Chelly's Story

by dawn1958

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Mind Control, Fiction, Slut Wife, Interracial, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Fantasy Sex Story: Michelle is 34, happily married, with two lovely children and a good, secure job. One day she takes a trip to a nearby city to attend a job training session and she gets the surprise of her life. Chelly, as she likes to be called, comes face to face with a lifelong fantasy.

Please email me with your comments or suggestions, as I appreciate readers when they take the time to email. This short story was written for a special person and I hope these fantasies excite and satisfy her.

I receive many requests from loyal readers to do stories for them but it takes me weeks to do a story properly. After receiving this request from Michelle, I decided to try doing a real short story for her and see if it comes off okay. See what you think.

Michelle worked for a government agency. She had worked her way up the ladder to a well-respected leadership position but it meant long, hard work for the dedicated woman. Chelly, as she liked to called, was 34 and married to her childhood sweetheart, Ryan. They were happily married but Chelly seemed to have sexual fantasies more often and far more vivid than in previous years.

She was probably no different than most white married, professional women who juggled their home life with the turmoil of work. Chelly still considered herself in good shape physically and she could still draw sexual comments for most men. She was 5'6" with very nice breasts, which she knew were envied by most of the women at the office. At 120 lbs, Chelly didn't have any excess weight. She wore skirts most of the time, which highlighted her nicely rounded hips and long, slender legs.

Michelle was very happy with how life treated her but she always seemed to have some nagging unfulfilled need, deep down inside. Sex with Ryan was good, in fact, most of the time he ensured she achieved a gratifying climax. What seemed to bother her mostly was the gossip at work. There were lots of women where Chelly worked and their usual gossip eventually centered on men and sex.

There was one woman, Julie, who constantly talked about multiple orgasms and how she loved screwing black men. That alone wasn't alarming but it made Chelly ask questions. She wondered if it were possible for any woman to achieve one orgasm after another.

The worst trepidation of thinking about what Julie said was how it put raunchy, immoral images of black men in her head. Chelly often dreamed of a big, strong African man who was always running around naked. She visualized him as tall, very muscular and with an enormous cock hanging down between his legs. The fantasy seemed so real at times that Chelly would start breathing faster and pretend her fingers were wrapped around his thick, black shaft. When these fantasies happened at work, Chelly felt guilt and shame for her mind being filled with such indecent images.

Everything appeared normal and mundane in her life. Chelly did not think anything drastic or sinful would ever happen to her when she was so pure and righteous. Her life centered on her family and work.

It was quite regular for the supervisors in her office to take leadership courses. The government was constantly trying to improve working conditions and prevent any bad publicity from disrupting the smooth flow of government business. An office memo hit her desk one afternoon and it mentioned that Michelle C. was booked for a two-day upgrade training seminar. That did not upset her but the fact it was being held in a city a few hours away did disappoint her. Every time she left home, Chelly worried her husband and two children wouldn't eat properly. Chelly liked being a mother and devoted wife so she hated going away.

The plane trip was short. Chelly arrived at her hotel late in the afternoon, which was nice because it gave her a few hours to settle in. Her hotel room was nice and thankfully the government always used good accommodations for employees when they traveled. She unpacked her clothes, putting them in the dresser before refreshing herself for dinner.

Chelly smiled at her reflection in the bathroom mirror thinking of how nice she looked in her mid-thirties. She put her hands on the sides of her breasts, feeling an instant tremor from the embrace, and then she wiped her hands all the way down the sides of her shapely body.

Suddenly a devilish impulse made her lift her skirt all the way above her waist. She held it there while she innocently straightened her thong panties. She started wearing the more daring attire a few weeks ago with a feeling that she was being adventurous.

The panties were sheer white and looked very seductive against her tanned skin. 'So what do you think mister ... wouldn't you like to get inside these panties?' Chelly actually blushed when she whispered the silly statement but still she felt tiny shooting tremors go through her body. 'Oh gawd ... what's got into you ... you foolish woman?'

Chelly had a nice meal in the hotel dining room and it took a good two hours. By the time she was done, she felt filled and fully relaxed. The wonderful feeling lasted until she entered her room. Chelly unlocked the door and she stood beside the bed before she realized something wasn't right.

Her eyes opened so wide it hurt and Chelly stared at a naked man. He brazenly laid on the bed with his arms folded and his hands locked together under the back of his head. The muscles in his chest stood out and his arms appeared like those of an avid athlete. But the most disturbing sight was the biggest, blackest cock lying on his belly.

