Close Quarters

by Carrot74

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Reluctant, Hermaphrodite, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Another story of the "Laura Stories" where this one has lovely Laura at a hotel in Vancouver, B.C. with her work. Space is at a premium at this time of year and some people have to double up for accommodations. Just how close can two people be who have barely met?

At a hotel in Vancouver, BC is an ongoing business meeting of a lesser-known Federal agency and its employees. Most of the people at the hotel are unfortunately booked two to a room, as there are 3 other business meetings going on.

In one of the rooms there were two attractive young women who shared this particular one. One was a 5'3" blonde named Barb, quite a nice build — about 36C, with long blonde hair most of the way down her back, and she was dressed in a filmy black see through teddy, as she climbed into the queen sized bed.

The other room occupant was a short 4'10" voluptuous brunette, nicely built all round; her dark hair cut in an attractive bob style, and was dressed in a purple t-shirt and panties as she too climbed into the bed. The only problem: that there was only the one bed, granted it is queen sized, but at least they were getting along, so it shouldn't really be a problem. And they had actually agreed not to hog the sheets from one another, as they had no choice but to sleep in the same bed.

As they were settling for the night — and remembered that they don't have to be anywhere until 9AM the next morning — Barb rolled over towards Laura. She looked the voluptuous brunette right in the eyes, told her how appreciative she was that they had been able to work together so well, and that she was definitely glad that she drew Laura as a roommate for the weeklong seminar.

Barb then told the brunette that she was quite glad that Laura stuck up for her point of view during one of the discussions, and would like to show her just how appreciative she could be. Laura was totally clueless that Barb had the hots for Laura, and had been eyeing her beautiful big 36D breasts whenever she could, especially when she snuck into the bathroom earlier and played with herself as she watched the brunette shower.

With that, Barb leaned over and before Laura could react or say otherwise, planted a soft lingering kiss on her lips, and told her, "Thank you for what you said about me today at the meeting, Laura." Barb looked at the busty brunette, lingered for a long moment to see what reaction may happen, and then removed her lips from Laura's soft ones, while enjoying the wide-eyed look on her face.

Then she casually rolled over to start to read her own book before she drifted off to sleep for the night, and told Laura, "Have a good sleep."

As the blonde rolled over, she had left Laura perplexed and wondering what just happened. Her mind was racing with all kinds of questions about Barb's possible sexual advance towards her, or was it just a really friendly kiss?

Laura lay back on her pillow, picked up her trashy romance novel and continued reading where she left off. But she found that she was having some trouble getting her mind off Barb, and their recent surprise kiss. Laura could feel her nipples growing hard as she started daydreaming about pretty Barb in her sexy black lingerie, the nice perfume smell of her, and how soft her lips were.

The brunette had subconsciously let her hand creep down to her crotch, where she started to finger her now moist pussy. She did so very quietly and as discreetly as possible so as not to wake the blonde next to her. Laura dipped a finger inside and found that she was very wet and creamy inside, and all incredibly because of her thoughts about Barb.

She barely stifled a soft moan, and then reluctantly decided to stop before she got too carried away. Finally she leaned over, placing her book on her bedside table, and then turned out the table light, and tried to go to sleep.

As Laura slipped off towards the land of nod, her thoughts were of Barb, how sweet she seemed, how soft her touch was. Unknown to the voluptuous brunette - Barb had also been thinking about her roommate this evening. She watched and listened patiently, and waited for Laura to drift off to sleep.

After awhile Laura rolled onto her back in her sleep — Barb waited while she watched her voluptuous bedmate while she slept, and waited to take the tentative first step. Finally after much agonizing indecision, Barb placed one hand tenderly on Laura's upper thigh, close to the bare pussy.

She left it there for a long few minutes to see if Laura woke up, or whatever. There was no movement yet, so she moved her hand so it was just at the top of the pussy, and eventually let one finger stray onto Laura's clit.

There was astonishingly still no reaction yet, so Barb moved her finger slowly in a circular motion, gently rubbing yet stimulating the brunette's clit. Barb was getting excited about how far she had gone so far; Laura had begun to very slowly move her hips in response to the finger motions. But she couldn't just do it like this; she needed to know.

