soon. I got up to stand with the other guys in a circle around the pad while Shirley came over to tease my aching balls a little more.

Bonny looked up from licking Tiffany and asked, "You guys ready?"

As a group we all moaned, "Oh yeah."

"Then come over here and start squirting." Bonny directed. "Make sure you get in on her tits, stomach, and face. Get it all over her. If you need that last bit of help, stick it in her mouth but remember to pull out and squirt it on her not in her."

Shirley pulled me by my dick over to straddle Tiffany and began jacking me off. Tiff rose up and sucked the head of my dick into her mouth then started licking me rapidly. As she felt me begin to swell, she turned her head and sucked in another guy's dick.

Shirley reached up and kissed me and whispered, "Squirt her, shoot all over her. You just shoot; I'll direct it all over her."

I felt the charge rush up my dick and explode out the tip. Shirley had me aimed right at Tiffany's face. That first long stream landed from the top of her head down across her eye and nose to her neck. The second rope hit her in the nose and mouth as she pulled off the dick she had been sucking. Shirley directed shots three and four from mouth to tits then let the last of my goo dribble onto her stomach before she pulled my dick to her mouth and began vigorously sucking me to keep me hard.

I could see Bob out of the corner of my eye as he had zeroed in on my squirting dick. He was taping and rubbing his throbbing dick at the same time.

My explosion started a slow chain reaction. The guy Tiffany had been sucking when I came began squirting, sending streams onto her face and breasts. Then the next guy let loose sending more sperm onto her hair, her mouth, and neck.

Tiff leaned back on her hands as if she were in the sun trying to feel the full force of it. She had a relaxed, serene look on her face with an open mouth smile letting everyone know we were making her happy.

Bonny had sat up on her heels watching the streams of goo land cover Tiff's face, neck and breast. She was using one hand to smear the goo over those lovely-distended nipples as more and more juice was squirted onto them.

Hopefully Bob was getting Tiffany's orgasmic expressions on tape while he shot his own load all over her. They were priceless.

Nancy joined Shirley getting me ready for a second shot. While Nancy swallowed my dick, Shirley massaged my balls. Their actions were building me up quickly. If they kept up their frantic pace I was going to squirt the second time before all the other guys got their nut the first time. They did let up a little every time the pre-come started pouring out of me.

When the last of the guys to give Tiffany their first load finished, Shirley pulled me to Tiff again. Tiffany was actually withering in an orgasm from all the juice. She opened a goo-matted eye and saw me. She held up her hands and moaned, fuck me, please fuck me, I need it, please?"

Shirley pushed me down on my knees and told me, "Fuck her good, honey. Fill up that slimy bitch with your juice."

Bob was right there taping my every move, getting every slimy part of Tiff recorded.

Tiffany was a mess. She had come matting her hair, covering her face, neck and breasts as well as her stomach. Several streams had even coated her thighs. The sight only made my dick harder so I lowered my little head toward her pleasure center.

Tiffany's pussy was equally coated with man juice so when my little head found the opening; I slid easily into her until she groaned from the depth. She stretched out with hands over her head and both legs spread as wide as she could spread them but elevated her butt to receive my thrusts while giving pleasure moans the whole time.

I was nuts with excitement thrusting rapidly as deep as I could shove. Tiffany was moaning and keening from her excitement which seemed to trigger the guys watching.

While I was fucking Tiff as hard and as fast as I could, a rope of sperm splashed across Tiff's face. I looked up to see Shirley, Nancy, Bonny and several other of the women jacking guys off and directing their second shots at Tiffany. Then a second series of shots lanced across her lips and breasts, then another and another. My excitement rose to the max and I started groaning as my juice raced up my dick. I pulled out and shot a stream landing on her nose down between her breasts. The next shot hit a nipple then the final burst went toward her mouth.

I kneeled back watching as the guys again squirted Tiffany, coating her with their juice. Looking around, several of the women were paired off on loungers helping each other quench their excitement.

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