An Erotic Explosion Of Passion

by Dag123

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Big Night has finally Arrived! Mel and Eileen'"Jimmy and Maricar meet for their First Tryst! Pent up Desires Take Over! Things Get Quickly Out of Hand! Maricar enjoys a First Time Experience. Join them as they embark on their Sexual Voyage of Discovery.

Looking out her living room window, Yasmin watched her daughter, Maricar and their next-door neighbor, Eileen approach. Those two get along well enough to be sisters, she thought, happily. She could see even from a distance they were engaged in happy animated chatter. Both young wives carried brightly colored shopping bags.

Laughing in amusement, Yasmin had a very good idea what was in those bags. Well, she didn't know exactly, but she knew the general nature of the items the bags contained. Mel and Jimmy are about to become two very lucky husbands, she thought.

A month had gone by since Yasmin and her husband Sammy had bought the house next door to Mel and Eileen. The next day after moving into their new home, with their daughter Maricar and her husband Jimmy—they had met Mel and Eileen.

The two families took an instant liking to each other. Although each family was from a different culture, the two families had hit it off! Through the Asian grapevine, they already knew that Mel and Eileen were a very open-minded and friendly couple. The two families quickly took to one another, as is the custom of people who discover like-minded interests.

Within days Yasmin, through clever maneuvering, acting as a go between had arranged a meeting between the two young couples. Once acquainted, the two couples had been unable to resist the temptation of letting the other couple know they would like to become better acquainted.

On their first evening together, after they had cautiously picked their way through the sexual minefield of Couple relationships, they had enjoyed a brief, but very satisfying sexual encounter.

From then on, they found themselves in a constant state of wanting and desire. Deciding to pursue it further, Eileen and Maricar turned to Yasmin, who became their counselor in forming their own little intimate club.

When they found out what she wanted as payment for her services, Eileen had laughed and agreed that her husband Mel could pay Yasmin's bill.

For whatever reason, perhaps gratitude—perhaps just old fashioned lust—Mel agreed to take a day off to discover the joys of making love to this beautiful mature woman. (Their brief steamy liaison is covered in story number three of this Series)

"When Mel gets home, are you going to show him the things you bought?" Maricar said.

"No, he'll see it all soon enough," Eileen said, casting a smug smile in the direction of her friend.

"I don't think I'm going to let Jimmy see the stuff I bought either," Maricar said. "In fact... , I'd better hurry up and hide this stuff before he gets home."

"It's a good thing it's Saturday. I think we're going to be in for a very long night," Maricar said, with a little smile of amusement.

"At least, we can all sleep in tomorrow," Eileen said, giving her friend a knowing look.

A moment later, giving each other an affectionate little hug, they parted, each going into their separate houses.

Maricar and Yasmin talk...

"Mother... , I'm home." Maricar called out.

"So you are... ," Yasmin said, smiling at the look of excitement on her daughter's face. "Do I get to see what you bought?"

"Oh, Mother... ," Maricar said. "Do I have to show this stuff to you? It's kind of embarrassing."

Yasmin laughed. "Okay... , Dear," she said. "I wouldn't want you to be embarrassed.

"It's just some revealing night dresses and some sexy panties..." Maricar said, still feeling a bit uncomfortable, but at the same time wanting to satisfy her Mother's curiosity.

Changing the subject, Yasmin said, "And what did Eileen buy? The same thing... ?"

"Pretty much," Maricar said. "We took your advice and went for the stuff we thought looked sexy and alluring," she said. "I think the guys are just going to go crazy when they see us dressed in the sexy lingerie we bought," Maricar laughed.

Eileen and Mel prepare...

Coming into the house Eileen called out.

"Mel, darling. Are you home?"

"Yes," he answered. "I'm here, I just got in the door." Seeing the bright colored shopping bag, he grinned. "Oh Boy! Is this what you bought to wear tonight?"

"Yes... ," Eileen said, with a little giggle. "But... , don't ask to see it. I want it to be a surprise. Okay?"

"Oh, Okay," Mel said, with a little grin. "I won't press my luck."

"It's almost six o'clock now. So... , you'll see it soon enough," Eileen said, pleased that Mel was so impatient.

"What time is Jimmy and Maricar supposed to get here?" Mel asked.

"Maricar thought like last time—around eight o'clock."

"We should go get showered," he said.

"I think Somebody's anxious," Eileen said, secretly reveling in the feeling of excitement that she knew both she and Mel felt.

Jimmy and Maricar arrives...

Promptly at eight that evening, Mel and Eileen's doorbell rang.

"Great... , you're here. Come on in," Mel said, shaking Jimmy's hand, and taking Maricar's coat. Both Mel and Jimmy appeared effusive—neither even tried to disguise their apparent anticipation of what was to take place later that evening.

However, now that time was upon them, Eileen and Maricar both seemed to grow a little quieter, displaying a strange sort of reserve. While out shopping, they had recklessly agreed to indulge their husband's fantasies—going so far as to agree to let them each decide what to do for openers.

"Did you bring your things?" Eileen said, turning to Maricar, breaking the awkward silence between them. Though they appeared shyly uncomfortable, —each sensed that together they were ready to face that unknown moment.

"Yes, I have everything in this little case," Maricar said, patting the little suitcase she carried.

"I suppose you guys want to start right away... ?" Eileen said, with a knowing laugh. No way had she missed the lustful looks the two husbands had been giving her and Maricar ever since the other couple had arrived.