Barb's middle finger suddenly slid down between the smooth swollen lips of Laura's warm vagina and she pushed up inside her, and buried her finger to the last knuckle deep into her squishy heat. Laura gasped softly and the blonde felt the walls of her boiling vagina contract around her finger as she twisted and stirred inside her, curled her finger, and coaxed the wetness out of her. Barb could feel the brunette's soft thighs as they shivered heavily and she suddenly pulled her finger away and brought it up between them.

Barb could've sworn she heard a pouting whimper. In Laura's mind she was having a very good dream about lovemaking; she let out a soft moan of pleasure in her sleep. Hearing this encouraged Barb immensely — after a few minutes of fingering this young brunette, she moved herself slowly into the vee of Laura's legs, and slowly lowered her tongue onto Laura's clit. This caused the brunette to moan again; Barb moved her tongue along the clit softly but steadily, further arousing pretty Laura.

After a few minutes Barb boldly — but again slowly — reached one hand under Laura's shirt and cupped one full breast. Laura was so well built that Barb had practically come while merely laying eyes on the brunette. She loved the look of Laura's breasts: they were big and ample and firm, the most delicate pink nipples graced each massive breast.

She heard a soft gasp from the pretty brunette; the feel of how soft and firm the full breast felt really turned her on. Barb's fingers felt around and then over the erect nipple, as she teased Laura to a sleepy arousal; then she felt Laura as she squirmed in sleepy delight on the bed. Barb could feel Laura beginning to awaken under the loving attention of the tongue on her clit and the fingers teasing her erect nipples.

Before she could change her mind, Barb impulsively decided to go all the way with Laura before she could fully wake up. The blonde removed her hands from the lovely breasts, lifted her head from the warm inviting pussy, rose up onto her knees between the brunette's open legs, and then slowly lay down on top of Laura. She could feel her own full breasts flatten a bit against Laura's erect nipples, and then as Laura's eyes fluttered open in surprise Barb gently kissed her on the lips.

Barb lifted up to rub her breasts up over Laura's and back down again. As she lifted up to do it again she could feel that the brunette's nipples have hardened under her thin t-shirt. Instantly Barb's own nipples tightened and wrinkle, and pushed out against her lingerie. Her smile widened as she ran her breasts against the brunette's again through their tops and Laura gasped softly when the nipples glided over hers as they swelled under her top, as they reached out towards Barb's own wrinkled tips.

Laura's breathing got heavier and a blush had started in her cheeks. Barb could tell she's trying to fight it, to hide the crimson growing in her face. But she would fail. Barb knew Laura wanted this. She continued to rub their breasts together, nipples hard and swollen, as they flicked slowly over each other through thin cotton. Laura's eyes were closed and her head was turned to the side as she tried to ignore the feelings Barb had created inside her. But her breathing kept getting heavier; her mouth had started to drop open.

Sleepily, Laura had kissed her back without fully realizing yet who was paying such loving attention to her. Barb, now being totally turned on by this gorgeous brunette, had opened her own teddy — exposed her midriff — and then slipped a finger inside Laura's wet pussy. It was very moist, warm, and inviting to the touch — and this encouraged Barb to further her advances.

Laura moaned as the finger entered her pussy, and then unknowingly whimpered when it was withdrawn. Barb looked down at Laura longingly, and told the voluptuous young brunette, "I've wanted to do this since I saw you last night" and then started French kissing Laura deeply. The brunette managed to mumble between kisses, "I've never been with a woman before" and then more kisses were rained passionately on her lips to silence any protests. "P-please," she gasped, "We shouldn't be doing this."

Then from out of nowhere Laura could feel something very familiar, hard yet velvety smooth as it pressed against her moist pussy lips. She was shocked and yelled, "Holy shit! What are you? What is that?"

"I'm the answer to your prayers, Laura," the blonde answered as she moved to her, "And I know you'll never forget me," as Barb began to kiss her nipples to life.

Laura didn't move but her growing tips told Barb she was not leaving. As the blonde cradled each full breast and sucked each nipple to erection, Laura's hands began wandering over the breasts and belly as her passion was renewed. Her hands were avoiding the swollen cock, but her kisses on Barb's ears and neck silently urged the blonde on.

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