It was hard. So hard the pecker stood rigid and so heavy it lay on top of the black man's stomach. Chelly had never seen anything so vivid, so vivid yet so instantly arousing. There were immediate butterflies fluttering around in her stomach and it made her feel extremely lightheaded.

Jimmy looked at the gorgeous white woman and knew he made the right decision. He noticed Chelly when she came into the hotel and instantly saw a wanton look about her. Jimmy's best friend worked at the desk and like many occasions, he coerced his buddy to make an extra cardkey. Jimmy used it when Chelly went out and then he waited for her return getting more excited with each passing minute. For the strangest reason, Jimmy felt that this white woman would be the best piece of ass and he vowed to find out the truth.

All of a sudden, Chelly started breathing again. She licked her lips trying to get rid of the parched feeling in her mouth and suddenly she found her voice. "What the Hell are you doing here? Get out at once ... I'm going to phone the desk," she said while stepping towards the phone.

She grabbed the handset and was about to dial when Jimmy spoke. "You's the prettiest white slut ... and I could see when you came in that you wus white trash ... yes ... Jimmy wants to make your dreams come true. You want to be Jimmy's slut ... don't you?"

Chelly was flabbergasted. She froze unable to move a finger and her dialing stopped. Paralyzed, Chelly did not move a muscle and her eyes locked onto the man's midsection. Jimmy purposely grabbed his massive cock at the base and twirled the monster in the air. It was like a rotating beacon and Chelly couldn't rip her eyes off the big penis.

"Put the fucking phone down ... and get your white ass over here," he said with a stern, challenging tone. He padded the side of the bed showing her the direction he demanded.

Why she put down the phone, Chelly would never know. She looked at the man who did not seem to have a weapon but still she followed his orders. She slowly hung up the receiver and her legs moved all by themselves. In a matter of a few moments, she stood next to the bed close enough to feel the amorous heat radiating from the man's body.

"Dat's a good girl ... have you ever felt a real cock?"

His eyes burned a hole into her and Chelly didn't know enough to keep quiet. "N ... no ... no, never," she whispered so softly, but he heard it plainly. She realized that his statement could very well be true. His cock was the first real one she had seen.

Jimmy held his cock straight in the air and seemed to offer it to her. "Put your hand on Jimmy's cock ... feel the cock dat's goin' to be inside your white-ass cunt ... when Jimmy feels like fuckin' you."

Chelly started to quiver and shake all over. How her hand reached out was a mystery. Her fingers grazed the throbbing cock just before they wrapped around the massive shaft. It was so hot that it stopped her breathing while she got used to the intensive heat.

Suddenly his left hand reached out and he grabbed her right knee. She let out a gasp of shock and surprise but did not move away. Jimmy caressed her knee, and then shifted his hand up a few inches. He caressed and lightly ran his fingertips across the burning flesh watching her face contort into many different expressions.

Then he moved higher and his fingers caressed the middle of Chelly's milky thigh. Her heart kept beating faster and faster with each inch Jimmy's hand rose higher. All of a sudden her head rolled side to side and her eyes closed tightly afraid to look at his smirking grin.

Jimmy's hand slithered higher until his fingers felt the enormous wetness. Chelly did not know if her legs were strong enough to hold herself upright any longer. They felt weak and began to tremble when his finger pushed hard into the growing wetness. Her breathing was merely loud gasps of air and Jimmy was reassured by Chelly's lack of any struggle.

He had to repeat his next command. "Take off the blouse ... let Jimmy see those beautiful white titties. Jimmy wants to fuck those tits and rub his cock all over them."

Never in a million years could this be happening to her, Michelle thought. Her fingers vibrated like crazy but that did not prevent her from removing the prim and proper blouse. She stood before the man still afraid to look at him.

His order was direct and explicit. "Now the fuckin' bra ... no white slut's tits should be covered with a bra ... take it off."

It made Jimmy smile knowing his newfound woman was obedient. Chelly slowly stripped the confining garment and she stood before him naked above the waist. He ogled the succulent breasts and dearly wanted to feel them. But that would have to wait, he thought.

Chelly could feel Jimmy's fingers at her waist and knew what he was up to. In an almost teasing fashion, he slowly undid the waistband and let the skirt fall to the floor. He stared at the sheer white panties and could not remember a sight so sexy or seductive.