"Sure... ," the husbands replied. "Should we undress and wait here while you two go upstairs and get changed?"

"Of course... ," Maricar said, with a sarcastic little laugh. "What do you want to do—spoil our surprise?"

"Okay, we'll go up and get changed—then we'll call you when we're ready. Then you guys can come up and join us," Eileen said. "Okay... , Maricar?"

"Sure... , that sounds good," Maricar agreed.

Moments like this...

"You can change in there," Eileen said, directing Maricar toward the open door of one of the smaller bedrooms. "I'll change in here."

Entering another small bedroom, off the Master Bedroom, Eileen quickly begins to undress out of her street clothes. A few moments later, standing naked in front of a full-length mirror, she shuddered from the sexual anticipation of knowing what was about to take place.

I wonder what kind of weird stuff Mel and Jimmy are going to ask us to do? I hope it won't be too weird, she thought.

Pushing that thought out of her mind, Eileen quickly slipped into a sexy cotton nightgown adorned with white and pink embroidered lace that flattered her already slim beautiful figure. If this doesn't tempt them nothing will, she thought. Staring at herself in the mirror, she made a self-deprecating funny face.

Stepping into the other bedroom, Maricar quickly undressed. Quietly folding her discarded colored skirt and white blouse carefully, she opened her little overnight case.

The nightgown she pulled out of the case was all sweetness and light. It was artfully adorned with delicate hand embroidered posies and trimmed in exquisite lace. After admiring it, she calmly slipped it on over her head.

Her next view of herself in the mirror caused her to catch her breath sharply. WOW... ! I look like a knockout in this... ! She thought. I wonder who the guys will think is hotter, Eileen or me. She laughed.

"Maricar... , are you ready yet?" Eileen called from the other bedroom interrupting her thoughts.

"Yes." Maricar called back. "I'm ready when you are."

"Okay, I'll meet you in the Master Bedroom," Eileen said.

Entering the Master Bedroom each wife registered pleasant surprise at the sight of the other female.

"Maricar... , you look stunning... ! Eileen said, When Mel sees you in that, it will be Katie bar the door," she laughed.

Maricar laughed with delight. "Well... , we wanted to look sexy. I think we succeeded. Don't you? Wanta call the guys?

"Sure. Why Not... !" Eileen said, with a laugh.

Thrilling the guys...

Once the four of them were in the Master Bedroom—the two wives could see, their two husbands were already stripped down to their T-shirts and briefs. From that moment, the two wives took over.

"Okay... , are you guys ready for the treat we promised you?" Eileen said, casting a secretive little smile in Maricar's direction. "Go ahead, Maricar, You get to tell them," Eileen said, giggling at how all four of them were so excited.

"Okay... ," Maricar said, "Eileen and I are both on the Sexual Menu for tonight, so what we've decided to do is let each of you suggest one thing you would like to see us do for you; or even something you might enjoy watching one of us do to the other."

"Does that include girl/girl stuff? " Jimmy asked, his dark eyes unusually bright from his building sexual excitement.

"Whatever's your carnal pleasure, my Lords," Eileen said, chiming in, as she and Maricar exchanged little looks of embarrassment.

"Are you sure?" Mel said a mischievous look of mischief in his eyes. "We've come up with some pretty wild stuff! Okay, Jimmy, you get to go first," he said, grinning at the other husband. "What forbidden lustful activity would you like to watch our sexy little wives do? "

"Okay... , since you two women have promised to do anything we want—I have this favorite fantasy. I would like it if Eileen would let us watch her lift up Maricar's gown, slip her fingers under my wife's panties and play with her black hairy pussy."

"Whew... !" Mel said, just as startled as the two suddenly bewildered wives, "You don't waste any time. Oh, WOW... ! That would be wild."

"Well, how about it, Eileen," Mel said, grinning in the direction of his slightly reluctant wife. "Will you do it? You and Maricar did say anything we wanted, right... ?"

"Maricar... ?" Eileen said, in a questioning tone of voice. "Okay... ? What do you think?"

"We did promise -... ," Maricar said, her voice barely audible. "I've never let another woman touch me down there before—but maybe there's a first time for everything. Okay... , I guess we could try it," she said. "... if you're willing."

"Don't be embarrassed... ," Eileen said, trying to make the other wife a little more comfortable with it. "It's just the four of us. It'll be our secret."

Two Wives entertaining...

"Do you have a special way you want Maricar and me to go about this, Jimmy... ?" Eileen said, turning to look at him. She could see his briefs were bulging out. He's hard rock already, she thought.

"How about if you get on your knees in front of Maricar and do it. This way we can watch it better?" Jimmy said. "Maybe... , kiss her thighs some also," Jimmy said, "That would be so hot."

"Okay... , Ready... ?" Eileen said. Looking at Maricar, she could sense a slight reluctance. She doesn't know quite what to expect, Eileen thought.

Without further ado, Eileen wasted no time. Wanting to get it over, she walked over in front of Maricar. Getting down to her knees, she now knelt facing Maricar's slender figure.

Looking up at Maricar, she softly placed a warm hand on each of the Asian wife's thighs. She could feel Maricar's warmth right through her sexy nightgown. She also felt a slight tightening in her own stomach.

Softly Eileen slipped her warm fingers underneath the other female's nightgown. She heard the other girl catch her breath sharply. She could feel the other girl's warm thighs trembling. Looking up she could see Maricar was biting her lower lip.

By the other wife's downcast eyes, Eileen could see she was embarrassed.

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