When his fingers touched the elastic waistband of her thong, Chelly sucked in her breath, as if to give him more freedom. He chuckled watching her body shiver at his touch. Slowly to make it more tantalizing, he lowered her panties to the floor. From his vantage point, Jimmy could barely see between Chelly's legs but he noticed there was abundant wetness.

"My dear slut ... Jimmy don't like hair in his teeth ... so we're goin' to shave. Shave all dat ugly hair and make your pussy worth eatin." He watched her face twist in agony at his request but knew she was his captive. "Git your ass on the bed so we can make your pussy worth fucking."

His demands and orders were the most demoralizing things she had ever heard. No man could talk to her like that and get away with it, Chelly thought. But why was she laying on the bed, she wondered?

Chelly was vaguely aware of what he was doing. Magically, Jimmy had a razor in his hand and some lotion, which he was spreading over her pelvis. Her mind raced for answers and then Chelly felt absolutely silly by thinking that Jimmy must have gone into her suitcase without asking. Suddenly she thought of the dire consequences of being shaved. How would she ever explain it to Ryan?

She glanced down at her midsection watching Jimmy's hand glide with perfect dexterity over her flushed skin. Stroke by stroke her flesh turned reddish and then back to a pretty white. He did not even have to ask her to spread her legs. Once all the hair was shaved from her raised pelvis, Chelly knew to open her legs so the man could finish the job.

Jimmy noticed the pretty pink tip of utopia peaking out of the puffy labia, but he wanted to play with his beautiful white slave. Ever so tenderly, he managed to graze the little pearl with his finger every second or two, as he shaved her clean. Chelly tried hard to remain still so he wouldn't miss and cut her, which merely added to Jimmy's enjoyment.

Suddenly Jimmy's finger dipped into the puffy hood and he tweaked the key to Chelly's universe. She couldn't watch anymore. Chelly pinched her eyes closed, just as Jimmy pinched something that was smoldering, and he turned it into a raging inferno. Out of the darkness, Chelly heard his damning words. "Are you cumming ... are you cumin' for your black daddy?"

She thought it was impossible, but no, she was creaming all over his rotten fingers. Jimmy kept his fingers inside the narrow slit and did not give Chelly a moment's grace, as he squeezed her throbbing clitoris.

"Dar ... now the white pussy is clean ... clean enough to eat," he whispered, diving into the fiery crack. Jimmy literally threw the razor across the room and he instigated Chelly's awareness of multiple orgasms. When his hot mouth closed over her honey-hole, Chelly thought her head would explode. His damaging tongue swirled around the tiny clit, rolling it inside his mouth, and he battered it like he was possessed by the devil.

Chelly didn't know what had come over her. All her senses and logical being, which she always used, was sudden gone. She arched her back and dug her fingers into the soft bedding, as she tried to survive the man's onslaught. Every stroke of Jimmy's tongue robbed her of more sanity until she was a lost child.

All of a sudden Chelly was a white slut. "Oh gawd ... oh gawd, fuck me ... fuck me you bastard. Fuck me you bastard," she moaned without holding back. "Oh gawd ... I can't stop ... I can't stop cumming in your mouth. Fuck ... eat me you black bastard."

The smile on Jimmy's face was suddenly coated with womanly juices. He drank from a fountain that overflowed so fast he almost choked. His big, strong fingers dug into her luscious ass holding Chelly's hips in the perfect cunnilingus position. He nibbled on the raw clitoris and gave Chelly the orgasm of her life.

When the last violent spasm rocked her body, Chelly collapsed on the bed. Her body was like a rag but that would not last long. Suddenly, Jimmy was lying on top of her and she could feel the obvious stabbing between her legs. He threatened to ram his oversized cock into her without any concern for her well-being. "Oh gawd ... it's too big ... gawd, you'll kill me with that thing. Please, not so fast ... too big ... too big." Her pleas were music to his ears, which made Jimmy overly excited.

Jimmy wanted to take his time and he was good at his job. It was a job to him and he managed to make enough money to have a good living. Making starved white women happy and sexually satisfying their darkest secrets was worth money. The women were only too glad to give him money so it made both parties happy. The moment he spotted the white goddess enter the hotel lobby, Jimmy knew she was ripe. Chelly radiated that special sexual air of wanton lust and he set his target on her immediately.

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